Tuesday, October 3, 2006

FREE SERVER? www.radioastrology.com contemplating FREE STREAMING

I was on the phone with  Kenneth, and I believe we have decided to offer all 128 Topics on www.radioastrology.com free/by donation, so that the whole world can have instant FREE ACCESS to the Ancient Knowledge. I was thinking, why charge when generous folks who listen alot will probably donate just to keep the server and topics going. Your feedback below in "add Comments," would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks All!

Farley Malorrus (Will advise on the status of the topics and the streaming going FREE/BY DONATION!)

Today's Magnificent Chart

Todays Astrological Chart has some magnificent potential (For all New borns), and fantastic aspects for new beginnings, projects, ideas, management, marriage, and committments. This all stems from the Powerful complement of what is called a stellium (3 planets close together) in Libra of Venus, Mars, and the Sun, in Trine (Positive 120 degree aspect) with the Moon and Neptune in Aquarius. I was so happy and overwhelmed when I saw this aspect last night and in embracing the fact this energy should last for a few days, providing some relief for us all in many areas. Whenever you have Planets in complimentary elements, in this case AIR SIGNS (Aquarius and Libra), it always offers positive energy to any mix.

Also, with Jupiter in a water sign (Scorpio), in compliment with Uranus in another water sign (Pisces), called a trine, the energy for today and this week is Absolutely fantastic, and literally high end for any new projects, new beginnings, and new ventures, so get those Light Bulbs over your head working!!!

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com 

Asked if the Vision of Jesus Christ was "Really True."

I had someone asked me if it was 'really true,' that I had the vision as stated. My take on it, is that I would be dead if it were not. At the time, the pain, and severity of my bleeding ulcer was 'so bad,' that I felt as though I was in a death knell, and that I actually had the choice to live or die. The appearance of Jesus Christ in my vision, as I summoned him with my prayers was real and powerful, as I wept so much, my clothes were drenched when it was over, and I recall hysterically laughing and crying out loud for about 30 minutes in the hotel room, screaming, "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD," over and over at the reaction to what had just happened to me. Amazingly so, when this 'vision' occurred of Jesus, I felt the tears roll down my face like a faucet. Imagine looking into the eyes of God, being kissed and touched by him, and having his hands placed on your head for 5 minutes. I could never explain in human terms what that felt like, but ever since, I have never had a fear of death, knowing he will be waiting for me, when that time comes. The fact is, it happened. It was a miracle, and I have felt special and blessed ever since. So, YES, it is TRUE, and this I swear with all my heart and soul.

One other thing I wanted to add is that people often ask me why Astrology and other esoteric sciences were part of my vision during the receipt of sacred knowledge. At the time, Jesus validated to me the value of the Dead Sea Scrolls, (His missing years) the Essenes, and their role in his training, (Kabballah and esoteric sciences like Astrology) the powerful impact of the 3 wise men (The Astrologers who charted the birth of Christ in the Stars became Jesus friends as he grew up), the Jewish Kabballah as a most extremely valid part of Judaism, widely ignored, but offering the mystical, magical, and miraculous roots of Judaism, and that fact that many of his words, and beliefs had been altered by hearsay, plagiarism, and manipulation by those who felt some of his life's work with the Kabbalah, the Essenes, the 3 wise Men was not valid or acceptable. I was also informed by Jesus, (Later confirmed by an orthodox Jewish Rabbi) that the 12 signs of the Zodiac represent the 12 tribes of Israel. So, in fact, Astrology is based in Judaism!  I was reminded in my vision that He (Jesus), did not write the New Testament, that he did not read it, that he did not edit it, and that he originally never even sanctioned it. I was told by the Lord to keep an open mind, an open heart, and to never be swayed by the words or thoughts of men, but only by my own intuition and spirit of God that lies within us all.  I know this might be hard for many to accept, but when you have a personal experience with Jesus Christ and he shows you the "further truth," it can change the way you look at the Universe. I was told by Jesus, that Astrology was merely a way to 'weigh energy,' and use it as farmers use the moon phases and the tides for planting and harvesting. Basically, it is a science of 'timing,' and not fortune telling as depicted by many who wish to make Astrology not look as valid as it truly it. Astrology is based on Astronomical calculations, and not guesswork. This is verified by my prediction of the Reagan Assassination, (told to the President himself), the Northridge Quake (within 24 hours), the Kobe Quake (Within 24 hours), and tons of other timing predictions I have made in my life. I have no regrets, no remorse, or no guilt about anything Jesus gave to me that day, and how I have magically channeled this knowledge on the radio, as depicted by the web site, www.radioastrology.com .

Have a wonderful week everyone, and thank you for reading my blog.

Farley Malorrus