Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Earth on the Verge of Karma Correction By Farley Malorrus

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Earth on the Verge of Karma Correction, "What goes around Comes Around!"

By Farley Malorrus,

President Bush making choices the Democracy is against along with most of the World; Congress being impotent, Darfur genocide, Catholic Church in catastrophe with child abuse from it's Priests, Abortion run wild, Health Care World Wide in a mess, relationships shattered, dreams shattered, heart disease, cancer, aids, SARS, Crib Death, kidnapping, people getting away with crime, tons imprisoned who are innocent, Girls Gone Wild, Porno dominating Internet, World gone Crazy....Media, Congress, President, and politics OWNED by Corporations and vested interests, and on and on.......

The Roman Empire Fell, The Napoleonic empire fell, the Ottoman empire fell, Ancient Greece fell, Ancient Egypt Fell, The empires of Genghis and Kublai Khan fell, and every single empire in the history of the World has fallen. Why not US? The World is in such a crazy and fragile state with lies, corruption, murder, manipulation, genocide, politics, and war dominating the world scene, and most people living from paycheck to paycheck, while others are on the street, and the rich get richer. The funny thing about Karma is, it always jumps up and BITES EVERYONE IN THE ASS. No one escapes KARMA, not Elvis, Not Kennedy, Not Jesus, Not Nixon, Not Clinton, Not Bush, Not Napoleon, not anyone! You must be so careful as to your choices in life as this dimension is so very sacred and fragile, and life on Earth is so very sacred and fragile, that will all the craziness, abuse, manipulation, lies, and delusions, not to mention WAR, I have a bad feeling that something terrible is about to happen to change it all by the end of this year. My dad always told me, "Farley, whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger." I believe that with all my heart, and I do believe that if something drastic and earth shaking does happen to the Planet, the President, Congress, Washington, New York, or L.A., that it will certainly be some kind of payback to a World gone mad. It drives me crazy all the death, dying, suffering, killing, genocide, and corruption that goes on every day on this planet for the sake of power, money, and control. It hasn't worked yet in World History, and Karma has a funny way of balancing things one way of the other. Real Estate did stop growing, the Market did go up but then it stopped, and lots of companies went bust; relationships are at an all time failure rate with so many single people and the divorce rate out of sight, and the value of the dollar has gone way down over the last 50 years, but the minimum wage has only gone up slightly.
This must be the way they force Fascism on us in a subtle and invisible way, so that most all people who have little or nothing become slaves to the system, while the rest of the World (The 2% that are wealthy), grovel in their mansions, high rise office buildings, beach houses, and limousines. Funny, how BIG BROTHER did take over with his homeland security, surveillance cameras, Fascist militias, and control without America flinching over being taken over by this Beast that now owns us all. Property tax, income tax, Estate tax (Death tax), sales tax, luxury tax, cigarette tax, alcohol tax, gas tax, and so on and so on. Wasn't this country founded on "taxation without representation, called a Tea Tax?" Funny how things change.
Well, the good news is, no worries, with all the other empires crumbling, eventually this game will end also, as God rears his head and karma corrects all the indulgences, lies, deceit, and betrayal that exists in the World today at every level. Some people will tell you it's 'Ok' and that everything will be just fine, because the Democrats or Republicans will save us. Don't believe it. The Democrats and Republicans are both owned by Big Oil and Big Health Care so none of them will budge an inch without 'permission' from the lobbyists. It saddens me what the world has become and how manipulated a species we are by the BIG WIGS that run the game.
To me, it's like a BIG HOUSE OF CARDS, fragile, huge, unstable, and about to crumble at any moment. It would not take much to bring it all down. Not much at all. I pray we all be safe and survive whatever it is to come, but I still feel that it's Karma Time and that those who have not kept a clean house of morals are about to pay the piper and deal with the Grim Reaper.

Sorry, I've been away awhile, as I've been dealing with family business, but I still send my LOVE to all of you, and as always pray for PEACE, TRUTH, LOVE, and HOPE. Something we find a shortage lately with those who run the game. No worries, they shall get just what's coming to them. Wasn't that a line in ALIEN?
Have a great week!


God Bless!