Saturday, December 29, 2007

Through Failure and Loss come Strength and Rebirth By Farley Malorrus

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Though, By Farley Malorrus

Copyright December, 2007 all rights reserved

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Though the Rain falls through the month; Though the snow storm from the day; Though the sun burns the desert heat; Though the battle rages to the sea. Though the desperate hearts of Mothers cry; Though the fleeting moments till we die; Though the ice that forms the window pane; Though the locusts come from the rain; Though the insects infest the house we live; Though the poisons in the food they give; Though the odds seems mounted up against; Though I pray we save with our brave stance; Though the mountains roar, and volcanoes blow; Though the blizzard builds up mounds of snow; Though the toil of our work today; Though the lessons of our life to pay; Though the challenge seems too much to stand; Though the colors of life seem bland; Though the flood, the hurricane doth strike; Though the waters of the sea doth rise; Though I climb the mountain to escape; Though I know I'm strong enough to make; Though the World falls apart around me; Though I struggle just to find the key; Though I starve and thirst like no other; Though I fight to save my sis and brother; Though no one gave us chance to live; Though we make it for as God to give; For the strength of human heart doth grind, to keep the balance of the mind, to make us strong like the best metal, and fight our way until we settle; Though the battle rages oh so close; Though I lose my friends and family most; Though my pets do vanish one by one; Though my heart still pound when they are gone; Though sometimes it seems too hard; Though I must act like a Bard; Though the end seems near and futile; Though I can be strong and brutal; For I carry on the role of those that many paid a grievous toll, to fire up the hearts of Kings; To conquer fear and seek Gold Rings; to never quit, or say die, to always hold your head up high. To face the challenges as they come, and embrace your fear as you are ONE. Though life has been hard on me; Though I felt I had to be. Though I thought I'd lose it all. Now, I know what is my call. Champion of those around us; Heroes to the Queen; Savior of the fruits of lessons, never to be mean. Strong and smart as Superman, able to then stand, and face whatever is thrown at me, that I would win and then be free. Though the darkness fights to win, I'll save the light to fight again. Though the evil spreads it's fear, the Champion of Love comes near. Though you think you have it bad, and that which makes you sad. It's tears that drain the poison fear, and helps you strengthen for what comes near. Though it seems we cannot win; we must succeed to fight again. Though life is a mystery, we must fight on to find the key. Though the thoughts do permeate, of all the fear, and all the hate, the power of God propels us now to overcome it all somehow, and surface from beyond the dark, and embrace the light where we can park. Our thoughts do dwell upon our fears, which can be cured with hearty tears, to drain the weak and negative, and enhance the strong within. The only way to live your life, is to carry on again.

By Farley Malorrus, Copyright 12/2007