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Symbiotic Relationship between the Body and the Soul by Farley Malorrus

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Symbiotic Relationship Between the Body and the Soul

By Farley Malorrus

The body of any living being, even an insect is a vehicle for energy and consciousness. Any body can be used by any type of soul for incarnation. An example would be a cow, or a dog, maybe a cat evolving to a vibration whereas they can live a human life and occupy a human body. Typically, I believe a soul must learn the basics of love, hence why I firmly believe lots of humans have souls of dogs, cats, and horses, as humans have relationships with these animals and therefore that is why people act like these animals. Their souls are merely dogs, cats, horses, and cows. The Hindu's believe in this process and call it 'trans migration.' Because I frankly believe all things are possible and do not limit my thinking or my consciousness to any boundary or border, I also believe this. The cows in India are very sacred and treated with tremendous amounts of love, hence the reason why many cows would incarnate as humans. Ironic, that humans in America particularly eat so much beef without literally blessing, or having respect for this animal when digesting it. On the same token, I also believe it is possible for a human to come back as a cow, if he loses the concept of love of self, love of family, love of man, and love of God. If he had abused eating beef or hunting animals recklessly, his 'karma' would be to come back as the animals hunted or slaughtered. That is why many Indian nations in the West, and the many tribal societies bless their food when they eat it, to show respect to the animals and the animals souls. Many people are carnivorous and show no respect to anything they eat.

Human babies have a specific vibration depending on date of birth, time of birth, city of birth, and genetics or family lineage. For a soul to occupy the body of a specific human baby they must have a vibration that is in synchronization to the baby being born, so that there life's karma is optimized. They also may have soul contracts to fulfill with other souls prior to birth and hence why they would choose a particular neighborhood, nation, economy, race, or religion.

It is quite easy for an extraterrestrial soul say from the Pleiades, the dog star, Sirius, or anywhere in the Universe or parallel Universe to occupy specific human babies, as they may be karma free, or 'bodhisattva,' giving them a dramatic edge in dharma (gifts and deeds), intelligence, star quality, charisma, plus body and facial style. That is the reason why we are so different, because our souls come from all over the animal kingdom, and extraterrestrial Universe and hence our uniqueness, even if born at the same time as another person  born in the same room.

It all has to do with vibration of the baby, and the Astrological vibrations affecting Earth at the moment of birth. This means that the LOVE VIBRATION of the SOUL must be in perfect synchronization with the LOVE VIBRATION of the baby or animal being born. This qualifies the soul to be born with a 'specific vibration, chart, or karma,' for it's life mission. If the vibration is low then the body that is taken by the soul may not have as great a potential or ease in life, (meaning a lot more karma, trials, tests, and maintenance to embrace authentic love, our Universal Mission) as the soul of a baby with a high vibration, who may seem to 'have it easy.'  The philosophy of "As Above, So Below," which is the basis to Astrological thought in that the baby is the 'EXACT' reflection of the Universe at the moment it takes it's first breath. The babies DNA is literally affected and encoded by the Astrological 'gravity' of the local Universe or the Solar System in which we live. That is it's cell circuit, natal chart, Karmic chart, or life destiny as far as how an Astrologer reads an individual considering other factors like race, religion, genetics, economic standing, and nationality. We define our "oneness," in the fact that we absorb the entire energy of the Universe at the moment of birth, so we are a reflection of the known and unseen Universe at birth and that is what empowers us. What makes us unique is the local Solar System, which defines identity considering the 8 Planets besides the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and the Eastern Horizon (called Rising) as the basic elements in our birth chart which are all very different from moment to moment. It takes the Sun 12 months to move through the 12 signs from our point of view, Mercury about 9 to 12 months, Venus about 10 to 12 months, Mars about 2 years, Jupiter 12 years, Saturn 29 years, Uranus 84 years, Neptune 120 years, and Pluto over 200 years. The rising sign or Eastern Horizon changes every 2 hours, and changes a degree every 4 minutes. The Moon changes sign once every 72 hours. So we find that the bodies are "charged" at birth and have a 'symbiotic' relationship with the soul, meaning that they work together in order to live out their lives. If a body is born without a soul it would be either still born, brain dead, or have nothing to animate it, meaning no souls were available for that particular vibration.

Extraterrestrial Souls, Angelic Beings, Reptilian Aliens, or beings from other planets find it fairly easy to travel to Earth without spaceships or worm holes, just by incarnation into a human or animal body. Have you ever felt your cat was from another planet or another dimension? They may be, in actuality an Alien Life Form. It is the natural state of the human ego (being top of the food chain),that makes us believe that there is nothing higher on the food chain than ourselves, and if it were, it would be quite obvious. The further Truth may be that evolved beings may not be in any 'food chain,' at all, as they may not need to ingest food as we do, nor eat other beings. Still, they would be more evolved than us and perhaps vibrate at a faster rate, so we might not even know they were there.

Many souls have a very low vibration and an extremely high ratio of karma, limiting the bodies they can occupy at birth. This makes for a difficult life, with lots of ordeal, trials, tests, challenges, and maintenance, in order for that soul to learn about LOVE, embrace their karma and obsessions and let go of them, in order to evolve to a higher vibration. If a soul evolves to a point of 'bodhisattva,' or Karma Free, void of obsession, needs, desires, wants, and goals, aside from their love and relationship to the center of all consciousness which is what we refer to as God, then they are given the option to transcend this realm and ascend into the light to a heavenly place, much like the Earth Realm but void of conflict, hate, obsession, desire, karma, and with a focus on the relationship to the love that is bestowed by the Great Spirit that we refer to as God. The human soul literally becomes 'weight less,' at death, if it is void of Karma, and the light is offered, otherwise they must remain in a limbo state awaiting another life with compatible vibration and karma, embrace a new Astrological vibration at birth, and become reborn in order to once again try to embrace Universal Love, God's Love and absolve their karma and desires.

Some of the babies with a very low vibration, due to economic status, genetics, poor family unity, or other disability like homelessness, being born in a war zone, or a 3rd World country are opened up to being reincarnated by some rather dark souls that barely have any love at all. It is assumed that some of the dark Extraterrestrial use these souls for incarnation, and that these same aliens and lost souls literally 'haunt' people in their lives who are vulnerable. Being vulnerable means usually that they are addicted perhaps to smoking, drinking, drugs, have no hope, no faith, no religion, no love, no belief in God, are very depressed, and because Love of self and Love of God is a common shield for humans, it leaves them vulnerable to being attached to by dark leech like souls who cannot incarnate because they are like lost, abandoned, and literally seemingly cursed to a point they cannot incarnate on this planet. These beings can Posses us and our children (Called Demonic Possession bythe Catholic Church), and create havoc in our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Possessed humans, having up to 20 or 30 dark entities or dark leeches on their chakras (the Soul has 7 basic energy centers called chakras on the rear end, the spleen, the stomach, the heart, the throat, the forehead, and the brain.) These humans are seemingly out of control and would do anything from serial raping, serial killing, enhanced addiction, stealing, lying, cheating, manipulation, and just terrible things in order to attain their agenda. Prisons and mental hospitals are filled with these misunderstood creatures which is a simple matter of Exorcism and returning the love and spirit to the individual and a faith in God in order to clear their soul and chakras. Instead, we judge these people, try them, convict them, judge them, execute them, and lock them away without fully understanding the state of Dark Spirit that they are trapped in. One day the human race will have compassion to spiritually protect their children from these types of incarnations and/or possession, and the human race may one day be free of crime, and dysfunctional behavior. Until then, in our limited brain capacity, we choose to lock these people away, and blame THEM for their behavior which is not necessarily true.

The variety of souls that can come to Earth is unlimited by the vastness of the Universe and the trillions of souls that live in this realm and others in order to visit Earth whether it be for Karmic Absolution or simple investigation. Obviously, many of these souls come to Earth to love us, to teach us, to be role models, and sadly, it is these souls who are often misunderstood and eliminated as we see throughout history how so many have been killed or assassinated, or whose lives were somehow cut short.

It is my mission to serve as a role model of love of self, love of mankind, love of God, and embrace God in all it's glory with it's infinite possibilities and definitions, without being distracted by the many manipulative humans who have lived in World history trying to make humans feel small, limited, and helpless unless they believe in God a certain way or accept certain precepts, less they be condemned to eternal hell. I feel it is a simple attitude to love self, love God, and be open minded to the possibilities of a heavenly realm being millions of times more blissful than the Earth Realm.I believe I have seen the Heavenly Realms in my dreams and my meditations, and I agree that it is at least one million times more blissful than Earth, but we need to earn our place with a particular vibration of bodhisattva, or Karma free.

It is very confusing and complicated for humans to figure things out, because there is so much information to weed through when pondering the mysteries of the Universe. Not only are we overwhelmed with religion, philosophy, patriotism, and politics; but we are also manipulated by those whom are not what they seem to be, meaning Priests, Presidents, Friends, Spouses, neighbors, or whomever we may meet who may not really be a pure soul, but who may have had intervention by a dark soul, or extraterrestrial leeches.

That is why I choose to keep an open mind, not form any bottom lines, try to read people as to whether their soul and heart are pure, avoid those who are not, if I cannot reach them, and embrace the belief of a God Force with the infinite optimism, and open mindedness that I feel an eternal deity of love deserves.

I hope my post today answered some of your questions, and I suggest you read it over, copy and paste it, print it out, and digest it to understand life on Earth that much better. I enjoy channeling this information as I feel it can be beneficial to many in the long run.

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com

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As with all CANCERS, President Bush being Slammed with SAGITTARIUS ENERGY By Farley Malorrus

President Bush being Tested Astrologically

By Farley Malorrus

Frankly, the 5 PLanets plus the Sun in Sagittarius this week is very uncomfortable for Cancer and Taurus, because they are at 150 degrees away from Sagittarius, we call that a quincunx in Astrology, so ALL PEOPLE with Taurus and Cancer energy could feel like they are in the Twilight Zone at this time due to  all the quincunx action going on. I for one feel like I'm being bombarded as my Venus is in Cancer, My Dad is a Cancer, and My aunt Bessie Malorrus (Who passed away this morning, God rest her soul), is someone who was littered with Cancer and Taurus energy in her horoscope. My Dad has 4 planets plus the Sun in Cancer and I'm happy to report he is doing better (Thanks for all your prayers) and supposedly leaving the hospital tomorrow. Still, this month is trying for someone like George Bush who is on the hot plate with the War, and one wonders why he just doesn't 'pull the plug,' and order the troops out. All this red tape, all this negotiation, all this speculation, all this talk of Civil War, all this worrying, won't do a thing until it's too late, and we can't be pulled out because our troops either get overrun or nuked.

(Overrun, as in "See Viet Nam")(Nuked as in, YES, I believe the Terrorists could very possibly have ALL Our troops targeted, with only one Nuclear Weapon needed, and make a huge statement by wiping out our entire force over there. I don't like to predict such things but since 911, I am a realist)

(Also, I feel the President could be a HERO if he pulled us out now, and public opinion on him SOAR, or he could be a terrible GOAT if something terrible happened to the troops, like ALL Of them) It is only the American Militaries ego that prevents them from accepting the possibility of the enemy using a Nuclear Weapon or two against our troops. There are plenty of Nuclear Weapons unaccounted for floating around the black market, and tons of anger, resentment, bitterness, and vengeance towards our troops due to the over 750,000 Iraqi dead, so I expect ANYTHING at this point. Pull the plug, get the troops out now!

My opinion, and please because there are supposedly 6 or 7 layers of separation between us all, SOMEONE TELL THE PRESIDENT, "Farley said to PULL THE PLUG, and just PULL OUT!"

It's a simple thing. You call the commandinggeneral of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines, or the Secretary of Defense, and say, "Get our Troops out of there NOW!" That seems easy to me.

Now, if anyone ever wondered about this current Moon Wobble that started 11/22/06 and will end 12/21/06 approximate and all the confusion, setback, and disappointment included in this planetary aspect along with the very odd assortment of 6 things in one sign, now you know.
I hope you are having a good week and a good holiday season amongst this Astrological Storm.

God Bless you all.

FarleyMalorrus, www.radioastrology.com

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