Wednesday, November 7, 2007

DOW CRASHES Another 360 Points Opening Current 28 Day MOON WOBBLES By Farley Malorrus

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Moon Wobble Starts with a Bang...

11/7/7 Dow crashes 360, igniting next Moon Wobble
By Farley Malorrus,
I went on vacation the last week for a reason.
The reason being the Latest Moon Wobble (Sun Square North Node of Moon, starting today lasting 28 days to 12/2/07) which made the stock market go way down and the value of the dollar worse. Bush ratings seem to be going with the value of the dollar. I wonder why that is? (Doh!)
These Moon Wobble may freak you out, but at least we can track them and know there are 4 per year and that they last 28 days (Sound familiar?) We invaded Iraq during a Moon Wobble and elected Bush twice during one.
Today someone called the traffic department to complain my 37ft Motor Home was parked in front of Mom's house, so I had to scurry (Wobble) to find storage. I did at a friend of my Dad's for a decent deal.
Misfires, backfires, relationships gone crazy, bad, divorces, break ups, financial matters, insurance, taxes, car trouble, mechanical problems and all sort so insanity happen when the Sun is at stress odds with the Moons Nodes. You have to be a freak fanatic Astrologer to track this, but at least I try to inform you my loyal readers when it hits, so if things go awry for you, you know why.
I'm still recovering from dad's death 6/13, taking care of family business, Mom, and my own life. The government has a whole new world for you in taxes (estate taxes) when someone dies, and wants full disclosures of everything. It's a lot of fun. Let me tell you, it's hard enough dealing with a parents passing, much less dealing with the financial's. In some cases, (our wonderful Congress leaves the death tax law on the books) they can take over 50% of someone's estate. Can you believe it? The government is run more on death taxes than on income tax. You work your whole life to make a success, then when you die, the Government take their end, 1/2...oh well. Who ever said America was Free must have been asleep or somewhat unaware of facts. It costs a fortune to live here, they tax you when you die, and take it all.
That being said, I hope you are all doing ok, and surviving 2007, a 9 in numerology, the number for death, closure, endings, and getting ready for 2008, which is a 1 and all new beginnings. I say, I'm ready for New Year, as this year has been one hell of a run for me and many I know. Poor dad didn't even survive it..
I don't much like this business in Pakistan with the Taliban scurrying around looking for parts to make up to 20 Nukes. Maybe someone should tell Bush to leave IRAQ and invade Pakistan. THAT IS WHERE THE TERRORISTS with the NUKES are. (DOH AGAIN!) God Help us.
I hope you do.
God Bless.
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