Wednesday, October 4, 2006


Ever notice how much pride a Leo has? How they purr? How gentle they can be when loving, or how they can roar when upset? Truth be known that the sector of the Universe, the very constellation we know as LEO, Radiates the energy of a LION to all those born under that sign. Whether you be a Leo, have Leo Moon, Leo Rising, Venus, or Mars, you may feel as you have a full blown jungle cat inside you. My take is that in that sector of the Universe is a series of Galaxies where the LION RACE OF INTELLIGENT BEINGS DOMINATE. Frankly, being a LEO with 4 planets (Stellium) in that sign, I have always felt more the jungle cat than Human. In fact, relating to the LION Inside of me, has allowed me to have a more blessed life, because I respect that Lion. Typically, Truth, Honor, Pride, Leadership, Creativity, Fun, Cat Like Playfulness, Passion, Lust, sex, Family, and character are all traits of the Lion as well as the LEO. IN order to get along better with that Leo you know, it's best to respect the LION inside him/her. That's my take on Leo for today. Have a great Week you all!
Farley Malorrus, NOW FREE by DONATION

Good Morning everyone!

This is Farley Malorrus. I am very proud to announce that all 127 topics on are now FREE. That's right, we decided to open the server to the World with the sacred knowledge I channeled on the radio no charge for FREE, by Donation. SO, if you are looking for free radio, free Astrology, FREE ASTROLOGY KNOWLEDGE, Free Metaphysics, Free Ancient Mystery School, Free Esoteric Philosophy, just go to and listen away. WE ARE HOPING that there will be some generous folks who LIKE or even LOVE the server, who will find a place in their hearts to SUPPORT THE SERVER by Donation, so that we can fund it. IF that is possible then with God all things are possible.
I thought hard about this, and decided it would not be right to charge for such knowledge but to just 'release it to the World,' and see what happens.
Once again, is FREE/By Donation, and I hope you pass this on and tell all your friends.
I am very happy to announce this wonderful news, and hope you all take advantage of it. If you have any comments on this, scroll to the bottom of the BLOG and let me know what you think. Have a blessed day and LOVE TO YOU ALL. Your eternal friend, Farley Malorrus,