Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Intensity of Scorpio By Farley Malorrus, channeling the Osiris Energy

Scorpio is the most intense Astrological sign. There is no doubt about it. Funny thing is, we all have Scorpio somewhere in our horoscopes. Scorpio is a deeply intense, emotional, passionate energy that drives the human race. Without Scorpio, no one would care about anything. The Scorpio effect creates desire, hunger, craving, obsession, possessive behavior, jealousy, rage, repressed emotion, repressed anger, compassion, deep inner love, authentic love, God's love, and resurrection from the ashes. Many Astrologers believe that the Eagle or the Scorpion rules this sign, but I am firmly convinced that the mythical Phoenix is what truly rules the energy of this water sign. Imagine a fire creature ruling a water energy.

Mercury is eclipsing Jupiter in Scorpio the next 4 days adding to the mix, as Mercury rules all of our thought processes, making communication in all ways so intense, if at all. Sometimes during these Scorpio transits, the most important things are left unsaid. Mercury will move out of Scorpio in the next 2 weeks, but then Venus, the Sun, and Mars will join Jupiter creating a violent mix for all the war zones, political fervor amongst the paranoia merchants, and outrageously vicious political races amongst the candidates mostly including a ton of lies, un truths, and frankly brain washing. This is a time to make love, not war; not only in our personal relationships, but an excellent time to make a peace with the Middle East and pull out of Iraq, and Afghanistan, (which won't happen, but still a great time for peace to occur). Instead, I expect violence and the death count to be higher (which is always the case for Scorpio transits, and crimes of passion to be on the increase.) If your personal relationships get too intense, you may prefer a passionate Scorpio response to repressed emotions instead of rage, outburst, and arguments. With Saturn in unfriendly Leo, and Neptune in Unfriendly Aquarius (Leo and Aquarius at odds with Scorpio and each other), the result could be a 30 day period that is filled with havoc all over the World, and change. Because Neptune is in the mix, unfortunately, this will cloud a lot of issues, create a lot of ill feelings based on illusion and delusion, and create a lot of breakups, that really should not happen as they won't have a solid basis for breaking up, (Only the delusion).

I like to explain sometimes when a lot of activity is in one sign, like Scorpio this next month, because then, when things get hot, wild, out of control, and emotionally explosive, people understand better why it is happening. WE are constantly bombarded with the energy of all 12 sectors of the Zodiac (the 12 signs), and as the planets go through this area of space, they trigger our very molecules in our bodies, as our molecules are charged with the NATAL CHART OF THE ZODIAC we all absorb at birth, called the Natal Chart. This chart is an energy that stays with you all your life. This is how Astrologers can read your life's energies, by looking at WHERE the planets are when you were born, and the sign on the Eastern horizon at birth, called the Rising sign. (Read that over a few times, if you didn't get it!)

There is more to Astrology then Sun Signs. It is all about all the planets in the sky in their signs, not just the SUN.

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Farley Malorrus,

Magic...The Power of the Mind, The Power of God, Magic and Sports

I had a guest over yesterday during the Cardinals/Mets game in St. Louis (Game 3 of NLCS.) I was demonstrating how to empower a pitcher or players on a team with prayer, visualization, ceremony and confidence.
Ironically, the St. Louis pitcher Jeff Suppan had a superb game, pitching a shutout and amazingly hitting a home run, (Pitchers rarely do this!) to help the Cardinals win game 3 and take an unlikely 2-1 series lead. They are the underdogs hence, why it was unlikely.

Magic or visualization is not something you can predict, but with faith, help from God, doing harm to none, but on the other hand passing on love and confidence, also healing if you will, to individuals, through the universal link we all share is what can help a player or a team propel themselves to greatness. This was evident last year in the unlikely leap that the Boston Red Sox took when they came back to beat the Yankees when down 3-0, and sweep the Cardinals to win the Series. If you watched it all, you could see there was a certain 'magic,' at work.

Today, I'm interested in what will happens when the Cards take on the Mets again in St. Louis (I was born in St. Louis,) and also with the Rams taking on Seattle. I will try to instill the same love and confidence in both home teams to see if the magic will stretch. Sometimes, taking advantage of the link you may have with sports or political figures can run it's course, where you don't really wish to take advantage of such power or with poor intent, it shall weaken. I do find that praying for individual players and teams can have an effect on their level of adrenaline, confidence, and over all winning attitude.
At least it's something to consider when considering your own life, as if you feel you are 'losing,' then you may want to instill some love and confidence in your self and those around you.

You would have had to have followed Earvin "Magic" Johnson from his college days at Michigan State, winning the College Championship, to the many championships he helped the Los Angeles Lakers win after college to grasp the power, confidence, faith, and magic he has instilled in his very name, Magic Johnson to embrace and confirm the power of positive thinking. I was in tune with Magic back then, having his college team in my basketball pool, which won, and also living in Los Angeles at the time, praying the Lakers wouldwin, which they did, year after year. I would assume there were individuals in Boston that believed the same thing, with Larry Bird, making the pair quite magical altogether.  It was back then that I realized that faith, prayer, connection to God, visualization, power of the mind, power of God, and connection to all people confirmed a magical link and energy that existed inside us all.

Farley Malorrus,