Sunday, April 1, 2007

Presiden Bush Karma Clock is Ticking By Farley Malorrus

What will happen to the President with all his bad Choices?
Karma has a way of jumping up and biting you in the Butt.
By Farley Malorrus

"My Premise from what I know of God....All Life is Sacred, everything on Earth is God's creation and sacred. The balance must be retained. If the balance of the sacred essence of life is not retained then balanced is restored by the Universe. That is how life works. All life is sacred. None should be taken for granted, and it is sad if even one life be given in the name of someone's agenda, and not in democratic principles..When you take a life or your actions allow others to be killed or maimed, the Universe shall hold you responsible. That is how karma works..IF George Bush actions result in the common good for a good purpose, no harm is done. If the agenda is flawed, or for some purpose that is secret or commercial, then the sacred essence of life is tainted. Balance shall be restored one way or the other. That's the way it is, and that's the way it shall always be."

Karma Of Past Presidents (and World Leaders) and War

1. Lincoln-Shot and Killed

2. Reagan-Grenada, Shot

3. John F. Kennedy-Assassinated

4. Lyndon Baines Johnson-denied running for 2nd term.

5. Richard Nixon-Resigned from office when threatened with Impeachment.

6. George H.W. Bush, Iraq, No 2nd term

7. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Died in Office (The list goes on and on..Hitler, Mussolini, Napolean, Hussein, Caesar, Alexander the Great, Joan of Arc, George Custer,  and so on and so on)

We call it the Karma of War

Thou Shalt Not Kill.....

8. George W. Bush-????????????

Often we believe that we can escape penitence with our actions. We are not the judge of George Bush, the power of the Universe, the Power of God, the law of Karma works against everyone for all their choices.
He is a man of conviction and believes we should be in Iraq and Afghanistan at all costs. IN the end, we all must pay for negative choices when people, life, and certain laws are ignored or abused, like the majority choice of the American People. I wish President Bush well, but Karma has a funny way of biting those who think they are all powerful, then the Universe zaps them with what is called, 'balance.'
There are now over 30,000 maimed and crippled American Soldiers in need of medical care, and over 200,000 maimed and crippled Iraqi and Afghani citizens. There are 3,000 dead Americans and almost 1,000,000 dead Iraqi's and Afghani's....
One day the debt will be paid.
The proper choice would have been a slow withdrawal with honor.  The wrong choice is to go against the World and force our soldiers to fight in another unpopular war. Cheney is another one who supports George Bush wholeheartedly, but once again, Karma beckons.

Only history will tell what the right choice was, but Karma has a funny way of making things right. God Bless and protect our President and Vice President, because only Providence knows their fate....

More later....

Ironic, how seemingly, NOTHING has happened to Osama Bin Laden, nothing at all....perhaps there is more to the 911 story than meets the eye....(See Charlie Sheens documentary on the 911 Conspiracy and you decide)

Farley Malorrus,