Wednesday, January 31, 2007


President Bush could begin World War III, without an Act of War from Congress.
By Farley Malorrus

As Odd as it may seem, George Bush could order an Invasion of Iran 'tomorrow,' and begin World War III. An invasion of Iran could involve Russian,China, India, Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia and scores of other nations that could rip the Middle East apart as the Germans tore Europe apart in World War II. I'm being realistic here, as most people are blind at the opportunities, agenda, and ambition of this current administration. It my mind, it's all about money, and I don't put any thing past this administration, as they don't seem to fear Congress or repercussions from Congress or the American people, because they have the Supreme Court behind them to back their actions. Congress needs to pass a resolution 'preventing War with Iran,' immediately to prevent George Bush from taking us into World War III with a simple executive order.

Just my take.

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE WAR, my Opinion, By Farley Malorrus

The Truth About the War, My opinion

by Farley Malorrus

This war has nothing to do with Terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, or Bin Laden. There has been a civil conflict in Iraq between the different factions of Muslim for many, many years. The fact that the United States/Great Britain have an invasion force there does not help matters and would not cure the problem even if we had 2 million troops there. This is an internal religious issue that needs to be resolved by the people of Iraq, not George Bush, Dick Cheney, or the American military. The fact is that Halliburton is making billions on this war, people, American citizens are dying, and Halliburton still gets billions and billions of no bid contracts. Why doesn't Congress do something about it? You tell me? Maybe they all work for Halliburton and we don't know it! Does everything on this planet have to be about blood and money with religion as the reason why we must kill each other? Who knows who the insurgents are, who they are funded by, and whether or not ANYTHING you read in the papers or see on TV is true? It is ridiculous to assume, or think that we can create an American type Democracy in a war torn, confused nation like Iraq. There are no WMD'S, and Saddam Hussein is Dead. If I'm President, the troops are on the boat, and Halliburton can protect itself.
Here's some facts, if the U.S. Military pulls out, Halliburton loses billions and has NO ONE to protect it while trying to rebuild Iraq, supposedly rebuild Iraq. IF Iran gets involved the Iraqis will go berserk, as they hate Iranians!

I say we've done enough damage to that poor country and wasted billions of taxpayers dollars when there is strife and slavery all over Africa and the World and we ignore it. It's like Iraq is the last line of defense against terrorism. Excuse me if I haven't noticed, but there hasn't been a single terrorist act to my recollection since 911?
Does war have to be based on fear and delusion?
Does anyone base anything in this country on Logic and what is right?
Rent a copy of Platoon to see what is happening in Iraq and you will know that American Politics, big business and conflicts of interest (Dick Cheney as former CEO of Halliburton) are all over this War.
If another Republican is elected President, the war can go on for 8 more years.

Haven't the people of the United States gotten enough propaganda and BS about this stupid war?
Trust me, I feel for the Iraqi people, but I say, if George Bush or any leader in this world wants war, let them go out THEM SELF for battle against the LEADER OF THE INSURGENCY (Bin Laden?) and may the best man win. Why do we have to sacrifice innocent people in a political agenda? I don't get it. Has everyone lost their mind?
The war has nothing to do with terrorism. It is all about MONEY.
Just my take and so sad this war continues, and that people swallow what they hear.

Farley Malorrus

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Valentine for my Soul Mate, wherever she may be.

A Valentine for my Soul Mate, Wherever she may be...

The day is growing quiet now, the rain upon the roof.
My thoughts are fleeting now and then again they just go poof.
My wonderment astounds me, my visions soar so high,
My love grows now upon this day beyond the very sky.
I wonder what you are doing, and how you spend your day.
I wonder if you miss me, and something you might say.
I visualize you sitting there just beside the glass.
I see you looking out the window as the day goes past.
You miss me just as I miss you and crave a simple glance.
You see me now in shadow as I start to dance.
You laugh and smile as if you knew all my silly moves.
How funny it is to watch me dance, and do my funny grooves.
I laugh too, and hilarity rings out it's very tune.
What becomes a simple glance makes me feel just like a loon.
For spirit has it's nature, connected as we are.
To be just one and feel such love, the power of a Star.
The Humor is the answer as we are a funny couple.
TO hold you close and have you near would be oh so supple.
So even though you are not here, I feel your love tonight.
On this another Valentine's I spend alone without you in sight.
For I know we all have soul mates, and rested you may be.
To be gone so long so far away, I hope you find the key.
A key to finding me again, from one life to the next.
A key to offer one true love, and indubidibly the best.
Love knows no bounds and follows you from my heart along to yours.
To join as one and feel the warmth it means we stay the course.
So, know that I do miss you and love you with all my heart.
I always have and waited for you from the very start.
Is it so hard to find me and recognize my soul?
Do you not see my mind at last and am I still not your goal?
For me, I stand still waiting, the warrior and the knave.
Knowing one day you'll find me and of this I am so brave.
So, until that day should peek into my very world.
Know that I Love you always, and with my dreams unfurled.
Happy Valentines Day to my Dream Girl,wherever you may be.
From your beau on Planet Earth that one day you shall see.
For know that I was always in your heart and that you were always in mine.
And it all happened on this fine day, as you finished reading this line.....
LOGAN BISHOP aka Farley Malorrus

Monday, January 29, 2007

Angelina Jolie's Mother Dies, Marcheline Bertrand, Chart Analysis By Farley Malorrus

Angelina Jolie's Mother Dies, Astrology Chart Analysis,
By Farley Malorrus

Monday, January 29, 2007.
Angelina Jolie's Mother died today, Marcheline Bertrand, and noticing that Mars is in Capricorn at 9 degrees Square Angenina's 8th House mars (Scorpio Death House),and square her 8th house Moon in Aries conjunct that Mars (Moon being Mother) also in the 8th house, and a wide T SQUARE to her Pluto (Planet of Death and Scorpio) in the 3rd house, it is evident to me, that a window of 'death,' existed in her natal chart affecting her Mother. Had she been more totally informed of this aspect ahead of time, perhaps the inevitable demise of her Mom would have been more fully embraced, and considering her closeness to "Mom," Perhaps she would have been able to spend more time with her. When someone is born with an 8th house Moon Opposed Pluto, normaly their Mom can die young (Her mom was 56, quite young), and it also gives one an intense Scorpio Flare with 3, 8th house planets, Jupiter, Moon, and Mars. She was born with an 11th house Gemini Sun (Jon Voight, Sun is Father), trine Pluto in the 3rd in Libra at 6 degrees, so I'm assuming, that the passing of her Mom may bring her closer to her Dad. At least the possibility is there. It takes Mars 2 Years to round the Sun and being the Ancient Lord of Scorpio, and current ruler of Aries, sometimes Mars is also associated with death and dying. You often see the outer planets stress our Moons when Mother dies or is dying, but with Mars/Moon in the 8th, a Mars square is quite powerful in taking one's Mother as it did Angelina Jolie's. My condolensces, and deepest sympathy to Angelina, Voight, and Brad Pitt including their children on this passing. I decided to look at Angelina's chart to see what was in it, as My Mother is 89, and an Astrologer often wonders what aspects trigger events such as this.
Farley Malorrus, 310-415-9222

Sunday, January 28, 2007


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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mars In Capricorn, President Bush should Protect himself, By Farley Malorrus

Mars IN Capricorn, Bush needs to Beef up Security to himself....Assassination profiles...God Protect you!

By Farley Malorrus

Mars in Capricorn the next 45 days is very stressful for all Cancers, Libras, and Aries, but considering our President is a Cancer, I recommend he beef up his 'personal,' security. It was long ago in 1980 when I saw an assassination profile for Ronald Reagan, and had it hand delivered to him in a letter during his inauguration through a mutual friend. Perhaps that is what saved Ronald from being killed that day, that his Astrologers knew about it, and warned him. Still, Bush has tons more enemies then Reagan or maybe any president in history, so perhaps while Mars is in opposite sign Capricorn to Bush's Cancer energy, he should be aware of such danger. I don't ever like to make these kind of predictions, but ever since my beloved President Kennedy was shot and killed in 1963,(We share the same rising sign at 20 Libra) I have become aware of the danger factor for standing presidents. The Mars in Capricorn aspect lasts for about 45 more days or until around March 10, so perhaps the Secret Service could up his protection at least until then. With Saturn in Leo affecting Bush Horoscope for another year, the danger remains. I'm hoping he finish his term unscathed but would not be surprised if an attempt was made at his life. I don't like to frighten anyone with this information, as I support any American President, as I'm a Patriot. It is for this reason, I alert you the public to the possibilities. I'm also hoping someone pass my journal entry to the Security force around the President so they know that a 'wacko,' or organization may be 'out there,' with a plan.

For one, I don't cater to the thought of having Dick Cheney as President should something happen to Bush, as to me, that might make things from bad to worse, as far as the war is concerned. Could an assassin take out both?
I don't recall ever seeing them together much, unless it's a joint session of Congress when he would address them, and security is at it's tightest at that point. Still, I personally prefer Bush over Cheney, so I'm hoping some lunatic doesn't do to America what Lee Harvey Oswald (presumed) did.

One further point about planetary movements is that if  there is no attempt on the Presidents life, his stress levels are way up, which could show talk of "Impeachment," if he does not change his direction of the war which many are labeling an illegal war.

I don't wish any bad times on President Bush, but if we watch the headlines this year, I believe we will see his life change drastically.

Just my take on the planets.
Farley Malorrus,

Friday, January 26, 2007

COLTS should win Super Bowl, but Planets are weird By Farley Malorrus

Colts should beat spread and win 31-17...but the Planets are weird (Similar Planetary Aspects were in order when the JETS upset the COLTS in Super Bowl #3 I believe, but Joe Namath isn't in this game, and the Colts aren't in Baltimore) I believe Peyton Manning is lit up. 

by Farley Malorrus...

Then Indianpolis Colts should win the Super Bowl but with the 4 planets at stress, I wouldn't be shocked if the Bears somehow won. There would have to be alot of mistakes.
Oh, is alive and well....for the next 4 months...which is good for all.

I'm dealing with some family and teeth issues, so more later.
Thanks for reading my journal.

Farley Malorrus,

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Super Bowl should be Colts vs Saints (Bears Really), but I could be wrong....By Farley Malorrus

I feel the Chargers were cheated out of last weeks loss due to a "head butt," by one of their players that cost them the game, Oh Well! Just shows you how much 'maturity,' affects professional Sports.

The Pros are leaning on Home teams and saying the Colts and Bears will prevail.
I tend to think the Colts will end their playoff Curse against the Pats, and WIN. The Bears might choke against the Saints, if Rex Grossman doesn't perform up to his level. I tend to think the Saints Defense knows that. Edge goes to Drew Brees, "Mr. Money," who should shine in a close game.
My pics are Colts, Saints for one of the Best Super Bowls ever, with the Saints winning in a close one, and it's all about defense.
If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but with the planets all whacked out, the Bears/Pats Super bowl should be cancelled. We shall see.
Great weekend everyone!

Farley Malorrus,

Thursday, January 18, 2007

DoomsDay Clock....Why are People so Mean to each other? By Farley Malorrus

Why are People so Mean to each other? Top of the Food Chain, the Human Race. Doomsday Clock....
By Farley Malorrus

In further analysis of the human race, I have come to the conclusion that man can be basically bad more than good. It is a sad truth when any species is on top of the food chain, whether it be a bear, a velociraptor, a T-Rex, a tiger, a lion, a shark, or Man. Still, the shuddering truth is that we certainly are on top of the food chain, and there is no comparison to the potential abuse and horror conducted by mankind. Wars to end all wars, slaughter houses lining the continents, children as slaves, massacres on a daily basis, rape, murder, and overall dominance and manipulation by the Alpha Males, Alpha females, and World Leaders who make up the group who is 'in charge.'

If I were an extraterrestrial looking down on lovely Planet Earth, I might see this planet as the planet of blood and death. Unfortunately so many of us are in denial as to the brutality of the human race, and among the bloodletting in the numerous wars that litter the planet, the dictatorships, or fanatical religious icons that make some of us think there might be a God over this brutal species, still, I would think twice about visiting Mother Earth and making it even known I was here.

What is it in our natures that allows us to make movies that rank the box office featuring such gore as is available? What about the pecking order in society, the class structure, the supposed dominance of men over women, and the family unit where there is no real freedom, only cooperation with the one in charge. Human beings have been forced to be survivors, so they hunt, kill, and fight their way through history destroying anything and everything in their path, and anyone who might question who is boss, or in charge for the moment.

Although, down deep we have a loving, caring, tender, gentle nature, like a sleeping dragon, when rifled or upset, human being are capable or more carnage then ever imagined combining all species of beings who ever inhabited this planet. Is it logical for such a barbaric, blood thirsty, out of control species to have weapons of mass destruction at all? I mean is it even necessary that ANY HUMAN BEING have the power to obliterate the entire planet given they have a bad day or a change of attitude.

In the midst of all this madness and dominance, so many of us wait for a savior or Messiah (Jesus), as when we remember last he was here the World chose to crucify him for his deeds, which should be expected by a species as blood thirsty as we. In human history, whatever, and whomever we don't understand, or don't care to understand, the answer has always been the same. Kill it, destroy, remove it, exterminate them, cleansing, and genocide make up a tremendous portion of Earth History. Is this something to be proud of as far as being part of the family of men and women who have produced such carnage. Does there really need to be a place other than this that we would label as Hell, or are we here now?

Perhaps we are the Demons and don't realize it, or are in denial as to our true natures. This murderous defense mechanism human beings have does come in handy when attacked, threatened or bombed (Pearl Harbor) in a reaction of like manner proving that any human is capable of laying waste to the World and it's people.
Where does it all end? Does it end in oblivion and obliteration? Is it our destiny to just get to a point of technology and blow it up leaving robots in our wake to pick up the pieces? Even a robot would have the logic and sense to respect and protect life more than most people have.

Still, we pray and we go to church, and temple, fast, and meditate, and in our moments of peace like to see ourselves as selfless, humble, loving creatures, that wouldn't mean harm to a fly.

I have a dream that one day the killing will stop, that one day LOVE will be the priority, and that even though we are a blood thirsty species on top of the food chain, that through evolution we will have the sense to put down our weapons of mass destruction, remove the myth of needing to absolve sins because we have so many, and actually band together as a family on this planet with a priority of love and respect.

Humans come from a barbaric, cloudy past, where fighting for survival has become our very nature, and something instinctively inside us in order for us to live.

I can understand the battle for dominance of this Planet, the land masses, the natural resources, and so many have died in the quest for such acquisitions. Still, in a time where we become threatened by the very ecological system of the Earth,and suddenly find ourselves with our own self created "Doomsday Clock," it is almost as if we know what a suicidal species we really are, and merely counting the moments when it is all gone.

I have hope for mankind. I have hope that one day some will rise up and people will listen to them. I'm not talking about the one's that are 'sold' to us by media and television. I am talking about wise men and women, visionaries with solutions, compromise, negotiations, and treaty's that will allow the human race to disarm, make peace, and not destroy themselves.

We live in volatile times and it reminds me when I was in high school during the Cuban Crisis, when I thought any day was going to be my last and that a nuclear war was eminent due to the missiles in Cuba. I even remember trying to build a make shift fall out shelter that would probably only survive a fire storm from the ensuing blast.

In a World where there is so much love, and so many loving people, we still need to embrace the fact that we live side by side with hawkish, blood thirsty people who think acts of violence, war, brutality, invasion, and domination is the answer for peace and democracy. Who is right in any war? Who wins a war where so many die? It is easy to make war when you don't have to sacrifice anyone you love or any of your family. Like a king sending pawns to their deaths, it is quite simple for all these war lords worldwide to wager war, and forget about the innocent victims of collateral damage. I don't forget these victims. I don't forget a single one of them, and all I know is by the laws of Karma, that as it says in the bible, 'he who lives by the sword shall surely die by the sword.'

When are they going to get it, or do they all have to die by their own choices? Once in a while I need to use this journal to air some thoughts I have about life on Earth, because sometimes I feel I am here as witness to what is going on, and I don't like what I see.

I guess I'd rather be human than any other species as there is a reason why we are top of the food chain. We are the smartest of the species and know how to survive. What about the cost of survival? Who pays the bill at the end. Here's hoping one day we have the sense to put down our weapons of war, come home, and make peace. God be with us.

Farley Malorrus,

Monday, January 15, 2007


Top News- Winter Storm Blacks Out Parts of Northeast - AOL News

Are these the END TIMES? What the heck is going on? By Farley Malorrus

Are these the End Times? What the Hell is going on?
By Farley Malorrus

Weird weather in California, a billion in destroyed orange crops. Blizzards over North America, power outages everywhere, water main pipes freezing, more troops to Iraq, 200,000 children armed with Ak47's in Africa with no remorse in killing, AID's Epidemic, possible chicken flu Pandemic, colds and flu epidemics, Real Estate Market going down, Inflation, layoffs, people numbed by beer, wine, alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, TV, Movies, and overall exhaustion of daily stress.

You might think this was biblical in proportion, since Katarina, and you know if you follow my journal that the Planets are in a bad way through April and beyond, and that this very well may mark a major transition in life on Earth, or even worse a World War no one really wants. All we need is a cowboy President who likes to shoot from the hip and has a strange way of looking at priorities. Denver gets buried in a historic blizzard far worse then Katarina, but they tough it out as Washington again turns a cheek to helping Americans while pouring troops and money into the Middle East. Is oil so important to avoid the needs of people and other far serious problems all over America and the World?
I pray this is no sign of doom, and gloom, but rather a valley instead of a peak of energy for the World. I, have personally had to suck it up in my life with many of my choices as I sense the trials people are going through and the challenges ahead.
If it were truly end times, or a sign of an apocalypse or something out of Tribulation, I would not be surprised. I heard so many people refer to President Bush as the "Anti Christ," these days, I'm not sure what to believe. First the fundamentalist Christians help put him in office, and return for 4 more years, then he refuses to assist them as promised, now they are turning against them, along with so many Republicans like they knew they made a bad choice, and still he makes poor choices with little agenda save his own secret plan, as no one understands anymore the direction this Presidency is taking our nation and the World. One thing is for sure, the ecology is at a fragile balance along with the weather, and sometimes we need to focus on things like that understanding the whole World could be at risk if it is ignored.

Once again, I remind my readers that trial of leadership Worldwide continues with Saturn still in Leo, and with the 4 largest planets in stress aspect, the chaos, and transition ensues.

Let's hope that some good news is on the horizon. I know it's never all about Astrology, but some of the signs that you see, are literally biblical in proportion, so I'm praying it is just a phase that will pass. AS a journalist, I need to mark this period in time, as the unknown that many of us have feared when things happen in the world that we are either not used to, that are damaging to us, or both.

More later.
Farley Malorrus,

Saturday, January 13, 2007


No Weapons of Mass Destruction! Why are we There George? To fix Iraq?
By Farley Malorrus

We all forget (I don't) that the U.S. sent troops to Iraq to find Weapons of Mass Destruction. WE didn't go there to arrest Saddam, and we didn't go there to fix a country that has been in trouble for decades. Why do we forget the initial reason why we started the war? Why do we feel responsible to help a nation that has been in chaos for decades? I don't get it. This is like a lose/lose proposition. I don't think George would fight this war if he had to send HIS DAUGHTERS over there and risk death.  No WMD's, then we come home?
Why does this lie have to lead to so much bloodshed? Where is the media in covering the fact that it is propaganda and mind control to keep a war going based on lies. Saddam is dead, no WMD's, then we go home. We didn't go over there to fix a nation, as there are over 100 nations in the world in disrepair. It bothers me, that the President keeps trying to make excuses as to why our soldiers must die, and the war go on, when the whole reason for the War is lies, lies, lies.
NO WMD's, we go home. NO WMD's WE GO HOME. Period.

I don't understand the debate. This war is based on an untruth, and it's entire foundation is flawed. BRING THE TROOPS HOME, NO QUESTIONS, no argument. I don't understand why people are listening to this garbage. George Bush is a narrow minded man, stubborn with tunnel vision, and leading us down a dark path.


Please PASS THIS POST AROUND TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. Maybe someone will remember how this war started, as I do. NO WMD's, TIME TO GO HOME. Period.

Have a great weekend. I like the Colts, Saints, Chargers and Bears on Saturday and Sunday!!!
Farley Malorrus,

Friday, January 12, 2007


IT'S EASY.................PASS ON my Journal to those you know and LOVE, and the UNIVERSE will SHINE POSITIVE ENERGY ON YOU! WHY NOT pass on some good stuff for a change?
I know I'm behind you to have a great LIFE, and a wonderful YEAR! TO GREAT HEALTH, PROSPERITY AND HAPPINESS! The POWER OF THE MIND RULES AGAIN!


With Planets So Wacked President Bush investing his Presidency in his Choices By Farley Malorrus

Will President Bush be Impeached?
By Farley Malorrus

The Congress of the United States has drawn a line in the sand that appears to mean "no more funding for troops, and no more troops," to President Bush. With Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter in stress aspects, this could spell doom for the former Republican Governor from Texas.

How far will Congress go to stop President Bush eccentric, stubborn, dictatorial ways? How illegal is this War if Bush ignores the wants of the American people and Congress?
I'm thinking that catastrophe is what Bush is headed for, as Republicans jump ship in order to preserve their own careers.  It has me thinking that if Bush presses Congress too hard, and tries to do something they would disapprove of further, that they may just draft articles of Impeachment. Here's a question: Why is it that one man gets impeached for having an affair with an intern, and another man throws the nation into an illegal war for 4 years with 1000's dead, and no real progress, and he remains untouched?
I'm thinking that President Bush who could become a hero by ending the war, is looking to get into a whole boatload of Karma, as I'm thinking there is much more to the Iraq War then democracy in Iraq, that it's all about money. Does anyone remember that the Viet Nam war was extended for years beyond when it should have ended, just so we could buy 1,000's of Huey Helicopters besides billions of dollars that went down the drain?

The Halliburton issue is intense, as they have already made billions on the War and God knows if Bush and/or Cheney have been involved in any kind of conflict of interest with all the money that was exchanged without any competitive bids. Has anyone ever heard of Swiss Bank Accounts, or offshore bank accounts? How about behind closed doors cash payments?
I'm not trying to accuse anyone of anything here, but Saddam Hussein is dead, and the only way we are going to end this war is to remove the 'invading force,' mainly the U.S. Military. It reminds me of the final line in the movie PLATOON with Charie Sheen, when he realized that he wasn't fighting the 'enemy,' in fact, the ENEMY was US.

I hope and pray President Bush do the right thing and support the desires of the American people and congress, as I feel way too many lies about this war have pervaded all these years, when  it is obvious to me, that the only reason why we are in this war is about money. What scares me, is that John McCain has jumped on Bush Band wagon (career suicide?), and also says we need to stay in Iraq. Are these guys nuts or what?

With the largest planets in havoc for a few months, and World Leaders at risk with their choices, I'll be quite interested to see that if Bush does not respect the desires of the nation and Congress, that articles of Impeachment be designed. Has anyone every heard of checks and balances? The future of our country and the lives of millions of people are at stake. At this point, I have heard that America as a nation is now looked upon more as terrorists, then the terrorists. Much of this is due to our involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq. No one wants that kind of reflection for our country. This is starting to look like a nation out of control.
What blows my mind, is that he has the opportunity to constantly look like an Angel and do the right thing, but like someone has threatened the lives of his wife, kids, and family, he will not budge.

I'm hoping they include Cheney in the articles of Impeachment, for I personally would love to see Nancy Pelosi as President, and let the American people have their country returned to them.

Just my opinion. I'm a patriot, love my country, and love my President, but it doesn't mean I believe he is doing the right thing. Things should get very interesting.

Farley Malorrus,


Tuesday, January 9, 2007

1,000's of Factors Astrologically Designing Love and Relationships By Farley Malorrus




Love Can be Complicated...Astrologically Speaking

By Farley Malorrus

The divorce rate sky rockets, super stars don't last together, 90 million single people alone in America, and many are even lonely in marriage and relationships. So you think Love is easy, Astrologically, it is very complicated.

The Astrology part of relationships is about as complicated as the Los Angeles freeway system during rush hour. A seasoned Astrologer would be lying to you, if he told you compatibility comes easy with the stars. Ironically, true Love has more to do with it than the stars, but if a relationship lacks love, karma takes over, and the combination of 2 Astrology Charts can speak volumes about the outcome of any relationship.

First there is Rising sign compatibility. I'm a Libra Rising at 20 degrees, just like John F. Kennedy, and frankly, the best relationships I had were with 3 ladies; 2 were Leos, like myself with 20 degrees Libra Rising, quite heavenly; and the other was a Capricorn with 15 degrees Libra Rising, also heavenly. In school they should put all the same Rising signs together in classes. Everyone would get along better, and love would bloom quite early.

At this point you are saying, "Farley, what is a Rising Sign?" It is probably the most important facet to a Birth Chart. The chart that gives you an imprint of energy that lasts a whole lifetime. The Rising sign is the Zodiac Sign that is on the Eastern Horizon at the moment of birth. If you are a Leo born at sunrise you would also be a Leo Rising. If you are a Leo born at 10:21 am, you would be Libra Rising like me, and if you are born at sundown or 6pm, you would be a Leo with Aquarius Rising.

The Rising sign in Astrology defines personality, how you look at life, wants, desires, interests, energy level, basic instincts, and the energy that we show the world more than any other aspect in our chart. That is why we need time of birth, AM or PM with City of Birth to cast a Birth (Natal) chart.

It is very critical  to understand that if you fall in love with someone, or marry someone who has a Rising sign in conflict with yours, that the odds are against the relationship working. An example of this would be my Libra Rising hooking up with a Cancer rising, Capricorn, or Aries Rising, which is very stressful. That is where the analysis of love begins. It goes on and on from there.

Next we can look at emotional compatibility, which is a critical factor by analyzing placement of the Moon. Once again, how a person feels is what is interpreted by Moon placement in the birth chart. I have a Scorpio Moon, (which is a water Moon) at 17 degrees (There are 30 degrees in each sign). I love best with OTHER WATER MOONS, Cancer, or Pisces Moon. I stress terribly with conflicting Moons in Aquarius, Leo, and Taurus. I know it sounds complicated, but when an Astrologer looks at comparison charts to see the love factor, he must look at Rising and Moon comparisons initially because they are so personal and intense.

Venus rules women, values, and money in a Man's chart. Mars rules men, sex, and energy in a woman's chart. Saturn is the Karma Planet showing us where our biggest debt is, and Uranus is the break up or divorce factor that we all have.

After reading this journal entry you might say to yourself, "Why should I marry?" Why play the Astrological lotto only to lose which in most cases in modern day happens both to marriage and relationships, because the statistics tell us it's against all odds for marriage and relationships to work, hence all the break ups, the divorces, and why there are so many single and lonely people? Maybe Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have something! 

What if someone has Saturn in Libra and their major karma or obsession is relationships? They may have Saturn in Scorpio and have a major karma or lesson with sex. They may be in the free sex generation and have Neptune in Libra which is a very promiscuous generation, as is Uranus in Libra which can't make up it's mind.

Frankly, falling in love with someone mutually is the key. Forget the charts, as my parents are married 68 years on 1/22; and their charts are totally incompatible, they fight all the time, and frankly, the only reason why they stayed together is because they really do LOVE each other.

After witnessing this battle all my life between my folks, I'm impressed with the love they share, but it's not for me. I'm not into fighting in relationships and prefer harmony, but unfortunately, that is very hard to find, as the battle of the sexes rages on.

So, when an Astrologer looks at compatibility between 2 Birth Charts, he can give you a score of 1 to 100 as far as how the chemistry works, and frankly the average score would probably be 50 or less. It is easy to have conflicting Risings, Moon, or other key planets, and that is why when Love wears down, people break up, plain and simple.

There are two kinds of compatibility in Astrology. The karma we have with ourself compared to the karma someone has with themself (Comparing charts) , and the karma of love we have with our self (Our Karma of Love in our Birth chart.)  If our chart is non committal, or subject to getting bored, or tired of people we meet or love, nothing will work, unless the LOVE IS SO STRONG, it knows no bounds! There are those that are blessed with "marriage charts," who have the nice aspects at birth to Venus and Mars, hence they get along with others and put up with so much more than most! Then there are those whose chart conflict with our planets so bad, that love hurts to be with them. The sex may be great, but it may be lacking in mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual areas.

Primates and other animals may have it a lot easier because they don't have to deal with role models, expectations, mores, morals, experts, or parents when it comes to mating, as they may just need to 'sniff out their mate,' or take a glance and know whether or not, 'he is the one.'

I have spent my whole life trying to understand Astrology and relationships, because I am Libra Rising and naturally inclined to love and romance. I also have one failed marriage that was a catastrophe, as it was to my high school sweetheart in the 70's and during the marriage she decided to go the way of Ellen Degeneres and take on an alternate lifestyle. That was the heart break from hell I wouldn't wish on my own worst enemy, as I could never see it coming, and in the 70's being a gay female was not something that was advertised as it is today.

Astrology was the only thing I found that helped explain to me what had happened, why it didn't work, why she went the route she did, and so I would not eat myself up over it. Since  then, I have had many successful relationships and some horror stories, but still I'm content with my experiences. Although I am currently single, and not involved, I still have hope that I can find love and marriage in my life, along with millions of others.

Frankly, it helps tremendously being able to read karma of love in someone's chart, and also to be able to combine one's planets with mine to see if the chemistry in the stars is there for me. I think that those that do not use Astrology may be playing Russian Roulette in Love, but that is their choice.

If you can find someone with your same Rising sign, compatible Moon, Venus, and Mars, and that their chart doesn't conflict with you chart to the point of nuking you one day, then you are truly blessed. To get back to the point about Mom and Dad, I remind you "True Love knows no bounds," meaning, no matter what the chart is, no matter what the pain, or the battle, some relationships just work forever, and some just don't.

I hope that helps some of you figure out what's going on in your life with your partners.

Of course I am available for relationship and marriage counseling if necessary since 1976, and I am told that I know my stuff, so call me at 310-415-9222, if you want an appointment, or need to try and save a marriage or relationship.

Good luck to all those who seek Love. It's a jungle out there.

Farley Malorrus,

Also, My web site has 180 Audio Topics on Astrology and Metaphysics, many on relationships, of shows that I channeled on L.A. radio...To listen to any and all of these topics is FREE, by donation. I love to offer information to the World as food for thought, and to enlighten as many as possible. Perhaps some generous soul will donate to the server and help keep it going...Thank you. "where it all comes together!"


Monday, January 8, 2007

Florida Leads OHIO STATE 34-14 at 3rd Quarter By Farley Malorrus

PLANETS GO CRAZY, UNDER DOG WINS! FLORIDA BEATS OHIO STATE 41-14, as predicted a few days ago!

By Farley Malorrus

Florida beat Ohio State tonight in the BCS Championship 41-14, as predicted. Planets go crazy, under dog wins....

Florida led in the 3rd Quarter 34-14...I wasn't surprised of this score of the National Championship between Florida and Ohio State as the wacked out planets favor the under dog and sure enough FLORIDA LEads and should win.

Later Gators! GO Gators!

Farley Malorrus,

Stock Market Holds Steady as Planetary Stress runs High By Farley Malorrus

Stock Market remains Stable as Planets run Amok
By Farley Malorrus

Thankfully, the stock market didn't crash this morning, and there was no panic sell off. Still, we have at least 3 months to get through one of the tightest planetary shifts in a long time. The stress of Jupiter with Uranus, and Neptune opposite Saturn remains. A strange smell surfaced on the streets of Manhattan, New York this AM, and they still haven't figured out what it is. I'm not surprised at anything we may read in the news this week, or at the results of what they find out that smell to be. Hopefully, it will not be anything harmful. Leo still leads the pack as the sign under the most stress and February will be the biggest test of the year for them. Aquarius would be a close second of those people having the most responsibility at this time, and needed maintenance to certain areas of their lives. I was also hoping we could avoid a major flu epidemic, or worse a pandemic, hoping if people do get sick that they have enough sense to stay at home and not spread it.

One wonders what the agenda is, and what the plan is in President Bush wanting to send more troops to Iraq. What exactly is he trying to do? If he expects to calm the friction between the Shiites, and the Sunni's along with other rebel factions in Iraq, he must be smoking the funny stuff. Iraq is in it's birth pangs now of a new nation, and is struggling as far as exactly which group is going to run the show. For the United States along with our proud President to think we could impact this metamorphosis at the cost of more American lives and a tremendous amount of money, blows my mind. There are so many other things that need attention in this World, and yet our President is obsessed with the Iraq War thinking that if we somehow could create "Peace," in that country (Not going to happen unless and until we leave), that the rest of the World's problems will vanish. In retrospect, if he does not do the right thing and align with the will of Congress (and the American people), he may go down in history as the most illogical, and uninformed President in history who cannot see the forest through the trees.
I pray he do the right thing, because with the planets all out of whack, it may create a huge controversy in Washington, where his position as President may come into question.

Lucky, for the President that the markets are stable at this time, for if they do falter, I feel his Presidency will falter along with them.

On a personal level, with 90 million single folks in America, I find it increasingly difficult for those without love to find it, and even with all these Internet dating services, I find it odd that all these single folks can't find someone to match up to. What we have here is a huge generation of very independent people, most of whom have been burned in relationships, and either don't want to go back to that, or are a bit more standoffish than they used to be. With the Planets in stress aspect at this time, it is a lot more difficult to bond with someone new, or even hold together what you think you may have along the lines of love and romance. We like to think that we are not bias and prejudice of each other, but the truth is, we are very bias and prejudice of each other, hence the reason why so many millions of people are single and alone in this country.

I still think we are walking on 'thin ice,' in so many areas; the War, the Economy, the Ecology, human relationships, housing, the Stock Market, and I'm hoping we can get through this period without any incident.

The Planet Uranus is a planet that rules humanity, upheaval, changes, sudden changes, violent change, and unpredictable changes out of no where. With Jupiter in Sagittarius in a 90 degree stress aspect to Uranus (A square) for so long, anything is possible. The best thing we can do is brace for the change, or the 'World shaking incident' (Like 911), that may be upon us anytime during this period (at least until May 1), that would propel many of us into a totally different zone they are in now, to something very different.

My philosophy at this point, is 'one day at a time,' brace for change, and adapt when or if it happens on a personal level, or on a World wide level.

Be at Peace.
Farley Malorrus,

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Unusual Stress Aspects of Planets affecting most People By Farley Malorrus

4 Largest Planets in STRESS ASPECT for 90 Days.....

 by Farley Malorrus

With Neptune now opposite Saturn, and Jupiter in 90 degree stress to Uranus, we now find the 4 biggest Planets in the system in Stress. These aspects will find a way to stress out your chart at this time, this week, this month, and perhaps a bit longer. Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus are mostly affected by the Neptune Saturn aspect, and Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius are affected mostly by the Jupiter Uranus aspect. With 8 Sun signs covered, that pretty much affects 98% of all the charts on the Planet meaning, this is a very important time to calm down, watch health, fasten seat belts, and exude caution overall. I am thinking prayer, meditation, resting when you need it, and relaxation therapy would be the prognosis for the Planet.

Interesting that we find Congress opening up it's activity for 2007 during this aspect, wars we don't need, other wars that may need our attention (Africa), domestic issues (The economy, homelessness, global warming, aid to cities and states), and personal issues are at an all time high, when January and February 2007 may lead all months at an all time high for break ups, and divorce filing. I won't be surprised at this point at some of the crazy, even horrible headlines that may appear Monday, hoping the Stock Market doesn't fall apart during this time, and that the leadership in our government remains consistent and solid.

Personally, when Neptune went 18 degrees of Aquarius opposed my  Leo 18 Sun, I felt it in my back the last few days, Leo and the Sun ruling back with an abnormal pain in my lower left side, now waning. I've also seen a flourish of colds and flu everywhere, not understanding EVER why sick people go outside when they are sick and to school to infect us all. Why not stay at home until you are better and not spread any diseases or bad karma.

Of course, the elderly will be hit hardest during this period, so we need to hang in there and support them all we can, praying that they survive this aspect.

When the 4 largest Planets in our system are opposite each other, or at a right angle, it affects EARTH in general, so I wouldn't be surprised to see weird weather changes, a few major Earthquakes, or even a Tsunami during this period that should last for 90 days approximately.

I'm being cautious in my planning, and knowing that many may be unstable at this time, as they couldn't handle their lives before this aspect, they would be having a hell of a time of it now. I don't ever like to be the bearer of bad tidings or tough aspects, so I tell you about it, with the hopes that as knowing it exists, you can chill out your life and try to avoid the havoc, or at least embrace the havoc when it hits.

Until then, it also makes for UNDER DOGS winning sports games, and with the exception of Ohio State winning the national title, (I wouldn't be surprised if Florida  beat them during this aspect), I think many or all the under dogs in NFL Football this weekend, the Chiefs +7, the Cowboys +3, the Jets+7, and the Giants +7 should all beat their odds if not win the game out right, and the Eagles should also win, being favorite but the Giants should cover the 7 points. Planetary aspects are all about gravity and magnetism, and considering we are 'electrical beings,' we are directly affected by this energy. That is why I'm never surprised like when the St. Louis Cardinals upset 3 teams to win the World Series. Let's watch and see what happens. Hang on to your hats everyone, and try to stay safe and happy!

Farley Malorrus, where you can here by donation, (or free) 180 of my channeled topics.

310-415-9222 for consultations.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Life After Death and Death....Jawin With Farley Malorrus

Life After Death, and Life as a Dimensional Portal

Jawing with Farley Malorrus

Hello to everyone who reads my journal...Admittedly, I'm been in a zone for a bit. Dad has been frail, and my sinuses are finally clear thanks to some grapefruit seed extract drops, (Good stuff!) For anyone who has sinus pressure that even hurts the head and teeth, or ears, I suggest these magical safe drops to open you up big time, no side effects.

I've also been very confused about everything. Lately trying to make choices seem impossible with Dad and Mom being 91 and 88 respectively. If you ever live long enough to have both parents that old, trust me, it's powerful stuff, and a great test of character for all included.

IN the midst of all this, the meaning of life seems to be a vital issue. A riotous Christmas with darling dear Di, and her buds, made for a chance for me to unwind and be a Leo with a first house Scorpio Moon for awhile. Truth be known, when I'm myself in public, everyone is laughing. The group I was with was evolved and accepting of my humor. I guess from about 9pm to beyond midnight, then after we left until 5am, the party rocked, and everyone had a safe and sane time. I was glad to ignite the energy in that party by dancing white light through everyone's chakras. IF you give everyone at a party LOVE, then the party will rock. You just need to be subtle and cool about it. I do wish everyone would be like that and just be naturally loving to their fellow humans, as it's easier to love strangers than your own family. Did you know that? Think about it. My aunt Bessie Malorrus died, James Brown died, Gerald Ford died, along with so many others, and my dad made a miracle recovery.

I don't like to see anyone die, but I prefer to pray it is a rebirth of some kind in another dimension. You see I think life is like a dimension portal. The body itself is like an interdimensional portal.  When you are BORN, you port in from the other side. YOU Port in when you wake up and port out when you sleep. You port out of this dimension completely when you die, and enter another dimension. It blows my mind when I meet some close minded folks that are atheist, because I am so open minded, I remember the basic principle (Einsteins Theory of Energy) that energy and  matter are indestructible and constantly changing. Considering people are made of matter and energy, the logic dictates that we also are indestructible and subject to change. In any event, I have come far from the atheistic views and fear of death I had when I was a child, because now I think I understand the process.

I have some vivid memory in my dreams of seeing the 'other side.' I actually recall entering a dimension similar to Earth, more like Heaven, very similar to life on Earth but no war, no hate, no prejudice, and no electricity needed to run everything. They have everything we have and much, much more but they don't have to worry about warranties or maintenance. It all seems to be on auto pilot. I even went to the house of my dead friend "Bruce," who passed a couple years ago, and was explained how calm, peaceful, beautiful, and loving this realm was and that he was happy to be 'home.' He told me life on Earth was a payment, a debt, a lesson, a boot camp to remind us all of the importance of love and Universal Consciousness (God). It was one of the most fascinating dreams I have ever had, about life after death, and the heavenly realm that may await us all. I know lots of people like to explain the reason why we are here is all about Karma, but frankly, I feel it is a lot more succinct in the choice between spirit (reality), and matter (illusion). The way it works in the heavenly realm is if you start getting obsessed with material things, then your vibration is lowered, and your soul 'portals,' to Earth in a baby or animal to relearn the importance of LOVE and SPIRIT, over MATTER and OBSESSION. The way the Universe works, they Port into this dimension (Becoming human or animal) to figure out the priorities again of spirit. They remain in this realm attached to a body until the lesson is learned, then they qualify for higher vibrations and are allowed to "Port," to higher heavenly levels of BEING. If they don't evolve, if they don't learn, if they don't qualify for a higher vibration, they keep coming back here until they 'get it!'

I mean spirit is eternal, and has a foundation of love, while most material things fade and have little foundation except obsession. (I do enjoy channeling some of these journal entries for you, so you can get the opinion of my higher self on such subjects) I'm also available for tutoring, counseling, and teaching at 310-415-9222..

IF I tried  to explain that to my Dad, I don't think he would listen, as he hates to discuss such things. Funny, how both parents avoid talking about passing over, and how frightening it would be, to be that old  and know the clock was ticking.

IN truth, many of us are in 'old age,' as our life spans are all so different. That is the reason why I think people should have a positive attitude on Death and life after Death.
I did a show on Silver Birch and Death and It is on the web site,  to listen to along with 180 other topics that ROCK YOUR MIND and remind you whom we all are. Talk about Consciousness evolution, if you are ready, it's not an accident to hear these shows.

IT is no charge, but we don't get too many donations, about 2 or 3 a month, really, so even $5 donation would be awesome. Gosh, if everyone gave us $5 who visited, we could cover broadband and server costs!

Well, that's my take on life on Earth in the 21st Century for today. Have a great week and God Love you, as do I.

Farley Malorrus,

Monday, January 1, 2007