Monday, May 14, 2007

Christ Consciousness is a Good thing, right? By Farley Malorrus

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Christ Consciousness is a Good Thing, Right? By Farley Malorrus

On the path back to God, giving up all things material, meditating, being Vegan, avoiding killing animals or eating animal products, trying to do the right thing, the moral thing, absolving sin and karma, our Soul evolves, and our awareness explodes.

Rumor has it, that if you want to escape the 'pull' of reincarnation that drags you back to Earth, over and over, seemingly forever, that you must need absolve all your attachments to the material World, embrace God and Spirit as your #1 focus, and then 'go into the light,' when you die to ascend...

That all makes a lot of sense, and it is quite logical, seemingly what Jesus did himself when he was here, 'to let go of all things material,' and embrace God the father. Unfortunately, the World crucified Jesus while he was on this same very path, that millions of people are on today, 'to attain Christ like awareness, Messianic Consciousness, to embrace the "Jesus" within, and to ascend to the highest awareness of God while alive.

ON this path that is often referred to as Krishna Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, or more appropriately, "Bodhisattva," meaning karma free, there is a HUGE PRICE you must pay.

That price being, and becoming aware of all things, all thoughts, all people, and simply put your Oneness Of God, your Oneness that you share with all beings and things in the Universe.

This leaves us in a precarious spot, as one wonders if it is truly beneficial to feel Oneness with God, and all beings in the Universe?
Considering how much pain there is on Earth; the Wars, the sick, the dying, the murdered, the drug addicted, those dying of Cancer, Aids, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and any number of problems, one would think that attaining such consciousness and awareness would be a HUGE responsibility dealing with the fact of all the suffering going on in the World. Now, maybe I can embrace why you don't see too many pictures of Jesus smiling, but more like showing a burden on his face that he carries around with him.

I find that truly sensitive beings, sentient beings, who are on the path of Christ Consciousness, or total awareness, are stumped along the way by the amount of compassion they take on, and also by the amount of empathy one feels for the World and the state of the World? It makes sense to me, why so many 'spiritual' beings need an occasional 'drink;' in Jesus case, wine, or the need to smoke marijuana (Indians, Gurus, Native Americans, Medicine Men, Flower children, Hippies, Shamans, and numerous others), due to the fact their Christ Consciousness is so finely attuned, that they have reached a level of empathy, awareness, oneness, and ascension, that the pain absorbed accompanying this evolution can be excruciating.

It reminds me of a time when Jesus spent time with the Lepers, and how they all sensed he was the light, and reached out to him for healing; followed by Jesus being in intense pain, and suffering while absorbing their pain, whether he wanted to or not.

Those with Christ Consciousness, if they survive (many evolve, ascend, and die when they reach this level, as Earth seems ludicrous at this point) may find a need to 'be human,' return to a place of normalcy, and avoid the absorption of so much pain from those around them. It's funny how so many Catholic Priests find it necessary to drink heavy, to a point of oblivion. I do not judge these people, because they have literally given up their lives for God. I mean who would be in a higher state of compassion and sacrifice then a Priest or a Nun? NO wonder they are so lonely, and depressed, picking up the fears, and pains of those around them that they love. I knew a Priest such as this, Father Michael in the 80's and was with him when he got 'drunk' a few times, listening to him, that  this was the only way for him to escape the pain of the world that he felt he absorbed 'too much,' so he escaped to the booze.

If you lived on an Island alone, and you attained Christ Consciousness, you might be better equipped to handle it, because you would not find yourself in the "Auras," of so many people around you lacking spirit, love, health, or confidence in their lives.
I find luminaries, or beings of love and light on Earth, who ascend to attaining this type of God Consciousness (Being One with God, the Universe, and literally feeling God's Love) are without knowing it like sponges when it comes to being around those in need, which often times makes up just about everyone.
When My dad was in the hospital, in March, making the daily trek to see him, walking the 2 or so miles at Cedars Sinai In Los Angeles, was good exercise for me, but after passing tons of rooms filled with sick and dying people, by the time I got to my Dad's room, I was exhausted, drained, and needed to sit down.

All my life, I have ascended to obtain this God Consciousness, because I PERSONALLY BELIEVE this is the return of Jesus Christ in which the bible speaks. This means that Jesus literally will return in the hearts and minds of millions of people at once, allowing them to feel what it was like to be so sensitive to everything. I believe that I took Jesus into my heart in 1976 while praying, when I became aware of this phenomena of heightened awareness, accompanied by faith, and feeling more ONE with everyone.

It also reminds us, that being Jesus was a huge responsibility, and a major drain on the man who is Son of God, and therefore, we as Children of God must bear the same responsibility, which can be HUGE.

Some wonder why I live out here in the Wilderness of South Carolina by Lake Keeowee, with few people around me at any given point? Well, I live in Los Angeles most of the time, and frankly, I get severely drained by it, and if I don't return to seclusion and solitude to recharge, I doubt I would survive. Just recently, I am finally feeling back up to 100%, considering all the people around me (including  Mom and Dad) who were sick or had health problems.

So, the question remains, is God Consciousness (Christ Consciousness) a Good Thing? I believe it is the only path, and I believe that any pilgrim on this path needs to embrace the HUGE responsibility of gaining such awareness, such sensitivity, such oneness with all things, and that you must have courage, bravado, and a certain kind of mettle to deal with such a state of mind.

One thing is for sure, if you are on this path, and you don't know how to handle the power that comes along with it, it can either make you crazy or kill you. Like flying a 747, it takes time, patience, study, practice, and commitment.

I'm sure that if these are the 'last days,' the Tribulation, as so many believe it is, that along the lines of the "return of Jesus," the "Rapture," and the rest of Revelation coming true, that millions of people, along with 144,000 Jewish people (Prophecy) will attain this God Consciousness, or Christ Consciousness, and I pray they are able, and capable of handling this power when it happens.

I need to pace myself everyday. When I'm tired, I sleep; when I'm stressed, I meditate; when I'm drained, I avoid others; and when I find I am too sensitive, or too aware I do something that will reduce my awareness, even it if means having a 'few beers' with the boys, something normal to take the edge off.

I know that many ascended beings, beings of light, and those that have lived with this God Consciousness were all confronted with the responsibility of wielding such power, and controlling it, as if you do not, like I said you can go crazy, and/or just die.

IT is easy to identify those who have ascended to this level of awareness, because they are so pleasant to be around, not a drain, and they radiate so much love and light to those around them.

I hope this helps those of you on the path, and remember, there are no bottom lines, no final truth, only further truth along any path.

BE at Peace.
Farley Malorrus