Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Aliens "BELEIVE IT OR NOT!" Presented by Farley Malorrus and

WARNING, THIS VIDEO MAY BE SHOCKING TO SOME, and parts may not be intended for the SQUEEMISH, Please view it with Caution. Thank you. (I was shocked) Farley M.

The Aliens have Landed BY Farley Malorrus

The Aliens Have Landed

By Farley Malorrus

(Astrology Explained & "Other things")

When I look at people lately, it's almost like I feel I'm in a Star Wars Bar. People are SO DIFFERENT! They could be Aliens from other dimensions or planets and how would we know it? I mean half of us could be hybrids with our Mom or Dad abducted secretly and injected with some kind of Alien DNA. It could be in our DNA from 1,000's of years ago!  If you look at a typical crowd, these days, everyone looks so different! I mean the hair colors, lengths, beards, sideburns, body styles shapes, skin colors, tatoo's, piercings, heights, weights, faces,  and I'm telling you these people look like they are from about 20 different species of being. Next time you are in a typical crowd, check it out, and see if you don't agree that few people look 'human' anymore.
I'm not putting down the human race or anything, but I figure the Aliens landed Eons ago and have been playing chess with us all along. (I'm channeling this, okay?) If I was an Alien, and rumor has it I have been in many, many past lives, ONE THING IS FOR SURE; I would never make it known to any government on this planet, as that would either get you dissected or shot, or both! Let's face it the human race isn't very kind to itself, so you would have to think the ALIENS would know that and avoid revealing themselves at all costs. I figure their average Alien brain capacity is at least 40% to 60%, literally making humans akin to what mice and rats, or dogs and cats would be to us, 'pets,' and laboratory animals. I'm not surprised one bit at all the abduction stories, and all the Twilight Zone stuff people talk about, because I believe it. In fact, I believe Alien Ships are orbiting Earth, the Moon, and most all the planets in the solar system, and they are easily 'cloaked' to our limited brain capacities, so we would never know it.
To them, we are primitive, and not just primitive, but it's like going to a zoo and seeing all kinds of explosives, guns and weapons in all the cages. Can you imagine a cage full of gorillas and chimpanzees with 100 cases of grenades?

That's kind of like how I feel the Aliens see us. Humans are a cocky, egotistical, arrogant, murderous species, who thinks with their ego that "They" are the top of the food chain, the smartest creature and therefore can eat and kill everything else. Au contrairmon ami (Quite the contrary, my friend!) IN truth, we are surrounded with Aliens, Alien technology, Alien intervention, and I'm starting to think this whole war thing is almost about testing new kinds of Alien weaponry, and using Humans as guinea pigs! I was a journalist for a major network at one time, for 2 years, over 400 shows, and at this point, I frankly don't believe a thing I read in the paper, see on TV, or hear on the radio. Not one thing, Not JACK SQUAT! What I do believe is my own intuition and instinct which tells me, we need to take our Science Fiction stuff more serious, as it may be more true than our egos wish us to believe, and also that we need to be ready to accept the 'unbelievable,' as the trash they are feeding us, just isn't working! I for one am so open minded, that if someone ran into my motor home, and said, "Farley quick a UFO is landing;" and I saw the UFO, I'd get in my SUV and take off. (I'm not one to be curious about something I don't fully understand, nor do I wish to be abducted!)

We need to stop acting like laboratory rats and chimpanzees, and work on expanding our brain capacities, and consciousness, so we can read between the lines, stop believing the rubbish they throw at us, and start embracing other incredible possibilities, like that the lady you just married is an Alien, and the kids you are having with her may be hybrids.

I feel like an extension of Ghostbusters, and trust me, I'm ready to believe, and cautiously accept a whole lot of different explanation than what is being thrown at us, because what they tell us just doesn't make sense!

I don't feel we are alone on this planet, in fact, I believe with all my heart that life on Earth was created by a race of beings called the Elohim, (Which just so happens to be another word for 'God,' in Hebrew), and that everything that has happened on this planet from day one, has been observed, regulated, and monitored by perhaps many species of Alien far beyond the comprehension of primitive Cro Magnon man (us).

I take everything in as taught to us by elders and ancestors, but I look to my dreams, my intuition, my instinct, my higher self, my spirit guides, and to God to further embrace the truth, because there is no final truth, and there is always FURTHER TRUTH. You know that saying the "truth will set you free;"Or from the X Files, "The truth is out there?" In my experience, I am always lookingfor further examples of truth, more information, keeping an open mind and heart, and constantly trying to figure out this puzzle we call life, literally never being shocked about anything, not believing in too many things you see or hear, and never amazed when facts come out that make us all go WOW, as if we didn't know.

In the long run, what did our Ancestors really know about anything, and can humans just blatantly accept what is passed down to us from other humans without questioning it? When I was in the 70's, I learned a saying that has helped me ever since. It was a bumper sticker that said "Question Authority, Question Everything." I never forgot that sticker and it has lived with me, and each day of my life I am looking for clues, further truth, and never swallowing anything I hear, see, read, or what they tell me, as I know it's all heresay in the end.

If you sit at a table of 12 people, and the first person tells a long story to the 2nd, and the 2nd passes it to the 3rd, then the 3rd tells the story to the 4th and so on all the way to the 12th, the story NEVER EVER is what it was meant to be when the 1st person told it. Heresay, that's what it all is, heresay, and I refuse to believe any of it, no matter what anyone tells me. One thing is for sure, no one can tell me what to believe in, what religion to believe in, how to worship God, or what is right or wrong, because from my point of view some people think they have a license to kill, steal, or declare War, and no one is doing anything about it. In that regard, is anyone capable of being mature enough to seek the truth, instead of just taking action? Maybe one day, but not today. Today, we just respond like the primitive humans that we are, and it is sad that we are unable to look between the lines and seek the truth, and actually attempt to create logical solutions instead of just being like Soldier Ants and destroying everything in our path. It must be entertaining to the Aliens who observe us, or I don't think they would let us do it. Just my take on Aliens, Life on Earth, and the delusions that are presented to us ongoing, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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