Thursday, November 30, 2006

Don't Get Upset during the Moon Wobble! By Farley Malorrus

Moon Wobble not even in Peak, What do you think?

Now, I've had 3 appointments broken tonight, 2 didn't even call. You know, I know some people who proved for themselves that Astrology worked and was valid tracking the Moon Wobble. Help me out here, but am I the only one experiencing setbacks? I mean the Moon Wobble is only less than a week in, and won't peak for 17 days or so, and this is just the beginning.

So, just checking in, with setbacks, disappointments, and misfires during this unstable period. Not sure you want to make a peace during this period, as it probably would not work! More later.....

Don't get upset when things don't work out as they should up until December 20, 2006. So far, I spent all morning getting EVERYTHING off the floor of my rig, 4 hours work, for a carpet shampoo. Moon Wobble! He cancelled at 2:30pm, a last minute change, which is typical Moon Wobble crap. So, I wasn't upset, as I understand how these things work after 20 years of studying it. He offered to move some of my heavy stuff out of the motor home into my SUV, I agreed. We reschedule for Saturday AM but I won't be surprised if that is also cancelled. I also got a bill from my doctor for $275 for a full physical. I didn't get a full physical, I got a check up for a sinus infection which is $90. Moon Wobble!!! Moon Wobble! Moon Wobble! Nothing goes as you expect or as it seems during this time when the Sun is at odds with the Moons Nodes as it is now until December 20! Once again you will get about a 10% success rate during most of these situations, but lots of changes, last minute changes, setbacks, cancellations, over billings, over charges, and disappointments when the Sun is at odds with the Moons Nodes. Please add any comments to this post if you are experiencing any setbacks, as I'd be curious if you were! Continued success, and one more thing, IF ALL YOUR GIFTS you buy now are returned, or a Lot of them are, it would be the Wobble effect, and imagine, Nintendo released the Wii, and Sony released the Playstation 3 right as the wobble started, but everyone is buying them NOW during this phenomenon. Just letting you know how it affects me, and I'm not surprised at this point.
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Farley Malorrus,

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Aliens "BELEIVE IT OR NOT!" Presented by Farley Malorrus and

WARNING, THIS VIDEO MAY BE SHOCKING TO SOME, and parts may not be intended for the SQUEEMISH, Please view it with Caution. Thank you. (I was shocked) Farley M.

The Aliens have Landed BY Farley Malorrus

The Aliens Have Landed

By Farley Malorrus

(Astrology Explained & "Other things")

When I look at people lately, it's almost like I feel I'm in a Star Wars Bar. People are SO DIFFERENT! They could be Aliens from other dimensions or planets and how would we know it? I mean half of us could be hybrids with our Mom or Dad abducted secretly and injected with some kind of Alien DNA. It could be in our DNA from 1,000's of years ago!  If you look at a typical crowd, these days, everyone looks so different! I mean the hair colors, lengths, beards, sideburns, body styles shapes, skin colors, tatoo's, piercings, heights, weights, faces,  and I'm telling you these people look like they are from about 20 different species of being. Next time you are in a typical crowd, check it out, and see if you don't agree that few people look 'human' anymore.
I'm not putting down the human race or anything, but I figure the Aliens landed Eons ago and have been playing chess with us all along. (I'm channeling this, okay?) If I was an Alien, and rumor has it I have been in many, many past lives, ONE THING IS FOR SURE; I would never make it known to any government on this planet, as that would either get you dissected or shot, or both! Let's face it the human race isn't very kind to itself, so you would have to think the ALIENS would know that and avoid revealing themselves at all costs. I figure their average Alien brain capacity is at least 40% to 60%, literally making humans akin to what mice and rats, or dogs and cats would be to us, 'pets,' and laboratory animals. I'm not surprised one bit at all the abduction stories, and all the Twilight Zone stuff people talk about, because I believe it. In fact, I believe Alien Ships are orbiting Earth, the Moon, and most all the planets in the solar system, and they are easily 'cloaked' to our limited brain capacities, so we would never know it.
To them, we are primitive, and not just primitive, but it's like going to a zoo and seeing all kinds of explosives, guns and weapons in all the cages. Can you imagine a cage full of gorillas and chimpanzees with 100 cases of grenades?

That's kind of like how I feel the Aliens see us. Humans are a cocky, egotistical, arrogant, murderous species, who thinks with their ego that "They" are the top of the food chain, the smartest creature and therefore can eat and kill everything else. Au contrairmon ami (Quite the contrary, my friend!) IN truth, we are surrounded with Aliens, Alien technology, Alien intervention, and I'm starting to think this whole war thing is almost about testing new kinds of Alien weaponry, and using Humans as guinea pigs! I was a journalist for a major network at one time, for 2 years, over 400 shows, and at this point, I frankly don't believe a thing I read in the paper, see on TV, or hear on the radio. Not one thing, Not JACK SQUAT! What I do believe is my own intuition and instinct which tells me, we need to take our Science Fiction stuff more serious, as it may be more true than our egos wish us to believe, and also that we need to be ready to accept the 'unbelievable,' as the trash they are feeding us, just isn't working! I for one am so open minded, that if someone ran into my motor home, and said, "Farley quick a UFO is landing;" and I saw the UFO, I'd get in my SUV and take off. (I'm not one to be curious about something I don't fully understand, nor do I wish to be abducted!)

We need to stop acting like laboratory rats and chimpanzees, and work on expanding our brain capacities, and consciousness, so we can read between the lines, stop believing the rubbish they throw at us, and start embracing other incredible possibilities, like that the lady you just married is an Alien, and the kids you are having with her may be hybrids.

I feel like an extension of Ghostbusters, and trust me, I'm ready to believe, and cautiously accept a whole lot of different explanation than what is being thrown at us, because what they tell us just doesn't make sense!

I don't feel we are alone on this planet, in fact, I believe with all my heart that life on Earth was created by a race of beings called the Elohim, (Which just so happens to be another word for 'God,' in Hebrew), and that everything that has happened on this planet from day one, has been observed, regulated, and monitored by perhaps many species of Alien far beyond the comprehension of primitive Cro Magnon man (us).

I take everything in as taught to us by elders and ancestors, but I look to my dreams, my intuition, my instinct, my higher self, my spirit guides, and to God to further embrace the truth, because there is no final truth, and there is always FURTHER TRUTH. You know that saying the "truth will set you free;"Or from the X Files, "The truth is out there?" In my experience, I am always lookingfor further examples of truth, more information, keeping an open mind and heart, and constantly trying to figure out this puzzle we call life, literally never being shocked about anything, not believing in too many things you see or hear, and never amazed when facts come out that make us all go WOW, as if we didn't know.

In the long run, what did our Ancestors really know about anything, and can humans just blatantly accept what is passed down to us from other humans without questioning it? When I was in the 70's, I learned a saying that has helped me ever since. It was a bumper sticker that said "Question Authority, Question Everything." I never forgot that sticker and it has lived with me, and each day of my life I am looking for clues, further truth, and never swallowing anything I hear, see, read, or what they tell me, as I know it's all heresay in the end.

If you sit at a table of 12 people, and the first person tells a long story to the 2nd, and the 2nd passes it to the 3rd, then the 3rd tells the story to the 4th and so on all the way to the 12th, the story NEVER EVER is what it was meant to be when the 1st person told it. Heresay, that's what it all is, heresay, and I refuse to believe any of it, no matter what anyone tells me. One thing is for sure, no one can tell me what to believe in, what religion to believe in, how to worship God, or what is right or wrong, because from my point of view some people think they have a license to kill, steal, or declare War, and no one is doing anything about it. In that regard, is anyone capable of being mature enough to seek the truth, instead of just taking action? Maybe one day, but not today. Today, we just respond like the primitive humans that we are, and it is sad that we are unable to look between the lines and seek the truth, and actually attempt to create logical solutions instead of just being like Soldier Ants and destroying everything in our path. It must be entertaining to the Aliens who observe us, or I don't think they would let us do it. Just my take on Aliens, Life on Earth, and the delusions that are presented to us ongoing, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Karma of War and the Fate of a President By Farley Malorrus

The Karma of War

and the Fate of a President

By Farley Malorrus

To date their have been over 22,000 United States Soldiers injured and crippled by the Iraq and Afgan Wars; 3,000 U. S. Soliders dead, and over 750,000 Iraqis, Afghanis, Syrians, Iranians, and Pakistanis killed.

Today I was pondering the fate of Abraham Lincoln when he was shot at Ford Theatre and suddenly was President no more. Then, I considered what happened to John F. Kennedy, when he was shot in Dallas changing the World forever, but JFK did choose to begin the Viet Nam War, and Lincoln of course directed the Civil War designed to free the slaves, and renunite the nation.  I also conjectured the fate of Lyndon Baines Johnson, who decided he "would not seek nor accept the nomination of the Democrats in a final reelection bid," being disgraced for his errors of Viet Nam. Of course we all remember the resignation of Richard Nixon the inheritor of the Viet Nam War which turned into a huge disgrace for the Executive branch of our government when threatened with being Impeached, stepped down in favor of Gerald Ford. It's true that Nixon ended Viet Nam, but I feel it was too late for him. We also reflect on George H.W. Bushs fate after Desert Storm when he became a one term wonder due to the fact he didn't go into Baghdad and simply take out Saddam Hussein when he had it in his hands. F.D.R. of course died in office after multiple terms being unable to complete and finish World War II, which was succinctly dealt with by the "Man from Missouri," Harry Truman who swiftly nuked Japan, twice to finish it. I'm from Missouri, and obviously, we don't mess around in that state.

Now, we are facing the impeccable George W. Bush, the honorable leader of the United States and the free World and his current choice while facing the nations of NATO today, to 'stay the course,' and STAY in Iraq, and Afghanistan until the "Mission is complete."
At this point, I am wondering what exactly is the Mission? Are we trying to stabilize Iraq similar to the way we stabilized New Orleans and Mississippi after Katrina? Is our mission to sustain a similar crime rate in Iraq as our most violent city in America, St. Louis, Missouri? Are we being optimistic in thinking we can install a democracy and peace in Iraq just as we did Viet Nam?

I recall that nothing can really be done to stop George Bush and his visualization of a perfect Iraq, or Afghanistan, nothing but fate, destiny, and KARMA. I reflect on the destiny of the aforementioned Presidents whose belief in war or how a war is fought led to their demise. I am not criticizing this elite group, as I am just stating the facts. Lincoln, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, the elder Bush, and FDR all met their fate by a very obvious law of causeand effect, that we call KARMA. "What goes around, comes around." When a President of the United States declares War (really without the support of Congress who by the law of the Constitution is SUPPOSED to declare War, NOT the President) he is placing his own life at risk under the law of cause and effect which seems to judge each person for their actions no matter what they try to do to avoid it. History does not lie, and I pray for President Bush that his choice to "complete the mission," is just, honest, with proper agenda, logical intent, logical evolution, and not at the wasteful cost of needless loss of life, of the people of Iraq, and the U. S. Military.

Throughout my life, I have watched how this law of cause and effect work, Karma, and if I were advisor to this President, (I wish I were), my advice to him would be, "President Bush, I feel the war cannot be won. I feel that the mission can never be completed. I feel that the loss of life is quite enough, and that we graciously, intently, surreptitiously, and with precision, organize our military and pull out of Iraq, with possibly leaving several bases intact if required by the Iraqi government, with limited military involvement by our nation, as soon as possible."

I would advise the President to do this, because due to the law of cause and effect that we know as Karma, whatever action we decide upon in our life that does not have a priority of Love and God, is something that we will have to pay for down the road. The proper choice is to save lives and stop this War for the good of all. Unfortunately, the 'other Presidents' paid for their decisions, which were wrong, inevitably through their own untimely deaths, assassinations, disgrace, or losing and/or stepping down from political office due to political pressure. I certainly don't wish it to come to that for President Bush, butat this point I feel that the majority of American and World opinion agrees that the War cannot be won, and that it should end by the immediate withdrawal of our troops, praying that the Iraqi people somehow pull together with the support of their Arab neighbors and salvage what they can in this war torn nation.

I don't like to be political, but as a Karma Practitioner, I merely like to state the facts and alert the public as to the ramifications of choices made by World Leaders, such as President Bush, and that it would be to his best interest and the best interest of the United States and the World, if he would just end the war.

One wonders why he wouldn't 'just end the war,' when an act such as that would probably put him in an excellent light within U.S. and World History, and instead chose the path of Karma, the path of pay back by continuing the bloodshed in what is now recognized by most Iraqis as an invasion of their country, considering most all Iraqis have now lost family members in this War which has currently now lasted longer than World War II. What is the fate of George Bush for his choices concerning this war? His fate is only for God to know, but in time, I am sure we shall all witness the result of stubborn inappropriate choices which put the lives of innocents at risk every day.

Once again, I pray he reconsider for the sake of his reputation, as I fear the backlash of Karma created by inappropriate decisions has been revealed by the fate of former U.S. Presidents who also staked their reputations for the sake of War. May God have mercy on President Bush, and may God protect him and bless him in whatever decision he makes, as Karmically speaking, what does go around, eventually does come around.

Just my take on his choice today...God help him, and God help us all.
Karma has a funny way of restoring the balance in all situations without any human intervention.

To think we are in a Moon Wobble on top of it all. You are better off not making such decisions during such an unstable time, and one also wonders, who is actually advising Mr. Bush to make such decisions?

Farley Malorrus,


Monday, November 27, 2006

Astrology Explained. "Things to do during the Moon Wobble," By Farley Malorrus

The current Moon Wobble started 11/22/06 and will continue through to 12/20/06. Here are some things I have decided to do during the current Wobble, (Finishing projects, things to do, ideas created before wobble, basic maintenance)

Some things I wouldn't do: Break up with someone, decide on divorce or separation, Major Surgery, Major purchase of asset, large purchase of stock, get married, propose, start business, start a war; buy a new car, boat, or plane; Estate Planning, Make out a will, create a partnership; buy an RV or 5th wheel, buy a new Truck, rent an apartment, buy a house or condo; start a mutual fund, 401k, or pension plan; start a diet, start an exercise program; Major interior or exterior decoration. (I am in no way telling you to stop living, but if you do any of these things and become DISAPPOINTED afterwards or there are complications, that would be from the Moon Wobble.)

Things TO DO During a MOON WOBBLE,

by Farley Malorrus

1. Clean the House, Winterize your home, car, boat, truck or RV.

2. Clean up my Rig (Motor Home)(Or 5th wheel), maintain and service appliances, engine, interior decoration, rug shampoo, bathroom doorknob. Service appliances, electrical, plumbing, and sewage systems in the home.

3. Service Auto, in the shop tomorrow, for Lube, Oil, and filter.

4. Finish projects, To Do lists, and all deals, plans, contracts, and agreements made before the Moon Wobble started.

5. Clean bird cage, pet areas, Veteranian visits, shots, medical treatment for pets, livestock, add food, water, grit.

6. Buy clothes for winter, and spring.

7. Grocery shopping.

8. Get a health check up, and follow up on medical treatment. Try to wait until after 12/22/06 for major surgery or COSMETIC SURGERY to avoid complications and disappointments.

9. Go to the dentist, get teeth fixed, cavities removed.

10. Eat right, get enough sleep, meditate.

11. Take vitamins, minerals, and herbs including plenty of acidophilous (The basic ingredient for yogurt and kiefer) for great digestion. Drink 8 glasses of water a day, as usual.

12. (Don't make any major purchases, like car, house, boat, new business, computer, or technology)

13. Travel planning is great here, plan trips, purchase tickets, plan routes. Go on trips. (I prefer not to plan an Ocean Cruise at this time) Road trips are preferred, or trains.

14. Give to good will clothes you don't need or things you don't need or use. (Great time to sell things on craigslist or eBay!)

15. Buy gifts for others for the holidays. Decorate trees, Put up X-mas lights.

16. Buy Tax Free Insured California Municipal Bonds, (Insured so shouldn't be a problem)

17. Open any kind of Insured Savings account, CD, or money market.

18. Get your hair done, or cut, even a permanent.

19. Get your nails or feet done, manicure or pedicure.

20. Get a massage, body work, or self improvement; learn to meditate.

21. Have fun and increase the entertainment and relaxation therapy in your life.

22. Make love, make out, romance, past due honeymoons, relive the honey moon, fall in love (as long as it's mutual).

23. If you adopt a pet during this time, there is a much greater possibility you have problems with your pet, or that you may be disappointed in it.

24. End a WAR. Pull out the TROOPS! No problem!

25. Make donations, help the homeless, do taxes, pay taxes, adhere to civil responsibilities, pay attention to legal matters, accounting, bookeeping, traffic tickets or fines, and income taxes.

Hope that helps! Happy Holidays!

Farley Malorrus,

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ASTROLOGY CLOCK, You got to LOVE THIS, in Prague, Czechoslovakia, By Farley Malorrus...Yes, it works


This CLOCK accurately tracks the Sun, Moon, Rising Sign, and 8 planets besides the Earth including PLUTO! I WANT ONE! I WANT ONE!
Farley Malorrus,

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Astrology Explained. How to avoid the Stress, and Anger of the Holidays. By Farley Malorrus

The strange times continue with the Sagittarius transits and the Moon Wobble. People get down right weird during the holidays. They break up with you for no announced reason, or dump you. Your friends need space and decide to break a 20 year tradition, your Dad goes berserk and abuses the family with a tirade; things just get downright crazy. I refuse to let any of this get me down. I try to stay focused on some of the major elements in life that keeps you confident and happy. I am sure that some of these "humans" were born to test us, to cut us, put us down, criticize us, judge us, or verbally and physically abuse us. In all likelihood, if it is physical abuse, well the Police should be called. Otherwise, I learned it best to turn the other cheek, grin and bear it. It's they who are the one's with the problem not us. SO, when you go to your holiday functions and your friends and family freak out, reject you, abandon you, or abuse you, look to the love inside yourself for solace.

A long time ago a wise man once told me that it is the love inside ourselves that is the most important love we can seek, as this love is really God's love. So, when I go to these functions, or experience some madness then I return to my main focus in life, which is inner peace, happiness, and balance.

My focus is simple as I strive to be healthy, meaning I get my vitamins, nutrition, minerals, hydration, and exercise and do what I can to avoid aches pains, chronic ailments, and take the herbs necessary to keep my blood pressure normal (Usually Garlic helps, or Kyolic Garlic Pills), my sleep time consistent (8 hours), and my attitude in check meaning that I choose to remain happy and funny, no matter what ever else is happening in the world. I organize my chores and projects for the week on Sunday and Monday, and basically leave behind the negative people, and vibrations that I experience all of my life. If necessary, I meditate for 20 minutes before my morning meal and 20 minutes before my evening meal to reduce blood pressure, stress, and to vent safely any negative emotions from any bad holiday or other experiences. The best thing I do is take on a new attitude, meaning instead of caring so much for people who obviously don't care about me or my loved one's my attitude is "WHATEVER!" I like the 'whatever' attitude because it takes negative emotions that are hanging on to you and sends them on their way free of your heart and into space.

For example, someone tells me someone doesn't like me...Whatever! Maybe someone tells me another person is talking badly about me.....Whatever! Or I see someone I love in my family get in an argument with another person, in which case I will try to help them iron it out, but in the end, I just think whatever! Truth be known, the only thing that negative emotions, hate, worry, anxiety, or concern can hurt, IS YOU, and no one else, (unless you are Bi Polar)  If you have a lot of Water in your chart, like Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio, you may be over sensitive like me (Scorpio Moon, Venus in Cancer, 2 planets in 12th House) in which case you need to be able to read and process your emotions quickly, so they don't eat you up inside and make you sick. I am convinced at this point in my life that most disease and premature death is caused by people who stress themselves out, worry too much, are defeatist with negative attitudes, and basically in the end give up.

I have decided to not be like that, instead return to my happy, funny center, and instead of carrying around a bag of stress and worries, I meditate it away, stay focused on my life's activities and use the 'whatever' mantra when necessary. Of course, those people around you that hear you say, 'whatever,' may not like it, and may get angry at you because you have an "I don't care," attitude, but if they try to haunt you with it, you just tell them, "I don't want it to eat me up inside, as it is seemingly doing to you!" So.....Whatever! The worst thing to do during the holidays is bury negative emotions under heavy drugs and alcohol, which many do during the holidays and beyond, because one day you will have to face up to your feelings and deal with them, and if you bury them, you are only postponing the inevitable. My other advice to all of you during the holidays is not to patronize or argue with a person who is drunk or an obvious alcoholic as this is a 'no win' situation, especially if they are drunk, it could only create havoc! SO, when someone asks me if I want a drink during the holidays I say "no" as I don't drink! Just some words to the wise, don't let the holidays get you down, have fun, be safe, don't drive drunk and don't let the one's who are over stressed take you down. God Bless you for reading my journal!

SO have a Happy Holiday season, and let's pray for World Peace!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah from Farley Malorrus


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Saturday, November 25, 2006


Jupiter and the Sun Move into Sagitarrius with Venus and Pluto By Farley Malorrus

This should be a fantastic time for the fire signs, especially Aries and Leo benefiting from four planets in friendly Fire. Sagittarius is being tested right now, and Sagittarius Rising (My Dad) may be out of control with anger and bitterness, (Thanksgiving) Why does Sagittarius Rising have the worst temper? I'm not sure, but someone told me that most people who are bi polar are Sagittarius, Leo, or Aries rising as they burst forth with the love AND the anger. I feel like someone has lifted a heavy burden off of me now (Leo) and that I can now proceed with some festivities (Moon Wobble or not!)

The weekend has been uneventful except for some very warm and affectionate friends that made a point to let me know I am loved, and an outstanding Mother who cooked the best Thanksgiving dinner ever for herself and I. I'm over my sinus infection now, and out of the pain mode. I've been loading up on vitamins and mostly vitamin C and trying hard to avoid those that are sick with colds and flu as it is usually epidemic at this time. There is nothing worse then getting a cold or the flu during the holiday season as it kind of messes up your whole schedule. I have played with the idea of going back to South Carolina, but it's so cold there right now, that I figure it's best to just stay put in Southern California and enjoy the warm weather.

I'm excited that my partner Kenneth has added topics to our Astrology Server, and where there was 120 at one time, now there are 180 channeled topics that I did while on KFOX radio at 12 Noon in Los Angeles during the 80's and 90's. We have been getting about 40 hits a day, which means that people are down loading the topics and learning. IT does our heart glad to have people benefit from the information we have on the site, and the donations we receive help pay for the broadband and the server costs that we must absorb to keep the site going. OF course, getting a donation is like pulling teeth out of a rabid Wolverine, but for the few who have done it, kudos and God Bless you for helping us in our mission of spreading World Peace, and higher consciousness. For those of you who can't afford it, no worries, as it is our way to tithe to the World something that we hope can open peoples minds. We have over 1,000 topics, and it is our dream to have them all on the server, so if you know anyone who wishes to advertise on our site, "Radio Astrology," Please have them call meat 310-415-9222 for a banner rate!

That's the latest from your friendly neighborhood Astrologer. Enjoy the Sagittarius transits, the Moon Wobble, and if things don't work out perfect, just remember, it's the wobble!

Farley Malorrus,

Thursday, November 23, 2006


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DURAN DURAN doing Ordinary World on Spiderman (For you from Farley Malorrus)

THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS and MOVIES. Hope visiting my journal today made your Thanksgiving or week Sensational.... LOVE TO YOU, YOUR FAMILY, and to the World. Farley Malorrus,

We're in Heaven Video from Kingdom Hearts. Great Exercise aerobics video and ONE OF MY TOP SONGS!

I LOVE THIS VIDEO and SONG. Please enjoy. Happy Holidays! Farley Malorrus

Tears for Fears, MAD WORLD (Of course!) Have a great Holiday everyone. Your bud. Farley Malorrus

MAD WORLD (one of my favorite videos) Gary Jule,

Happy Thanksgiving! Finally, Laughing Babies...Have a great Holiday! Farley Malorrus

If you need a Laugh, The Weather in GERMAN, By Farley Malorrus

TALKING CATS on Thanksgiving from Farley Malorrus for your entertainment!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

TALKING DOGS, HILARIOUS...Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE, so funny, from Farley Malorrus, enjoy.

ASTROLOGY with Farley Malorrus LIVE ON XZONE RADIO TONIGHT 11/22/06 at 10pm PST

Farley Malorrus on XZONE RADIO 9pm to 11.00pmPST, 

Topics is: "Economic Disaster in 2007?"

Astrology Explains....(Full 2 hour segment...we are having call ins)

Just click the link (Go to archives for 11/22/06 and look for my name, Farley Malorrus to listen.
There's a chance I may be on as early as 9pm, but it seems 10pm PST is for sure, so please log in to listen. Thanks.
Farley Malorrus

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Astrology Predicts: Are we Facing the Greatest Depression of all time in 2007? By Farley Malorrus

Economic Disaster in 2007? Astrology Explained....

I hope not, By Farley Malorrus

Happy Thanksgiving all! Not to be the bearer of bad tidings, but just to let you know about some planetary movement.

Credit Card debt is at an all time high, and people are living on their credit cards if they can. The housing boom is over, people are betting on the stock market instead. Fannie Mae may have a trillion dollars in debt from homes they lent to, and who knows if the U.S. can print any more money to stave off our war bills.

Still, Jupiter enters Sagittarius now, and on January 6, 2007 to January 25, 2007, with after effects that could be months or years, we have the planet of prosperity, expansion, luck, money, and power (Jupiter) at a right angle square to Uranus, the planet of speculation, sudden change, sudden reversals, awakening, break ups, bankruptcies, in the sign of dreams, delusions, gambling, Pisces.

This aspect has me concerned, only because Neptune, which is ruling planet of Pisces is in the sign of people, and humanity (Aquarius) in opposite aspect on the other side of the Earth to Saturn, The Lord of Karma and Capricorn in the sign of LEO which rules family, father, creativity, speculation and leadership. SO, we have the 4 LARGEST PLANETS AT ODDS WITH EACH OTHER. Jupiter SQUARE Uranus, and Neptune OPPOSITION Saturn in January, 2007 with after effects until maybe 2009 or 2010. (God Help us) This leads me to think, "Oh God, should I short Google at $500 a share, and buy it back when it dives to $85 where it began?
Imagine all the money lost if Google crashes ,or that huge stock that costs like $100,000 a share (not sure of price)(Berkshire Hathaway, I believe) we are talking mass fortunes lost by the rich, and the poor and middle class are already being choked! God, I'm glad I'm prepared for this junk if it happens, because frankly, I've been tracking this aspect for 15 years, and finally, January 2007, 4 planets in a very bad way.

So, at this point you are asking me, "Farley, what do I do? How do I protect myself? How can I survive this?" Well, if you are in the entertainment business, war industry, or oil industry you are okay, but if you are just about anywhere else, hope you have some money putaside, as REAL CASH should have value if a major depression hits, and Real Estate along with the stock market will be worth peanuts. At that point, (ego withstanding), I would feel like a genius (or you should) If you sold your stock, and/or your real estate before this happens.

On top of all this, We got the Moon Wobble starting tomorrow for 28 days, along with rabid holiday spending, most of which many cannot afford, and then BOOM (as John Madden would say), the 4 Largest Planets at odds for about 3 weeks. Now, I can just visualize it all away and say, no problem, no karma, everyone's been good, and this couldn't possibly happen, but there have always been economical setbacks though out U.S. History, so it is a pattern, as in 1929 stock market crash, and it is from idiotic spending by people, and governments, and the national debt going through the roof.

If you were smart you would have some insured cash deposits, like savings, CD's, and Tax Free Insured Municipal Bonds, staple goods, like survival food, canned goods, vitamins, and even water, stocked away, and you might even be debt free, liquid, all your bills and mortgages paid, and expect this little mishap. How many people think like me? I am hoping NOTHING HAPPENS. I have been wrong (Twice?), and I'm glad I am, as I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but IF SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAPPENS and I was to warn MY READERS IN ADVANCE, if that didn't prove the power of AStrology, I'm not sure what would. Also, YES, we/I predicted the stock market crash, immediately after Bush elected, when the dot com frenzy died, and die it did!

So, try to hang on to some rent money, food money, money for the kids, pets, and vitals. Try to hang onto the health insurance, as the health insurance system in this country along with the AMA might also crash if the public runs out of money.

Sad fact here folks, is that many LARGE BANKS have investments in Real Estate, the STOCK MARKET, including Google, and Berkshire Hathaway, and they are also the ones responsible for the huge credit card debt and it is THEY WHO WILL LOSE if no one has money to pay that debt. Is keeping money in a small bank a good idea? Who knows. For pity sake, I don't wish to cause a panic, or freak anyone out, as nothing is for sure. I am just an Astrologer looking at the planets, and incoming aspects and reporting the possible forecast financially.

I haven't looked at the Stock Market Crash of 1929, as I'm frightened to, and I fear I might find similarities.
All, I can say as advice to you folks, is maybe be more conservative now, put away the credit cards, tithe to worthy groups and people, and put away money if you can to take you through the next 6 months or so. Also, banding together in groups as partners could bail folks out if things get nuts, and to think I've been in a trailer park for 1.5 years now, just waiting for the cities to implode. Gosh, I hope they do not. Karma is karma, and if the world and the U.S. along with our brainchild government agencies need a wakeup call, the 4 largest planets out there are just the ones to serve just desserts, however, I don't like to see innocents caught up in it, and if possible and you don't have too much karma with money and economics, you can sail through this period. We will monitor current events, and world changes during this period and pray everything remains the same, or gets better. (I want to be wrong in this case!)

IF I were advising the President, I'd tell him to stop spending, pull out of the War, reduce the debt, and stop printing money, to avoid a national catastrophe, because once it happens and if we are still over there fighting, the U.S. may run out of money, as it did in WW II, before we invaded Iwo Gima (recent movie on it, Flags of our Fathers). No, the U.S could never go bankrupt, right? God, I hope not.

Okay , on the lighter side, HAPPY THANKSGIVING, and GOD LOVE YOU ALL. NOw, don't panic, be safe, TITHE TO our web site, and keep smiling. Also, I discussed this aspect with a very wise spiritualist tonight, a friend I've known since the 60's and she has been waiting for this to happen. She asked me, "Farley, when do you see the U.S. Economy going to Hell, if it happens?" My answer was, "If it happens, and I pray it doesn't, the peak is on January 6, 2006, to January 25, 2006." Let's hope it doesn't happen.

Tell someone hello today, and/or you love them if you do, and give them a hug for me!!

Farley Malorrus 

Did you survive the Scorpio Transits? Sagittarius should equal Freedom By Farley Malorrus

In a World that's filled with Football, fakers, fast foods, fillies, friends, fascists, frankinsense, fantasy, fairies, filling stations, fillibusters, franks, facets, faucets, finks, fabrics, falicies, fault lines, fancy finishes, fixings, fashion, functions, felines, front lines, fast cars, fallen stars, finicky bars, I guess it's always good to know theres also Farley. I'm sure glad I know how to meditate, pray, visualize, center and calm myself, as getting through November could be a problem. Still, even though you may feel like you are on the Titanic, with the sea frozen, and the ship sinking, the good news is, that once you die, at least you can embrace the light, and spend the rest of eternity with God.

With that said, how's your Thanksgiving week going? I'm hoping you haven't lost a son or daughter in the War, or a relative or friend, and that your family is happy and healthy, also that maybe your bills are caught up and you are happy with your job. I'm also hoping you are not someone who finally decided to list their real estate, now that the rush is over, it may be a little too late. WE live in a World where they may want to reinstate the Draft for our 18 year olds, when in truth what we need is a DRAFT FOR GOVERNMENT employees ONLY. I know there is about as much chance as Congress approving that bill as a SnowBall in Heck, but if it was like that, we would have few if any Wars. Funny, how some Congressmen in New York (Is it Rangel, the famous Korean War veteran), would love to put ALL OUR CHILDREN In harm's way, just so Congress won't let some President go to war. Happy Thanksgiving, and welcome to America! I think George Washington would reconsider that little trist.

So, here we are on the verge of the Sagittarius transits, with Mercury, Venus, Mars, the Sun, and Jupiter all headed into the sign of Peace, the sign of Love, the Sign of Freedom, and the biggest Moon Wobble of the year. Still, it feels like something is amiss. Even Astrology may not be able to pull us out of some of the Karmic mess we are in, or about to enter, unless we can all pull together, and visualize something positive. The funny thing about humor, is that you usually need to show someone wanting something, and then conflict to get the laughs. Sounds like the War in Iraq and Afghanistan, as everyone wants something the other doesn't, and there is plenty of conflict.

I say One Day at a time. I'm not sure what all of you are going through, but I'll say this, I for one, feel like I'm being tested in a very big way at this time, and if it wasn't for my faith, persistence, support troops, and prayers, I'm not quite sure how I would have handled it. One thing is for sure, November has never been my favorite month, and I'd just for once like to see a happy, loving, sharing, caring, compassionate Christmas, without everyone running around thinking 'buying things for people,' is the way to be, when all we really need, is love, understanding, compassion, and maybe some eye contact after a nice long warm hug.

If you are in the colder part of the world, do me a favor, and take all your old clothes that you don't wear, and those worn out blankets and keep them in the car, so when you pass by a homeless person, take a moment to get out of the car, and give them what you can as far as warm clothing, blankets, and even $20 or $50 as a token of good faith for whatever love and compassion may be left in the human race. Also, remember that this time of year is the BEST time to tithe, especially if you have NOTHING, remember the formula for getting things is to GIVE, and this is the best time for humans to share their abundance with those who have none. I think that just about wraps up the Scorpio and Sagittarius epic in a nutshell. Now, it's time for me to go to my Dad's house and take him and Mom to his Doctor, as he is not feeling to well. (Does anyone feel good at 91?) I'm hoping my Dad survives this part of his life, but I do hate to see him suffer, as I love him very much. So, this is the time of the year, that I feel good about giving, helping, sharing, and being compassionate where I can, because so many don't even care what's going on.

I have hope that as we approach the Capricorn transits after the MOON WOBBLE, (Xmas and New Years), that everything will improve in this World. I have hope, but there is never any guarantee unless we actually do something to help someone.

Be at Peace.

Farley Malorrus.


Sunday, November 19, 2006

These are Indeed Strange Times we live in By Farley Malorrus

Thank You for all the Love you Give

I pray our President be safe today when he goes to Malaysia. Perhaps it was not such a good idea to go to such a hostile nation. Let us hope he is safe and returns without incident.

It feels like something big is going to happen. It feels like some kind of change is upon us. What would happen if suddenly we lost the Internet, water supplies, food supplies, shelter, and access to friends and family? Is it true that we all are spoiled and take almost everything for granted when so few in the World have it as easy or as technical as Americans do? I thank God everyday for the abundance I have, the health I and my family have, the food I eat, the shelter I live in, and the fun that I have. Still, sometimes, maybe because I have my Moon in Scorpio in the first house that I always suspect when something is up, some event, that may change us all from one day to the next.

Every day when I wake up, it is like a new life to me, and every night when I go to sleep, it is like that life is over. Each day is precious to me, as is each person. I pray that people one day respect each other like they should their own family, but around these times, the holidays, sometimes even families don't get along. People get together, and it seems all they can do is disagree, fight, argue, vent, and create bad feelings, when what we really need do is say hello to everyone we meet, give as many long, loving hugs as we can, and tell those we love that we do in fact LOVE THEM. That word is difficult for many to swallow, but still, I feel Love is all there is; Love is what keeps us together; Love is what keeps us sane; Love is what holds us together like glue during the worst of times.

It is a strange World we live in, when we live off of other people through profit, and the lives of animals just to eat. When I was a kid, my Dad, Fred, who is 91, used to tell me that life is "Dog Eat Dog." I used to laugh when he said that, but in the end, it is so true, as to how careful we must be in our homes at night to lock the doors, how careful we must be driving or walking in the streets of some of our cities at night, or even during the day, and how so many approach us with offers, deals, and projects that always look so great, but just end up being 'another scam,' that rips us off, betrays our trust, and leaves us bleeding.

Relationships are #1 when it comes to loving and trusting people, then having them literally stab us in the back, lie to us, cheat on us, betray us, reject us, rag on us, then leave us or throw us out. How did people get to be like this? What is it about our species that gets off on preying on the loss of others, or taking money from them as profit when what we give them isn't even worth what we ask them to pay us.

Then some of the greatest men and women in history are taken from us in their prime, long before they can tell us everything they know. Maybe one day we can teach our children about a family of men and women on this Earth that can live together, trust each other, love each other without the fear that anyone we meet might kill us, rape us, or use us for some unkind act.

On this Thanksgiving, once again I pray for Peace. I pray for Peace in the Family. I pray for Peace in the schools. I pray for Peace in the Government and between the nations. I pray for Peace within the entire human race. It was always my dream that all people love and respect each other, without reservation, and that if things not work out between them, that they have honesty between them and move on in peace without regret. I want all of you who are kind enough to read my journal to FEEL THE LOVE that I have for all of you and for all the World. I always said that I might not LIKE everyone, but at least, because I know Life is Sacred, this dimension is sacred, Earth is sacred and that we are all God's children, that I try my best to Love everyone with all my heart as long as I live.

It is so hard for many humans to say I love you to anyone, much less them self, but without ego, loving yourself and nurturing your body is also so important, because the love you can offer others starts in your heart and it can only be cultivated if you feel it. DO me a favor and tell all those people you love, that you love them, and give them a hug for you and me. My life is gentle and peaceful and I have reduced the maintenance in my life a great deal, but I will never stop trying to overcome the pull of materialistic things and embrace the priority of Love, Spirit, and God. You know what God is right? It's the glue that holds everything together. It's the magic that keeps the very molecules in this realm from drifting apart. It is conscious loving energy that has always existed and always will. I feel it flowing through my fingers on to this laptop as I type, and I tell you it feelsgood to acknowledge the God Force everywhere within you and beyond you. Just take a deep breath of those sacred molecules that make life function and feel the light of God's Love beam in your heart with every breath you take.

I just wasn't in the mood to type a topic, as I guess tonight was one of those nights that I just felt like expressing some of these feelings that I have bottled deep inside of me, so that others might see or feel them.

God Bless you all for reading my journal, and I hope it helps some of you and brings a smile to your face.

Farley Malorrus,

Happy ThanksGiving, and Thanks to all of you for being so kind.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Astrology And the MOON WOBBLE 11/22 to 12/20 makes CHOICES "SHAKY" for 28 Farley Malorrus

Astrological Moon Wobble By Farley Malorrus

This topic is intense, and you may have to read it over a few times for it to sink in.

Hello to my loyal readers and friends of my journal, and thanks for visiting! I hoped you are surviving these outrageous Scorpio Transits, and if you are not, I feel for you. SO far, My eldest little pet bird died, my Dad (91) not feeling so great, I got a terrible sinus infection, (Much better now thanks), and my computers are all freaking out. Other than that life is good. I always say one thing, if you are not in a happy sex life during Scorpio transits, "Duck!"

Now, with Sun, Mercury, Venus, and soon Jupiter going into Sagittarius in the next week or so, we also have an Astrological phenomena I have been studying with my brain trust for over 20 years coming, called the MOON WOBBLE. The Moon Wobble happens 4 times a year for 28 days each time.
Simply put, a Moon Wobble occurs when the North Node of the Moon is at odds with the Sun, or eclipses the Sun. This happens when the Sun is either at a right angle to this Node, exactly opposite, or right on TOP of the North node, eclipsing it, called a conjunction.

Okay, this phenomena is HUGE, and it last 28 days. It lasts 21 days on approach of exact geometrical aspect, and 7 days passing. With the North Node in Pisces at approximately 21 degrees at this time, the EXACT right angle from the Sun in Sagittarius to the North Node of the Moon in Pisces will occur on December 13, and end December 20. The Moon Wobble begins 21 days before the 13th, on November 22, 2006.

You are asking me, why is this Moon Wobble so important Farley? Through 20 years of research and development amongst myself and about 12 of my genius Astrology friends we have found up to a 90 Percent rate of Failure and disappointment when MAJOR DECISIONS and LIFE CHOICES are made anytime during this time. I know it sounds ridiculous, and trust me, that when I first heard about this many years ago while on Los Angeles radio in 1984, I had my doubts. Since then, I have clocked every single Moon Wobble for myself, friends, Presidents choices, choices of sports teams, marriages, new relationships, new businesses, and you name it; Amazingly, I have found there to be a much higher rate of success when you CHOOSE important things when there is NO MOON WOBBLE. But when you make major decisions during a Moon Wobble (like buying stocks, a house, getting married, or meeting someone), there is a 90% rate of disappointment. (Please note there is a 10% rate of success, so it is not hopeless, and I have tried time and again to beat the Wobble, and have succeeded a few times) I have a friend I went to college with (University of Missouri, and Central Methodist University) back when he and I were roommates. He is a stock broker, and he insists on being notified when the Wobble hits, so he can short some of his stocks and not buy big, because he has witnessed literally millions and millions of dollars being lost by his clients when they buy big during the Moon Wobble, and because I have warned him 100's of times over the years, he is a believer. Something that I heard, (Not confirmed for Viet Nam), was that we started  the Viet Nam War, the invasion of Afghanistan to capture Bin Laden, and the Iraq War all during Moon Wobble. IN fact, I remember trying to contact someone who knew the President to tell him to wait. They did not wait, and attacked Iraq during the Moon Wobble peak. I'm not saying that is the reason why we have not captured Bin Laden yet, or why it's so hard to pull out of Iraq (Or Viet Nam for that matter), but I don't believe it helped. I for one, try hard to make all my major choices before and after the WOBBLE, and finish projects, encourage completion, and do my research and development during the Moon Wobble. This topic, sounds like something you should copy and paste print out, also to forward to friends who may be interested in this phenomena. As always feel free to include my topic in your journal with a link back to my journal, and web site.

I'm hoping that this is some new information that many of you needed to know about Astrologically speaking. I am also hoping that if it seemed confusing to you, to take your time, and read it over again slowly. Astrology as a science has always been studied and appreciated by very intelligent people. Those who do not understand or respect Astrology, that is their problem, and I bear them no malice for not believing in it (free country), however, I find it to be very accurate, and I pass on such things for information to those who want it.

I have made money in Real Estate using the Moon Wobble, in Municipal Bonds, and I have formed successful partnerships using this formula. I have also noticed that I have been terribly disappointed (Disappointment being the KEY word for Moon Wobble) when making vital decisions, meeting new people, women, starting projects, businesses, or ventures, even vacations planned during the 28 day cycle of Moon Wobble.

So, once again get ready for the 28 day run where emotions run wild (From the Moon), and Purpose is questioned, (from the Sun) The good news, is that Christmas is after 12/20, so at least this year we will not have the holidays during the Wobble.

Happy Thanksgiving to you ALL, coming up! Don't forget to DUCK!

Farley Malorrus,

YOu can hear 127 Audio topics around 25 minutes each, by donation, open your chakras, and experience evolution from this site, all by donation! God bless you for dropping by and reading my journal and please PASS IT ON!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A little Under the Weather today

Hey all, I'm a bit under the weather today with a sinus infection, so lying low. "We got our 2nd donation in 2 months," to the server.
Can you imagine? Now, 2 donations, thanks to the wondrous 2!

While I'm not feeling well, please listen to my shows, and donate if you like to support the server!


Farley M.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

TO hear Me on my last Radio Interview

To hear me on my last RadioInterview, click here:

XZone Radio Interviews Farley
Listen to the segment of Rob McConnell with Farley as his guest on XZone radio that aired on October 24th, 2006 (approximately 40 minutes).

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

ASTROLOGY EXPLAINED.....The Micro Verse VS the Macro Verse By Farley Malorrus

The known Universe is made up entirely of Energy Spheres. From the Largest Planets, Stars, Moons, and even Galaxies, everything in the Macro Verse is spherical. Funny how that works. When you get down to a molecular level, in the Micro Verse, everything also is full of energy spheres. Electrons, neutrons, protons, are basically just energy in a glowing ball. Einstein predicted he could create a worm hole and travel from one dimension to another, one planet to another, or one time frame to another, if he could only create a perfectly ROUND sphere, with no flaws. He never lived long enough to perfect his theory. Maybe one day, someone will.

The point is, that we live in a Macro Universe made up of energy spheres, and the entire material realm is made up of energy spheres. Now, maybe you might start to understand why Astrologers consider the relationship between one set of spheres (in the Macro verse) and another set of spheres (in our bodies in the Micro Verse) has a such a distinct effect on the other.

It's all about gravity, magnetism, law of cause and effect, north and south poles; basically everything we sense is electric and filled with undefined electrical energy (God), that is what we call in perpetual motion, meaning that even if we die, our bodies molecular structure still has perpetual motion and changes into something else, other than us.

In order to relate to Astrology, you need to understand the overwhelming impact of the Macro Verse (The Huge Spheres in Space), and the DNA structure of the micro verse in our bodies. In truth, as far as I can see, when we are born, and when we are babies, the very second we take our first breath of life, our bodies are literally ZAPPED with the complete structure of the Universe that I firmly believe is encoded within our very DNA. Of course, our science hasn't gone far enough to prove that point, but through practical application, I feel that I have proven it unto myself, and that is all I need to know to practice and teach Astrology.

For Example, even though we are aware of the existence of gamma rays, even alpha rays, beta rays, or delta rays; the existence of epsilon rays, psi rays, and an infinite variety of other rays that exist and bombard us on a daily basis in this Universe have yet to be discovered, but STILL Astrologers all over the World who have proven unto themselves (as I have) that Astrology does in fact WORK, know that these cosmic rays, and the imprint of the Universe on any living being at Birth gives them a magnetic charge, defined by the Astrology Chart (Natal Birth Chart) and this vibration stays with us our entire life. That is why and how Astrology works, and why and how an Astrologer can read and understand organic beings (Humans), when analyzing their life's potential.

The Universe as a whole from our point of view seems frozen, as we are so far away from the billions and trillions of celestial bodies and galaxies, that we detect very little movement or change. The part of the Universe that is important to us in our analysis of Astrology is the local Universe (Our Solar System), because these are the celestial bodies that "move" from our point of view, and thereby define magnetism. Because the Solar System is FLAT, it and the Sun from our point of view travel through only 12 sectors of space, the 12 Star Constellations we now know as the ZODIAC. For example there are no "Big Dipper Signs," Or People with "Pegasus," or the "North Star" in their charts, because the planets, Sun, and Moon don't go there. They travel on a flat course called the "Ecliptic," which is basically the Zodiac.

So, when you are born, an Astrologer can analyze your magnetic structure by seeing WHERE the SUN, MOON, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and the Constellation on the Eastern Horizon (Where the SUn rises) at birth, called the Rising Sign, as far as compiling your chart, and seeing what your "Vibe," is. That's basically all that's in a chart, SUN, MOON, and the 8 planets besides the Earth with the Rising, so 11 Factors.

The Astrologer also grades the Geometrical Angles; 30, 60, 90, 120, and 180 degree angles that exist between the planets in your chart, called ASPECTS to understand the intricacies and precise magnetism of your body, brain, and DNA. It is a fascinating analysis, and when you get deep into it, it is quite revealing. I do Chart Analysis by the hour, but I am quite expensive; still if you require a reading, I take Visa and Master card, and can be reached at 310-415-9222.

In any event, I just wanted you to know from a scientific standpoint how it all worked, so you could print this section out, save it, readit 20 times, and maybe eventually it will sink in.

Astrology is basically a combination of Astronomy, Geometry, Algebra, Calculus, and Logarithms in order to reveal your personal magnetism, and hence your potential path in life. Astrology is not palmistry, not psychic stuff, (although many Astrologers are psychic and do channel), not guess work, or fortune telling. It is an exact science, that requires great knowledge and intelligence to understand and interpret. Every Astrologer I have ever met, has nearly always been next to genius.

That's my journal for today, and I hope that helps you understand Astrology better.

Also, please visit my web site to hear 127 audio topics by donation, and I WISH SOME OF YOU WHO USE THE SITE ALL THE TIME WOULD DONATE, as up to now we have gotten ONE PAY PAL DONATION, which is not very good. (Providence help us!) (Even $5 would help, as the server cost $150 a month) No pressure.

Farley Malorrus

(You would think spiritual people would be generous and tithe, but so far, they are NOT!) I have hope they will change.

Monday, November 13, 2006

5 Planets in Scorpio Hence the Topic on SEX By Farley Malorrus

I thought, now "Why did I just do a topic on Sex in my Journal?" Then I looked at todays planets and saw the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter in Scorpio, mostly on my Scorpio Moon, and thought, "Okay!"

Hard to avoid Scorpionic Issues today or this week.....I still hope that last entry helps some people understand themselves or others sexually.
Oops! Back to the drawing board!!!


ASTROLOGY AND SEX By Farley Malorrus

Through my many varied and experimental times in my life learning about love and romance, I have digested a great deal in order to understand people sexually through Astrology.

The Hottest signs in Bed:

Aries-Can Make up their mind quick and stay the course for long periods of romanticizing and passion, bordering on sex addiction. They tend to have high energy for sex and if they are in shape will stay the course no matter how long.

Taurus-Lives and loves physical contact, kissing, touching, aggressive passion, and durability with the right partner. Tends to dominate or try to control someone in bed. They are said to be the most sensuous of all the signs, and maybe the most passionate. They overall love sex.

Gemini-Open minded to just about anything sexually, in fact the most kinky of all the signs, and the most to experiment with bi sexual and homo sexual tendency. Next to Pisces, the Gemini may be the easiest and most open minded to get into bed. They must watch being too promiscuous.

Leo-A bit oversexed, and sometimes too much sex on the mind or the brain. Leos either want you or don't and if they want you, you best be ready to perform as it can last for hours. They love the fore play, hugging, kissing, and passion, as it intoxicates them. When in Love, Sex is much better for all signs, but especially for Leo (My Sign). They tend to wear their 'horny,' on a sleeve. When you finally have sex with a Leo, they will start to think and talk about other things. Best to get it done then move on!

Libra-Tend to use sex as manipulation and to 'get what they want,' and experiments with sex more than any of the other signs. Their shapes and faces are so sexy, that most of the other signs go for them, so they tend to have a big choice of lovers. They need to watch out for promiscuity also.

Scorpio-This sign rules sex, and these folks tend to be the ones who might over do it. Are most nymphomaniacs Scorpio? I would say yes, or that they have pronounced Scorpio in their charts. These folks write the book on sex, and if you want to learn about sex, go to bed with a Scorpio (Or Scorpio Moon or Rising)

The Warmest Signs In Bed

Sagittarius-A little bit picky, somewhat selective, and not as commitment oriented, but if they like you, they should perform well, and if they have some Scorpio or water in their chart it might help. This sign as well as Scorpio, Virgo, and Cancer, can easily be celibate. Because they sometimes don't stick around long, they would be #3 in Promiscuity next to Gemini and Libra.

Capricorn-The trick here is to keep them sober enough to finish the sex act! Kidding? Maybe, but I find Capricorn to be the most lusty and very easy going if they like you as far as getting into bed. This sign is usually a good, honorable, honest, trusting mate. I'm not sure why, but I like that.

Pisces-Frankly, these guys are known as the 'push overs' of the Zodiac when it comes to love and sex, as they arein love with the idea, and tend to trance out when you start kissing them, so you can do just about whatever you want! They would rank #4 in potential promiscuity. I think the Pisces are great in bed, if they wouldn't go into another dimension during sex!

The Potentially Cold signs

(No offense, and this would not hold true for ALL Of them, just some of them)

Cancer, (Is it because I was married to one, maybe) tends to be very moody and when it comes to sex, they need to be in a mood. They are the most "romantic" of all the 12 signs, no question, that they like the cuddling and kissing, but for raw passion, the mood needs to be perfect. They are very much into being nurtured in bed, and nurturing back. THey are another one who trances out.

Virgo, These folks tend to analyze love, sex, and relationships too much. I find them always in their head and not enough in their gut or groin. Virgo also rules conservative values, and the Virgin, (not by accident I may add), and morals. If they do go berserk sexually, it is usually an explosion of expression and experimentation. Often confused sexually, next to Gemini they tend to experiment more with bi sexual and homo sexual tendencies. Think less, just enjoy!

Aquarius, There is no question in my mind that the Aquarius is the most sexy of ALL SIGNS, and by far the Best in Bed of all signs. The problem is finding them in the mood. They are a stubborn group and prefer mental contact sometimes over the physical. IF you are with an Aquarius and your sex life is by appointment, or when 'they are in the mood,' (forget about you!), then you will understand. There are exceptions to every rule, but I've been with quite a few Aquarian women and they all seem the same; the best in bed, but only when in the mood, which could be once a week or every 10 days.

Ok, there will be exceptions to every rule. I am speaking here generally my own personal analysis of the attributes sexually of all twelve signs. FRANKLY, IF You have WATER in you chart, like Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer; you will naturally be more romantic, more passionate, and have greater sexual needs. The less water, the less need for sex. That is the basic rule. SO no matter what your sun sign is, if you chart is filled with "Hot signs," you will usually be hot in bed, and if you chart is filled with Cold Signs, (Say you are Cancer Sun, with Aquarius Moon, and Virgo Rising), you may not even like, want, or needsex!

Hope you liked that topic, as I enjoy figuring people out!

Farley Malorrus,

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Astrology for Dummies By Farley Malorrus

The Magnetic Traits of the 12 Zodiac Signs

By Farley Malorrus


Gets along best with other fire, LEO, and Sag. Does not get along with Cardinals signs Cancer and Capricorn. Is opposite Libra, so could go either way. Rules the Head, Childhood, eyes, teeth, brain, hair, nose and everything above the neck. Acts most like a kid, is typically honest, and like a freight train when excited. Planet Ruler is Mars. Can be quite sexual. This sign may make the best soldier, construction worker, dedicated friend, lover, partner, someone you can count on. They volunteer to help and donate more than the other 12.


Gets along best with other Earth, Virgo, and Capricorn. Does not get along with Fixed signs Leo, and Aquarius. Is opposite Scorpio so could go either way. Rules the neck, throat, larynx, and any part of the neck area. Is very materialistic, and thinks most of all signs about money and assets. Can be very stubborn, passionate, and likes physical contact. The hugging sign. Can be very sensual and romantic even aggressive sexually. Sometimes too stubborn. Taurus aggression is ruled by the charging Bull, so sometimes they may need to learn to be more gentle, more communicative, and less physical when upset with people.


Gets along best with other Air Signs, Aquarius and Libra. Does not get along with other Mutable Signs, Pisces and Virgo. Is opposite Sagittarius, so could go either way. Rules the hands, arms, chest, breasts, and upper torso. Talks a lot typically and is very communicative and brain oriented. May think and talk too much. Psychology and Mental Illness is ruled by Gemini. Very open minded sexually, and even open to alternate lifestyles more than most signs. Known to be more open minded, and flexible.


Gets along best with other Water Signs, Pisces and Scorpio. Does not get along with other Cardinal Signs, Aries and Libra. Is opposite Capricorn, so can go either way. Rules the stomach, digestive tract, breasts, and middle torso. Typically quite emotional, but acts tough, however very sensitive and adoring of cute things, pets, and babies. The most maternal sign, nurturing, nourishing, and likes to cook and eat more than most. Taste buds usually enhanced. Could be over sensitive, have a temper, and usually expresses feelings quickly, or eventually. Sexually, it depends on their mood, but could be very passionate and actually trance out when in love.


Gets along best with other Fire Signs, Aries and Sagittarius. Does not get along with the Fixed signs, Taurus and Aquarius. Is opposite Aquarius so it could go either way. Leo rules the heart, back, spine, and structure of the body. Watching cholesterol and stress level is critical to this sign. Like a Lion very protective of family, children, and embraces concept of father, also quite paternal. Can be your best friend if happy, or your worst enemy if rifled. Leo's need love and respect, and if they don't get it, they may not stick around. They think they are royalty, hence the way they act. They are typically funny and love humor and to laugh, and hate being upset, uncomfortable or angry, so will do what's necessary to get out of it. Quite charming people, they love sex and physical contact, as love making is ritualistic and intoxicating to them. Very similar to the exotic jungle cats. IF humble, they make the best leaders. If not humble, they make the biggest jerks.


Gets along with other Earth Signs, Capricorn and Taurus. Does not get along with the Mutable Signs, Gemini and Sagittarius. Is opposite Pisces so could go either way. Virgo rules the intestines, and lower digestion. For this they can be quite anal. Virgo is detail oriented and health conscious, and this sign rules medicine, doctors, surgery, and pets. They make good mechanics, doctors, surgeons, accountants, and anything that deals with details or figures. They are typically 'neat freaks.' They are also very open minded to alternate lifestyles and figuring out what love is. (Can you do that?) They need more fiber than the rest of us, and hold their stress in their lower guts. Romantically they tend to analyze too much, and may be too much in their head and not their heart or groin. For that reason, many Virgos are conservative, and patient when it comes to love, but will surrender and be like unto a love slave if dedicated. Virgo can turn love and passion on and off, much like a Scorpio. They can be the best lovers, or the most celibate.


Gets along with other Air Signs, Gemini and Aquarius. Does not get along with other Cardinal Signs, Capricorn and Cancer. Is opposite Aries, so it could go either way. Libra is the justice part of the zodiac, and rules law, love, partnership, relationship, marriage, counseling, balance, harmony, and peace. They are the most charming and sometimes beautiful of the 12 signs, but may be the most deceptive, manipulative and liars of the group also. An honest Libra is hard to find, but they are special. Libra rules the kidneys, and urinary tract, so plenty of water is important. Romantically they may be the best in all areas, if they are being honest with you and giving you a good shot. Making love to a Libra can be like a dream, if it lasts. Many attorneys, judges, politicians, and con artists have Libra in their horoscopes, along with salesmen, car salesmen, and infomercial actors.


Gets along with other Water Signs, Cancer and Pisces. Does not get along with other fixed signs of Leo and Aquarius. Is opposite Taurus, so it could go either way. Scorpio is the passion and compassion we feel. Whereas Cancer is emotion, Scorpio is deeper emotion and repressed emotions. The most loyal, direct, intense, and caring of the 12 signs, they are either euphoric and open, or frighteningly quiet and repressed. It is best to vent your emotions if you are Scorpio, so they don't eat you up. This sign is open minded typically to occult, sacred, secretive, or ancient knowledge and has a knowing as to what is true and what is not. On the other hand, if not open to Occult sciences, they may be deeply religious bordering the fanatic. This sign is either the most sexual or the most repressed and celibate of all 12 signs. They tend to overwhelm their partners when they try to show the full brunt of their feelings. Most signs can't handle that, so Scorpio needs to control their feelings.


Gets along with other Fire Signs, Leo and Aries. Does not get along with the Mutable Signs of Virgo and Pisces. Is opposite Gemini, so it could go either way. Sagittarius is a warm, loving, caring, compassionate sign, that loves sports, activities, horses, travel, philosophy, open mindedness, and peace. This sign rules independence, freedom, and revolution to obtain same. The liver and hips are the part of the body ruled by Sagittarius, and many Sagittarius have pronounced or very attractive back sides. The main problem with Sag is if they get uncomfortable or upset, they may bolt or need 'space.' Romantically, they may be the most promiscuous and therefore more prone to sexual diseases (Next to Scorpio), so should be most selective and learn to settle down with one person. They are also quite passionate and physical and may need to watch out for sexual addiction. They also love to eat and sometimes over indulge. A happy Sag is quite entertaining, and often funny, and an upset Sag may be quite disruptive and often times loud.


Gets along with other Earth Signs, Virgo and Taurus. Does not get along with the Cardinal Signs, Aries and Libra. Is opposite Cancer so could go either way. Capricorns are the 'good guys' of the zodiac, but could become quite obnoxious and disruptive if their agenda is not in line (Nixon). They are success and career oriented, typically hard workers, underpaid, with a very dry sense of humor and ruled by the knees, skin, and bones. Typically the most honest of all the signs, but there is nothing worse than a Capricorn who is lying or cheating. Loyal, dedicated, authentic, and prone to drinking alcohol more than most signs, also somewhat over indulgent. Very passionate romantically and lustful in fact. Sex may be fantastic with a Capricorn if they have a heart.


Gets along with the other Air Signs or Gemini and Libra. Does not get along with the other Fixed Signs, Taurus and Scorpio. Is opposite Leo, so it could go either way. Aquarius is witty, smart, mental, communicative, pondering, and calculating in how they approach life. They are hot and cold and are either with you or against you, and this may change from day to day. This sign rules break up, divorce, accidents, lightning, sudden change, and diversity. It also rules humanity and humanitarians. They are the most passionate and most celibate of all signs, and depends on the day as to what their mood romantically will be. Many Aquarius women are well endowed in the breast area, along with their Gemini counterparts. This sign may be the smartest and the most stubborn, so be advised. Aquarius rules the ankles, shins, and circulation.


This sign may be the best sign as it may have the attributes of all the other 12. Pisces gets along with other Water Signs, of Scorpio and Cancer. It does not get along with other Mutable signs of Sagittarius and Gemini. It is opposite Virgo, so it could go either way. This sign is emotional, dreamy, intuitive, psychic, trance like, loves music, singing, dancing, playing instruments, and tends to be most prone to drugs and marijuana, (Marijuana is most widely used by Leo's) Pisces must avoid escapism or risk oblivion, as Spirituality is their strength, or religion, and falling back on God may be their saving grace. Pisces rules the feet and basically the entire body.

I hoped you liked the basics of the 12 signs,and thanks for reading my journal.
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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Scorpio Transits Hit Home, Farley loses a friend, By Farley Malorrus

Hi Everyone, I'm back from Canada and the Northeastern U.S. happy to arrive in the "New America." I got some sad news from my Mother when I arrived, that my oldest Finch, maybe the oldest African Green Singing Finch in the world, "Harpy Harpsichord," had died yesterday when I was en route. He was 15 years old and went through some of the biggest transitions of my life including 4 cross country trips across America. To me he was more than a bird, more than a friend, but almost like a little guardian angel who kept me company all these years and whose melodic singing carried me through some pretty tough times. Most of my friends would agree that it seemed like Harpy responded, and seemed to speak to what appeared to not be there. Was he speaking to the spirits, a ghost, animals on the other side, birds from another dimension? In many ways, Harpy was so magical, it never seemed to me that he was only a bird, but almost like a visitor from a different dimension. He follows a long line of birds I have kept as friends in my life, but he lived the longest. Someone told me that 15 years of life to a finch would be like 120 for a human being. Now, it is quiet, and my 3 remaining exotic finches are quiet seeming to mourn the loss of our friend. It never fails that when November roles around, Scorpio time, which rules death, rebirth, resurrection, closure, and finality; that someone I know, someone in my family or a friend like Harpy passes on. I know he was struggling of late, and I suspected he might not survive this last trip I just had taken. I am sad I was not there when he passed, as usually I am when my bird friends decide to leave. I guess he waited as long as he could then he waited no more. My Mom buried him in our 'bird cemetery,' in her back yard and showed me the grave. I am in a sullen mood tonight, but thought I would share this with you my readers, and friends, so you could have a closer more intimate look at my life. My Moon in Scorpio tends to bury my emotions and I have to dig them up to process them, which is what I intend to do tonight.
Until then, I will have to wait to see my friend Harpy one day in the life, and along with my dog Tiger Wiger, the Pomeranian who died 2 years ago, I hope that they take care of themselves in heaven, until and when if ever I decide to make the trip. He was a kind gentle soul, with a song of love and light, a wink in his eye, and at one time was even finger trained. Can you imagine having a finchthat is finger trained? It was quite remarkable. I often gazed in amazement when he would squawk as if in alarm at seemingly something when nothing was there. I called him my little "ghost buster," and always put my shields up when he acted like that. Now, he'll  just have to ghost bust on the other side. God Bless you my old friend Harpy Harpsichord II, join your Daddy, Harpy Senior in heaven, and know that you will be missed.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Democracy WINS, Democrats win HOUSE and 51 to 49 in Senate

Even though it is very CLOSE, it appears the SCORPIO PLANETS have proven TRUE, and the DEMOCRATS have  won the Senate 51 to 49 (Montana and Virginia close, but the Dems win), and also have taken the house. I guess with all those elections going on, it may be a little difficult to tweak all those individual elections, so the 5 SCORPIO Aspects have succeeded in a complete "PHOENIX" effect on American Politics, and change is in order. More later....

Tuesday, November 7, 2006


Congratulations to the Democratic Candidates for winning the House of Representatives, and to Nancy Pelosi the first female Speaker of the House, 3rd in line for the Presidency. Congratulations to the Democrats for literally taking 1/2 the Senate, and maybe get the majority by Morning.
America has voted for change. May God Lead down the proper path and guide our new leadership in the year ahead.

SATURN the LORD OF KARMA & My Reflection on 2 Weeks in Canada By Farley Malorrus

(Even though this post is a bit 'intense,' I'm Happier then I've been in Months, so please don't interpret it, as the blues...just another story.)

Well, I came up here to the North East, New York, New England, and Canada, (Toronto) to calm down, feel good, chill out, relax, make a peace with some old friends (without success), and basically prepare for Saturn Return, (Saturn returns to the birth Point in your chart once every 30 years or so). My last Saturn Return in 1978 saw my best bud, Michael Alcana die in a car wreck, (I Have Saturn in the 11th house of friends, so my best one dies) Now, here it is almost 30 years later and I hold my breath as to what Saturn will bring this time. I pray all my close friends are ok, and that my Mom and Dad survive to the 90's and maybe 100. Still, there is a stillness in the air that tells me the destiny of life sometimes seems written and we just have to grin and bear it, as fate takes it's toll.

As an Astrologer, we try to pinpoint what these surgical aspects in our charts are about, so we can prepare for it. No matter what any Astrologer tells you, there is no way to prepare for shock and awe in one's life, as it happens in the deaths of loved ones, the ending of jobs, and the endings of relationships, or losing a pet. I have a much healthier attitude on death and dying by now, having lost so many friends and relatives and I figure they are just being reborn into a new life, so try not to be so upset when someone goes. The draw of karma sometimes is outlined by how close you are to people, how much you love them, and should they die, how much the loss affects you. November has not been a very good month in general historically for my family as it seems, many of them pass away in that month, so we all kind of just 'hold our breath,' when November comes, hoping no one will fail us. I felt so bad the other day, I wasn't sure I was going to make it, but some herbs, vitamins, meditation and solid sleep helped that out, along with prayer, visualization and giving thanks to the almighty for the blessings and good life I already have.

So many people are affected by Saturn being in Leo. My Mom born in 1918 has Saturn in Leo, then those born 1919, also have it, 30 years later, those born in 1947, 1948 have Saturn in Leo, then 30 years later, those born in 1977, and 1978 have it. So, Lots of people some turning 30, some turning 60, and some turning 90 are all having their Saturn Cycles. Saturn, the Lord of the sign of Capricorn is also the LORD OF KARMA for us all, and when interpreting Saturn in Sign, house, and geometrical aspect to other planets in your birth chart you can easily zero in on your Life's biggest Karma. Karma, there's that word again, and once again Karma is your biggest obsession, addiction, love, or craving, apart from God and/or the Great Spirit. For me it is Friends, Family, Father, Goals, Humanity, and Knowledge. We get all of that by finding my Saturn in Leo (Family, Father), in the 11th house of Friends, Goals, Humanity and knowledge. When I do leave this Earth I remind myself to embrace God and be able to leave all of that behind. I guess I was tremendously tested when Michael Alcana died at 20 years old, the youngest of my closest friends, and the one who was hardest to let go of. I really got a huge dose of what Karma was when he died suddenly in intensive care, after recovering from surgery and a terrible accident where he rolled over his car in the rain about 5 times, and somehow survived. AFter a lot of family politics he was moved to a hospital in L.A. from Santa Barbara, and died 3 days later. It hit me like an electric shock, like a part of me died, and took a very long time to recover. If you look back at what happened to you from 27 to 30, you could probably discover your own life's largest block of Karma and what you did to embrace it during that time.

The good news, is that I am not alone, because ALL of these people with Saturn in Leo are having Saturn returns now with me, so they are all being confronted by their lives greatest karma. That is exactly why it is so important to love God, love God within, and realize that God is a staple that will never change, and that we can never lose...God can never be defined as Karmic only Dharma, or deeds.

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Farley Malorrus

Monday, November 6, 2006

Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, and Aquarius "Not" having a good week By Farley Malorrus

(Even though some of these planetary aspects are at a tough angle to each other or a stress aspect, it is not all bad. It offers us a rare opportunity to make peace, create closure where needed, get well, or see a doctor,  do something to fix things, admit your mistakes, contruct where structure is needed, make changes, be cautious, be alert, give out a lot of hugs, meditate, and tell people you love them. Nothing is ever that bad, as there is always hope!)

As  I watched Tom Brady (Quarterback for the Patriots and LEO) in futility during the Colts/Patriots game last night, I reflected on what it must be like to be a Leo this week and play in the National Football League. He threw about 3 or 4 interceptions and no touchdowns at home in Boston and the Colts won. Frankly, I haven't been feeling too good myself, and on analysis, I realized all my Leo, Aquarius (my Mom), Taurus, and Scorpio friends and relatives are having a rather tough time. It's bad enough when one planet is in one of those 4 signs as odds with the others, they are the stubborn or FIXED signs of the zodiac, and when a planet is in one of those signs, it stresses out the other 3. Now, we have the planets lined up in Scorpio (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter), Neptune in Aquarius, and poor Saturn doing it's deed to Leo's this last year and a half in LEO. That leaves Uranus in Pisces, Moon in Gemini, and Pluto in Sagittarius (Pluto still and always a VITAL Planet to all Astrologers no matter what the retarded Astronomers say.)

Now, you are saying, "So, Farley, what does that all mean?" Well, what it does mean is that out of 10 factors in the Zodiac, 7 of them are in the Fixed signs of LEO, SCORPIO, and AQUARIUS, geometrically at right angles and opposites angles which CREATES HAVOC in any and all of us who have any LEO, AQUARIUS, TAURUS, and SCORPIO in their birth Chart. I guess that includes about 85 to 90 percent of the World. Still, along with TOM BRADY, the Sun Signs of that group take the brunt of the stress, creating misfires, accidents, un diagnosed unusual health problems, bone problems muscle problems, personal private area problems, back, ankles, circulation, throat and neck areas also affected health wise.

It also creates havoc at the work place with politics running at an all time high stress level with those incontrol trying hard to control us, at school with way too much competition this week, in the streets with accidents soaring right now, in the weather patterns for the next week or two, and of course, undoubtedly within our personal relationships, love affairs, marriage, and family. It is also a bit tricky with trying to get along with or control your kids, so if life seems out of control right now, YOU ARE RIGHT!

When I woke up late this morning, I felt unusual aches, and before I took my shower, I meditated for a good long time, took a couple of Aleve, for the pain, and decided to go for a walk, have some chicken noodle soup, and take in a movie (The Guardian with Kevin Costner, and I cried during it which felt good.)
I may also add, that teeth may be affected due to sinus or other problems and other areas of the head. All of this happening in the middle of a midterm election, which should see a lot of incumbents with their charts loaded with those 4 signs (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio) getting beat, some very badly in tomorrows elections, and I say rightfully so.

I've also been on an earthquake watch, terrorist act watch, weird or strange news events, and as always observing people in public and watching emotions flare, tempers run high, and some just losing control. With Neptune (drugs and alcohol) at the forefront of this issue, unfortunately, lots of folks will be into escape mode with drugs and alcohol, some not so lucky even losing their lives through over indulgence. This is not a time to overdose on prescription or other medication due to this aspect. I Love watching these aspects when all the planets are at odds in all the fixed signs like this, because it only helps prove to me every single time that ASTROLOGY DOES WORK, that we are magnetic creatures, that we live in a magnetic Universe, and that this Solar System we live in is one big magnet, and like sea creatures living in the ocean being affected by the currents and sea conditions, we as magnetic creatures are directly affected by these huge stellar bodies in space as they move through it.
SO, now you know, that if you are Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus in your Sun sign, why everything has been helter skelter in your life, if it has, why you haven't felt so good lately, or why you're having problems at work or in relationships. Good old President Bush is a Leo Rising and his wife having her birthday yesterday is a Scorpio, so if that is any sign, the Republicans should get nuked in the election tomorrow, making it a bad week even for them.

I mean here is a guy, in a position to MAKE HIMSELF LOOK LIKE A GOD, if he DID pull out of Iraq, with public reaction begging him to, and he doesn't do it. I tell you if I'm President, no one has to ask me 'about a plan,' the ORDER WOULD BE GIVEN, "PULL OUT NOW!" It might take a few weeks to get all the troops out, and I'd negotiate with the insurgents for a cease fire, so we can get out. But, I would do it, as that is what the people of the U.S. and the World want us to do. Still, George won't do it, and I don't understand what is so important to go against the American people and the World? IF that isn't a conundrum, I don't know what is?

So, fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen, and make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in an upright position and 'hang on,' for the next three weeks to 2 months, while this insanity with the planets continues. I'm just here as your Astrologer to try and make some sense out of it, and explain it to you!

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Thanks for reading my journal, and good luck during these aspects. Once again, Make Love, not War.

Farley Malorrus,