Monday, April 16, 2007

Anomaly By Farley Malorrus 4/16/2007, Copyright Farley Malorrus, 2007


By Farley Malorrus ,
Dare not go forward into the darkness, yet to save your fear.

Dare not seek the unknown answers you don't wish to hear.

Hesitate and pray as the shallows beckon, for therefore seek thy maker.

Quest not into the vast unknown for life approaches and stop it cannot.

Stand tall with the strength of a God and feel the course of infinity flow through thy veins. Stand tall to weather the storm ahead. Receive the gift of light and love from the infinite to sustain. Receive the love God as thy accomplice and fear not what may occur. Hallowed is the ground in which you walk for the namesake in which you pride yourself. Hallowed are thy actions and thoughts. Thou are surrounded by angels on all sides supporting you, and lifting you towards ascension. Fear not what may lie beyond the realm of known reality and embrace the fear that surrounds you. Quest forth as the paladin warrior you are and garnish what is necessary to bear the lashing out of natural forces.

Destiny  races to meet fate and certainty is now an illusion according to anything real or fantasy. Fate is the hourglass of time that has already done its deed to us over and over again like waves slapping up against some quiet beach. The mission is at hand and yet over. The puzzle is solved and yet a maze of possibility and the illusion of life itself becomes unto a dream making it difficult to find the difference between the two. Death is merely a midpoint which gives up opportunity to decide if we are in the realm of light or the realm of illusion. Be at Peace with your choices and know you are not alone, as you are bonded with all things in this Universe and the next. Grace falls upon you now like rain during a summer day, and the warmth of the Universe takes you into the Oneness of all things in which you always knew you had.

Farley M. Malorrus, Copyright 4/17/07, All rights reserved.
To be used by permission for permission.


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