Sunday, November 26, 2006

Astrology Explained. How to avoid the Stress, and Anger of the Holidays. By Farley Malorrus

The strange times continue with the Sagittarius transits and the Moon Wobble. People get down right weird during the holidays. They break up with you for no announced reason, or dump you. Your friends need space and decide to break a 20 year tradition, your Dad goes berserk and abuses the family with a tirade; things just get downright crazy. I refuse to let any of this get me down. I try to stay focused on some of the major elements in life that keeps you confident and happy. I am sure that some of these "humans" were born to test us, to cut us, put us down, criticize us, judge us, or verbally and physically abuse us. In all likelihood, if it is physical abuse, well the Police should be called. Otherwise, I learned it best to turn the other cheek, grin and bear it. It's they who are the one's with the problem not us. SO, when you go to your holiday functions and your friends and family freak out, reject you, abandon you, or abuse you, look to the love inside yourself for solace.

A long time ago a wise man once told me that it is the love inside ourselves that is the most important love we can seek, as this love is really God's love. So, when I go to these functions, or experience some madness then I return to my main focus in life, which is inner peace, happiness, and balance.

My focus is simple as I strive to be healthy, meaning I get my vitamins, nutrition, minerals, hydration, and exercise and do what I can to avoid aches pains, chronic ailments, and take the herbs necessary to keep my blood pressure normal (Usually Garlic helps, or Kyolic Garlic Pills), my sleep time consistent (8 hours), and my attitude in check meaning that I choose to remain happy and funny, no matter what ever else is happening in the world. I organize my chores and projects for the week on Sunday and Monday, and basically leave behind the negative people, and vibrations that I experience all of my life. If necessary, I meditate for 20 minutes before my morning meal and 20 minutes before my evening meal to reduce blood pressure, stress, and to vent safely any negative emotions from any bad holiday or other experiences. The best thing I do is take on a new attitude, meaning instead of caring so much for people who obviously don't care about me or my loved one's my attitude is "WHATEVER!" I like the 'whatever' attitude because it takes negative emotions that are hanging on to you and sends them on their way free of your heart and into space.

For example, someone tells me someone doesn't like me...Whatever! Maybe someone tells me another person is talking badly about me.....Whatever! Or I see someone I love in my family get in an argument with another person, in which case I will try to help them iron it out, but in the end, I just think whatever! Truth be known, the only thing that negative emotions, hate, worry, anxiety, or concern can hurt, IS YOU, and no one else, (unless you are Bi Polar)  If you have a lot of Water in your chart, like Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio, you may be over sensitive like me (Scorpio Moon, Venus in Cancer, 2 planets in 12th House) in which case you need to be able to read and process your emotions quickly, so they don't eat you up inside and make you sick. I am convinced at this point in my life that most disease and premature death is caused by people who stress themselves out, worry too much, are defeatist with negative attitudes, and basically in the end give up.

I have decided to not be like that, instead return to my happy, funny center, and instead of carrying around a bag of stress and worries, I meditate it away, stay focused on my life's activities and use the 'whatever' mantra when necessary. Of course, those people around you that hear you say, 'whatever,' may not like it, and may get angry at you because you have an "I don't care," attitude, but if they try to haunt you with it, you just tell them, "I don't want it to eat me up inside, as it is seemingly doing to you!" So.....Whatever! The worst thing to do during the holidays is bury negative emotions under heavy drugs and alcohol, which many do during the holidays and beyond, because one day you will have to face up to your feelings and deal with them, and if you bury them, you are only postponing the inevitable. My other advice to all of you during the holidays is not to patronize or argue with a person who is drunk or an obvious alcoholic as this is a 'no win' situation, especially if they are drunk, it could only create havoc! SO, when someone asks me if I want a drink during the holidays I say "no" as I don't drink! Just some words to the wise, don't let the holidays get you down, have fun, be safe, don't drive drunk and don't let the one's who are over stressed take you down. God Bless you for reading my journal!

SO have a Happy Holiday season, and let's pray for World Peace!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah from Farley Malorrus


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Anonymous said...

Very timely commets, Unber Astro , for us all right now.
Keep surfing the vibe, Farley. You're catching the wave.
Thank you for a timely resonant post .

a fan