Sunday, July 8, 2007

Moving Dad's 1000 lb Pool Table By Farley Malorrus

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Moving Dad's 1000 lb Pool Table, and They paid me $200!

By Farley Malorrus,

The Pool table is gone, the shuffle board table is gone, and all for $245 total. These two genius/engineer type video arcade game (Air Hockey) movers from Colton, Ca., Vern and Evan came in here with  block and tackle, pulleys, ropes and strength, and commitment and moved a 1000 lb pool table down two flights of stairs out the door and into their truck. First they took it apart into 1000 pieces, and then they moved the 900 lb Marble top down the stairs. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.
They got here at 3pm, and left at 5am, 15 hours later.
This was the most amazing engineering technique I had ever seen, and I'm certain NO TWO people in the World could have accomplished moving Dad's cherished Pool Table from the Game room out of the house as they did.
I'm sure God/Jesus sent these guys to me and my Mom.
Now, I'm living in the 'game room,' of Mom's house, and have comfort and a new Queen bed to sleep in. Next comes the Jacuzzi Tub. Life has changed since my Father died 6/13, but I am adjusting, and trying to take care of my Mom and her financials.
That's what happened to me on 7/7/7

See you all. Amazing thing to watch these guys balance 1000 lbs all the way out the door without destroying the house or killing themselves.
Farley (Whew) Just woke up at 12:30pm!

P.S. Craigslist DOES WORK!