Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Saturn Cycle and the Aquarius Transits By Farley Malorrus

SALT, THE KILLER; Saturn Return and the Aquarius Transits...

By Farley Malorrus

Hello to all those kind Pilgrims who read my blog. This frankly, has been the week from hell. My dad, Freddie, is 91, and now on Dialysis almost every day. This is not something you would wish on your own worst enemy, as when your kidneys cease to function, and no longer clean your blood, the dialysis machine does it for you by removing all your blood, every day. At first I thought I had entered the Twilight Zone when this all started; now, it approaches the surreal. I have ascended beyond the threshold of fear and pain to an area of quiet, and calm. Leo of course rules the father, and being a Leo, my dad has always been important to me, although I have not felt that in reciprocation. No matter, I still love the tough guy. Having 3 other planets in Leo, Pluto, Mercury, and Saturn has always put a karmic focus on family and father for me, in the 10th and 11th houses, where they are in my birth chart a focus on 'working with family,' (10th house), and father as 'friend,' (11th House). In any event, suffice it to say, this guy has weighed on my mind, all of my life. Now, Saturn comes back to Leo (the last 2 years), so I'm having what is called a "Saturn Return," along with all people my age, or anyone born with Saturn in Leo (Those turning 27 to 30, 57 to 60, or 87 to 90). My mom is of the latter as she has Saturn in Leo like me. When Saturn comes 'home' to where it was when you are born, you have what is called a 'Saturn Return,' when your karma (If you have any left) socks you in the face for about 2.5 years...

I guess the numbness I feel is due to the evolution my soul has attained in rising above and beyond this realm and seemingly to exist in many realms at once. What happens on Earth is important but still all part of the process of letting go of this realm and ascending hopefully one day to a heavenly space.

So, here I sit in Los Angeles, watching my little Dad go through this pain, suffering, and torture as I deal with his congestive heart failure and kidney failure. Years ago, I would have been a basket case. Now, I feel like a hardened Marine in the middle of an Iraq fire fight, and that the rest of my platoon depends on me to hold it all together. The Aquarius transits are what has triggered the recent events and changes in dad's health, because with Mars and Neptune seemingly in a near eclipse, exactly opposite and playing havoc with my stellium (4 planets in one sign) in Leo, I have had to hang on, like it's a roller coaster from hell that never ends. My faith in God, and my meditations, along with my visions in semi dream states have sustained me. I love my Dad, but no one likes to see those they love suffer like this. Dialysis is the American Medical Associations way of keeping someone alive, when their life is really over. When your body can't process the waste anymore, it's a sign from God (in my opinion), that the game is finished. Still, My dad has an incredible will to live, is bonded with my mom his eternal soul mate, and refuses to let go. There are many, many people, maybe 1,000's who live on a daily dialysis, and my heart goes out to them along with my prayers. If my kidneys go out, then I most likely check out of here, because I'm not sure I could handle the torture.
One thing I did learn this week, is that SALT, SODIUM, and POTASSIUM CHLORIDE (phony salt), is what eventually shuts down and kills the kidneys. Once again society allows this terrible addictive substance, SALT to take away those we love in the most excruciating way. Sad fact, is that no matter where you go OUT to eat, the food is packed with sodium, and if you ask for a nutritional list of food on any restaurants menu you would faint at the amount of Salt there is in the food. I like to shop at Whole Foods, (They don't have one in South Carolina), and I try to buy low salt and no salt foods; as most super markets have so much salt in your food that it's no wonder the whole United States isn't on dialysis. Ironic that all canned foods, tomato juice, pickles, canned tuna, deli meats (most sub sandwich restaurants are loaded with salt, my dad's fave is sub tuna), and most all packaged, processed foods you see tons of commercials on TV for, as SODIUM SALT factories loaded with the Poison, Salt...Be aware, and eat more whole, raw, un packaged, unprocessed, low salt foods. Also, Kosher food is packed with it, hot dogs, salami, bologna, and so forth. It's a nightmare to imagine the tons of sodium we eat and no wonder so many of us experience kidney failure and the nightmare of dialysis in the end.
If you want to be kind to your kidneys and urinarytract, ditch the salt. Frozen foods have tons of it, as does bread, cereal, cookies, baked goods, cakes, brownies, and most things you love. Poor Dad is a salt addict, and now he pays the price, God help him.

Funny, I told my Mom 'no more salt,' for Dad as we are trying to restore his kidney function, and her house is like a Salt House. I can't lecture or preach to my Mom, as because she is Aquarius, she thinks she knows it all, so I just let God handle it. Still, her food is loaded with Salt and it's no wonder Dad's kidneys went bad.

So, this is my Saturn Return (My 2nd), and along with the Planets in Aquarius opposite Saturn in Leo in the sky, totally nuking my chart, this has been one of the greatest times of growth, challenge, evolution, and strength in my life. I firmly believe there IS NO SUCH THING AS A BAD ASPECT in Astrology. It's like forecasting the weather. When a storm is coming, you head in doors, get a raincoat, batten down the hatches and sit tight. I'd rather know when a storm is coming, then be hit by lightning walking around like some dummy. I have always used Astrology to roll with the punches life throws at you and enjoy the great, prosperous, joyous times the planets deliver.
I will always feel down deep in my heart that we are magnetic, electrical beings living in a huge magnetic, electrical field, and that by understanding Astrology, it allows me to interpret this energy system and how it affects us on a daily basis. I thank God that I am blessed with Astrological knowledge to enable me to ride this roller coaster called life, and not be shocked or surprised at anything that happens (In former posts, Cards winning World Series, Colts win Super Bowl, Stock Market Crash, dad' illness).

If you all read my blog on a regular basis, you will know that I track the energies of the Universe and try to report them the best way I can in my journal and on my web site, trying to TEACH YOU ASTROLOGY, Free, (by donation, but we only get very little), with over 220 audio files on topics I did on L.A. radio in the 80's and 90's, .

So, that's what I'm going through this week, and I have a smile on my face as God is my co pilot and sits on my right shoulder at all times fueling me with all the love anyone could ever want, and encouraging me to be strong. When the times get the toughest, fear and depression are the enemy, so it is essential to keep a confident edge, and to have no fear.
God love you all, and thanks for reading my journal.

Farley Malorrus,

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