Wednesday, November 22, 2006

TALKING DOGS, HILARIOUS...Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE, so funny, from Farley Malorrus, enjoy.

ASTROLOGY with Farley Malorrus LIVE ON XZONE RADIO TONIGHT 11/22/06 at 10pm PST

Farley Malorrus on XZONE RADIO 9pm to 11.00pmPST, 

Topics is: "Economic Disaster in 2007?"

Astrology Explains....(Full 2 hour segment...we are having call ins)

Just click the link (Go to archives for 11/22/06 and look for my name, Farley Malorrus to listen.
There's a chance I may be on as early as 9pm, but it seems 10pm PST is for sure, so please log in to listen. Thanks.
Farley Malorrus