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What is a True Friend, Saturn in the 11th In Leo, 25 degrees By Farley Malorrus

What is a True Friend?
By Farley Malorrus,

1. A true friend will drive you to the airport and pick you up when the airport is 128 miles away in Atlanta.
2.A true friend will give you $500 without you asking for money, as he knows you need it.
3. A true friend will never abandon your friendship.
4. A true friends will watch you back in business negotiations.
5. A true friend would never lie to you or steal from you.
6. A true friend would never try to take your girlfriend (Or boyfriend if it's a woman)
7. A true friend will tell you when you are drinking to much for the night and in your life.
8. A true friend will tell you if you really have a drug problem.
9. A true friend will help take care of you when you are sick, do favors, visit you at the hospital, ask if you need anything taken care of.
10. A true friend never throws up to you what you have done for them.
11. A true friend will call you, write you, see you, hug you, love you, tell you he loves you and be consistent in their friendship.
12. A true friend would never use or take advantage of you.
13. A true friend (If the opposite sex) would never make love to you, unless he or she knew it was absolutely what you wanted, knowing the friendship may change.
14. A true friend would bail you out of jail.
15. A true friend would tell you if they thought you were making a huge mistake.
16. A true friend will buy you things, take you places, and give you presents or buy you a meal as a surprise without you ever asking.
17. A true friend will call you or pop in when you least expect it, and need it the most.
18. A true friend will list you on myspace.
19. A true friend would never waiver in their loyalty to you.
20. A true friend would never reject you for a job or a relationship or because of the will of a family member.
21. A true friend will be your kindred, your compadre, watch you back in battle, die for you if necessary, and love you like a brother or sister.

22. A true friend will donate to your web site when they know it's free by donation, and appreciate the work you do. Thank you for that.
Now, think about it. Are you a true friend? Are your friends true to you?

I have Saturn in the House of Friends and Goals, the 11th House, and I've seen it all with friends. The above list are some samples of how my friends treat me in my life. I am truly blessed with great friends and associates. I thank God for these blessings. In these times, it's nice to have good friends around to support your dreams, and assist in your tribulations.

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Are We (the U.S.) the Forces of Good or the Forces of Evil? Bush Plan initially "The New World Order."

With U.S./U.K. Poised to attack IRAN, this could be the "agenda," they wanted for World Wide Dictatorship....Martial Law...and

By Farley Malorrus,

With Congress arguing about when or if to pull the troops out of Iraq, we continually have War in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Wasn't the original intent of the elder Bush to have a worldwide Dictatorship, and Martial Law as in "New World Order?"
The agenda seems to be getting clearer and clearer. With more war, more deluded fear of 'terror,' (We are the terrorists at this point), and now the U.S. and U.K. poised to invade and bomb IRAN, it appears that the World is now on the brink of World War III. Funny, how a lot of propaganda, resisting the will and ignoring the will of the people and Congress, is edging us very closely to losing our personal freedom, National Martial Law, the end of Democracy, World War III, and more precisely put, the "New World Order," as more commonly projected in the book 1984.

The Planets are set, with Neptune in Aquarius opposite Saturn in Leo, for the World to yet again go to war, over what? Next to nothing....a few sailors captured, false weapons of mass destruction, one unproven act of terror against the U.S. (911), Bin Laden still not tried on it as in COURT, and a whole lot of B.S. as to why we need to attack, bomb, and kill most all the people in the Middle East.

This sounds frighteningly familiar, as in the fear and paranoia that Adolph Hitler put into his people in the 1930's about the dangers of the Jews. Now, it seems as though the U.S. and Great Britain are trying to instill fear and terror into us about the dangers of Islam and the Middle East. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Imperialism, by any disguise, is Imperialism, and Oil profits are Oil Profits; as with the war bill getting higher, and the war deaths and maimed getting higher, Halliburton's profits (now a middle eastern corporation I might add) are also getting higher, which means if any of our Politicians have Halliburton stock (Cheney former CEO may have a few shares left), then it is a definite conflict of interest. War equals money and control of the planet, the people, the armed forces, and the police.
What is this World coming to? Who is going to stop the lunacy? Does it have to be the death of another 50,000,000 dead as in World War II until we finally appease the agenda of leaders gone Mad?
Has anyone ever heard of patience, and peace through negotiation? Besides, exactly what were those sailors doing in Iran?

I have to play Devil's advocate here, as I don't like seeing 50,000,000 people die, again, over the agenda of World Leaders gone mad. If anything, BUSH AND CHENEY need to be impeached, PERIOD, because they are acting as dictators, ignoring the desire of the American people, AND CONGRESS, and doing pretty much as they please. Should any one person on this planet have that much power? I say thee nay.

If anyone has any brains, or hope for peace on this planet the fighting needs to stop, and it starts with one of the sides (The United States) getting out and letting them have their country to do with as they please. Please leave the paranoia, pretentiousness, and hyperbole at home. Reality is reality, and no matter what they tell us will happen, hasn't happened and won't happened because it's a load of crap. Sorry, if I'm angry here, and yes I am a dove, as I believe all life on this Planet is sacred, ALL LIFE, and that not a single person should have to die for someone's crazy 'agenda.' Tony Blair needs to be fired and someone with a heart who has patience needs to go to IRAN and settle this.

That's my take on today's news...




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BODY & SOUL TOPIC...You'll like it!

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Astrology Signs are like Chemical Elements, Pure Energy...By Farley Malorrus

To better understand the 'energy' of Astrology, I decided to try and define them for you in a chemical manner. That way you can get a grip on why they have such a massive impact on our very DNA, and essence. Our bodies are like huge magnets in a magnificent magnetic stream, and the Astrological vibrations in our body (The birth chart) define very much how we will react and what may happen to us in our lives. Here's my chemistry take on the 12 signs.

















Saturday, March 24, 2007

Return to South Carolina, Vernal Equinox, By Farley Malorrus

Vernal Equinox, Happy Astrological New Year

By Farley Malorrus

It's Saturday night, March 24, 2007, the first day of spring was a few days ago, which marks the SUN going into Aries, or the Vernal Equinox, when closure should be final, and as all the birds and the bees know, the rites of Summer. It was the week from Hell, but my Dad, like a cat with 20 lives is stable, on Dialysis, and I decided to head back to the wilderness where I am at home. So, with the Moon Wobble over, Mars eclipsing Neptune in Aquarius, exactly opposite the Sun in Leo, I find myself returned to normalcy, calm, and the peace of Lake Keeowee. I know not what the future will hold but for the meantime, balance is restored.

I learned a lot this week, and besides watching my salt and sugar intake, I met a diabetic lady on the plane and she has encouraged me to walk more, so exercise is now on the table.
It seems that this Astrological New Year has marked a new beginning for the Farley Mon. I hope it marks a new beginning for you too. As Dad once said, reminding me whenever someone got sick and died, "Life goes ON;" and so it does....

I know I'm being selfish here at my house on the lake, enjoying the forest, trees, animals, fresh air, no traffic, no hustle or bustle, just the simple life, but let me tell you, in a World gone mad with over 30,000 men and women maimed from the War, and with a President who thinks we are doing "good" over there, even though we are paying a steep price in flesh, somehow Congress gives him more money, with a chance to end the War and he threatens to veto. One wonders how long the War would last if President Bush, and Dick Cheney's kids were soldiers and at risk. Unless they didn't care about their own kid, I don't think it would last long. To me, life is sacred, and putting anyone's life at risk in a questionable agenda is wrong. I'm shocked that the House even sanctioned the money at all, and my take is they ALL SHOULD BE FIRED.

Ah, Democracy, where you need papers to go from state to state by plane or train, and where our young kids are being killed and maimed in the name of a questionable agenda. This is supposed to keep us safe. If you take a look at Walter Reed Hospital I would doubt you would say we are safe.

In any event, I'm not angry, but it's frustrating to see someone from my generation making a mess of the Presidency and the World. I need to say that, as I'm just numb from the whole political process, and upset with ALL the elected and appointed officials who pretend to be 'qualified' to run anything much less a Turkey Race.
IT reminds me of an old Saying. Mr. President, next time you decide to risk life for the sake of a selfish agenda, I beg you to think, "What would Jesus Do?"

I doubt Jesus would declare war on anyone for anything.

OH well, I needed to vent, as it was a tough week and I'm tired of seeing so much retardation in the news. Besides, it's not really news, it's only what they want us to see.

That is what a Mars/Neptune Eclipse opposite Saturn is all about. World leaders making fools of themselves.

Thank God for Lewis Black, the most intelligent person I ever heard.

More later.

Farley Malorrus,

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Saturn Cycle and the Aquarius Transits By Farley Malorrus

SALT, THE KILLER; Saturn Return and the Aquarius Transits...

By Farley Malorrus

Hello to all those kind Pilgrims who read my blog. This frankly, has been the week from hell. My dad, Freddie, is 91, and now on Dialysis almost every day. This is not something you would wish on your own worst enemy, as when your kidneys cease to function, and no longer clean your blood, the dialysis machine does it for you by removing all your blood, every day. At first I thought I had entered the Twilight Zone when this all started; now, it approaches the surreal. I have ascended beyond the threshold of fear and pain to an area of quiet, and calm. Leo of course rules the father, and being a Leo, my dad has always been important to me, although I have not felt that in reciprocation. No matter, I still love the tough guy. Having 3 other planets in Leo, Pluto, Mercury, and Saturn has always put a karmic focus on family and father for me, in the 10th and 11th houses, where they are in my birth chart a focus on 'working with family,' (10th house), and father as 'friend,' (11th House). In any event, suffice it to say, this guy has weighed on my mind, all of my life. Now, Saturn comes back to Leo (the last 2 years), so I'm having what is called a "Saturn Return," along with all people my age, or anyone born with Saturn in Leo (Those turning 27 to 30, 57 to 60, or 87 to 90). My mom is of the latter as she has Saturn in Leo like me. When Saturn comes 'home' to where it was when you are born, you have what is called a 'Saturn Return,' when your karma (If you have any left) socks you in the face for about 2.5 years...

I guess the numbness I feel is due to the evolution my soul has attained in rising above and beyond this realm and seemingly to exist in many realms at once. What happens on Earth is important but still all part of the process of letting go of this realm and ascending hopefully one day to a heavenly space.

So, here I sit in Los Angeles, watching my little Dad go through this pain, suffering, and torture as I deal with his congestive heart failure and kidney failure. Years ago, I would have been a basket case. Now, I feel like a hardened Marine in the middle of an Iraq fire fight, and that the rest of my platoon depends on me to hold it all together. The Aquarius transits are what has triggered the recent events and changes in dad's health, because with Mars and Neptune seemingly in a near eclipse, exactly opposite and playing havoc with my stellium (4 planets in one sign) in Leo, I have had to hang on, like it's a roller coaster from hell that never ends. My faith in God, and my meditations, along with my visions in semi dream states have sustained me. I love my Dad, but no one likes to see those they love suffer like this. Dialysis is the American Medical Associations way of keeping someone alive, when their life is really over. When your body can't process the waste anymore, it's a sign from God (in my opinion), that the game is finished. Still, My dad has an incredible will to live, is bonded with my mom his eternal soul mate, and refuses to let go. There are many, many people, maybe 1,000's who live on a daily dialysis, and my heart goes out to them along with my prayers. If my kidneys go out, then I most likely check out of here, because I'm not sure I could handle the torture.
One thing I did learn this week, is that SALT, SODIUM, and POTASSIUM CHLORIDE (phony salt), is what eventually shuts down and kills the kidneys. Once again society allows this terrible addictive substance, SALT to take away those we love in the most excruciating way. Sad fact, is that no matter where you go OUT to eat, the food is packed with sodium, and if you ask for a nutritional list of food on any restaurants menu you would faint at the amount of Salt there is in the food. I like to shop at Whole Foods, (They don't have one in South Carolina), and I try to buy low salt and no salt foods; as most super markets have so much salt in your food that it's no wonder the whole United States isn't on dialysis. Ironic that all canned foods, tomato juice, pickles, canned tuna, deli meats (most sub sandwich restaurants are loaded with salt, my dad's fave is sub tuna), and most all packaged, processed foods you see tons of commercials on TV for, as SODIUM SALT factories loaded with the Poison, Salt...Be aware, and eat more whole, raw, un packaged, unprocessed, low salt foods. Also, Kosher food is packed with it, hot dogs, salami, bologna, and so forth. It's a nightmare to imagine the tons of sodium we eat and no wonder so many of us experience kidney failure and the nightmare of dialysis in the end.
If you want to be kind to your kidneys and urinarytract, ditch the salt. Frozen foods have tons of it, as does bread, cereal, cookies, baked goods, cakes, brownies, and most things you love. Poor Dad is a salt addict, and now he pays the price, God help him.

Funny, I told my Mom 'no more salt,' for Dad as we are trying to restore his kidney function, and her house is like a Salt House. I can't lecture or preach to my Mom, as because she is Aquarius, she thinks she knows it all, so I just let God handle it. Still, her food is loaded with Salt and it's no wonder Dad's kidneys went bad.

So, this is my Saturn Return (My 2nd), and along with the Planets in Aquarius opposite Saturn in Leo in the sky, totally nuking my chart, this has been one of the greatest times of growth, challenge, evolution, and strength in my life. I firmly believe there IS NO SUCH THING AS A BAD ASPECT in Astrology. It's like forecasting the weather. When a storm is coming, you head in doors, get a raincoat, batten down the hatches and sit tight. I'd rather know when a storm is coming, then be hit by lightning walking around like some dummy. I have always used Astrology to roll with the punches life throws at you and enjoy the great, prosperous, joyous times the planets deliver.
I will always feel down deep in my heart that we are magnetic, electrical beings living in a huge magnetic, electrical field, and that by understanding Astrology, it allows me to interpret this energy system and how it affects us on a daily basis. I thank God that I am blessed with Astrological knowledge to enable me to ride this roller coaster called life, and not be shocked or surprised at anything that happens (In former posts, Cards winning World Series, Colts win Super Bowl, Stock Market Crash, dad' illness).

If you all read my blog on a regular basis, you will know that I track the energies of the Universe and try to report them the best way I can in my journal and on my web site, trying to TEACH YOU ASTROLOGY, Free, (by donation, but we only get very little), with over 220 audio files on topics I did on L.A. radio in the 80's and 90's, .

So, that's what I'm going through this week, and I have a smile on my face as God is my co pilot and sits on my right shoulder at all times fueling me with all the love anyone could ever want, and encouraging me to be strong. When the times get the toughest, fear and depression are the enemy, so it is essential to keep a confident edge, and to have no fear.
God love you all, and thanks for reading my journal.

Farley Malorrus,

Check out my web site; it's like Tarot Cards in a way, 'whatever topic you need to hear, you will listen to......'

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Numb, By Farley Malorrus

By Farley Malorrus, 3/17/07
Who is that man in that picture there the one you see above?
Who is that man with light in his eyes that is so full of love?
Where does he live, and what does he do to find his way in life?
What kind of work, and happenstance to avoid the daily strife?
Is he a soldier or sailor, maybe a Captain of a Star Ship?
Does he hold the key I need or should I take another nip?
The factions hold the answer in the pages just beyond.
The secrets of the Ages lie beyond the golden pond.
The light of life grows white and bright as heaven beckons now.
He soars so high just like a cloud or perhaps a flying cow.
He sees the Lord and wonders just what he is to do.
He questions almost everything hoping to find a clue.
The snow falls hard upon the East and sleet turns into showers.
The weather changes everywhere, and then there are no flowers.
My life is good and I am blessed but havoc rules the day.
People freaking out everywhere I see along the way.
Mass confusion in the night, and chaos in the day.
People wandering aimlessly seeming as if to say.
They are searching for some answers, that could help them in their quest.
They are trying hard to accomplish goals to be their very best.
Here I sit amongst them, watching havoc grow.
Feeling the pain and suffering, just so I would know.
That I have it easy, compared to most you see.
That I am blessed and happy to have a magic key.
So, why do I sit and ponder things because of a Sick Dad.
He's lying in the hospital and it makes me feel so sad.
So I pray to God to help him pass through this insane long test.
Help him get better or grant him the grace of an eternal rest.
That I should love this man so much who brought me in to this World.
Taught me everything I know as my life unfurled.
To see his life in the final days, fading away into the night.
Hoping he is blessed by the almighty and goes into the light.
I sit here now, aimlessly praying for compense.
Knowing that one day I will regain my very sense.
For love is strong, and rules the day, that God granted me this gift.
To strengthen and to guide this man as I leap into the rift.
The darkness is behind me now, I feel I can survive.
To grasp the realm beyond this page just on the other side.
So, try I must and continue now, although I feel so dumb.
This voyage into the Unknown, has made me feel so Numb.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Beware the Ides of March By Farley Malorrus

Beware the Ides of March, Transits run Hot in Astrology this Week...

By Farley Malorrus

There is no easy way to delineate the geometrical aspects of the Planets this week that create a tremendous opportunity for all for growth, structure, discipline, closure, resolution of karma, self improvement, challenges, and domestic squabbles.

With Jupiter in right angle to Uranus, (A Square), and also at a right angle to the Sun in Pisces, (another Square) we find all Virgos, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Gemini's being tested for at least another few months.

Then with Mars, the Moon (just now), Neptune, and Mercury in Aquarius, all opposite Saturn in Leo, (180 degree oppositions), we find Leos (Me), Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius being tested also. These aspects are some of the hardest aspects I have seen Astrologically. My advice, go slow, go easy, be tentative, cautious, wear your seat belt, don't lose your temper, vent peacefully, resolve issues as they come, one at a time, and don't lose self control.

Frankly, these aspects affect EVERYONE, even signs not mentioned, because we all have PLANETS being affected by these aspects. That's how Astrology works. It's all about magnetism, cause and affect, like the tides. I'm not surprised as to what may happen this week, as long as our World leaders don't go too berserk,  and get too stubborn against the will of the people. If I'm George Bush, or Dick Cheney, I stay in doors for a few weeks.

My Dad, Fred is back in the hospital, and I find myself returning to California dealing with a Saturn Cycle and all these aspects. I am feeling numb from all of this, as run as I may, I cannot escape my destiny, and my karma. That is what life is all about, facing the music. For the rest of you, I pray you have a great time leading up to April 16, when we should get a break with some helpful fire during the Aries aspects. The World has always gone berserk with Saturn in Leo, just like World War I, like the Korean War, like the Viet Nam War, now the last 2 years with Saturn in Leo, the Iraq/Afghanistan War. Why does it always have to be about choices, leaders, conflicts, and agenda's? I'll never know, but one thing is for sure, the whole world isbeing testednow, and I pray nothing terrible happens to us as a group.. It reminds me of what Rodney King once said, "Why can't we all just get along?" He was wise in saying that. I agree.

So, I'm not sure when I'm going to post, but appreciate your comments as to what is going on in your life, and let's see if I can sail through this chapter of my life as the tough guy I think I am.
You have to be tough, and made of iron when things go bad, otherwise, the only other option is to fall apart.
NO FEAR, POWER OF GOD, that is my Mantra, this week and always.

Well, now you know the facts about the Planets, as I'm not holding it in, I'm letting you all know what is going on. I have heard some stories about peoples lives changing radically at this time, and I can see why. The Planets are as magnetic as we are, as the Sun is, as the Moon is, and as the Universe is, so why shouldn't we all affect each other.

Be at Peace, show a little love, mercy, kindness, and senseless acts of all of that during this time, and keep the faith. God does love us all, and Love is all you need.

Farley Malorrus,

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Dow Jones down 243 Points amid Fears, as Predicted by

Farley Malorrus

The stock market got socked again for 243 points, on this the last day of the recent Moon Wobble (Thank God it's over!) Still, as predicted on the "X" Zone radio show and in my journal in January, I predicted a "Crash," Of sorts up and until tax day, April 16.

One day it was down 500 points, and today it went down 243 points. I was thinking it could go off from 1,000 to 2,000 points in total before the 'correction' is over. Once again, I warn those who are considering to invest in Real Estate or Stocks, right now to be careful. Meanwhile, the Tax Free Municipal Bond Market is soaring, with many California Bonds worth more than 100% in value.

Astrology is a funny thing, as it grades energy, energy patterns, and gravity affecting the Earth. Even though only the Moons affect on Earth has been proven to affect the tides, and our emotions, scientists will one day confirm that we are ALL in fact affected by all the planets and asteroids in this system including the Sun, as far as creating paranoia, fear, anxiety, depression, insecurity, and overall confusion when it comes to dealing with every day life. I have found that when Planets, the Sun, and the Moon are at right angles to each other, (90 degrees), and opposite each other (180 Degress) that it creates tremendous fear and trepidation amongst almost everyone. Hence, the severity of so many wanting us out of IRAQ. One of the American Generals commented on the truth about Iraq, in that the situation over their is a "CLUSTERF*CK!"

At the same time, with the planets in such a stress aspect until approximately April 16, we may see more panic selling in the stock market, and the Real Estate markets hit bottom. Sorry if you bought HIGH in the Real Estate Market, but it's really all a big Pyramid, with those buying in at the end sometimes being at the bottom of the pyramid and "losing."

Be aware that the aspects are running hot now, and that nothing is secure when it comes to speculation and gambling.
Best Wishes for a safe passage through this period.

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God Bless.

The God Self By Farley Malorrus, From "Twilight's First Gleaming."

This is a chapter from my book, "Twilight's First Gleaming...." Here is the link of the WHOLE book, online for free:

and now the chapter..

The God-Self

The God Self, extracted from Farley's show on the 29th May 1987, explains our relationship with the God-Self and the Spirit of God.

Some times when you plug into you Messianic or God Self you kind of leave behind your individuality, so it can be a little frightening here. You have to be really ready to leave behind your individuality. So it is no wonder that people have trouble letting go of their humanity. Getting in touch with the Messianic self or the God Self is the highest level of human consciousness. It acts as a bridge, the God-self is the bridge between God and man.

The messianic self allows you to plug the Spirit of man, into the Spirit of God and channel or relate to God, or try to. The Higher-self, the messianic self, and the God-self in my opinion is the I-Am force. The force that is the basic force to our identity and triggers our animation; the body.

The higher you get into messianic consciousness, spiritual awareness, and the evolution of your Soul, the more you will plug into the family of man. This is united, bonded, as one with God, one with humanity, and as one with the entire Universe. Actually feeling the hearts and minds of billions of people on this planet and entities beyond this galaxy and this dimension. So that's one of the things you become aware of when you plug into the God-self.

If you ever do reach messianic consciousness, where you do become aware of your God-self (the particle inside you), then you can literally plug into all levels of consciousness at all dimensions and levels of thought, all levels of the multi-dimensional self, or be completely aware within you. This state is the epitome of all compassion, all truth, authentic love, leaving the self and the identity behind, and actual disappearance of individuality, separation of being an individual, plugging more into being the whole. Like a puzzle piece fitting into the God force. It is a detachment of the self, a total selflessness. As humans we are conditioned to perceive the individual so it becomes frightening to let that go. It means giving up individuality, freedom, idealization, but, the more evolved you become you leave behind the individual and embrace the whole. Every Soul has its own vibration.

The reason each Soul has its own vibration is that in separating from the oneness of God, the Soul induces a conflicting desire; One is to return, and the other is to separate from the higher plane to experience life in this dimension. Sometimes, due to resolution of karmic debt, one is forced to return to absolve past life actions. The level of desire therefore, and the type of experience is generally always unique.

The more evolved a Soul is in this dimension, the greater the pain one can experience, if we get off track, in order to reach the pinnacle of ones' existence here. This is why Metaphysics can be more readily accepted by those of a more evolved nature. When we have absolved our Karma, and can dissolve all external desires, such as the material, the emotional securities, and possessions in general, and when we can embrace ourselves as being one with God, we are ready to leave this dimension forever.

In leaving, and ascending into higher realms, some may choose to return someday, to assist others in their evolutionary journey. This is often necessary, as many souls can become trapped in this dimension; caught in a never ending wheel of instinctive actions that constantly create Karma unto themselves.

The conscious mind is virtually incapable of understanding very much beyond this dimension. The sub-conscious mind acts as an interface to both the intuitive higher mind and the Soul or God-self. The sub-conscious mind also acts a video recorder for the conscious mind. The conscious mind is mortal, but the God-self is immortal. When we die we experience a life review so that the God-self can take that record to the Akashic Stream—a place where all information and events in the Universe are stored. The reason the conscious mind is incapable of understanding very much beyond this dimension is simple to the Soul, but difficult for the conscious mind to embrace.

The limited understanding of the conscious is connected to Reincarnation cycles, evolution, physical environment, conditioning patterns, and the history connected to why we are here at all. When man initially embarked on an Earthly sojourn, eager souls, collectively inspired by their own light of God, deemed that the chance for survival in this dimension and the new world, would be at the price of the memory of self—all of this occurring millions of years ago.

If all humans remembered their past lives, there would be chaos, because the physical laws here denote certain forms of separateness. Part of our survival is connected to family or group patterns that involve learning and teaching with others. Living within different areas of the globe, without sophisticated technology, created tribes, different cultures, with unique languages. As we have seen throughout the history of man, and in extreme circumstances, survival of the species can generate violent behavior at times, particularly as we distance ourselves apart from one another and further from the source.

So we have come a long way in the last million years or so, and we have experienced a number of souls who have evolved permanently into higher realms. These beings who incarnated as Christ, Bhudda, Mohammed, Lao Tzu, etc. We can all aspire to these levels of consciousness, and it is the essence of my message within this book. There are also many topics that I give on the radio, to explain how one can develop and embrace the oneness of God, how to let go of the blocks that hinder our personal growth.

Copyright, Farley Malorrus 1986  For TONS more audio topics free, by donation...

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How To Create Your Own Universe By Farley Malorrus


Link To Book:


By Farley Malorrus,

First of all realize that whatever you say, think or do will become manifest, and it might not become manifest tomorrow, I think the problem that some people have is that they are impatient, They don't allow the Universe enough time to metamorphoses what they want. Some people want to become successful as a star, or be successful in a business. It might take time, like even 15 years for this thought pattern to manifest, but it will as long as you don't lose the pattern and as long as you don't loose your patience or fall into a self destructive vortex, that would prevent it from ever happening. Negative thinking and negative manifestation can override your positive thinking if you let it. So understand that whatever you say, think or do, will become manifest, but it does take patience.
Recognize yourself as a miracle machine or a nightmare machine depending on your choice. Last night I had some nightmares that were like the return of the living dead. It was ghastly, but I wasn't frightened, I rather enjoyed it because my higher self knew that I was processing some nightmarish fears of death, dying, transformation and stuff, so I woke up and I felt refreshed. You should recognize yourself as a God machine, as a miracle machine or a nightmare machine depending on your choice.
Study your own behavioral patterns to see how you might create problems for yourself in your life. People who talk about problems a lot or if you admit to having a lot of problems they become compound. You have to learn to channel this stress but not dwell on it. So if you have a problem create affirmations that will turn it around.
Ask yourself the following questions. What do you always worry about? What can you do as an alternate behavior modification when you catch yourself worrying about things. Why not chant? What are you afraid of? What are you frightened of? why not process this on paper, or write a letter to yourself about it? Talk to someone about it or get therapy for it. Try to work on it, just don't let it sit there. How are you being negative in life? What makes you angry? How do you give others a hard time? How do you give yourself a hard time? Why do you need to express so much negative thought? Why can you be so negative? Are you depressed?
Learn how to catch yourself in the previous behavioral pattern and practice adjusting to positive affirmations and conditioning to turn your life process in a positive, loving, pattern. which means if you spend more time worrying and being negative then that is what you are going to make in your life, OK from the power of mind, the power of God process we are talking about today, , , but if you turn it around and use more affirmations, more confidence and positive thought in your life then you can turn that around no matter how negative you might think you might be.
Use multiple affirmations, chanting (like at night if I have trouble centering myself before I go to sleep I will go into the Hari Krishna, Hari-Krishna, Krishna-Krishna, Hari-Hari, Hari-Romma, Hari-Romma, Romma-Romma-Hari-Hari chant to center myself and as I keep saying it, before I know it, it's morning. Transcendental Meditation is a wonderful way to use behavioral modification and/or prayer, just direct prayer to God to alter negative patterns. When you catch yourself worrying and being negative, start talking to God about it, Lord I need some help, adjustment, support, some light, love, power to be stronger, happier, more harmonious in my life.
Carry a tape recorder around with you in record mode. When you are around people, see your miracle-nightmare machine at work or see theirs. You might create people in your life who are too negative for your own personal growth, and because of that, it could distort your miracle machine.
Meditate daily to reduce stress and channel negative vibrations.
Use your affirmations daily to make best use of your miracle machine.
Learn how to visualize life the way you want it. If you want to see yourself behind cameras making movies, fine. Keep running the script over and over again. Want to be a big business tycoon? fine, visualize yourself at a huge desk, wheeling and dealing with all those successful people. Look out that beautiful picture window, overlooking the city buildings, and really get into it. The only limitation here is your own fear, your own lack of self-confidence and security. Once you overcome this with your affirmations you are going to make it, you can't loose. So think about being a winner.
Learn to catch yourself when you are in a negative thinking mode and alter that behavior pattern.
Take a look at the people you have created in your life to see if they are manifesting worry, confusion, negativity, fear, anxiety, self-destructive behavior and problems with their thoughts, words, actions and talk to them about it. Frankly, and I hate to distort some of your belief systems, but if you are living with someone who is self-destructive, it might be difficult to force them to turn their life around into a positive miracle machine. People just are not going to do it unless they are ready to do it. This is why many times it takes a choice for us to bail out of that situation and kiss it goodby. Even a lightning bolt effect might be the only way or recourse. If you procrastinate your life when you need a major decision made, frankly, it may never be made. So sometimes it takes an Aquarian incident to shock. OK, I need you to stop drinking, or doing drugs, and if you don't then I'll be gone. Because I am not putting up with this any longer. You have 2 days, I'm not trying to put pressure on you, but it's either start getting some rehabilitation and help with this problem, or I'm gone. I am not trying to tell you what to do with your life, if you want to be a drug addict, or a drunk, it's fine, but not with me around. Then they will be choosing between you and the booze.
Be loving, supportive, caring, compassionate, positive, confident, and consistent with yourself, loved ones, pets, children, family and co-workers and the world.
Adhering to these basics to lead you on a road of cosmic evolution, plugging you into the messianic self, the God Molecule beyond your wildest dream—so be ready for what you visualize because when it happens, I hope you can handle the responsibility, that great power from which you manifest goes along with.


By Farley Malorrus

I love and nurture myself on a constant basis.
I have nothing to fear.
I am strong, powerful, loving, compassionate and very caring.
I am extremely successful in my life, and anything I might attempt.
My health is the best on the planet Earth.
My vital organs are clear and healthy.
My Aura is stunning and beautiful, glowing.
I love all people.
I am a positive, confident reflection of GodsLove.
My Soul is eternal.
I am blest with longevity.
I am sober.
I elevate my goals in life to harmonize with the true spiritual purposeof my existence.
I feel great and this is the best day of my life.
Each day gets better.
My Mother is happy, healthy and wonderfully supportive parent who is blest by God.
I have the best friends in the world without question.
I am a stable, loyal partner in relationships and attract only stable, happy, balanced people in my life.
My pets are healthy happy loving beings.
My pets are my close friends.
I love and respect all animals and people.
I enjoy my work immensely.
I am a spiritual being.
I understand people and vise versa.
I love to travel and am blest with regular wonderful vacations.
I am safe anywhere I go.
I feel great.
My Chevy truck and Ford Tempo are friendly entities and they both run fine.
My VCR's are very helpful to my enjoyment and they are mechanically sound.
All my technical equipment is top of the line and technologically secure.
My friends are happy, loving, caring, sober people. Very intelligent.
They are slender and beautiful people.
I am a beautiful and attractive person.
I radiate love and light to every one I meet.
The world is my family and the world is at peace.
Nuclear weapons are a thing of the past.
Man has out grown his need to create war.
The human body is the temple of the Soul and the most powerful healing vehicle in the Universe.
I receive much nutrition from the food I eat, no matter what food I eat.
I enjoy having a good time so I have a great time every day.
Every day is like a separate lifetime, so I must bask and enjoy each day to the fullest.
I am a loving caring creative being.
I will do much to help this planet in my life.
I will do much to evolve to my spiritual self on a daily basis.
People of this world have angelic properties and they are blest by God.
I have a dream to travel to outer space one day to other planets.
The older I get the more youthful and attractive I feel.
I have more energy the older I get.
Age is an illusion
My skin is vibrant.
My body is beautiful.
My face is attractive.
I radiate with a glow and warmth which is obvious.
My love and light is a reflection of the incredible love and light around me.
I can feel God.
I know God.
I am God.
The light of life glows white and bright.
I am God, I know I'm God, I am God, I know I an God.
My mind is a clear Blue Lake, deep, calm and serene.
I am at peace with myself and the world.
I am strong, I an loving, I am loved.
I am in control of my destiny. I create a perfect and loving personality.

How To Improve your Life.

By Farley Malorrus

Count your blessings. Never take anything for granted, however small you may think it to be.
Realize that you are truly happy and stop creating, recognizing, and manifesting problems. You don't have any problems.
If it is appropriate, adopt a pet as a friend to love, share, nurture, and vice versa.
Practice making positive affirmations and statements about your life every day to reinforce your happiness.
Take up self-hypnosis, meditation and/or chanting to balance your Spirit, process Karma, reduce blood pressure, improve health, and reduce stress.
Recognize addictive behavior and use behavioral modification to correct it.
Make your priority of life your spiritual self; nothing more or less.
Recognize your time on earth as limited, fleeting, passing, and de-stress materialistic obsessions. Take life as participation in a romantic comedy, with yourself as the lead character.
Try to create harmony in your life with all people, and avoid those who would prevent harmonious vibrations until they are ready for them.
Process negative vibrations out of your life, and create love, and happiness, by using affirmations, and mind manifestations.
Embrace your Karma, bless it, and release selfish and obsessive behavior that manifests the pain accompanied with karmic experiences.
Give yourself permission to have what you feel you deserve in life.
Recognize the power of God and the oneness with God that you share by recognizing that you are one with all people, animals, and the Universe.
Study Astrology, metaphysics, and concepts of higher mind consciousness to prepare for a new age of awareness and humanitarianism that is upon us.
The study of new age sciences helps put us in touch with the intuitive mind, and raises consciousness to trigger a rebirth in awareness.
Practice manifesting a strong aura filled with white light and love and imagine a healthy body, mind and Spirit on a regular basis.
Teach others what you have learned and share philosophies of open minded thinking and harmonic convergence of all philosophies of God.
Use behavioral modification to catch yourself worrying or being negative, by using your affirmations, meditation, and chanting at these times.
Recognize that you and all people are growing and on a path of evolution that may not happen or develop overnight, and exercise patience for yourself and the world.
Learn to breathe regularly and deeply to increase your life force, personal energy, happiness, and healing abilities.
Let go of the harmful past and embrace a bright new future for yourself and the world as you decide to permit yourself to be happy, free, loving, sharing, caring, and at peace.

16 points to Creating a Happy Life

By Farley Malorrus,

The power of the mind/power of God

1. Once or twice a day take the time to make time for yourself.
2. In this way, develop a relationship with your self, so you can learn how to become your own best friend.
3. Look in the mirror with confidence, optimism, humility, and grace.
4. Learn to like, love, and honor whatever you see in the mirror.
5. Identify the meaning of true self love, self esteem, and personal security and expound upon this definition.
6. Organize a diary of personal affirmations on a regular basis so you can practice being positive about life.
7. Examples of affirmations:
a. I am healthy
b. I am calm
c. I am secure
d. I am confident
e. I am a winner
f. I am in love with myself.
g. I am God.
8. Meditate on these affirmations and use mantras to chant on, or meditate on to open your chakras, ground your body, and balance your Soul.
9. Visualize yourself on a regular basis in the happiest most harmonious state, recognizing that you should not be obsessed or selfish with any single desire you may have.
10. Always retain a spiritual priority in your Soul over and above any materialistic desire to protect your karmic levels and optimize Soul growth.
11. Surround yourself with happy, loving, positive, confident, people, and pleasant pets as friends and supporters to your creative process.
12. Practice behavioral modification by recognizing negative behavioral patterns or thoughts, and practice using affirmations and meditation to counter this negative process.
13. See yourself as a winner, successful, happy, and qualified to have relationships and success in your life.
14. Give yourself permission to have whatever you visualize you want and be prepared to assume the responsibility for what you will create.
15. Keep a diary of your progress, dreams, and desires, and be proud of your growth.
16. Write a romantic comedy about your life the way you want it to be and make it funny, exciting, happy, and fun, with new interesting people in your life and it will manifest.

How to have a Relationship with Yourself

By Farley Malorrus

1. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror everyday to get a partial idea of how people see you.
2. Record your conversations with people to hear how you sound.
3. If possible, participate in a videotape session of what you look like on camera.
4. Try not to be subjective about what you see, hear, or notice about what's on camera, or in the mirror.
5. Identify your Soul within your body by looking through your eyes and accept the difference between your Soul and the body it occupies.
6. Understand that the relationship with yourself must lie at many levels attempting contact with the multi-dimensional part of your nature.
7. Identify past moments in your life, or in your childhood, when people criticized you, put you down, or tried to identify your nature with negative remarks and accept this information as incorrect (may take some processing).
8. Accept your Soul as gentle, kind, aware, sensitive, innocent, eternal, and an active part of the God entity.
9. Accept your body as a vehicle for this Soul which is a reflection of this Soul in the physical state, and a representation of what you have chosen to look like during this life existence.
10. Transcend any negativity that you may have heard about yourself or your life and embrace the body/Soul combination you see in the mirror with a gradual acceptance or a love for this being in which you have become.
11. Practice the following mantras in meditation or while looking at yourself in the mirror, or into a tape recorder.
a. I love you [your name], you are very near and dear to me. I protect myself with the white light of God's love and embrace this physical mission of love that I have chosen.
b. I understand why people would love me, and choose to love myself at the highest level of unconditional respect and humility.
c. It is safe to be me, and no matter how anyone may judge me.
d. I know that I have chosen this identity and that it is perfect for me.
e. The I-Am force is within me, the essence of the God-force. I am my own best friend and I bask in the wonderful relationship I have with myself.
f. I will love myself as others might love me and totally surrender to the bliss of self love, self realization, self preservation, and inner personal security.
g. I will not let anyone or anything interfere with the spiritual priority of the perfect loving relationship that I have with myself.
h.If I should qualify for a love relationship with another person, I will enhance my own self love blessing my life for allowing another person to enter, realizing and feeling how deeply another could feel for me, and encouraging my love partner to enhance their own personal self esteem in tribute to our newfound love bond.
i. I will not let anything interfere or deter me from my spiritual road of self realization, self love, self esteem, contact with the God Self, and my need to be confident, feel positive, and enjoy life to the fullest each and every special day that I shall live.
j. My mind is a clear blue lake, deep, calm and serene. I am at peace with myself and the world. I reflect the divine light. I am strong, I am loving, I am loved. I am in control of my destiny. I create a perfect and loving personality. Prosperity and comfort surround me. I am aware of my mind and all of its aspects. My thoughts are peaceful, calm and confident. The glowing circle of God's love envelope's my mind. I am secure, I am creative. Health and vitality flow through my mind and my body. I am blessed with the abundance of God's love. With harmony and love, I share my blessings with all living things. My Soul is immortal. I open myself to the light of truth and receive divine inspiration. I am successful. With faith in God and myself, I elevate my goals in life to harmonize with the true spiritual purpose of my existence. I enter into the fulfillment of my being and live forever in the light of God's love.
12. Practice your mantras and know that high self esteem, and self love with humility and not selfishness are the most wonderful attributes a human being can have and offer to the world.
13. Identify Astrological factors in the natal chart that would lower self esteem and threaten a relationship that your would have with yourself.
14. Examples: afflicted 1st house afflicted chart ruler Saturn in the first or in Aries. Little or no fire, afflicted Jupiter. Overdose of Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Too many squares, Moon squares and oppositions. Any Pisces at all, lack of Sagittarius and Leo.
15. Identify people and situations in your life that are detrimental to having a positive relationship with yourself, i.e. those who aid in low self esteem, and overall make you feel low down. Process these relationships and situations out of yourlife to reduce the negative input around you.
16. Know that having a loving relationship and high levels of self esteem are the building blocks to love, success, balance, and overall happiness in your life and embrace your new philosophy of love thyself.

FARLEY MALORRUS can be Heard at


Will Ferrell as President Bush on GLOBAL WARMING, Presented by

Now, THIS IS FUNNY, Presented by Farley Malorrus, and SO TRUE!!!

Friday, March 9, 2007

The Moon Wobble and FILING TAXES. By Farley Malorrus

The Moon Wobble and Filing Taxes

By Farley Malorrus

Here's a letter from our friend "Jeff," about the Moon Wobble and Income Taxes...

Hi Farley,

I enjoy reading your web site for your explanations and teachings on
astrology as well as your view of world happenings.  It is always very
enlightening.  I know lately you have been talking about the current moon
wobble and not to due anything major until it’s over but I have a question I
hope you can help answer for me.  Does the moon wobble affect filing a
persons tax returns? Should I hold off signing and sending them in until
Tuesday 3/13 or Wednesday 3/14?  Thank you so much and keep up the great


Jeff is absolutely RIGHT. Filing income taxes during Moon Wobble increases the chance of audits, mistakes, and contact from the Governments by 50% to 80%..I filed just before the Moon Wobble and highly suggest that everyone wait until after the current wobble is over, on March the 14, 2007.

You allow the Universe to make your tax return less obvious. The level of audits sky rocket during the Moon Wobble then settles down when it's over.

Our Cells have Miniature Universes in them, that define our Nature in the Astrology Chart,
By Farley Malorrus

Just to let you know, that EVERYTHING has a miniature Universe (Our Universe) in each of it's cells. All matter in this Universe is encoded with tiny Universes' in each atom. As yet undetected or discovered by our limited brain capacity, scientists are yet to unlock this "code." All Astrologers are quite familiar with the Cell Circuit that is encoded in all things when created. For example when a baby takes it's first breath of life in this realm apart from being in the womb, then it's cells all over it's body becomes encoded with the cell circuit of the Universe. That's how Astrology works. Our oneness is defined by the cell circuit we absorb at birth, our CHART. Each of us has billions of Universes in our bodies all our life. The distant Universe is basically too far to move from our point of view. What designs uniqueness is the immediate Universe or our Solar System. That is why Astrologers analyze the Sun, Moon, the Moons Node, and all the Planets in our system (including Pluto!), to understand our uniqueness, our chart, our karma, destiny, and separation from God as defined by the Natal Astrology Chart. It is never an accident that Astrologers can interpret this imprint on our cells and define our very natures. This wisdom has been passed down to us from the Ancients. Even the Ancient Jews knew about Astrology as defined in the Kaballah, and the 12 tribes of Israel each define a different sign in the Zodiac. All 12 tribes representing God. As One. We are One with God and one with the Universe. Our Natal Charts define our karma and separation from God giving us unique identities and Karma. That is why it is so powerful and embraced by the wisest and smartest people ever born! Only naive, ignorant folks would ignore the power of AStrology.
Heck, they thought the World was flat at one time, that man would never fly, and that we would never land on the Moon. One day the cell circuit will be defined too, but Astrologers know it is there. When you look up in the sky, you are looking at your self.

P.S. The 3 Wise Men were also Astrologers who charted the Star of Bethlehem configuration announcing the birth of the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ. It saddens me, that some Christians try to make Astrology of Satan, when it is an active part of the Jewish and Christian religion. In fact, the largest Astrology Library in the World is in Vatican City. God Bless!

Farley Malorrus, TONS OF SHOWS TO LISTEN TO, TOPICS GALORE. A FEAST OF ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE, and all you have to do is POINT AND CLICK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

IT Could change your Life for the better.
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God Love you!

The Best Part of the 12 Signs..By Farley Malorrus

The Best Part of the 12 Signs...
By Farley Malorrus

We've seen the 'worst,' now it's time to look at the bright side to Astrology..

Aries: Full or energy, quite comedic, brutally honest, perhaps more honest than all signs, hard working, team player, loving, warm, affectionate and quite romantic! Team Player, wonderful at getting things done, and lighting a fire under the rest of us, childlike, funny, exciting, enthusiastic, confident.

Taurus: Some say the most romantic and passionate of all 12 signs, and if they love you, they would do 'anything,' for you. Dedicated, commitment oriented, old fashioned family standards, loyal to children and family, logical, trustworthy, good leader, and money manager. They can make you feel good just being around them as they exude confidence, love, and excitement with their thoughts and actions.

Gemini: This sign is the pure psychologist. If you need someone to talk to and can't afford a shrink, Gemini will put things in perspective for you. Excellent at debate, discussion, reading, acting, figuring things out, computers, brain storming, idea manifestation, and taking care of the bills, the mail, and any and all kinds of paper work. Sweet, loving, makes a good friend, and easy going.

Cancer: They will cook for you, clean for you, create gourmets, cry with you, give you a hug, a shoulder to cry on, a strong shoulder to lean on, and when it comes to family, father, mother, and the kids, the Crab is #1. Very protective and home oriented, they will take you under their wing, protect and support you in a time of need. Most of them can be the most nurturing, precious, sweet, and kindest of all the signs.

Leo: The organizer, take charge person, when all hell is breaking loose, pray you have a Leo around to serve as glue to hold everything together. Quite paternal, and family oriented, a comedian, into having a good time, hosting parties, being the life of the party, cheering us up when we are down, offering fatherly advice whenever we need it, wonderfully dedicated to love, romance, and quite knowledgeable when it comes to sex.

Virgo: Virgo means truth, honesty, loyalty, commitment, dedication, morality, sensible, logical, activator, who serves as a role model for all 12 signs as to what the decent, loving, compassionate act would be. If a Virgo loves you, they will serve you unlike any other sign, and will be there for you no matter what. They fight to the end, never give up, never quit, never surrender, unless all options are used up. Truly the best and most honest of all workers.

Libra: The natural attorney, judge, para legal, and person who is so balance oriented, that they won't let anything or anyone get too far out of hand. A vision for justice, and unable to stand injustice, as they will do anything to serve as hero for those unable to defend themselves or take care of themselves. They make great friends, wonderful lovers, outstanding mates, husbands, wives, and overall family people. Great with children, and a great role model overall. They tend to take care of themselves a bit more than most, and usually know 'what the right thing to do,' is.

Scorpio: Needless to say, if these guys love you, they would literally die for you. The incredible martyr, and most compassionate and loyal of all 12 signs. If a Scorpio is on the team, then the team is solidified. The intensity here has no end. Depending what you are involved the dedication by Scorpio knows no bounds. The loyalty is precise, the honor exact, and the commitment quite obvious. Either brutally honest, or obvious in their actions as far as what they want. Cooperation level is high here when there is love.

Sagittarius: Humor is a foundation for happiness, and this sign can be quite funny, and actually offer humorous anecdotes right at the time we all need them. Always willing to go on a voyage or bring us with them on their adventures. Great in sports, highly competitive, a win win attitude, philosophical, warm, affectionate, passionate, and a team player. Attitude is what it is all about and this sign has a confidence that is bar none.

Capricorn: This sign may be the most honest, the most dedicated, the most hard working, the most committed, the funniest, and the most easy going of all. Once again, Capricorn serves as the 'glue,' to hold us all together. Whatever project, mission, journey, voyage, plan, or situation may occur, Capricorn always seem to offer a logical route for completion. You always get more for your money when they work for you, and the most honest days work of all. They can make great friends, parents, and family members, and also have a deep love for life, people, and God that is quite rare.

Aquarius: Perhaps the best role model when it comes to teaching or sharing knowledge that helps us all, they also make a wonderful, exciting friend, as long as they stick around, and are quite inventive and scientifically oriented, in case that is what we need. Accomplishment is the key word for the water bearer, and if there is a project you wish to succeed with, I hope there is an Aquarius on it to get it done. They do well in show business, because for actors, they can memorize easier, for directors, they are smarter as far as what the public wants to see, for producers, very organized in getting thing together and ready. IF we need or want answers, this sign usually knows what we want.

Pisces: Perhaps the most loving, tender, caring, compassionate, supportive and entertaining of all 12 signs, the fish will sing for us, dance for us, dream with us, and give us all the hugs we need in any given day. Maybe the most entertaining of all 12 signs, there is never a dull moment, and they are full of surprises no matter what happens. Great with family, children, holidays, organizing events, concerts, plays, theatre, and parties. Wonderful comedians, philosophers, full of wisdom, advice, and logic when it comes to needing such things.

That's my take on the bright side of all 12 Signs, for those of you too depressed after reading about the faults.

Farley Malorrus,

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Faults and Flaws of the 12 Signs, So sorry, By Farley Malorrus

Faults and Flaws of the 12 Astrology Signs by Farley Malorrus

Sorry folks but here's the dope...Not true always, but it has been known to happen...

What's wrong with the 12 signs?
Aries: May be too self centered, act too much like a baby, be immature, unable to commit, too much energy, too pushy, and very aggressive. They tend to jump into things, wam bam, sex on a first date could be common, sort of like a freight train to hell at times, not always. Tend to day dream a lot. May be oversexed.

Taurus: Way to physical, in bed it's ok, but make a Taurus angry and they may punch you or worse. The jails are filled with bulls who lost their tempers. Too much focus on money, finance, way too stubborn, and immovable at times. Sometimes workaholic, if obsessed with money. Potential sex addict.

Gemini: They may Talk too much, think to much, act strange, have multiple personalities, flip flop, stretch the truth, act retarded, BE RETARDED, overly psychological, a bit flaky. Sometimes easy to get in bed.

Cancer: Way too sensitive to the boundaries of obnoxious. Pushy and acts tough, but isn't. Some have terrible tempers, or the need to control things emotionally. Too much focus on feelings. Tend to like food too much or overeat. Tough nut to crack romantically at times.

Leo: If they LIE, the biggest of all liars. Manipulative, charming, devilish, stubborn, a bit too rambunctious, controlling, over enthusiastic, and another big kid or baby. Tend to use recreational drugs or drink at times. Think they know it all, and think they are in control, also love to control. Sex addict.

Virgo: Way too picky, critical, detail oriented, and worrisome. Virgo worries more than all 12 signs put together. Too much the negative thinker, and power of the mind dictates why they get in trouble so much, they visualize it first. Digestive problems, never enough fiber or yogurt. Tend to be anal retentive, or constipated. Need to let loose more and experiment. Sometimes Workaholic. Sometimes too prudish or on the dark side, too kinky.

Libra: Often times pretty or handsome, and way to vain about it. Hard to count on for commitment. Too experimental with love, sex, and relationships. Can be promiscuous and prone to trouble in that area with pregnancy and STD's. May talk to much. Think they are a judge and jury. A charming liar when it comes to cheating or betrayal. May not be able to look you in the eyes if lying. Flaky. Sexually experimentative.

Scorpio: Very intense sign, and emotionally extreme. Can be totally happy or very depressed the next second. Need to control passion or sex addictions if they have one. Also sly, manipulative, and controlling in a very subtle manner. May have a rage outburst if pushed. Can be prone to violence if pushed too hard. Potential Nymphomania.

Sagittarius: Way too independent, and may not stay long wherever they go. The most nomadic of the signs, loves to travel, but most don't like it when they leave, without us. Can be very intense emotionally, and if looks could kill, they may have one. Tend to hold weight in hips, thighs, and buttocks. Need to watch alcohol intake, as sensitive liver. May be into flip flop or confusion at times. Potential sex addict.

Capricorn: If they drink, it may be pathetic, so hope they don't. Why do they settle for being over worked and under paid? I don't get it. The Martyr (Nixon and Elvis,) the victim, the bunt of jokes. They can be workaholics and career addicts. Do they really need friends? I hope so. Some are known to be hermits. Need to focus more on health, and have enough calcium for skin and bones. The most LUST of all signs is right here.

Aquarius: This is another sign that likes to talk, sometimes preach, and/or talk to much. They are smart, but may be a bit obnoxious with their wisdom. Another know it all, or control freak, who can be very subtle. Hot and cold emotionally, and sexually. All or nothing at times. Prone to break ups, accidents, unpredictable behavior, and bolting if upset. Hard to count on long term, but some last (Like my Mom). Flaky. The best and worst lover. You may need an appointment to make love to this one.

Pisces: Hopefully, they are not into drinking or taking drugs, or they may have a short life. Daydream more than any sign. Their own worst enemies. Known to get themselves in trouble without any help. May not think before they do things enough. Over emotional, prone to depression if no support, and may be obsessed with music, clubbing, and recreational drugs. Here today and gone tomorrow, the will of the wisp. Another potential Nymphomaniac.

Okay all, that's my take on the flaws and faults some of the 12 signs can offer.
No offense to anyone, and it WON'T BE TRUE IN ALL CASES,but when it is, you will be amazed!

Farley Malorrus,



Moon In Scorpio Adds Tension to ALL for 60 more hours.

By Farley Malorrus

The Scorpio Moon (The area of space the Moon is located for another day and half) is in stress aspect to Mars all night long (in Aquarius), then it will be in stress aspects to Mercury and Neptune in Aquarius, and Saturn in Leo mostly all day tomorrow and tomorrow night.
I pray nothing bad will happen, but with this aspect, and the end of the Moon Wobble, it could be troublesome. Hang on Stock Market! Beware Terrorists! When the Moon is in the dark sign of Scorpio, sometimes the pot boils over, and that which has been repressed bursts forth!

In truth, I won't be surprised if we get some major headlines today, (it's 4:30am in EST), meaning, anything from a new offensive, a bigger bomb going off, or the stock market freaking out.
Hopefully President Bush and Cheney won't get bashed too much today, but their poor horoscopes look just God Awful.
IF I were them, I'd stay in doors for 60 hours!

Well, I was born with this Moon, so I'm going to bed very late, and sleeping very late. Perhaps seeing "300" this weekend will be a good break for us all as we watch the Amazing Spartans hold off the Persian Hordes..
Now, that's another story.
NO, today is NOT a good day to get Married.
No, Today is NOT A GOOD day to buy a house.

No, Today is NOT a good day to propose marriage.
No, Today is not a good day to buy anything Huge..

No, today is not a good day to meet someone, unless you know them quite well already.
No, I wouldn't start any projects tomorrow unless you want them to explode in failure.

Today is a day to TAKE OFF.

Sleep Late, clean house, do laundry, clean clothes, avoid getting too inebriated, and the best thing to do today is meditate and pray!

I'm also hoping that someone major from Hollywood doesn't die today. So, let's just try to sail through the day with a minimum of problems, okay?
I'm not being negative, but the Moon in Scorpio tends to increase depression world wide by about 50% for the 72 hour pass. I am trying to show you guys how Astrology works. Just like I can predict a Champion, I can warn us all of a storm going on in the "Force," at the same time.
Fasten your seat belts!!!
Farley Malorrus,


Tuesday, March 6, 2007


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Monday, March 5, 2007

Sunday, March 4, 2007

9 days left to end of Moon Wobble By Farley Malorrus

9 Days left to end of Moon Wobble....3/13/07, it's Over

Ana Nicole Smith has Died, Departed won Best Picture/Director, Dick Cheney almost dies, Dick Cheney gets blood clot in the leg, Bush may change his mind on the war,The Stock market has fallen over 500 points, and lots of disappointments, setbacks and surprises so far. Still, this months Moon Wobble is 28 days long, it will peak on 3/6, then 7 days later it's over.

Will the stock market continue to fall? Most likely it may keep falling until at least Tax Time, April 16, due to all the planetary aspects. Will it fall the last 9 days of the Wobble?  Anything is possible, and one thing is for sure, as far as stocks go, I'd be cautious. ON the other hand, Tax Free, Insured Municipal Bonds are soaring in value, fancy that! So, investing in governments at this time, might not be such a bad idea.

For me, I sail through these wobbles expecting a 10%to 15% success rate at all I try, meet, do, or ponder. I'm never surprised when the bubbles burst, or the stock market falls, or movies PAN, or some blood curdling violent shoot em up like the Departed wins an award. TO me, this is a time to heal, to ponder, to complete, to do maintenance, clean up your act, have closure, and be a better person. The world wears a veil, and 4 times a year, 28 days each time, when the Sun is at odds with the Moons nodes, the veil is lifted. Did you happen to see that awesome Lunar eclipse the other day by chance? That could have been the biggest bubble of all, but in 48 hours, if you are expecting a miracle, don't hold your breath.
A humorous part of this current Moon Wobble, is John McCain, 'sort of,' announced his candidacy for President on David Lettermen's show this last week. Will that be to his doom, not only because he is one of the few whom support this unwinnable war, but because he announced during the Wobble? I think there is a 90% chance YES, it will be his downfall. I'm thinking OBAMA, and HILLARY announced at the beginning of the Wobble, but John Edwards was way before. I give the nod to John Thompson, actor, and former Senator from Virginia, and John Edwards as two early dark horses to win their parties nominations, due to avoidance of activity during the Wobble. Time will tell and we shall see. I meanat least I got the Cardinals, sort of the Colts, and the Stock Market Crash, so at least using Astrology, some times I am right. One thing is for sure,the MIAMI HEAT will not repeat as NBA Champions, because with their star Dewayne Wade out with an injury during the current wobble, even with Pat Riley, their chances are now slim, even with Shaq.

So, that's my take on the current state of things, keep your head down, keep the faith, say your prayers, and in 9 days, the Sun/Moon will continue it's normal rotation sans Wobble.
Hold your breath for the stock market until tax Time, 4/16, and let's hope it doesn't fall a total of 1,000 points or God help us, even more. To all those who took my advice, and sold before the Wobble, KUDOS, you saved a fortune, and to those who lost their butts, you have my sympathy. Just watch your back side this next 45 days!

Farley Malorrus (Where you can hear the best of over 200 audio topics I did, no charge, and by donation, if you have a heart!)

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