Friday, April 13, 2007

Mercury in Aries, Good for some..By Farley Malorrus

Mercury in Aries, Good for some...
By Farley Malorrus

A few days ago, Mercury entered Aries for it's annual 28 day jaunt or so, which is good for most, but not for me. Being Libra Rising, along with Bill Clinton and 1/12 of the World, Aries is my house of health. Whenever a planet goes in there it never fails to be opposite my Libra Mars/Neptune Eclipse. This always proves nasty as a cold, sinuses, allergies, (teeth from Mars), Migraines, or some other such chronic something or other seems to happen to rattle my cage. THis time I had some crowns re attached, then a surprise, an abscess, and a needed Molar Root Canal next Tuesday, so the dentists in rural South Carolina put me on some pain meds, and I have to sit it out until there is an appointment for me on Tuesday. I'm also on antibiotics as there is an infection with abscess.

Oh well, life goes so great, then boom, someone or something rocks the boat. I hate taken pain medication, or being hooked on it because you are in so much pain (Teeth), you have to do something, but I have to take these things until Tuesday, as I can't stand the pain of the abscess.

You try so hard to live so clean, be so healthy, brush, floss, see your dentist, but then fate intervenes, and something else happens. It helps being an Astrologer and foreseeing such things, as I'm somewhat prepared for it, and it's only a tooth, right? Well, I admittedly am a big baby when it comes to anything medical, so tooth or not, I can't wait until this transit is over and it just started, as Mercury is only just square (at a right angle to) my Venus in Cancer, hence the sensitivity I seem to feel all over.
It never fails, after all the good times you have, you have one bad week, or one bad day, and you seem to forget all the good times.
I know there is a reason for everything, and that you have to face your fears and your karma to absolve them, but still, I know there is a better place for us all out there where none of us have to experience such pain and ordeal. I believe that place would be heaven.

I guess God wants it to be clear to anyone who incarnates into this realm that there is a price for leaving his side in heaven, and going where no man has gone before in our never ending exploration of the Universe, but still, this pain thing is the worst for most all humans. True, that some humans can handle the pain better than any, and seem to be numb to it, but others cannot and freak out when subjected to it.
There is so much pain in the world at this time with the weather going crazy, World Leaders freaking out and directing us into a Maelstrom, and overall just trying to survive the cold and flu season, not to mention an epidemic of heart disease, diabetes, aids, and arthritis. I know one day we will all be 'with our father in heaven,' or at least most of us will, but until then, we are constantly reminded of the cost of coming to Earth away from heaven and dealing with being mortal and vulnerable.

Part of me can handle it and the other part of me, is like trying to figure out what the point of all this is. The entire 3rd dimension is run on karma, like a big rubber room, so sacred that whatever vibe you cast out most certainly comes back to you times 10, so you better be careful what you send out there.

Just to let you know, if you are going through some issue or other, that Karma is running hot right now, and people are under the gun everywhere.

Prayer and meditation are always my answer and if available (some pain medication!)

Thanks for reading my journal, and I'll keep you informed.

Mars will be in Aries another few weeks..