Friday, January 12, 2007


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With Planets So Wacked President Bush investing his Presidency in his Choices By Farley Malorrus

Will President Bush be Impeached?
By Farley Malorrus

The Congress of the United States has drawn a line in the sand that appears to mean "no more funding for troops, and no more troops," to President Bush. With Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter in stress aspects, this could spell doom for the former Republican Governor from Texas.

How far will Congress go to stop President Bush eccentric, stubborn, dictatorial ways? How illegal is this War if Bush ignores the wants of the American people and Congress?
I'm thinking that catastrophe is what Bush is headed for, as Republicans jump ship in order to preserve their own careers.  It has me thinking that if Bush presses Congress too hard, and tries to do something they would disapprove of further, that they may just draft articles of Impeachment. Here's a question: Why is it that one man gets impeached for having an affair with an intern, and another man throws the nation into an illegal war for 4 years with 1000's dead, and no real progress, and he remains untouched?
I'm thinking that President Bush who could become a hero by ending the war, is looking to get into a whole boatload of Karma, as I'm thinking there is much more to the Iraq War then democracy in Iraq, that it's all about money. Does anyone remember that the Viet Nam war was extended for years beyond when it should have ended, just so we could buy 1,000's of Huey Helicopters besides billions of dollars that went down the drain?

The Halliburton issue is intense, as they have already made billions on the War and God knows if Bush and/or Cheney have been involved in any kind of conflict of interest with all the money that was exchanged without any competitive bids. Has anyone ever heard of Swiss Bank Accounts, or offshore bank accounts? How about behind closed doors cash payments?
I'm not trying to accuse anyone of anything here, but Saddam Hussein is dead, and the only way we are going to end this war is to remove the 'invading force,' mainly the U.S. Military. It reminds me of the final line in the movie PLATOON with Charie Sheen, when he realized that he wasn't fighting the 'enemy,' in fact, the ENEMY was US.

I hope and pray President Bush do the right thing and support the desires of the American people and congress, as I feel way too many lies about this war have pervaded all these years, when  it is obvious to me, that the only reason why we are in this war is about money. What scares me, is that John McCain has jumped on Bush Band wagon (career suicide?), and also says we need to stay in Iraq. Are these guys nuts or what?

With the largest planets in havoc for a few months, and World Leaders at risk with their choices, I'll be quite interested to see that if Bush does not respect the desires of the nation and Congress, that articles of Impeachment be designed. Has anyone every heard of checks and balances? The future of our country and the lives of millions of people are at stake. At this point, I have heard that America as a nation is now looked upon more as terrorists, then the terrorists. Much of this is due to our involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq. No one wants that kind of reflection for our country. This is starting to look like a nation out of control.
What blows my mind, is that he has the opportunity to constantly look like an Angel and do the right thing, but like someone has threatened the lives of his wife, kids, and family, he will not budge.

I'm hoping they include Cheney in the articles of Impeachment, for I personally would love to see Nancy Pelosi as President, and let the American people have their country returned to them.

Just my opinion. I'm a patriot, love my country, and love my President, but it doesn't mean I believe he is doing the right thing. Things should get very interesting.

Farley Malorrus,