Saturday, March 17, 2007

Numb, By Farley Malorrus

By Farley Malorrus, 3/17/07
Who is that man in that picture there the one you see above?
Who is that man with light in his eyes that is so full of love?
Where does he live, and what does he do to find his way in life?
What kind of work, and happenstance to avoid the daily strife?
Is he a soldier or sailor, maybe a Captain of a Star Ship?
Does he hold the key I need or should I take another nip?
The factions hold the answer in the pages just beyond.
The secrets of the Ages lie beyond the golden pond.
The light of life grows white and bright as heaven beckons now.
He soars so high just like a cloud or perhaps a flying cow.
He sees the Lord and wonders just what he is to do.
He questions almost everything hoping to find a clue.
The snow falls hard upon the East and sleet turns into showers.
The weather changes everywhere, and then there are no flowers.
My life is good and I am blessed but havoc rules the day.
People freaking out everywhere I see along the way.
Mass confusion in the night, and chaos in the day.
People wandering aimlessly seeming as if to say.
They are searching for some answers, that could help them in their quest.
They are trying hard to accomplish goals to be their very best.
Here I sit amongst them, watching havoc grow.
Feeling the pain and suffering, just so I would know.
That I have it easy, compared to most you see.
That I am blessed and happy to have a magic key.
So, why do I sit and ponder things because of a Sick Dad.
He's lying in the hospital and it makes me feel so sad.
So I pray to God to help him pass through this insane long test.
Help him get better or grant him the grace of an eternal rest.
That I should love this man so much who brought me in to this World.
Taught me everything I know as my life unfurled.
To see his life in the final days, fading away into the night.
Hoping he is blessed by the almighty and goes into the light.
I sit here now, aimlessly praying for compense.
Knowing that one day I will regain my very sense.
For love is strong, and rules the day, that God granted me this gift.
To strengthen and to guide this man as I leap into the rift.
The darkness is behind me now, I feel I can survive.
To grasp the realm beyond this page just on the other side.
So, try I must and continue now, although I feel so dumb.
This voyage into the Unknown, has made me feel so Numb.