Monday, September 3, 2007

Moon Wobble ends Wednesday, Saturn in Virgo Now

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Saturn enters Virgo for 2.5 years, Moon Wobble ends Wednesday PM

So much has happened these past 28 days to me, that I think I've tested the Moon Wobble theories to the hilt! We even HAD to file Mom's taxes on the peak! Oh my Gosh! Well, I trust in God, and that 10 to 20% success rate during wobbles, but believe me, there have been plenty of re do's, setbacks, and repeated information in order to accomplish just about anything during this unstable period, including the stock market going CRAZY as predicted during every single MOON WOBBLE that happens 4 times a year.

Now, Saturn is in Virgo, FINALLY THE HEAT IS off for all those turning 29, 59, 89, and so forth, and also needed relief for Leos, Scorpios, Taurus, and Aquarius who have had a 2.5 year onslaught of Karma during this period.
With Saturn in their sign now, Virgo needs to fasten they seat belts and hang on for karma transitions as now it is there turn, and it's been 27 years since Saturn hit Virgo. With Saturn in Virgo; Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini will also be karmically challenged at this time, meaning to watch your needs, wants, desires, obsessions, and to take care of business as it comes up and not let anything 'go,' like a health symptom, or IRS Audit.

Funny, how Saturn gets ALL of us as it passes through the cosmos every 30 years going throug all 12 signs and making life interesting for us all.

I love it when Saturn is in my sign, as at the end, so much has been accomplished, absolved, and recovered, and I am so much better for getting through it.

During my Saturn return, I lost my dog, my dad, my condo, had a molar root canal, and drove cross country 6 times to manage my house in South Carolina, and my family in L.A.

Whew, feels like I just got back from Viet Nam in 1966. IN any event, I just wanted to let everyone know that Saturn is now in Virgo, and the Moon Wobble is soon over. The baseball playoffs are approaching, and football season will begin WITHOUT a Moon Wobble which usually means the best team will WIN and not some dark horse underdog.

I'm still watching the Cardinals even though they are beat up as possibly defending their title...
With the wobble soon over, who can know?
Have a great holiday and a wonderful week.
Your loving servant and friend.