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Are We (the U.S.) the Forces of Good or the Forces of Evil? Bush Plan initially "The New World Order."

With U.S./U.K. Poised to attack IRAN, this could be the "agenda," they wanted for World Wide Dictatorship....Martial Law...and

By Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

With Congress arguing about when or if to pull the troops out of Iraq, we continually have War in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Wasn't the original intent of the elder Bush to have a worldwide Dictatorship, and Martial Law as in "New World Order?"
The agenda seems to be getting clearer and clearer. With more war, more deluded fear of 'terror,' (We are the terrorists at this point), and now the U.S. and U.K. poised to invade and bomb IRAN, it appears that the World is now on the brink of World War III. Funny, how a lot of propaganda, resisting the will and ignoring the will of the people and Congress, is edging us very closely to losing our personal freedom, National Martial Law, the end of Democracy, World War III, and more precisely put, the "New World Order," as more commonly projected in the book 1984.

The Planets are set, with Neptune in Aquarius opposite Saturn in Leo, for the World to yet again go to war, over what? Next to nothing....a few sailors captured, false weapons of mass destruction, one unproven act of terror against the U.S. (911), Bin Laden still not tried on it as in COURT, and a whole lot of B.S. as to why we need to attack, bomb, and kill most all the people in the Middle East.

This sounds frighteningly familiar, as in the fear and paranoia that Adolph Hitler put into his people in the 1930's about the dangers of the Jews. Now, it seems as though the U.S. and Great Britain are trying to instill fear and terror into us about the dangers of Islam and the Middle East. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Imperialism, by any disguise, is Imperialism, and Oil profits are Oil Profits; as with the war bill getting higher, and the war deaths and maimed getting higher, Halliburton's profits (now a middle eastern corporation I might add) are also getting higher, which means if any of our Politicians have Halliburton stock (Cheney former CEO may have a few shares left), then it is a definite conflict of interest. War equals money and control of the planet, the people, the armed forces, and the police.
What is this World coming to? Who is going to stop the lunacy? Does it have to be the death of another 50,000,000 dead as in World War II until we finally appease the agenda of leaders gone Mad?
Has anyone ever heard of patience, and peace through negotiation? Besides, exactly what were those sailors doing in Iran?

I have to play Devil's advocate here, as I don't like seeing 50,000,000 people die, again, over the agenda of World Leaders gone mad. If anything, BUSH AND CHENEY need to be impeached, PERIOD, because they are acting as dictators, ignoring the desire of the American people, AND CONGRESS, and doing pretty much as they please. Should any one person on this planet have that much power? I say thee nay.

If anyone has any brains, or hope for peace on this planet the fighting needs to stop, and it starts with one of the sides (The United States) getting out and letting them have their country to do with as they please. Please leave the paranoia, pretentiousness, and hyperbole at home. Reality is reality, and no matter what they tell us will happen, hasn't happened and won't happened because it's a load of crap. Sorry, if I'm angry here, and yes I am a dove, as I believe all life on this Planet is sacred, ALL LIFE, and that not a single person should have to die for someone's crazy 'agenda.' Tony Blair needs to be fired and someone with a heart who has patience needs to go to IRAN and settle this.

That's my take on today's news...

FARLEY MALORRUS, http://www.radioastrology.com



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