Saturday, December 30, 2006

Astrology Defined: Capricorn the Martyr

Capricorn the Martyr

(Capricorns or Cap People may view what we see as them suffering or being Martyred as 'normal,' and would never admit to it, while we 'wince in pain,' when we see what they normally deal is because they have the mettle to handle it, when most others, don't.)


by Farley Malorrus

On this New Years 2007, one mustn't forget that all the Capricorns are also having birthdays. Like Jesus, Elvis, Nixon, and all Capricorns, this sign takes on much more than the rest. Capricorn is the sign ruled by Saturn and the Law of Karma. They are the role models for us all when it comes to overcoming impossible odds and surviving or succeeding. Why must Capricorns take on such a load you may ask? Why must they work so much harder, be much more honest, need to get that much more loaded (Elvis), or put themselves through hell knowing that heaven might not await them. One thing is for sure, they die for us all. They suffer for us all, and they hurt for us all. I have had many Capricorn friends and I will never understand why they choose to take on such a heavy burden, and with their dry sense of humor, they always rationalize away the impossible dream they have taken on. Oh some of us have Capricorn Moons, or Capricorn Rising, maybe Venus or Mars, then Jupiter or Saturn in the sign. All people with Capricorn energy will assure themselves of going through some kind of ordeal or other sometimes all the time. When most of us go through a Saturn cycle every 27 to 30 years, folks with Cap planets seem to go through the mill every month. I have tried to throw a life saver to Capricorns and even offer them an option to pain and hard work some times unappreciated labor. It is their nature to build, work, sweat, take on challenges, and suffer through them. If you are dating a Capricorn or married to one, it won't be boring for you, as you may be amazed, and hopefully amused at the constant mess they may be standing in. Even the wealthiest of people who are Capricorn or have planets in that sign, may be abundant in toil and challenge. It doesn't matter how much success they attain, should they finally attain it, as because it is the very nature of their sign, the sign of the Soldier who always seems to have mission or project to conquer or achieve. Many people with Capricorn energy find it natural to be a police person, or fire person, or a soldier because the pain and growth goes along with the job. The motto for Capricorn should be "no pain, no gain," as they take on many more challenges than almost all the signs put together. During this time of the holidays when we recall the birthday of one special Capricorn, the ultimate martyr (Jesus), we must also pay solace and gratitude to the masses of people having birthdays at this time, and taking on so much more than they can really handle or more than they need, but believe it or not, because it is their nature, they need it.

They need the mountain to climb, the lake to swim, the path to walk, and the mission to accomplish. It is their nature. So, Happy Birthday to all the Martyrs in the World, and know that this Astrologer acknowledges your sacrifice and in due course that you should eventually benefit and evolve from the price you pay.

Happy 2007 everyone, and Happy Birthday Cap!

Farley Malorrus,