Friday, April 20, 2007

The Price of being a Suicide Bomber by Farley Malorrus

The Cost of being a Suicide Bomber or Islamic Martyr, Eternal Damnation

By Farley Malorrus,

Sad, how people are being misled into believing that by blowing themselves up, becoming a Martyr for Allah, (Or any God), in the name of Islam is terribly misleading, manipulative, a waste of life, and the WORST TYPE OF KARMA.

The World is a ghetto now, and people are dying everywhere for nothing. There used to be a time when you could die for a just cause, for liberty, for freedom, for country family, or property. Now, 1,000's of innocent Martyrs are being convinced that if they give their lives in the "Name of Allah," that they will be greeted by 70 odd Virgins in heaven forever.

I'm sorry, but no offense to Islam but have you ever heard anything so ridiculous in your life? These people are so naive, so uneducated, so void of spirit and soul, that they actually believe that if they die for a cause they go to heaven. Hardly the truth. Here are some facts:

1. Life is Sacred

2. All life is Sacred.

3. Everything on the Planet is sacred and governed by the law of cause and effect, as it is so in the Universe.

4. This realm on purpose or by accident is God's creation and therefore of sacred essence.

5. None of this realm or anyone or anything in it shall be abused, violated, killed, or changed without repercussion.

6. This dimension is governed by a very sacred balance. A tentative chord of energy that retains grace within the very molecules of everything here.

7. Should you betray the law of cause and effect by violating ANYTHING in this realm for any reason, then you must suffer the re assertion of balance needed to restore the balance. That is karma.

8. If you abuse this dimension, and anyone or anything in it enough, you must suffer incredible Karmic retribution as consequence, typically in the form of pain and suffering.

9. Some believe (as do I), there is many other planets like Earth that are far worse off then us, and that house individuals that do not know how to respect the sacred sacrament of this realm.

10. Some believe as do I, that if you BLOW YOUR KARMA on Earth and ignore the sacred elements of life on Earth that you are subject to being born on that 'other planet,' many refer to as HADES, for what may seem like an eternity of penitance, until you reach a level or evolution that would allow you to be born again on a blessed sacred planet like Earth (referred to as Midgard in Viking Lore.)

11. I believe that if you live your life in peace, and do your best to not disturb the balance of this Planet and everything in it, and also seek forgiveness for your atrocities here, that you can evolve to a higher realm beyond Earth (Referred to in Viking Lore as Asgard), where love abounds, void of hate, void of prejudice or needs, and live life in a state of bliss with everyone else that is there including God.

12. I also believe that if you are able to respect that higher place where God is, and at the same time respect all life and living on Earth, you can qualify to 'ascend,' (As Jesus and Philip Did) to that higher place after any given lifetime.

13. When you murder someone, or kill yourself, and murder many, that is the ultimate travesty that you do while alive on Earth. There is no worse sin on this planet then ending any life which is sacred. That is why many cultures and tribal societies bless the dead animals before they ingest them to avoid Karma. When you murder someone, or kill your self, killing many, you are damning your soul to be born in a lower realm (Hades) and suffer the consequences for your madness, and misinformation.

These poor souls that are being terribly misled, in my mind, by the forces of EVIL who permeate the lower realms and effect those of lower spirit and naivete in this realm, therefore encouraging them to do such terrible acts, and therefore damning their souls, for ordering such things, and the souls of those who martyr themselves also.

The Universe is vast filled with infinite realms and Worlds. There isno end to the possibilities that exists. The Universe is filled with conscious energy (God) that controls all these realms with balance (Karma) in order to retain order at all levels. Those that ignore the sacred properties of God's creations, of the multiplicity and metamorphosis of these many realms are subject to sentencing themselves to what may seem to be eternal Hell. I have no pity for these individuals, and feel no sadness for them, as it is the FREE WILL CHOICE they make, and that down deep we all know we have that condemns their lives and their souls.

I type this part of my journal in deep trance, with the hope that somewhere, somehow, this message will get out, into the Muslim World, and that the children and other who are suicide bombers will evolve to a level of logic, intelligence and maturity to understand that what they are doing is evil, awful, corrupt, and non productive for their own soul's growth, in fact, they are typically condemning themselves karmically to a fate WORSE THAN DEATH, and that would be to be born on a War Torn planet with an eternal conflict, so much worse than Earth, by example, the Planet Hades. Can God help you if that happens? I hardly think so, because at that point, you are so far away from God that the only thing you will have to save you is yourself.

This War of insurgency is the most ridiculous, manipulative pile of propaganda (on both sides) that I have ever seen. ON the one side, they think they can with with suicide bombers by frightening us to leave. On the Other side (the Allies) we actually believe we can put an end to this.
The only thing that will put an end to this is education, information, Love, compromise, and diplomacy. Until then, it will be HELL ON EARTH, to figure out the winner, if any.

I am saddened that some or any of our Politicians feel we can win a War of Madness such as this with an Army, guns, tanks, planes, and ships; when in truth this is a War of Ideology that makes no sense. It is utter madness. The combatants that do not align with the sacred qualities of life on Earth will pay for it karmically with their souls. I am not threatening anyone, I am merely stating the fact that if their is one thing for sure in this Universe, it is the law of Cause and Effect.

Nuff Said.

Farley Malorrus,