Saturday, November 25, 2006


Jupiter and the Sun Move into Sagitarrius with Venus and Pluto By Farley Malorrus

This should be a fantastic time for the fire signs, especially Aries and Leo benefiting from four planets in friendly Fire. Sagittarius is being tested right now, and Sagittarius Rising (My Dad) may be out of control with anger and bitterness, (Thanksgiving) Why does Sagittarius Rising have the worst temper? I'm not sure, but someone told me that most people who are bi polar are Sagittarius, Leo, or Aries rising as they burst forth with the love AND the anger. I feel like someone has lifted a heavy burden off of me now (Leo) and that I can now proceed with some festivities (Moon Wobble or not!)

The weekend has been uneventful except for some very warm and affectionate friends that made a point to let me know I am loved, and an outstanding Mother who cooked the best Thanksgiving dinner ever for herself and I. I'm over my sinus infection now, and out of the pain mode. I've been loading up on vitamins and mostly vitamin C and trying hard to avoid those that are sick with colds and flu as it is usually epidemic at this time. There is nothing worse then getting a cold or the flu during the holiday season as it kind of messes up your whole schedule. I have played with the idea of going back to South Carolina, but it's so cold there right now, that I figure it's best to just stay put in Southern California and enjoy the warm weather.

I'm excited that my partner Kenneth has added topics to our Astrology Server, and where there was 120 at one time, now there are 180 channeled topics that I did while on KFOX radio at 12 Noon in Los Angeles during the 80's and 90's. We have been getting about 40 hits a day, which means that people are down loading the topics and learning. IT does our heart glad to have people benefit from the information we have on the site, and the donations we receive help pay for the broadband and the server costs that we must absorb to keep the site going. OF course, getting a donation is like pulling teeth out of a rabid Wolverine, but for the few who have done it, kudos and God Bless you for helping us in our mission of spreading World Peace, and higher consciousness. For those of you who can't afford it, no worries, as it is our way to tithe to the World something that we hope can open peoples minds. We have over 1,000 topics, and it is our dream to have them all on the server, so if you know anyone who wishes to advertise on our site, "Radio Astrology," Please have them call meat 310-415-9222 for a banner rate!

That's the latest from your friendly neighborhood Astrologer. Enjoy the Sagittarius transits, the Moon Wobble, and if things don't work out perfect, just remember, it's the wobble!

Farley Malorrus,