Thursday, September 27, 2007


911 Conspiracy. What really happened on 911?
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The search for "further truth."

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Who's Full Moon Is it Anyway?
By Farley Malorrus
The Planets are running hot the Full Moon is full, and people are edgy and nervous.
Where is the Love? While the World and people scramble for resources, money, power, land, success, acquisition, and balance, so many are going without even a place to sleep or a hot meal.
Are we so blind as to be so worried about "Homeland Security," And terrorism with so many of our brothers and sisters homeless, starving, and diseased.
IF I were an Alien from another planet visiting Earth (Am I?) and observed how we treated our own, (Much like a praying Mantis or Black widow killing and digesting their mates after sex), I fear that I might not be in a hurry to announce my arrival.
The truth, sadly, is that humans typically are egotistical, selfish, narrow minded, lacking compassion, love, dedication, and commitment to the rest of humanity, including Global Warming...
Our civilization sits on a fragile balance that could be tipped at any time, giving the homeless and starving the edge on survival. IS it that we have lost the lust for life, compassion, and family of man, with our insane paranoia of fighting terrorism, and protecting our government?
As the victims of Katrina still wait support, financing, food, and shelter, even after a year later, the leaders in our government (whom somehow, we as morons elected), deem fit to once again vote on funding for the Iraq war. Excuse me, but the several hundred thousand troops we have deployed are very, very important, but what about the millions and millions of hungry, starving, thirsty, and homeless Americans, not including the rest of the helpless all over the World.
Where is the Love? When did we lose our focus? Why do we claim to be a Christian nation, when in truth, we do Nothing that Jesus would ever do?
Who does George Bush think he is, the know it all answer to the World's problems, while he ignores millions of people dying every day from starvation, homelessness, and thirst, not including disease?
Does our insane quest for money precluded by the overwhelming renditions of TV Adds for pharmaceuticals with their side effects, leading to the fact that the drug companies and health care industries may very well control this planet and it's future; Does all of that over see the need to take care of those who have naught, and who need just a place to stay and a bite to eat?
Who do these people in our government think they are, owned by the lobbyists, and directed on an insane course with no agenda, when the planet is dying, along with it's people?
I, for one, would not be shocked to see the game end, and the system all come down, as just desserts to a leadership that has no clue what the true course of Earth history is, and the dire need for compassion to redirect it's course.
Instead of focusing on one country (IRAQ), one agenda (BUSH), and one focus (WAR), maybe we should look around and consider the rest of our fellow humans, who are dying for some attention.
I am saddened by the fact, that our American public is numb (As a Christian Nation) TO the needs of it's women and children all over America and all over the world, who deserve some attention and support.
Sad, once again, we are controlled by the media and told what to do, where to go, what to buy, what drugs to take, and how to live, when in truth, the World and it's people are dying...
Farley Malorrus

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Maybe someone told President Bush about my profile on his life. I am glad too see that he is staying out of the public eye, and keeping his head down.
I don't like to see anything bad happen to anyone.
Now, he only has 2 years to get past this aspect, and he won't be in office that long. As long as he can stay healthy, he should be okay...

Thanks for reading my blog. More later.

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God Bless!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Assassination Profile for George W. Bush By Farley Malorrus

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Assassination Profile on George W. Bush through the end of His Term By Farley Malorrus Former Classified Astrologer for Ronald Reagan

Hello everyone, and may this entry find good tidings for you and your life. I don't like to be the bearer of bad tidings, but on Ronald Reagan's first term inauguration, he was hand delivered a Natal Chart I did for him that was passed on to Nancy, by the person who sanctioned me to to the horoscope for the President. Her name was Joy Rippeth. The Natal Chart included a warning to President Reagan at the time that an attempt would be made on his life, and that he wear body armor in public per my advise. The President obviously did not adhere to this warning, and was shot and nearly killed. I did not hear from Nancy or Ronald after that fateful chart and letter was delivered.

Now, it is 2007, and George Bush is president. I do hate to predict such terrible possibilities, but I urge President Bush to also wear BODY ARMOR and that his security be heightened for the rest of his term in office, and perhaps after that.

President Bush has several concerns in his Natal (Birth Chart) that alert me to the fact his life is in danger, and that several people (not terrorists) would do him in if he does not follow certain agenda's. He is also in danger from a misinformed citizen in the public who would be out to harm the President. Writing this entry it is my utmost intent to preserve the life of the President and pray that such a thing NEVER happen.

President Bush is a Cancer, with LEO RISING, at 7 degrees, with Mercury, Pluto, and Venus in Leo, hence his stubborn, immovable personality, totally LEO. His Venus at 21 Leo is opposite NEPTUNE in the sky at 20 Aquarius, which not only puts his life in danger, but also because it is his Venus the life of his wife Laura Bush. President Bush, the workaholic also has Mars in Virgo at 9 degrees, and now that Saturn is in Virgo for 2.5 years, and moving on his Mars, his health and overall stamina is shown a decline, and with Uranus in his 8th house moving in Pisces (Sudden death potential or life threatening experience), any time anything goes into Pisces, like the Moon, or in February, March, and April, all the Pisces aspects, then his assassination profile is heightened to a frightening state.

I studied JFK's assassination profile in depth as his RISING SIGN, 20 Degrees Libra is exactly the same as Mine 20 Degrees Libra, so I was obsessed with Presidential Assassination profiles for 40 years.

President Bush is having a Venus Return, (Venus now in Leo at 16 approaching the Presidents Venus at 21) Which would make this next 10 days a critical time for him to stay out of the public eye.

The hardest part of this transit for President Bush is that he was born with Uranus in Gemini in the 11th house of Goals at 18 degrees. Uranus in the 8th house (of Death, and Transformations) is at 16 Pisces, in a right angle or a SQUARE, that will last for over 1.5 years. This is the most volatile, dangerous, and frightening part of President Bush Horoscope, as it has a lightning bolt affect, and could happen at any time, with focus on September, December, March, and June. Every day is a caution, due to the URANUS SQUARE itself in his horoscope which most people go through in their 60's.

Once again, I pray he be safe, and I enter this segment in my journal so that you my readers know that President Bush, however unpopular he may be is shown a life threatening problem potential, which I pray never happens, as even though I do not agree with him, I feel for him, due to the incredible burden he bears, literally a no win situation. The fact is, Bush may be remembered as a great man one day, if his efforts in Iraq prove correct, and if in fact Peace is one day brought to the Middle East. For those who know Astrology, his chart is posted on my journal (above) so you can confirm the aspects as I have explained.

May God Bless America, and May God protect the President at all costs. OF course, if anyone should know the President and that he should wish counsel with me in utmost discretion, I am at his disposal asa Patriot.

That's my take on the Life of George Bush....


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Love ya all.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Moon Wobble ends Wednesday, Saturn in Virgo Now

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Saturn enters Virgo for 2.5 years, Moon Wobble ends Wednesday PM

So much has happened these past 28 days to me, that I think I've tested the Moon Wobble theories to the hilt! We even HAD to file Mom's taxes on the peak! Oh my Gosh! Well, I trust in God, and that 10 to 20% success rate during wobbles, but believe me, there have been plenty of re do's, setbacks, and repeated information in order to accomplish just about anything during this unstable period, including the stock market going CRAZY as predicted during every single MOON WOBBLE that happens 4 times a year.

Now, Saturn is in Virgo, FINALLY THE HEAT IS off for all those turning 29, 59, 89, and so forth, and also needed relief for Leos, Scorpios, Taurus, and Aquarius who have had a 2.5 year onslaught of Karma during this period.
With Saturn in their sign now, Virgo needs to fasten they seat belts and hang on for karma transitions as now it is there turn, and it's been 27 years since Saturn hit Virgo. With Saturn in Virgo; Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini will also be karmically challenged at this time, meaning to watch your needs, wants, desires, obsessions, and to take care of business as it comes up and not let anything 'go,' like a health symptom, or IRS Audit.

Funny, how Saturn gets ALL of us as it passes through the cosmos every 30 years going throug all 12 signs and making life interesting for us all.

I love it when Saturn is in my sign, as at the end, so much has been accomplished, absolved, and recovered, and I am so much better for getting through it.

During my Saturn return, I lost my dog, my dad, my condo, had a molar root canal, and drove cross country 6 times to manage my house in South Carolina, and my family in L.A.

Whew, feels like I just got back from Viet Nam in 1966. IN any event, I just wanted to let everyone know that Saturn is now in Virgo, and the Moon Wobble is soon over. The baseball playoffs are approaching, and football season will begin WITHOUT a Moon Wobble which usually means the best team will WIN and not some dark horse underdog.

I'm still watching the Cardinals even though they are beat up as possibly defending their title...
With the wobble soon over, who can know?
Have a great holiday and a wonderful week.
Your loving servant and friend.