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Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 29, 2006


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Friday, October 27, 2006


Very few journalists, reporters, experts, or baseball prognosticators gave the St. Louis Cardinals the slightest chance of winning the title, but if you have been reading this blog, we KNEW IT ALL ALONG. Only here in this Journal did we ALL KNOW the St. Louis Cardinals were smitten by postive cosmic energies, (The Planets), and the faith and visualizations of their fans to embrace destiny. Yes, Next the St. Louis Cardinals will WIN THE WORLD SERIES. Hope you read it here, then you knew.

The Stars were aligned for  CARDINALS to fly the World Series banner in 2006..Congratulations to the Red Birds!

Against all odds, and almost missing the playoffs completely, the underdog St. Louis Cardinals with the faith and support of their fans, have defeated the favored San Diego Padres, the favored New York Mets, and the heavily favored Detroit Tigers to have the worst record of any Baseball Champion in History and win the Baseball Championship in 2006.

Earlier in my journal I had made comments about how the power of the mind, faith, prayer and visualization by a lot of people could shift the Championship of any sport to a particular team.
Kudos and congratulations to the Champion Cardinals, and congratulations to David Eckstein, the World Series Most Valuable Player for his unmatched play and ability.
Being born and raised in St. Louis, I've decided to get a case of Cardinals hats, and bask in the glow of the title for the next year. This is a happy time for the city of St. Louis, Missouri, the team, and the fans. To think I would live to see another title 24 years after they won in 1982. I believe in magic and I think it struck the Cardinals this year.

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

ATLANTEAN NUMEROLOGY-The Magic Power of Numbers, Numerology




Along the lines of gearing my life into synchronization and making sure everything works and that my life is blessed, I incorporated Numerology into my work. Understanding the basics to Numerology can be a life safer, save you time, money, expense, and help you avoid mistakes in almost every area of your life. Everything has a charge or a number. For example, my name is Farley Martin Malorrus. If you add up all the letters, (Basic) you will get a 20. You drop the Zero and my name is a 2. My dad is Fred XXX Malorrus, so adding his up is 15, then you ad the 1 and 5, and you get 6, so I am a '2' and my dad is a '6.' My mom is Beatrice XXXXXXX Malorrus, and that is 23, then you ad the 2 and 3 together, mom is a 5. 5 is family and that is why my Mom is so family oriented. 6 is money, business, family, and balance and hence my Dad.
The 2 in my name is my strong love of people, need for camaraderie and relationships and balance. There are advanced forms of numerology, but this is just the basics so you can analyze the charge of your phone number, email address, home address, social security number, and whatever you decide to add up. For example, you live at 14153 Akron street, zip 33322, then you would add all those number up, and you get 27, then you add the 2 and 7 to get a single number and you get a 9, which rules closure, endings, sometimes death, and closing chapters in your life.

Now, let's take a look at what the numbers mean in basic elementary terms.

1. is the loneliest number, and can represent the hermit, the loner, the one who is into self development, self creation, self esteem, and need to bond with God.

2. 2 is the partner number which rules the first level of priority, love, marriage, balance, and happiness. (Footnote here, you will find more luck, love, prosperity, balance, and happiness generally with the even numbers, and the master numbers, I will get to)

3. Ever hear 2's company 3's a crowd? Well, 3 requires extra communication, details, paper work, often times conflict harassment, growth through conflict, and extra expense.

4. 4 is the Home, partners, marriage,emotions, love, maternal love, nurturing, and extra balance. It is also the 2nd level of prosperity.

5. 5 is the family person, who places importance on family, creativity, art, music, poetry, prose, and performing arts including dancing, and singing.

6. 6 is the business number, which is the 3rd level of prosperity and rules having a bit more than the 2 and 4, usually meaning, family, children, marriage, business, and lots of karma and responsibility. It is also a health number, and if you work too much, you can burn out and get ill, so you need to take vacations here.

7. 7 is very spiritual, and the first level bonding with God and the quest for spiritual love (Amazing how the charge on each number can be so vastly different). 7 can have everything the other numbers have, but has less karma, less debt, and more of a focus and priority of God in their lives. There are 7's all over my life.

8. 8 is the 4th level of prosperity and can offer great wealth, or sudden wealth, with a mountain of responsibility and karma attached to it. Usually when 8 dominates your vibration, you have it all, big family, lots of kids, pets, homes, cars, boats, trucks, empire, big business, big ideas, dreams, goals, and a need to get enough sleep!

9. This number 9 is the biggest challenge, and when a 9 comes up it shows a need for closure. I avoid living in 9 houses or having 9's in my life, as so often it means the 'end,' resurrection time, time to reinvent yourself and in many cases, time to die, so I avoid that. My parents are 88 and 91 and live in a '9' house, and don't with to move, so that may be their final home.

11 is special and is the first MASTER NUMBER. I was born on the 11th of August, so I am the MASTER of all LEOS. If you are born on the 11th of any month you are a Master Number, and capable of excelling more than anyone born on other date. Of course if your numbers add up to Eleven, (which is also a 2), then your life may be blessed, you karmic load easier, things may come to you easier, you may be brighter, smarter, luckier, and overall have to do less to make more. I love being an 11 and it works for me.

22 is a DOUBLE MASTER NUMBER, and my nephew Scott is born on 8/22, so his life is charmed, as he has a gorgeous wife, 3 gorgeous kids, Is CEO of a large company at 40, has a gorgeous house,and travels all over, is Vegan, and blessed with great health. These 22's tick everyone off, as they seem to be gifted in so many ways, as my nephew has a huge IQ, and much comes easier for him. If your numbers at up to 11 or 22, GO FOR IT. Lovethose Masters! The vibration is wild and free.

33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99 all the other Master Numbers, and as you go up the ladder of Master's the vibrations get more and more intense as far as the magic, miracles, successes, and accomplishments you can make. IF you ever wondered why some people 'never get it,' and others seem to have it handed to them, it's all about the numbers. IF all the numbers in your life were MASTER NUMBERS< your vibration would change, your life would change, and good luck, love, prosperity, and lots of MAINTENANCE and karma would fall on you. You can change your address, phone, email, social security, bank accounts, savings account and brokerage accounts to even numbers, and Master Numbers to attract Love, Luck, Prosperity, Goals, Careers, and completion in your life with a lot less effort.
One note of warning: "Be careful what you ask or strive for, as if you remember, KARMA IS ANYTHING THAT IS NOT OF GOD or THE SPIRIT, meaning that the even numbers and Master Numbers may seem to have the edge, but the more you have or get the harder it is to maintain it all.

I believe in having or wanting what I need and just enough.
Have a blessed Week and thanks so much for reading my journal. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pass this journal on to friends, and kindred spirits, so they can benefit from it.

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Molecular Structure of the 3rd Dimension, a HUGE HOLOGRAM

Please Note! This topic is reserved for people of a "Higher Consciousness" nature, who are on the Path to God Consciousness, or Christ Consciousness. You may need to read this over several times to digest it, nor do I expect 'everyone' to understand it, but if you are ONE of those who can read it and understand it, then that would mean that you are on the path of awareness evolution, and that your mind qualifies you to understand Astological concepts which are reserved for elite open minded peopel not affected by dogma or fundamentalism, including high  IQ, and extended brain capacity. Thank you.

Molecules as God Particles and Our Role in this 3rd Dimension.

Greetings all from the Great White North, (Toronto). The 3rd dimension is made up of 2 things, vacuum of space, and molecules. Molecules are made up of neutrons, electrons, and protons in what is called 'perpetual motion,' meaning that matter can never be destroyed but only change in shape. So, what we live in here in this dimension is basically full of atomic particles that basically have no substance, that are in eternal motion. I call this Realm, "God's Projector," or "God's Hologram." Every night when we go to sleep our soul's leave the hologram, and go back into a heavenly state to recharge, when we awaken, we come back into our body, kind of like a hand puppet and begin anew. The molecules that make up this realm are what I refer to as "God Particles," as they are eternal and in perpetual motion, which is the miracle of God Consciousness that permeates everywhere in every realm. WE as human souls are able to participate in this "Grand Illusion," like actors on  a huge magnificent wide screen TV acting out our debts, challenges, missions, karma, and protocol necessary for soul growth and closer alignment with God. People take life so seriously, and they should because this realm, the 3rd dimension,made up of God Particles, is sacred. All beings that live in this realm are sacred and that is why any disruption to the realm itself (Exploding a nuclear bomb for example), or disruption to the occupants of this realm creates ripples we now understand to be karma. All of us are charged in these holographic bodies we occupy for a lifetime and this charge occurs the moment we are born into this realm, "or warp in at birth or shortly after birth," and the babies body itself is a reflection of the entire dimension at the moment of birth. The reason why the Astrological birth chart is so vital to understanding the makings of a human being, is because it is unique to the state of the Universe at the moment of birth. Because we are so far away from the galaxy, the moving lights in the sky from Earth's perspective are what is important in an Astrology Chart. These 'lights' are specifically, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto; also the Eastern Horizon at the moment of birth is called the rising sign. So, all humans and living beings in this dimension participate in a huge magnetic occurrence, the hologram that we live in made up of the God Particles or molecules, and character, identity,environment, personality, and karma are designed by where the planets, sun, moon, and rising are placed at the moment of birth (time of birth), in order to understand the babies vibration, potential, areas of study, areas of growth, magnetism, karma, cause and effect on the rest of the realm, and finite reflection of the oneness we all share with the Universe. We are all one and we are all the same, but the illusion of separation and uniqueness is defined once we choose to incarnate into this realm take on a body, and receive a magnetic charge to the babies body once it takes it's first breath. This is our vehicle and the reason why Astrologers study charts to understand people, their life path, karma, and growth patterns. It is an amazing science, totally based on astronomical, geometric, physics, algebra, calculus, and logarithm's that very brilliant individuals can master in order to understand life on Earth in this dimension and the human experience connected to it.

IF you would like further information on how to learn Astrology, I have free audio lessons available in my many courses offered on the web site at NO CHARGE, By donation for those amongst you wonderful enough to support our mission of world enlightenment and world peace. There are also 127 channeled topics that I channeled on Los Angeles radio in the 80's and 90's for your convenience to allow your higher mind to indulge.
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The 'X' Zone Radio Show

Farley Malorrus will be on http://www.xzone-radio.com/  at 10pm to 11pm, PST, or 1am to 2am tonight. The topic is on "End Times," Demons and the World Trade Center....Hope you can join us.


My life has been quite magical the whole way from birth to now. I was always 'spirit driven,' and even when a child felt I was guided and protected by  'invisible friends.' As I got older and found out I had magical powers like automatic writing, healing, channeling, interdimensional vivid dream awareness, numerology, Astrology, being able to read auras, sensing evil, restoring good, comunion with God, and in 1976 a miracle with Jesus/God, I chose to embrace these powers for the common good.  People that know me and love me have always sensed something special in me, and I try to be quite humble with what I know or can do. When I was doing radio shows in 1983, 7 years after my miracle, which I compare to 'the burning bush,' I was made aware by my first spirit guide, the one who had been with me at birth that my soul was made up of a major amount of Cerokaua Apache, Atlantean, Pleidian, German royalty, French, Dutch, Greek, Norse, Egyptian and tons of others including other worldy and interdimensional beings, from the Dragon Realm known as the Reptilians a race of highly evolved, extremly loving beings. My spirit guide revealed himself to me in the summer of 1983. I knew he was always there, but was made aware of his name, "Tatunkas." (Tatoonkus) I never knew what this name meant until years later I saw a Kevin Costner movie, "Dances With Wolves," and became aware it meant Buffaloe. Tantunkas is the first Buffaloe Spirit or the White Buffalo and is the holiest of holies amongst Native American Entities. I was informed by Tatunkas that I would be doing radio and television for 15 years, and that I would have to do 'nothing' to prepare for the shows, as he and an Astrologer from Atlantis who was with me during all these shows, "Helen," were with me along with my teacher who had passed after she trained me in 1976, Carol Morgan. From 1984 to 1999, I did radio and TV Shows in Los Angeles on KROQ, my own show on KFOX, 93.5, and KNTF, then the Astrologer for the morning news on KABC7, Channel 7 Los Angeles, from 1997 to 1999 (400 morning shows). That period of my life was quite magical and incredible as I was blessed, nurtured, and cared for by these guides the whole time. I was always protected and received advise from a board of 12 ascended American Indians including Chief Crazy Horse, Geronimo, and Sitting Bull. I went up to Little Big Horn for the 4th of July in 2004, in Montana, to experience Custer's Last Stand, and the energy of this sacred Indian Ground. I was in trance the whole time and visited constantly by 1,000's of American Indian Spirits. It was one of the most magical and incredible times of my life. Although I was born in Missouri, the "show me state," and quite the natural doubter, I could never doubt the magic and excitement of my 'spirit driven' life since I was 2, when I was aware that I had these special talents. I have dedicated my life to assist the human race in any way I can by offerring the knowledge and the wisdom that was passed down and given to me, so I can interpret the best way I can to you. As I type, right now, as always, spirit driven, I never have to think about what I am going to say, as I type 60-90wpm, and I watch the information come out my fingertips, like magic. I know that there will be those that doubt this, but I'm not one to lie, and truth is my base of love, so I do the best I can to serve as a channel for my Higher Self (the Osiris Entity), and my many spirit guides.

I thought I would share this with those that read my journal and those that find this journal in the hopes you can gain some information from my journal or my 127 channeled topics from the website, www.radioastrology.com .

Thanks again for reading my journal, and as John Lennon once said, "Love is all you need!"

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com , Off to the Great White North!


Astrology was something I knew nothing about until 1976 when I took a class and got a chart finished. It explained "everything" to me.

1. My dad is a Cancer with Sagittarius rising and has been 'yelling' at everyone his whole life, water sign with fire rising, makes sense. My Mom is a workaholic, always worrying, and a fanatic with balance in her life. She has Mars in Libra in the 6th house (like Virgo), and my Dad has Mars in Taurus in the 6th house. I was raised by 2 people with Mars in the 6th. My childhood was like the Marines! Astrology finally explained that.

2. My ex wife was gay and had Mars in Virgo (typical Lesbian aspect), with Venus in Gemini (also typical) and a Leo Rising, kind of bossy.

3. I have always been oversensitive, when I found out I had Venus in Cancer with a Scorpio Moon, that explained it.

4. Timing situations, when to buy, when to not, when to start something, when to stop; watching the moon cycles, knowing when planets seem to go backward or retrograde in the sky, Moon wobbles, Square and Opposition geometrical aspects to planets in the sky. Since I got my timing down, almost everything goes smooth in my life since the 70's! Can you imagine that?

5. Dating and relationships karma; by analyzing a man's moon, venus, rising, and a woman's mars, venus rising you can pretty much tell what state of karma their love energy is, and whether or not you are compatible to them. IT works every time, and may be the #1 reason why I never remarried, (No body is perfect!)

6. Understanding World Leaders, celebrities, political, disasters, catastrophes; I have always been a stickler for figuring out why someone is famous, or why they are elected President, or when a certain earthquake or catastrophe will happen, and it's easy to find out all that when you know what to look for. The planet Uranus usually rules 'fame' in our birth chart and also earthquakes in the moving transit chart. It has helped me understand human nature quite a bit!

7. Health Situations, surgeries, accidents, premature death and dying; I find that some people are in the hospital quite a bit (like My Mom and Dad with Mars in the health house, the 6th, Dad has had tons of applications, Mom also, and they see a doctor every week or 2); others never seem to need a hospital surgery or even see a doctor.The Astrology birth chart lays out for you your health karma, debt to the body, and lessons you go through with your health. It never seems to amaze me how people have more health karma with planets in the 6th house or in Virgo. Thank God I have no planets in the 6th or in Virgo, knock on wood, for good health!

8. I have used Astrology since the 70's to read people better, understand their energies, their karma, where they are coming from, where they are going to, what their intent is, what their agenda is, honesty factors, loyalty factors, honorable factors, and just about everything. I have to tell you when trying to relate to co workers, bosses, clients, family, friends, or even someone I'm on a first date with, Astrology has saved me a lot of time and heartache because it always defines someone's uniqueness. Nothing is really wrong with everyone; as everyone is just different, and the Astrology chart is like a signature for the soul. I love it!

9. It's great to check when the best time is to travel, or fly, or take a train, and making sure the planets in your horoscope are not in an accident stress aspect when you are traveling.

10. Career changes, goals, and areas of study best suited for you are designed by your Astrology Chart.

11. Spiritual, religious, and connection to God are also easily readable in the chart.

12. Enemies, self undoing, dreams, evolution, metamorphosis, and you life path are all readily available by understanding Astrology.

So, ever since my divorce in the 70's (Bad choices), I feel I have had a great edge by learning and mastering Astrology, and that is why I chose to teach and share all I have learned with whomever wishes to learn it. On my server, www.radioastrology.com  there are complete courses in Astrology on audio, that are FREE BY DONATION, that allow you to hear me channel the easy path to understanding Astrology and mastering it's techniques, energies, and applications. It's not as difficult as you think, if it is something you are meant to know, it will be a natural for you. It's just Planets in Signs, and geometrical aspects between them. That's all it is. Simple locations and math is what it is all about. Try to drop by my server and give a listen, especially during the day with headphones while you work. It's commercial free!

Have a great day everyone, and a great week. I'm off to Canada tomorrow, and listen to me tonight on XZONE RADIO, with Rob McConnell, www.xzone-radio.com  at 10pm PST, or 1am EST...

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com


Monday, October 23, 2006

Armageddon is Cancelled, Apocalypse Over, Peace ON Earth, Jesus returns..By Farley Malorrus

I never liked the way the World ended in the bible. So much genocide, so much death and dying, so much war, so much conflict. I thought to myself, don't they give us another option? In retrospect, I like to think the entire Apocalypse happened during World War I, and World War II. Lots of folks don't like me talking like this, because they act like they WANT an Armageddon. Well, I don't want anyone to die for any reason. In reflection of the two great wars, all inclusive you could easily fulfill bible prophecy almost totally, including the 2 nuclear weapons used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. To me the return of Christ would be obvious in the hearts and minds of those who survived the war and chose peace as an option.

I never enjoyed the fact that people will blindly follow such prophecies and even try to make them happen (World Leaders, Presidents), thinking that Jesus will miraculously appear, the Rapture will occur and we will be saved. What happens if he doesn't appear and save us, and the Rapture doesn't happen?
That is a gamble that I fear I don't wish to take. Sure, I accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah, the Son of God, and I'm ready to pray to him as such every single day, so I'm not fool. Still, I am thinking that symbolically, the Christ Consciousness, or return of Christ has been happening in great volumes in the hearts and minds of people all over the world since World War II, in the most frequency (See the Course In Miracles).

SO many religions throughout the ages always end in Apocalypse. The Norse Myths including Odin, Thor, Loki, and so many others was supposed to also end the World in a RAGNAROK, or Armageddon that also never really happened, and Odin did not appear with Thor to save the world either. Greek Mythology also depicts of a similar Apocalypse which never happened, along with Roman Mythology, and Egyptian Mythology. Even the Aztecs, and/or Mayans, have their calendar ending in 2012, so they expected the world to also end.

Do we all have to be so negative? Does the World always have to end with these religions? What about the Muslims and the Islam faith that believes in the all and powerful JIHAD that will end the World and save their followers to eternal peace in heaven. Sounds like every time someone is trying to sell religion to anyone, their has to be a price we pay (Armageddon, genocide), and if you don't believe, you die. You may die anyway, but if you don't believe, no question, you are dead.

In my opinion, it's all over and the Son's and Daughters of Light and Love have won. The philosophers, the sages, the wise one's, the blessed, the loving, the compassionate, the caring, the open minds, the one's who wield Christ Consciousness on a daily basis have won. Armageddon is over, cancelled done, and as long as we get rid of Nuclear Weapons, and pandemics, or bio chemical warfare, humanity can survive and it can be preserved without the threat of self extermination. The Age of Aquarius which lasts 2,000 years, is upon us, and along with that, our brain capacities are increasing, our spirituality is increasing, and slowly but surely the veil of truth shall rise, and the fear based intent of modern religion and even ancient myth shall evaporate. I'm bullish on humanity that we can embrace new kinds of leadership in the coming months and years and throw off the yoke of fear, gloom, and doom we have had as a species. I have to admit that all my life, As a Christian, I have waited for the Apocalypse and return of Jesus, and don't get me wrong, one day it may come along with worldwide disasters and war, but if we HAD A CHOICE, wouldn't we rather choose a peaceful, loving, path filled with light, hope, and love as an option for humanity instead of all this killing? I have talked to so many Christians who all believe, Jesus is back, some say he is in Europe, some say in California, some say Boston, and I do agree that Jesus is fully back, but in my opinion, he is back INSIDE US ALL. I'm not sure if you know what I'm talking about or where I'm coming from, but if you seek you shall find that the Lord lives inside all of us, in our hearts and minds, and all we need do is look for him to see him clearly.

I'm not trying to upset anyone, start a debate, or claim that I am right by any means. I am merely channeling this, offering food for thought, an option to disaster, war, pandemic, and genocide, and a quest for peace without half the world killing itself.
It works for me, so try to embrace the God inside you, and see if you have Christ Consciousness blooming inside you as a way to confirm what I say. Some of my Christian friends would be appalled that I would even suggest such a thing, but consider this, if Jesus did appear again on the World, don't you believe he would ONCE AGAIN be doubted, judged, sentenced and executed AGAIN as a heretic? I mean if hedidn't perform miracles of God, and do things to PROVE his Messianic ability, I firmly believe the human race would crucify him yet again. Let's face it, when he appeared the first time, his own people rejected and judged him, so you tell me? Most Christians expect Jesus to return in the form of a man or woman, descending from the heavens in a chariot of fire. Long ago, I embraced the fact that I am saved, and Jesus did appear to me, and that he expanded my consciousness so I could feel his love, and his presence as a part of my being, and all those who accept him in this way.
It's something to think about, don't you think?
I wish you all peace and love, and pray that you are happy and healthy in all that you desire.
God Bless.
Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com



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Sunday, October 22, 2006

EMOTIONS FLY AS MOON, and Other Planets Enter Scorpio

With the Moon firmly planted in Scorpio and the Sun, Venus, and Mars on the way in the next couple of days, expected emotions to run high all over. I pray that the world leaders will be able to handle the next 30 to 60 days, as the Scorpio transits are pivotal to World Peace and perhaps ending the wars going on all over.

First of all, the elections; I expect the Democrats to smash the opposition and the result will be a very unfriendly Congress with new majority leaders in both house and senate. I also expect many Governor's to change hands to Democrats, save California which (liberal Leaning) Arnold should retain. Still, I expect the advertising and in fighting to be quite heated up to election day.

In personal relationships, it's all about making love, not war, embracing the good relationship and nurturing it, or processing out the old, worn out, finished relationship that should have ended long ago, so Scorpio effect heals lots of wounds here, opens some, but offers closure or war for many. I prefer closure and moving on in peace, over fighting and conflict, don't you?

The Sun, Venus, and Mars will all be at a right angle or a SQUARE in geometry to the planet Uranus this month, which could offer some shock changes, surprise bombings, domestic terrorist activity (actually would be a surprise, but I expect it), and sudden change through violence. Frankly, this is not a happy or friendly aspect, and keeping things on an even keel, negotiating, communicating, loving, and embracing those you care for during this time will offer solace and reconciliation or closure. Usually, because Scorpio also rules death, I have found lots of people I have known, and a large percentage of my family dies during this (Scorpio) time, so I always tell people to take care of themselves in November, see a doctor if you have symptoms and try to avoid unnecessary falls and accidents. Auto accidents could be at an all time high this month, so drive like everyone else is an idiot and you will be okay. Scorpio rules secrets and secrets meetings, so I'm also expecting some very shocking revelations to come out, some perhaps having to do with our President, or Secretary of Defense.. I'd love to see that. So, remember, we are all affected by the Scorpio movement, so go easy, count to 10, love the one's your with, and move on from those who have become outdated, boring, or just not the way they usedto be. Honesty wins here. Have a blessed week, and thanks for reading my journal

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

What Happens to the SOUL when you Die? By Farley Malorrus

On a Yahoo message board, Deepak Chopra phrased the question, "What happens to the Soul when you die?" Here is the answer I channeled for him:

Deepak, It's your Old Friend, Farley Malorrus. When you die, your soul responds to a magnetic charge that has been in action during your whole life. This charge is designed by the amount of obsession you have with Earth, Earthly Life, and Earthly things. SHould you shed your self of earthly needs, the soul is able to experience 'anti gravity,' and sail into the light which is a dimensional portal that leads to a heavenly realm. This is all about Karma. Karma is the weight your soul has depending on how many attachments, cravings, desires, wants, or needs on an Earthly scale. When an individual reaches a state of "Bodhisatva," either while alive or when dying, this is when the body is freed of Karma, and the soul which is affected by Earth's gravity, is allowed flight. IF your soul does not reach a state of "Bodhisatva," then the pull of karma brings it back to Earth to qualify for life in a human body if evolved enough, or the body of an animal or insect, depending on your personal growth, and amount of damage you may have done to the Earth plane which is sacred ground. In order for animal spirits or insect spirits to evolve to human, they must learn "Love." When a human is able to embrace "God's Love," as more important than anything or anyone on this planet, then they ascend to a "Bodhisatva" state, Karma Free, where the soul becomes weightless at death, the portal opens offerring the light, and without reservation, without thought, without looking back, without regret, or attachment, the soul goes into the light and ascends to a heavenly plane with the God Entity and all the heavenly people. That's the best way I can explain it. I have been to heaven in this life, and I have dreamed of it several times. To the best of my knowledge this is what happens to the soul at death. Your eternal Friend, Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

Scorpio Transits Hit in the next 24 to 84 hours..

I'm feeling darn good with Sun, Mars, Venus, and the Moon trine my Uranus and Venus. What Farley? For those who don't know, The Sun, Moon, and two planets Venus and Mars are going into Scorpio, the Moon tonight and the rest in the next 3 days. Scorpio cleanses, Scorpio cleans, Scorpio renews and sweeps away the old to bring about the new. The night dies and the day is reborn. I say this to all of you, expect a Miracle this week. Expect something even better than Kim Jung II, or George Bush doing something unexpected, but expect even better things. The National Election is coming up, and I tell you, I expect government in Washington and all over the country to have the biggest change in Earth history. The people get freaked out and the people react. I do feel a shift of consciousness on this planet now, and peace being made, old karma being cleared and resolved, people all over embracing challenges, love in the air, lots of marriages, a bigger baby boom, and maybe even the Underdog St. Louis Cardinals could win a World Series. Something good is happening, and although I haven't had much faith in humanity or human leadership the last 30 years, NOW, TODAY, this Week, this next 30 days, I am bullish on America, Americans, George Bush, the Electorate, and the potential this great country of ours has during the entrance of the MOON, THE SUN, Venus, and MARS in Scorpio, the latter to remain there for at least 30 days. This could be the best time in along time for Pisces and Cancer the complimentary water signs to Scorpio. That means LOVE, as water is emotions and when Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are in communion it's great. I'm speaking of course, of Uranus in Pisces, acting as a catalyst for explosive spiritual growth, and karma resolution on a grand scale. Fasten your seat belts, put your tray table in an upright position, and get ready for take off!

Be at Peace, share the love, tell someone you LOVE them today!

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

Friday, October 20, 2006


Many scholars and spiritualists believe that humans are born into this realm because they had a hunger that was beyond God. I firmly believe that the definition of Karma is any desire other than God or spirit. Frankly, the Earth realm is very tempting, like a hot fudge sunday, naked woman, bar of chocolate or a million dollars; coming to Earth is very tempting, and the main reason why so many seem to be 'trapped,' in this realm forever.

Whatever it is you want, you need, you desire, you take, you own, you marry, you love, you covet, or you create other than your need to love God and be in heaven, creates a debt in your soul. People ask me if being happily married with wife and kids is Karma, and my response is that it absolutely is Karma. It may be the labor of love to be married, have kids, and family, but it is a lot of work, a lot of pain, a lot of passion, and a huge debt to the souls involved.

The Astrology Chart (at birth) creates a natal 'burst' of energy that is frozen at birth, and that which charges every single molecule in the newborn babies body, as if a reflection of the state of the Universe at that very moment. This creates a magnatism that is unique for every one of us, that also designs the karma energies that will affect us and all of our relationships our entire life. Each person is like unto a 'magnet,' of unique proportion, and an Astrologer is able to interpret this 'magnetism,' and explain the karmic designs, or where the areas of greatest challenge and learning will occur in one's life.

It seems that the more we desire, the more we crave, the more we possess, the more we do, the more relationships we have, how we treat our own bodies defines the Karmic growth we experience during our entire lives. Just because you have a lot does not mean you will be happy, as often sometimes very wealthy people, including rock stars, boxers, and lotto winners, seem to suffer and fail more than normal due to the maintenance of the mountain of karma they create. I find that having more than you need in all ways is sometimes the easiest way to live, and dying with a focus of a love for God and nothing more, is the secret to escape the pull of Earth and it's temptations, break free of seemingly an eternal reincarnation cycle and rejoin God in heaven where the bliss that exists dwarfs anything you may desire or think you need on Earth.

It is said that the evils ones (The Dark Lord), designed the temptations (The Apple) on Earth eons ago to lure Angels and Humans to this planet and hold their souls hostage here with the false sense of happiness and satisfaction. The truth is that all the temptations of Earth are an illusion used to keep you here and force you to overcome your Karma (Desires and Needs), in order to embrace the true priority and Holy Sacrament of God and his kingdom. I feel that I have seen heaven and have gone there in my sleep, and that people live there very much like they do on Earth without the temptation, desire, greed, need for ownership, or possessions, and that in heaven they live in peace with God in a surreal experience with Love and Friendship as the only priority to God and each other.

It is hard to let go of your karma, and you don't have karma with anyone excpet yourself. People ask me, "Do I have Karma with that person," and my response is always that you have Karma with yourself and a debt to God. All Karma created in past lives (The reincarnation cycle as depicted by the Hindus and Buddhists, also referred to in the Kaballah), is the sum result of all the cravings and obsessions we have, the hunger, and the pull of such things pulling us back into a new babies body at death, instead of allowing us to go into the light and evolve back into heaven. In truth (further truth), Earth is a proving ground, and literally a prison for our souls, and the reason why our brain capacities are so limited is that we are not allowed by God to have total awareness of the cosmic plan due to the fact we left heaven initially to come to Earth in our curiosity and eventual demise. Like the original fallen Angel, (The Dark One), whose fall from heaven triggered a mass exodus of billions and billions of souls to follow after him, our own demise is quite similar to his abandonment of God, his search for something different or better, and his quest to have his own domain (Earth), as a place to trap souls seemingly forever away from God, and therefore have his followers.

To me, nothing is more important than God and Heaven, and it is my lifelong mission to teach all I know, all I have learned from my miracle with God/Jesus in 1976, and alert people on Earth as to the reincarnation cycle, the concept of Karma, and how to evolve your soul to escape this cycle and return to heaven.

It is quite a simple concept actually, love God, and be at peace. ALL other priorities rescinded, as seconday. Remember God in your daily life, pray to God, meditate on God, and prepare yourself for a heavenly experience; let go of Earth and all Earthly desires, hungers, cravings, and things you think you need, and embrace a heavenly purpose for your eternal existence beyond whatever it is your think you need besides God.

I hope this explains a lot to you, and as always, I'm not trying to tell you what to believe, but I am giving you food for thought, as you are always given the choice. Yes, I just channeled this topic, as the topics I often channel seem to be exactly what people need to read or think about. God Love you.

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

Have a great Weekend, and GO CARDINALS!! You can have interests and loves in life, but nothing is more important not nearly as important as love of GOD and God's love for us.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Miracle Cardinals Win National League Pennant. Wow.

Cards beat Mets, face Tigers in World Series, 2006

With a lot of luck, a lot of prayer, and a ton of Libra Planets, the St. Louis Cardinals once again overcame their "underdog status," as predicted, and beat the Mets in surprising fashion. Most of the Cardinals and historically, the team has lots of Libra In their charts including Tony La Russa. The good news was the eclipse (Conjunction), this last few weeks, of the Sun, Venus, and Mars all in Libra and in positive aspect to Uranus in Aquarius, which gave them the unexpected ability to beat the favored Padres, and now the heavily favored Mets to meet the incredibly heavily favored Detroit Tigers this Saturday in this years World Series. When Venus leaves Libra with the Sun and Mars, all going into Scorpio, the vibration of the series could change, but I'm still leaning towards the Cards to win yet again, as Venus won't go into Scorpio until next Wednesday. Of course, it would be a miracle, if they beat the Giant Tigers, with their awesome pitching, but earlier on in the blog, I mentioned I was using visualization and prayer to help propel them and it so far has worked!!!

I noticed LOTS Of Mets fans praying tonight, and I took a matter of fact type attitude, win or lose, it's been fun. Still, Yadier Molina, the lowest batting average on the team this year hit the game winning home run in the 9th inning, and scored Scott Rolen to give the Cards a 3 to 1 edge. The tension with bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th, and Adam Wainwright striking out the side, was like a movie. Truly, there is magic to baseball and all sports we watch, as people get so into it. I assume that whatever the Universal Mind wants, will be the outcome. I was born in St. Louis, so I've always been a Cards, Rams, Blues, Missouri Tigers, and even St. Louis Hawks fan when I was a boy. I don't care much for the Hawks, but the power of visualization has given the rest of the teams a fairly good year so far. No one knows what the Scorpio transits will do, but Uranus remains in Aquarius in complement to all the St. Louis Cardinals Libra clusters in their natal charts, so I'm expecting lots of surprises and maybe some upsets this year. Last year, I felt the way the Red Sox won, was unnatural, and didn't trust the outcome. Those guys all looked like they were "on something" every single game. The Red Sox looked too intense last year, too much energy,too tweaked, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were all juiced. "Win at all costs," was the cry from Boston.

I'm thinking this years playoffs with all the publicity about steroids is clean and fair, and that is why I'm thinking it will be fun to watch.

Thanks to all my spiritual friends who lent their Angels and Spirit Guides to the Cards win! It worked and I was not surprised. The Mets have a murderers row type lineup and it was a miracle they lost. That's the latest in Baseball and Astrology.

Farley M. Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

PLAYING THE TOPICS, "What do you need to KNOW?"

The 127 topics I channeled are like Tarot Cards. You listen to the topic "you need to hear." There are no accidents! I am getting email where people are "blown away," that of all the 127 shows, they click on the one's they need to hear the most.

What happens is your Higher Self indulges in things you need to know (Or remember), sacred truths, and ancient knowledge that lies in your minds eye, waiting to be awakened! If you found this blog, or if someone sent you the link, don't wait, go to the topics page, and just browse through. If you stop on one topic, "that's the one you need to hear!" IF you listen to several topics a day, you are feeding your higher self, and gaining access to your higher mind, and soul! It's magic.

Here's the link to my topics Page!


I REALLY APPRECIATE the generous souls that TITHE to support the site, the server, and keep this knowledge on the Internet, and those who apologized because they can't afford it. PLEASE INDULGE IN THE TOPICS, and don't feel guilty, as you can tithe when you can afford to, or whatever! I just LOVE YOU all, and that you are all God's children, and you all need to expand your awareness and access your higher self through these magical topics I channeled on L.A. Radio. IT is a good dharma to turn people on to this blog, and to the www.radioastrology.com  server, or the topics: http://radioastrology.com/Mtopics.htm

So, go have some fun! Enjoy yourself on the TOPIC PAGE. Get your FREE READING From the topics, just by listening to what your mind wants to hear. There's plenty to choose from, and it's all FREE (by donation!).

Have a wonderful day and a better life.
I believe in PEACE. I believe we can choose mature leadership to guide us to Peace.
I believe we can overcome the brainwashing and mind control that exists on our radios,TV's, and media to get us to do what they want! I believe we can escape this mind control and choose for ourselves, leaders that represent us, and not vested interests, or their own greedy agendas!

Have a great day!

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

127 Topics, The Tarot of Astrology and Spirituality! There are no accidents! Go listen. You will love it and absorb it! It will open your chakras and awaken you, as it has 1,000's of L.A. listeners!! It works...

Love & Light to The World

May Love & Light surround you in your everyday life, and may your friends and family be healthy and blessed. Be excellent to each other! Please receive this greeting with an open heart.  Today offers a huge opportunity to spread love to the World everywhere you can. Let it spread like wild fire!

Farley Malorrus





From Tori, Video on Galactic Trigger Event, 10/17/06

Fantastic! Tori, We love you. Thank you for the Youtube Video!



Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com


Friend Teri from Orange County has placed one of my shows on the net! THanks Teri. Here is her link to the show I did called Power of God-Manifestations. Just click on the link then continue to listen, and it will download to your computer. Turn on your speakers!


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Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Intensity of Scorpio By Farley Malorrus, channeling the Osiris Energy

Scorpio is the most intense Astrological sign. There is no doubt about it. Funny thing is, we all have Scorpio somewhere in our horoscopes. Scorpio is a deeply intense, emotional, passionate energy that drives the human race. Without Scorpio, no one would care about anything. The Scorpio effect creates desire, hunger, craving, obsession, possessive behavior, jealousy, rage, repressed emotion, repressed anger, compassion, deep inner love, authentic love, God's love, and resurrection from the ashes. Many Astrologers believe that the Eagle or the Scorpion rules this sign, but I am firmly convinced that the mythical Phoenix is what truly rules the energy of this water sign. Imagine a fire creature ruling a water energy.

Mercury is eclipsing Jupiter in Scorpio the next 4 days adding to the mix, as Mercury rules all of our thought processes, making communication in all ways so intense, if at all. Sometimes during these Scorpio transits, the most important things are left unsaid. Mercury will move out of Scorpio in the next 2 weeks, but then Venus, the Sun, and Mars will join Jupiter creating a violent mix for all the war zones, political fervor amongst the paranoia merchants, and outrageously vicious political races amongst the candidates mostly including a ton of lies, un truths, and frankly brain washing. This is a time to make love, not war; not only in our personal relationships, but an excellent time to make a peace with the Middle East and pull out of Iraq, and Afghanistan, (which won't happen, but still a great time for peace to occur). Instead, I expect violence and the death count to be higher (which is always the case for Scorpio transits, and crimes of passion to be on the increase.) If your personal relationships get too intense, you may prefer a passionate Scorpio response to repressed emotions instead of rage, outburst, and arguments. With Saturn in unfriendly Leo, and Neptune in Unfriendly Aquarius (Leo and Aquarius at odds with Scorpio and each other), the result could be a 30 day period that is filled with havoc all over the World, and change. Because Neptune is in the mix, unfortunately, this will cloud a lot of issues, create a lot of ill feelings based on illusion and delusion, and create a lot of breakups, that really should not happen as they won't have a solid basis for breaking up, (Only the delusion).

I like to explain sometimes when a lot of activity is in one sign, like Scorpio this next month, because then, when things get hot, wild, out of control, and emotionally explosive, people understand better why it is happening. WE are constantly bombarded with the energy of all 12 sectors of the Zodiac (the 12 signs), and as the planets go through this area of space, they trigger our very molecules in our bodies, as our molecules are charged with the NATAL CHART OF THE ZODIAC we all absorb at birth, called the Natal Chart. This chart is an energy that stays with you all your life. This is how Astrologers can read your life's energies, by looking at WHERE the planets are when you were born, and the sign on the Eastern horizon at birth, called the Rising sign. (Read that over a few times, if you didn't get it!)

There is more to Astrology then Sun Signs. It is all about all the planets in the sky in their signs, not just the SUN.

Have a great Monday, and thanks for reading the Blog.
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It is my desire to teach, so please indulge yourself in the many topics that I have channeled while in trance.

Bless you all.
Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

Magic...The Power of the Mind, The Power of God, Magic and Sports

I had a guest over yesterday during the Cardinals/Mets game in St. Louis (Game 3 of NLCS.) I was demonstrating how to empower a pitcher or players on a team with prayer, visualization, ceremony and confidence.
Ironically, the St. Louis pitcher Jeff Suppan had a superb game, pitching a shutout and amazingly hitting a home run, (Pitchers rarely do this!) to help the Cardinals win game 3 and take an unlikely 2-1 series lead. They are the underdogs hence, why it was unlikely.

Magic or visualization is not something you can predict, but with faith, help from God, doing harm to none, but on the other hand passing on love and confidence, also healing if you will, to individuals, through the universal link we all share is what can help a player or a team propel themselves to greatness. This was evident last year in the unlikely leap that the Boston Red Sox took when they came back to beat the Yankees when down 3-0, and sweep the Cardinals to win the Series. If you watched it all, you could see there was a certain 'magic,' at work.

Today, I'm interested in what will happens when the Cards take on the Mets again in St. Louis (I was born in St. Louis,) and also with the Rams taking on Seattle. I will try to instill the same love and confidence in both home teams to see if the magic will stretch. Sometimes, taking advantage of the link you may have with sports or political figures can run it's course, where you don't really wish to take advantage of such power or with poor intent, it shall weaken. I do find that praying for individual players and teams can have an effect on their level of adrenaline, confidence, and over all winning attitude.
At least it's something to consider when considering your own life, as if you feel you are 'losing,' then you may want to instill some love and confidence in your self and those around you.

You would have had to have followed Earvin "Magic" Johnson from his college days at Michigan State, winning the College Championship, to the many championships he helped the Los Angeles Lakers win after college to grasp the power, confidence, faith, and magic he has instilled in his very name, Magic Johnson to embrace and confirm the power of positive thinking. I was in tune with Magic back then, having his college team in my basketball pool, which won, and also living in Los Angeles at the time, praying the Lakers wouldwin, which they did, year after year. I would assume there were individuals in Boston that believed the same thing, with Larry Bird, making the pair quite magical altogether.  It was back then that I realized that faith, prayer, connection to God, visualization, power of the mind, power of God, and connection to all people confirmed a magical link and energy that existed inside us all.

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

Friday, October 13, 2006


When People have the Spirit of God in their hearts, and their faith is strong, and they feel safe and protected, sometimes they can channel and access a higher part of their self which has incredible intuition, logic, and access to sacred knowledge. This happens when you sit down at a table or desk, pick up a pen, or a computer and start writing or TYPING, "Automatically," without thinking about content, structure, grammar, punctuation, or organization, and an incredible phenomena occurs. This phenomena has been used by Ancient Scholars and many very famous and rich people accessing this magical part of their souls for ages. Acting for example is another way of channeling the higher part of yourself. The human mind is only limited by itself. If the human mind opens itself up to possibilities by letting knowledge flow from the fingertips or the mouth, (Automatic talking), with information and knowledge it did not previously know, then the brain capacity of the channeling individual will be enhanced and expand to almost 20%, or more.

I wanted you to know about this so you can understand me better, and see why some people appear to have 'the edge.' It is because they are channeling a higher part of themselves in music, speech, writing, literature, poetry, and even love making. This is the beautiful part of the human being, because we can access multiple parts of our consciousness and access information you could never get from books or teachers. The most important part, to avoid channeling misinformation, or evil (like some of our World Leaders), is to have AUTHENTIC FAITH IN GOD and the GOD INSIDE YOU, plus know you have a shield of love around you eternally as God's protection. For that reason, it saddens me that some people channel such a hateful murderous energy (Demonic Possession), should their hearts not be pure, nor their intent.

When we become more spiritual, it will be easy to recognize the 'spiritual grade' in all people, the spiritual potential, the grace, the love, the God inside, and on the other hand, it will also be easy for ALL PEOPLE to identify those that lack the love of God, and the faith, are not pure of soul, and therefore channel evil or even evil beings. Human beings are always a receptacle of Spiritual Energy, and the choice is always about LOVE OR HATE. It is a simple choice, and a simple path in life we choose, to LOVE, or to Hate, use, manipulate, control, deceive, and destroy.

Farley Malorrus, Please Tithe at my web site, and hear my Topics, all channeled on L.A. Radio, KFOX 93.5 FM at 12 Noon from 1983 to 1996.

www.radioastrology.com  Thanks for reading my blog!

Truth Be Known By Farley Malorrus

Truth be known, since I started this blog I have 'automatically' typed most of it. Whenever I talk subjects, spirit, ancient knowledge, spirit guides, life and death, Astrology, numerology, or any of the sacred knowledge, I am channeling it. I don't like to admit this too often, but I'm being told I must this evening, as I am channeling what you are reading. The phenomena is that I type about 60wpm and that I just let come out what comes out. Sometimes words are capped and my higher self believes they SHOULD be, so I abandon the rules of grammar and punctuation in favor of whatever the spirit dictates. I have been spirit driven all of my life, even when I was 4, and saw myself at this age, middle age, all the time, looking into the future of my adulthood, and never quite grasping what it was. I feel I am blessed and surrounded with visions, miracles, guides, God, Jesus, and sacred Angels, who support my dream and mission of World Peace, and Higher Awareness for human beings on this planet, so that the violence and killing will stop. I will continue to channel my higher self in this blog to promote all the topics I channeled on L.A. radio, that can be heard at no charge except by donation (reserved for what is known as generous folks, and those that know what TITHING is.) In this way, you can get a better grasp of the Ancient knowledge that I channeled and see it if aligns with certain logical insight your own higher self must embrace. This is THE TIME IN EARTH HISTORY, THIS Millennia and NEXT when the human race must choose between Death, Doom, and Apocalypse, or HIGHER BRAIN CAPACITY, of 50% or more, AUTHENTIC LOVE, FAMILY OF MAN, and GOD INSIDE US ALL.

It is my intent to help promote this energy, because I believe in LIFE, I believe in GOD, and I believe in PEOPLE, and want the world to be free of tyranny, terrorism, murder, WAR, and violence. I say NOW, that anyone that would wage war on his brother, or any other human, ANYONE THAT WOULD KILL FOR ANY REASON is committing the worst sin imaginable, as HUMAN LIFE IS SACRED!!! I Repeat HUMAN LIFE IS SACRED, and not one single drop of blood need be shed. Should the human race survive it's test in the next 20 years, then this time, this part of history, the last 9,000 years will be looked upon (including now, and especially now since World War II) as a BARBARIC, BLOODY, PREDATORY, LOW CONSCIOUSNESS, RETARDED, MIND RESTRICTED, and CONSCIOUSNESS RESTRICTED time. This period will be looked upon as a time we are subject to MIND CONTROL by the few, and the rest acting like SHEEP. When we are all ONE, all have GOD INSIDE US, and need not be controlled every by anyone, any country, or any leader!

Nuff Said. Osiris channeled by Farley Malorrus

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Thanks for reading My Blog, and and LOVE TO YOU ALL.
I have faith we can save this PLANET. Please open your mind.

OSIRIS ENERGY-Farley Malorrus Revealed

First, I'm delighted to say I used some "Magic" tonight to ignite the St. Louis Cardinals when they were down to the New York Mets 6-4 in the 8th and 9th innings to boost them to their 1st win in the NLCS. The Cards tied the game 6-6 in the 8th, and scored 3 runs in the 9th to beat the Mets, and even the series 1-1..The game was amazing, and the Mets fans were stunned. I used similar magic when the St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl in 2000, in the last few seconds.

Someone asked me where I got the topics that are posted on the website www.radioastrology.com and listed below...I channeled an Astrologer named Helen (differently sounding on higher level), from Atlantis making my kind of AStrology, (Equal House), of Atlantean Ancient Knowledge. Also, most of the topics on Life and Death, Reincarnation, Metaphysics, and spirituality come directly from the Egyptian God of Death, Osiris; who was purportedly resurrected, much like Jesus Christ, and who gained fame in Ancient Egypt as such...supposedly having the power and knowledge of life and death. Osiris also supposedly had the knowledge to revive the dead using mouth to mouth resuscitation, and cardiac pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), which was a secret known only by Isis and Osiris. One other point, when Osiris was dead, he also was revived by this method supposedly channeled by Isis after he died.

FYI, Born a Jew, I was stricken by the Holy Spirit while attending Central Methodist University (the 2nd Jew to attend in 100 years.) I started channeling automatic writing since I was 19 years old. I channeled appoximately 15 documents explaining the evolution fo the soul, life and death, reincarnation, and the repitition of the Universe. After my miracle and vision of Jesus Christ in 1976, at a hotel in Hong Kong that lasted 30 minutes, and that delivered to me sacred ancient knowledge, I met my spirit guides, the 1st the Sacred Buffalo spirit, Tatunkas (Which I had no idea what it meant, Buffaloe), at which time I met Helen, and also was introduced to a board of 12 elders who have guided and protected me my whole life. These elders make up some of the most loving, caring, compassionate beings in the Universe, many of them being of Cerakaua Apache Origin. In 1983 when I started doing radio on Astrology and Spritual topics, I notice the topics were flowing out of me like 'water,' without trying. THAT IS THE MIRACLE of the website we designed. www.radioastrology.com is an archive for free, (by donation), to offer 127 topics of what I did at 12 noon on KFOX, 93.5 L.A. radio from 1984 to 1996.

I just wanted you all to know that story.
Peace be with you.
I am too humble to admit to any past life I may know I have, but I can share some of the feelings and past life readings I have gotten that have confirmed what I have just told you.

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

"It's not an accident that you found me. It's not an accident that you respond to this information and knowledge. It is not an accident if you are experiencing awareness, and evolution. It is not an accident that you can now be free of your fears, and embrace the Light OF God's Love that lives active in your heart...."

Thursday, October 12, 2006


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Analysis of Neptune,How To Learn Astrology 3, Reincarnation; Analysis of Pluto;How To Learn Astrology - IV;Retrograde vs. Direct; Analysis of Uranus;How To Learn Astrology-Transits; Reversals; Ascendant Compatibility; How To Learn Astrology-Sabian Symbols; Saturn Return; Astrological Addictions-Relationships; How to Make Money;Scorpio and Spiritual Rebirth; Astrological Circuit; How To Simplify Your Life;Self Realization; Astrological Signatures; Ideas and Innovation;Significance of the Moon; Astrology as a Lifestyle;Improving Your Chart;Significant Karmic Aspects; Astrology Mantra;Interpreting Dreams;Silver Birch on Death; Astrology Transits;Issues of Karma;Skeptics; Astrology vs. Astronomy;Journeys Out of the Body;Solar Return; Attaining Tranquility;Jupiter in Cancer;Soul Contracts; Body and Soul;Karma;Soul Mate Factors; Body As Transmitter;Karma and Forgiveness;Spirit Guides; Bravery-Gallant Quest;Karma and Leadership;Spirit Vacation; Breath BlissKarma ;and Planetary Comparison;Spiritual Awakening; Cardinal Transits;Karma and Relationships;Spiritual Qualification; Celestial Visitations;Karma and Soul Growth;Spiritual Revelations; Celestite;Karma and the Self;State of Bliss; Celestite Points;Karma Free; Relationships;Sun Sign in the Chart ;Character Defined;Karma with ;Chart Analysis;Karma - The Price;The ABC's of Astrology ;Chart on Fire;Karmic Absolution;The ABC's of Astrology-II ;Childhood Karma - I;Keeping a Positive Attitude;The Astrological Effect; Childhood Karma - II;Knowing Your Chart;The Awakening - I ;Circle of Light;Learning to Love Your Chart;The Awakening - II; Cloak of Darkness;Left Handed People;The Awakening - III ;Compatibility - The CardinalsLet Me Count the WaysThe Creation of Karma Compatibility-Moon Venus MarsLetting Spirit Guide YouThe Dragons Tail CompletionLife ReconstructionThe Edge Financially Crystal ConsciousnessLight and ColorThe Illusion of Separation Crystals and NumbersLiving in the PastThe Higher Self DeceptionLong Transits in LifeThe Intuitive Mind Descendant and 7th HouseMars-The Energy ActivatorThe Light of Truth-Silver Birch DesignYour LifeMeditation with CelestiteThe Moons Node Destiny Factors and LifeMercury RetrogradeThe Mutables Destiny ForksMetaphysicsThe No Family Different Types of KarmaMiraclesThe Quest Dream Lab Molding Your FutureThe Scorpio Factor Earning DegreesMoon Through the SignsThe Transit End of KarmaMoon Wobble PeakThe Transits of Uranus Entities Exorcism and PossessionMother, Father in the ChartThe Unemployed Priest Exaltation and FallMy Mission in LifeThe Warrior Complex Excellent SaturnNew Age HeraldsThis Karma Called Life Extra-Terrestrial SoulsNomadsTranscendental Astrology FamilyNorth NodeTranscendental Lifestyle Feeling One With the UniverseNorth South NodeTransit Aspects Finding BlissOne Day at a TimeTransit Deadlines Focusing on SpiritOur OriginsTransit Diaries Forgiveness vs. RevengePain Rebirth and EvolutionTransit Karma Fulfilling Your Life MissionPath of the SoulTransit Trines Fun with CompatibilityPerfect UniverseTransiting Moon Through Life Game of LifePersonal KarmaTransiting Planets Gemini TransitsPersonality DefinitionTransitions Good vs. EvilPlanetary KarmaTransits of the Moon Hemispheric AnalysisPlanetary LordsTwelve Tribes of Astrology House CuspsPlanets in the ChartUnderstanding Women House Vibrations and RelationshipsPositives vs. NegativesVisualization How to Follow the MoonPower of GodWhat is a Natal Chart How to Follow your TransitsPower PatternsWith Regard to the Spirit How To Learn Astrology Power TransitsWorking Through Your Karma How To Learn Astrology - IQuality of LifeZodiac Synchronization - I How To Learn Astrology - II Rebirth and SpiritZodiac Synchronization - II Please ENJOY AND PERUSE!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Astrology is SO much more than Sun Signs. It's all about "your chart!" An Astrology chart is like a 'photograph' of the Solar System with all the planets (including Pluto!), the Sun, the Moon, and whatever is Rising in the East in the City of your Birth. So, you have 11 Factors basically in your chart. It is all about "Location." This means the PLANETS are located in areas of space known as CONSTELLATIONS, historically the 12 signs of the ZODIAC, are the constellations that are important because these areas of space are where the planets, Sun, and Moon travel.
So, when you get your chart DONE, you find out where your '11 factors,' are located. The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the Eastern Horizon called RISING SIGN.

Astrologers believe that these 11 factors analyzed scientifically define a unique vibration that we all absorb as babies that defines our personality, life potential, and basically 12 total factors that offer vibrational look at most every area of your life. There is no guesswork here, no fortune telling. It is all based on Scientific Astronomical locations, that have correlated through the centuries (To Astrology practicioners), certain specific variables that interpret uniqueness in individuals. I got into Astrology in 1976, when my life was a mess, and no matter whom I went to, no one seemed to completely understand who I was or what had happened to me (Catastrophic divorce), until I met the Astrologer. If you called me for a reading for example, (310) 415-9222, (Visa/Mastercard accepted), then I could email your chart, and give you a reading if you paid for the call.
OR, you can send me $6.95  to Farley, 2265 Westwood Blvd. #110, L.A., Ca. 90064 and I would email you a full color copy of your BIRTH CHART, if you wanted it. I would need your full name at birth, your date of birth, time of birth (AM or PM), and CIty of Birth to do it accurately.

That's the facts about Astrology. TO learn more, log in to my website, to hear for FREE (by Donation) over 100 topics from L.A. radio all about Astrology and Spirituality. The site is www.radioastrology.com

That's the latest from Farley's Blog!

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Monday, October 9, 2006

October 17, 2006, Something is GOING DOWN!

Hey all! I got this email telling me about 10/17 that something very cosmic is happening! I thought I would inform whomever reads my blog, so they know!
If you would tithe a few dollars to our website to support our server it would be nice. Sad to report donations are kind of down...Aren't there anymore Astrology Folks out there who are generous? Hmmm. Hope so.
Here's the dope about 10/17:

Thanks to my Co Producer Susan...again...XO

The 10/17 otherwise 818 gateway will be resonating a beam approximately one
and half times the size of earth.

i..e As Earth spinning on its axis passes through this beam, it will be
immersed in it for approx 36 hours in total. This makes each point on the
globe to be directly influenced by this beam for an avg 17hrs. Some areas
will actually have more than 17hrs.

The peak of 5:10 pm applies for all countries and timezones due to the above
average. This timing was given as an approximation to assist those who wish
to focus for a short time span. Ideally the longer one can focus their
attention during this time the greater the results.

For every human immersed in thoughts/focused on  and in unconsitional love
and peace, there are 6000 others approx focused in fear, trepidation, anger,
hate, war, lust, power, greed, poverty, lack etc. This was the ratio the
Blue gave me when questioned why one million are required. Essentially it is
to balance the equation. yep 1 in every 6000.

The way i understood it this 1 in 6000 ratio is thoughts focused on
unconditional love and peace resonate/attract 6000 times more powerfully
than any other thoughts. i.e. require 6000 times less energy or other words
are 6000 times more efficient. Perhaps why only very few attain mastership
and why it is far easier and effortless to be in these thoughts as opposed
to other thoughts or frames of mind...

Many have emailed asking how long for results to come into affect from the
10/17 gateway? This will depend on the number of people participating above
and the thoughts of global consciousness on that day. However by Jan/Feb
2007 we should begin to see the results either way, for better or worse if i
can use those words.

Expect by 17th Oct for some big DISTRACTION generating fear and frenzy. If
not, then this will be a positive sign.

Many are really hassling for technical data on what exactly this 10/17 - 818
gateway/beam is. The best i could understand it from blue voice is this.

Our sector of the milky way is currently immersed in what many term the
photon belt or  menasic radiation. With in this radiation there are tiny
spectral lines of emmissions very much like that to what we term
Lyman/Balmer Hydrogen emmission/absorptio n lines.

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Sunday, October 8, 2006


Thank you TO Susan, for this Excellent LINK!!!


The Moon Rolled into TAURUS Very Early in the AM

Very early in the AM near Midnite, the Moon finally went into a well needed Earth sign (Taurus), the only luminary or planet to be in Earth, grounding us all. I like the Taurus Moon, because people love each other more, there are more hugs, people connect better, and emotions are solidified. It's not so good for the Pro Football players as the Moon opposite Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio is going to make for some rather Violent football games today, with unfortunately again, too many injuries. The Taurus Moon asks us to make Love, not War, but sad that many will misinterpret any lack of emotional expression as rejection or dejection. Instead, grin and bear it, give them a hug, a  kiss, make love to them, and live happily through another 72 hour passage of the Moon. The Moon traverses all 12 signs once a month, setting the pace for emotional changes for us all, and triggering the circus of Karma in our lives. I will try to teach you some of these transformations as we go in my blog. Have a great Sunday, and get in your 8 to 20 hugs!!! (How many you behind, a million?)

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Saturday, October 7, 2006


This is the Red Flame Mantra I memorized in 1976, when I went through the course (14 weeks), in order to learn to be Spiritual. I have found that this mantra has always put my life in balance. It is miraculous how it works. The power of the Mind, the Power of God coming together. The Mantra represents all 12 zodiacal energies in which we all share coming into perfect balance and synchronization.

I suggest you memorize it, and pray on it all the time to bring your life into balance. It has worked wonders, and miracles for me, for over 30 years. I have found it to be the MOST POWERFUL MANTRA I HAVE EVER SEEN.
It was channeled by Danna Marshall in 1976, coming from the essence of Ancient Astrological wisdom from Ancient Atlantis.



THE RED FLAME MANTRA from the Academy of Atlantis

(Aries) My mind is a clear blue lake, deep, calm and serene. I am at peace with myself and the world. I reflect the divine light. I am strong, I am loving, I am loved. I am in control of my destiny. I create a perfect and loving personality. (Taurus) Prosperity and comfort surround me.  (Gemini) I am aware of my mind and all of its aspects. My thoughts are peaceful, calm and confident. The glowing circle of God's love envelope's my mind. (Cancer) I am secure (Leo) I am creative. (Virgo) Health and vitality flow through my mind and my body. (Libra) I am blessed with the abundance of God's love.  With harmony and love, I share my blessings with all living things. (Scorpio) My Soul is immortal. (Sagittarius) I open myself to the light of truth and receive divine inspiration. (Capricorn) I am successful. (Aquarius) With faith in God and myself I elevate my goals in life to harmonize with the true spiritual purpose of my existence. (Pisces) I enter into the fulfillment of my being and live forever in the light of God's love

Please use this Mantra to Synchronize your Life, your Chart, your soul, and your Karma. Thank you.
Farley Malorrus,

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Mark this day, October 7, 2006, as the Planet Uranus moves into "Positive Aspect," or geometrically, a 120 degree angle to JUPITER and MERCURY in Scorpio. This is called a TRINE in Astrology when similar Elements, in this case Uranus in PISCES (Water), and Jupiter and Mercury in Scorpio (Also water), make for a nice blend of energy for the world. This would be the time to create ideas, artwork, sculptures, propose marriage, make committments, get married, buy a house, build a house, start a business, or write romantic poems, and prose. The Planet Uranus, Lord of Aquarius is the planet of ideas, awakening, Higher Consciousness, sudden occurences, surprises, shocks, and wisdom. Jupiter expands whatever it touches or whereever it goes with philosophy, sports, horses, travel, Higher Mind, and open mindedness. Mercury of course rules the mind, thinking, communication, brothers and sisters, concepts, ideas, writing, reading, and details. With all that to know, I'm feeling great about this aspect as it should last for at least a week to 10 days, and then Uranus will remain in Aspect to Jupiter for quite some time, adding excitment and gain for the water signs, Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer including all those with Water Planets. This would be the aspect where I would say "YOU GO GIRL," OR you "GO GUY," do you thing, stop sitting around, get some logs in the fire, write it down, produce it, direct it, create it, and make some progress. Lots of money could be made here through specualtion now, because Uranus rules speculation and gain in this area.
You can hear a topic on URANUS and all the planets for FREE and by donation by going to my web site, www.radioastrology.com and remember only the WISEST and NICEST amongst you will donate something to keep the server going.
Bless you all. Have a great weekend, and GO URANUS!!!

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Aries Moon sets up Grand Trines, Football Weekend

The Aries Moon Opposition to the Libra Stellium should set up some upsets in College football today (hopefully 25th ranked Missouri, My alma Mater will beat Texas Tech and not choke during this transit, but Missouri teams have a way of doing that as they always are loaded with Libra). The Aries Moon at 21 degrees sets up a gorgeous Grand trine, between itself, Saturn in Leo, and Pluto (Still a planet to Astrologers), in Sagittarius. This will make for a busy work out, get in shape weekend for many. I expect most of the favorites to dominate in Pro Football tomorrow, as there are no "Wobbles," and few retrogrades to makes things go awry. So, hopefully the Rams will pull out a win against young packers, and the Cardinals can avoid being Torched by Kansas City. The baseball Cardinals should be able to take out the Padres by tomorrow, and if not, too much LIBRA, on the Cards..
Have a great weekend all. Just a few sports tidbits concerning AStrology for those afficionados. Remember, all my RADIO TOPICS online (127) are FREE, by DONATION (as in generous folks, are there any left?) SO please go visit my site,
www.radioastrology.com . I can't offer much hope to the Dodgers at this point, unfortunately, but I'm thinking the TIGERS can squeek out an upset WIN Of the Series against the Yankees in Detroit, while the Mets should finish the Dodgers in L.A. A footnote here, if the Dodgers win today (ONe of the upsets that may occur with Greg Maddux pitching,) the DOdgers could pull off a miracle comeback, and I'm not saying that just because I'm from L.A. The Dodgers have some of the longest winning streaks in Baseball this year, so once they start winning, Look out!

Bless you for reading my Blog too. Send the link to your friends!

Farley's back!

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Friday, October 6, 2006


Here's a Link to the FIRST POST in my blog in case you missed it!
It's the story of my life!!



Hello to all. Let's hope we sail through this day with nothing catastrophic happening to anyone or to the World. Since Pearl Harbor when Mars passed through Aries, (The Planet of War in the sign of War, Aries,) I have always been suspect whenever anything has gone through Aries/Libra....My own chart is lit up today, as I have a stellium in Libra (Mars,Neptune,and Rising) and woke up with the typical Moon Opposed Mars Headache, not as migraine as usual but there. When aspects like this happen, I try to be extra cautious in what I do, how I walk, (Careful not to trip and fall), how I drive, and being very defensive in public as far as having my shield up. I have personally had utter havoc occur during these type of aspects. Break ups, falls, stitches, accidents, colds, other health problems are typical for this aspect.

So, we remain with the 4 signs being most affected by this, (in order), are Aries, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer with the crux of the transit going on the rest of today, (Friday), until Sundown, and at the same time, whenever such an opposition occurs, I also pray that something worldwide doesn't occur to present calamity, chaos, and destruction.

At this time, I offer prayer for all our troops and recommend that this is NOT the time to attempt an offensive. This is also not the day to get married, start a job, fall in love, create a business, form a business idea, break ground on a house, a building, or planning a trip. In the same token, this would be an excellent time to clean house, finish projects, patch up problems with loved ones, make a peace, PULL OUT OF IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN, and perhaps impeach a President who has No clue! It would also be a great time to PLAN TO GET ALL THE INCUMBENTS who are irresponsible in running this country OUT OF OFFICE! Ahem..Nuff said. 

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

Thursday, October 5, 2006



Go There now to LEARN ASTROLOGY! For Free!
A gift from Farley Malorrus

KARMA AND BODHISATVA, the ripples of Life By Farley Malorrus

I was pondering Karma again this afternoon for the millionth time,and realized once again with the standard epiphany that Karma does hurt. Anything you have on Earth beyond the spirit is Karma. It's kind of like calm water in a lake being jostled by a stone, or a fish coming to the surface to feed. The water is perfect, balanced, calm, untouched, then the fish strikes, and the ripples, the concentric circles of energy burst forth. Karma is much the same. The Universe is like one big calm sea, and we as humans form the ripples. It doesn't matter what you want in life, or have, or desire, or love, or create; it makes ripples. Always remember that whatever you have or gain, or desire in this world beyond the SPIRIT, is karmic; bears weight; has a price;and creates repercussions. You would think that Brad Pitt would be all happy and bustling with such a gorgeous woman in the world like Angelina Jolie, but trust me, he is playing in a Karmic Circus that many of us would never understand until Brad and Angie split one day, or seemingly live happily ever after. So what is the Karmic Price that George Bush must pay for his actions in Iraq, and Afghanistan? Don't ask Richard Nixon who resigned from office in disgrace, or John F. Kennedy who was assassinated, or Lyndon Baines Johnson who declared he would not accept or seek another term. Karma has a funny way of rearing it's ugly head and eventually charging you with the bill, the price of your desire, need, craving, or goal. Just because people appear to be happily married with a beautiful wife, and 6 kids, doesn't mean they are not paying the karmic price for all the ripples set forward. I've come to the conclusion that the life of a Bodhisatva, (Person void of Karma), who may be without relationship, children, stress, or typical problems with money, career, or family, doesn't really have it that bad. The reason here is the lack of desire, hunger, or the natural evolution of acquiring lots of things in life including, spouse and family.
ON the other hand, the person with all the toys, money, romance, and family sometimes go through hell maintaining it all, and hence all the ripples we set forth when we play the game of karma.


Hey all! Welcome to the www.radioastrology.com blog...The Moon is going into Aries tonight for 2 and 1/2 days, which can mean big trouble for lots of people. Frankly, with the SUN, MARS, and VENUS in the opposite sign to ARIES, Which is LIBRA, that creates Bucu Stress for Aries and Libra People in General. WHy? Because the MOON ruling emotions, Sun ruling strength and Power, Mars life force and sex, and Venus ruling Love and money; then you put the MOON at the opposite to those 3, SUN, Mars, and VENUS, and KAPOW, you have tons of stress in Astrology called an Opposition. Ever have one of those fights with someone you love and you don't know why? IF you are CANCER, LIBRA, ARIES, OR CAPRICORN, get ready for the Lunar Roller Coaster the next 72 hours from this transit. Frankly, Many of you have planets in ARIES, LIBRA, CANCER, and Capricorn; which means the next 72 hours you may need a few beers after or during work if you know what I mean. I'm not advocating drinking, but I'm just stressing out that the world may seem like it's on fire with this aspect. I'm trying to teach you Pilgrims Astrology, so it's all about angles, geometry, aspects, and combinations of elements, some being good, and others being not so good. Of course, there is a complete course offerred for FREE right now, at www.radioastrology.com , called ASTROLOGY I, ASTROLOGY II, ASTROLOGY III, and ASTROLOGY IV, that would give you a great idea as to what I'm talking about and how to follow these things your self. My gift to the World, knowledge. OF course, a nice donation to help run the site is always appreciated by those of you with a heart. If you have no heart, then no biggie.
Have a blessed day, and watch out for that ARIES MOON. There's a reason why ARIES RULES WAR, and If I were in IRAQ right now, I'd keep my head down, and away from all conflict.
Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

Wednesday, October 4, 2006


Ever notice how much pride a Leo has? How they purr? How gentle they can be when loving, or how they can roar when upset? Truth be known that the sector of the Universe, the very constellation we know as LEO, Radiates the energy of a LION to all those born under that sign. Whether you be a Leo, have Leo Moon, Leo Rising, Venus, or Mars, you may feel as you have a full blown jungle cat inside you. My take is that in that sector of the Universe is a series of Galaxies where the LION RACE OF INTELLIGENT BEINGS DOMINATE. Frankly, being a LEO with 4 planets (Stellium) in that sign, I have always felt more the jungle cat than Human. In fact, relating to the LION Inside of me, has allowed me to have a more blessed life, because I respect that Lion. Typically, Truth, Honor, Pride, Leadership, Creativity, Fun, Cat Like Playfulness, Passion, Lust, sex, Family, and character are all traits of the Lion as well as the LEO. IN order to get along better with that Leo you know, it's best to respect the LION inside him/her. That's my take on Leo for today. Have a great Week you all!
Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com