Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Life has taken a turn to the Surreal By Farley Malorrus

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The Aftermath of the Death of a Father
By Farley Malorrus, http://www.radioastrology.com 
Needless to say, this has been the strangest 2 weeks of my life. When a parent dies, there is no real way to prepare for life without them, especially when you are as close to your dad as I was.
Still, when he was alive and full of color and life he was one way, and when he died, it was like it and he was but a dream.
Life is a very precious experience, and it is no accident we sleep and dream everyday. It is symbolic to the reality of the Universe, all of which is energy, as are we, all of which is in perpetual motion, and all of which is part of one and the same mechanism, the uniting force of the Universe, or God.
When you die you are no longer an individual, in fact you are no longer human, and you no longer embrace a human identity. You may not recognize souls around you as you did in life, you may not speak English or any Earthly language, and you may not even relate immediately to the transformation of being alive and an individual, and dead then the spirit of the human who is dead.
It may be difficult for some to grasp, but I firmly believe if you are blessed, and graced, and that if you ascend, that anything you experience in a heavenly realm will dwarf anything you experienced on Earth. It's like going from super slow motion to real time; like being under water for 91 years, then surfacing and being able to breath again. Is anything in life really worth recalling once you enter the bliss of a heavenly realm, or is it something best left behind and forgotten?
I don't want to let any of you down who embrace your spouse, family, children, money, obsessions, fashion, property, or anything else that is antithesis to God, and therefore karma, but when you finally let go of the material world and embrace the spirit realms, I firmly believe that what you are left with is a vibration of "Yes I did it," or "No, I didn't do what I needed to," to ascend. If you did complete your quest of Universal Love, and embracing the priority of spirit, then your experience on Earth may seem like a wink, or a flash, compared to the ecstasy of eternity and whatever God may be.
Human beings for whatever reason are 'Lost Souls,' or else they would not be here on Earth working out debts to evolve to some place better. The entire scope or machine of this dimension is like unto a huge playground where we attempt to make choices that encourage our soul growth and not condemn us to lifetimes of obsession, want, and greed. I feel the more karma you have, that life on Earth is like a magnet that pulls you in like an unmerciful Black Hole, and that if you are able to give it all up, then you are granted safe passage to what lies beyond, which may make everything you experienced on Earth seem utterly barbaric, and primitive, making you ponder; "What was I thinking going there?"
My Dad is gone now, and my calm, peaceful, relaxing state of grace by Lake Keeowee has gone with him, as now I find myself sitting on top of a World of Karma that he created and helping to sort it all out for my family with as little hassle as possible. Maybe in the end Dad realized the foolishness of the material world and that is why he was able to give it all up.
Now, I sit in the middle of his holdings, sorting things for the family and praying that I not get wrapped up in it as he did.
My mantra has been, "Money is the root of all evil," and "What would Jesus do?" IT seems, that using those mantras, protects me of sorts, and keeps me from obsessing too much about the choices those make around me, and the choices I myself make.
Are Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Rupert Murdock, and other billionaires really blessed by having such huge empires, that would fade into nothingness, like a dream should they die, or it is a curse to retain such high maintenance all of one's life? Are Lotto winner's and sports figures blessed or cursed with their empires, as it all goes to nothingness when they die?
The purpose to life remains, being humble, kind, respectful to the sacred essence of life, and retaining spiritual awareness as your priority. Should you ever wander off that focus or off the path, the price you may pay could go way beyond anything you dream of financial.
So, wherever you are now, dad, and whomever you are, I now understand what itfelt like to be you, and brother, let me tell you, it wasn't easy.
I now take one day at a time, take care of my 89 year old 'single Mom,' and try the best I can to do the 'right thing,'whatever that might be.
The sad thing is that when someone dies, unfortunately in some families politics can ensue, and that does nothing for the person that dies, nor for the survivors. All people can do is band together and trust the wisdom that is obvious when those we love are left behind.
I used to think that Life was a recording, and that the Farley entity, or Farley Malorrus program was something that played over and over like all life forms in the Universe, used by souls who needed to learn the "Farley Malorrus Lesson," in order to hopefully ascend to a heavenly vibration when they are done. Whatever life is, it is nothing we expect it to be, and whatever lies beyond life is certainly nothing anyone human could ever define or understand. That is why death is such a mystery.
To that result, I remain..
Farley Malorrus