Friday, October 27, 2006


Very few journalists, reporters, experts, or baseball prognosticators gave the St. Louis Cardinals the slightest chance of winning the title, but if you have been reading this blog, we KNEW IT ALL ALONG. Only here in this Journal did we ALL KNOW the St. Louis Cardinals were smitten by postive cosmic energies, (The Planets), and the faith and visualizations of their fans to embrace destiny. Yes, Next the St. Louis Cardinals will WIN THE WORLD SERIES. Hope you read it here, then you knew.

The Stars were aligned for  CARDINALS to fly the World Series banner in 2006..Congratulations to the Red Birds!

Against all odds, and almost missing the playoffs completely, the underdog St. Louis Cardinals with the faith and support of their fans, have defeated the favored San Diego Padres, the favored New York Mets, and the heavily favored Detroit Tigers to have the worst record of any Baseball Champion in History and win the Baseball Championship in 2006.

Earlier in my journal I had made comments about how the power of the mind, faith, prayer and visualization by a lot of people could shift the Championship of any sport to a particular team.
Kudos and congratulations to the Champion Cardinals, and congratulations to David Eckstein, the World Series Most Valuable Player for his unmatched play and ability.
Being born and raised in St. Louis, I've decided to get a case of Cardinals hats, and bask in the glow of the title for the next year. This is a happy time for the city of St. Louis, Missouri, the team, and the fans. To think I would live to see another title 24 years after they won in 1982. I believe in magic and I think it struck the Cardinals this year.

Farley Malorrus,

ATLANTEAN NUMEROLOGY-The Magic Power of Numbers, Numerology




Along the lines of gearing my life into synchronization and making sure everything works and that my life is blessed, I incorporated Numerology into my work. Understanding the basics to Numerology can be a life safer, save you time, money, expense, and help you avoid mistakes in almost every area of your life. Everything has a charge or a number. For example, my name is Farley Martin Malorrus. If you add up all the letters, (Basic) you will get a 20. You drop the Zero and my name is a 2. My dad is Fred XXX Malorrus, so adding his up is 15, then you ad the 1 and 5, and you get 6, so I am a '2' and my dad is a '6.' My mom is Beatrice XXXXXXX Malorrus, and that is 23, then you ad the 2 and 3 together, mom is a 5. 5 is family and that is why my Mom is so family oriented. 6 is money, business, family, and balance and hence my Dad.
The 2 in my name is my strong love of people, need for camaraderie and relationships and balance. There are advanced forms of numerology, but this is just the basics so you can analyze the charge of your phone number, email address, home address, social security number, and whatever you decide to add up. For example, you live at 14153 Akron street, zip 33322, then you would add all those number up, and you get 27, then you add the 2 and 7 to get a single number and you get a 9, which rules closure, endings, sometimes death, and closing chapters in your life.

Now, let's take a look at what the numbers mean in basic elementary terms.

1. is the loneliest number, and can represent the hermit, the loner, the one who is into self development, self creation, self esteem, and need to bond with God.

2. 2 is the partner number which rules the first level of priority, love, marriage, balance, and happiness. (Footnote here, you will find more luck, love, prosperity, balance, and happiness generally with the even numbers, and the master numbers, I will get to)

3. Ever hear 2's company 3's a crowd? Well, 3 requires extra communication, details, paper work, often times conflict harassment, growth through conflict, and extra expense.

4. 4 is the Home, partners, marriage,emotions, love, maternal love, nurturing, and extra balance. It is also the 2nd level of prosperity.

5. 5 is the family person, who places importance on family, creativity, art, music, poetry, prose, and performing arts including dancing, and singing.

6. 6 is the business number, which is the 3rd level of prosperity and rules having a bit more than the 2 and 4, usually meaning, family, children, marriage, business, and lots of karma and responsibility. It is also a health number, and if you work too much, you can burn out and get ill, so you need to take vacations here.

7. 7 is very spiritual, and the first level bonding with God and the quest for spiritual love (Amazing how the charge on each number can be so vastly different). 7 can have everything the other numbers have, but has less karma, less debt, and more of a focus and priority of God in their lives. There are 7's all over my life.

8. 8 is the 4th level of prosperity and can offer great wealth, or sudden wealth, with a mountain of responsibility and karma attached to it. Usually when 8 dominates your vibration, you have it all, big family, lots of kids, pets, homes, cars, boats, trucks, empire, big business, big ideas, dreams, goals, and a need to get enough sleep!

9. This number 9 is the biggest challenge, and when a 9 comes up it shows a need for closure. I avoid living in 9 houses or having 9's in my life, as so often it means the 'end,' resurrection time, time to reinvent yourself and in many cases, time to die, so I avoid that. My parents are 88 and 91 and live in a '9' house, and don't with to move, so that may be their final home.

11 is special and is the first MASTER NUMBER. I was born on the 11th of August, so I am the MASTER of all LEOS. If you are born on the 11th of any month you are a Master Number, and capable of excelling more than anyone born on other date. Of course if your numbers add up to Eleven, (which is also a 2), then your life may be blessed, you karmic load easier, things may come to you easier, you may be brighter, smarter, luckier, and overall have to do less to make more. I love being an 11 and it works for me.

22 is a DOUBLE MASTER NUMBER, and my nephew Scott is born on 8/22, so his life is charmed, as he has a gorgeous wife, 3 gorgeous kids, Is CEO of a large company at 40, has a gorgeous house,and travels all over, is Vegan, and blessed with great health. These 22's tick everyone off, as they seem to be gifted in so many ways, as my nephew has a huge IQ, and much comes easier for him. If your numbers at up to 11 or 22, GO FOR IT. Lovethose Masters! The vibration is wild and free.

33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99 all the other Master Numbers, and as you go up the ladder of Master's the vibrations get more and more intense as far as the magic, miracles, successes, and accomplishments you can make. IF you ever wondered why some people 'never get it,' and others seem to have it handed to them, it's all about the numbers. IF all the numbers in your life were MASTER NUMBERS< your vibration would change, your life would change, and good luck, love, prosperity, and lots of MAINTENANCE and karma would fall on you. You can change your address, phone, email, social security, bank accounts, savings account and brokerage accounts to even numbers, and Master Numbers to attract Love, Luck, Prosperity, Goals, Careers, and completion in your life with a lot less effort.
One note of warning: "Be careful what you ask or strive for, as if you remember, KARMA IS ANYTHING THAT IS NOT OF GOD or THE SPIRIT, meaning that the even numbers and Master Numbers may seem to have the edge, but the more you have or get the harder it is to maintain it all.

I believe in having or wanting what I need and just enough.
Have a blessed Week and thanks so much for reading my journal. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pass this journal on to friends, and kindred spirits, so they can benefit from it.

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