Saturday, October 21, 2006

What Happens to the SOUL when you Die? By Farley Malorrus

On a Yahoo message board, Deepak Chopra phrased the question, "What happens to the Soul when you die?" Here is the answer I channeled for him:

Deepak, It's your Old Friend, Farley Malorrus. When you die, your soul responds to a magnetic charge that has been in action during your whole life. This charge is designed by the amount of obsession you have with Earth, Earthly Life, and Earthly things. SHould you shed your self of earthly needs, the soul is able to experience 'anti gravity,' and sail into the light which is a dimensional portal that leads to a heavenly realm. This is all about Karma. Karma is the weight your soul has depending on how many attachments, cravings, desires, wants, or needs on an Earthly scale. When an individual reaches a state of "Bodhisatva," either while alive or when dying, this is when the body is freed of Karma, and the soul which is affected by Earth's gravity, is allowed flight. IF your soul does not reach a state of "Bodhisatva," then the pull of karma brings it back to Earth to qualify for life in a human body if evolved enough, or the body of an animal or insect, depending on your personal growth, and amount of damage you may have done to the Earth plane which is sacred ground. In order for animal spirits or insect spirits to evolve to human, they must learn "Love." When a human is able to embrace "God's Love," as more important than anything or anyone on this planet, then they ascend to a "Bodhisatva" state, Karma Free, where the soul becomes weightless at death, the portal opens offerring the light, and without reservation, without thought, without looking back, without regret, or attachment, the soul goes into the light and ascends to a heavenly plane with the God Entity and all the heavenly people. That's the best way I can explain it. I have been to heaven in this life, and I have dreamed of it several times. To the best of my knowledge this is what happens to the soul at death. Your eternal Friend, Farley Malorrus,

Scorpio Transits Hit in the next 24 to 84 hours..

I'm feeling darn good with Sun, Mars, Venus, and the Moon trine my Uranus and Venus. What Farley? For those who don't know, The Sun, Moon, and two planets Venus and Mars are going into Scorpio, the Moon tonight and the rest in the next 3 days. Scorpio cleanses, Scorpio cleans, Scorpio renews and sweeps away the old to bring about the new. The night dies and the day is reborn. I say this to all of you, expect a Miracle this week. Expect something even better than Kim Jung II, or George Bush doing something unexpected, but expect even better things. The National Election is coming up, and I tell you, I expect government in Washington and all over the country to have the biggest change in Earth history. The people get freaked out and the people react. I do feel a shift of consciousness on this planet now, and peace being made, old karma being cleared and resolved, people all over embracing challenges, love in the air, lots of marriages, a bigger baby boom, and maybe even the Underdog St. Louis Cardinals could win a World Series. Something good is happening, and although I haven't had much faith in humanity or human leadership the last 30 years, NOW, TODAY, this Week, this next 30 days, I am bullish on America, Americans, George Bush, the Electorate, and the potential this great country of ours has during the entrance of the MOON, THE SUN, Venus, and MARS in Scorpio, the latter to remain there for at least 30 days. This could be the best time in along time for Pisces and Cancer the complimentary water signs to Scorpio. That means LOVE, as water is emotions and when Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are in communion it's great. I'm speaking of course, of Uranus in Pisces, acting as a catalyst for explosive spiritual growth, and karma resolution on a grand scale. Fasten your seat belts, put your tray table in an upright position, and get ready for take off!

Be at Peace, share the love, tell someone you LOVE them today!

Farley Malorrus,