Tuesday, November 14, 2006

ASTROLOGY EXPLAINED.....The Micro Verse VS the Macro Verse By Farley Malorrus

The known Universe is made up entirely of Energy Spheres. From the Largest Planets, Stars, Moons, and even Galaxies, everything in the Macro Verse is spherical. Funny how that works. When you get down to a molecular level, in the Micro Verse, everything also is full of energy spheres. Electrons, neutrons, protons, are basically just energy in a glowing ball. Einstein predicted he could create a worm hole and travel from one dimension to another, one planet to another, or one time frame to another, if he could only create a perfectly ROUND sphere, with no flaws. He never lived long enough to perfect his theory. Maybe one day, someone will.

The point is, that we live in a Macro Universe made up of energy spheres, and the entire material realm is made up of energy spheres. Now, maybe you might start to understand why Astrologers consider the relationship between one set of spheres (in the Macro verse) and another set of spheres (in our bodies in the Micro Verse) has a such a distinct effect on the other.

It's all about gravity, magnetism, law of cause and effect, north and south poles; basically everything we sense is electric and filled with undefined electrical energy (God), that is what we call in perpetual motion, meaning that even if we die, our bodies molecular structure still has perpetual motion and changes into something else, other than us.

In order to relate to Astrology, you need to understand the overwhelming impact of the Macro Verse (The Huge Spheres in Space), and the DNA structure of the micro verse in our bodies. In truth, as far as I can see, when we are born, and when we are babies, the very second we take our first breath of life, our bodies are literally ZAPPED with the complete structure of the Universe that I firmly believe is encoded within our very DNA. Of course, our science hasn't gone far enough to prove that point, but through practical application, I feel that I have proven it unto myself, and that is all I need to know to practice and teach Astrology.

For Example, even though we are aware of the existence of gamma rays, even alpha rays, beta rays, or delta rays; the existence of epsilon rays, psi rays, and an infinite variety of other rays that exist and bombard us on a daily basis in this Universe have yet to be discovered, but STILL Astrologers all over the World who have proven unto themselves (as I have) that Astrology does in fact WORK, know that these cosmic rays, and the imprint of the Universe on any living being at Birth gives them a magnetic charge, defined by the Astrology Chart (Natal Birth Chart) and this vibration stays with us our entire life. That is why and how Astrology works, and why and how an Astrologer can read and understand organic beings (Humans), when analyzing their life's potential.

The Universe as a whole from our point of view seems frozen, as we are so far away from the billions and trillions of celestial bodies and galaxies, that we detect very little movement or change. The part of the Universe that is important to us in our analysis of Astrology is the local Universe (Our Solar System), because these are the celestial bodies that "move" from our point of view, and thereby define magnetism. Because the Solar System is FLAT, it and the Sun from our point of view travel through only 12 sectors of space, the 12 Star Constellations we now know as the ZODIAC. For example there are no "Big Dipper Signs," Or People with "Pegasus," or the "North Star" in their charts, because the planets, Sun, and Moon don't go there. They travel on a flat course called the "Ecliptic," which is basically the Zodiac.

So, when you are born, an Astrologer can analyze your magnetic structure by seeing WHERE the SUN, MOON, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and the Constellation on the Eastern Horizon (Where the SUn rises) at birth, called the Rising Sign, as far as compiling your chart, and seeing what your "Vibe," is. That's basically all that's in a chart, SUN, MOON, and the 8 planets besides the Earth with the Rising, so 11 Factors.

The Astrologer also grades the Geometrical Angles; 30, 60, 90, 120, and 180 degree angles that exist between the planets in your chart, called ASPECTS to understand the intricacies and precise magnetism of your body, brain, and DNA. It is a fascinating analysis, and when you get deep into it, it is quite revealing. I do Chart Analysis by the hour, but I am quite expensive; still if you require a reading, I take Visa and Master card, and can be reached at 310-415-9222.

In any event, I just wanted you to know from a scientific standpoint how it all worked, so you could print this section out, save it, readit 20 times, and maybe eventually it will sink in.

Astrology is basically a combination of Astronomy, Geometry, Algebra, Calculus, and Logarithms in order to reveal your personal magnetism, and hence your potential path in life. Astrology is not palmistry, not psychic stuff, (although many Astrologers are psychic and do channel), not guess work, or fortune telling. It is an exact science, that requires great knowledge and intelligence to understand and interpret. Every Astrologer I have ever met, has nearly always been next to genius.

That's my journal for today, and I hope that helps you understand Astrology better.

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