Thursday, April 26, 2007

Who Wants to Go Camping? Anyeone? WOOHOO

I guess, I'm a NATURE FANATIC, EH? Camping by Lake KEEOWEE in South Carolina, Top Photo, or In the "rig" by Lake Castaic, in North L.A. county, by Magic Mountain....
I'm just staying clear of the cities until this WAR is over!

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READY FOR SURVIVAL TACTICS, JUST IN CASE. Kidding, CAMPING ANYONE??? LOL... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

2 Kinds of People in this World, Luminaries, and Energy Vampires By Farley Malorrus

2 Kinds of People on Earth:
Luminaries (Beings of Light)

& Energy Vampires who suck you dry.....

By Farley Malorrus,

On the path of Higher Consciousness whatever path that might be, you may learn a very simple key of being an aware, elevated, evolved being. It's all about LOVE, AUTHENTIC LOVE, that we develop in our hearts for all people and living things, no matter what the instance. It's kind of a way of loving and forgiving God's children no matter what the circumstance, or crime.

People can be evil, terrible, even terrorists, but they are all still God's children, and even though there is FREE WILL CHOICE, some people have terrible childhoods, role models, teachers, mentors, and direction and end up at a bad end. Still, extremely evolved people find a space in their hearts (like Jesus) to forgive anyone for almost anything.

I call these evolved beings of Love and Light, "Luminaries," or ambassadors for God Consciousness on this Planet who have so much Love and so much Compassion in their hearts that they give of it freely. Then again, there is the energy price we pay (Called chi) when we give too much of that Love and Light, and/or people who need it, are sick and maybe dying take it from us freely, because they need it.
I was telling my partner Kenneth tonight, that lonely, empty, sick, older, non spiritual people who seemingly are very depressed and live in darkness and pessimism, can suck a person of Light dry in a few minutes.
Have you ever been around someone for a few minutes and felt 'drained,' so badly by them, that you felt like you had to run away and did?

This phenomena happens all the time, every day all over the World, and it happens when a person who is like a 'Black Hole,' of gloom, doom and disease, is around a person of Love and Light.

Sometimes you are so loving, that your aura can expand very far outside of your house, meaning, you don't even have to be in a roomwith a "Black Hole," type being and feel drained.

Let's take a look at the life of a Luminary, and how they may be drained to the point of terrible fatigue, ill health, aches and pains, chronic illness, and even depression.

Anyone you love can drain you.

1. Your Kids, relatives, friends, neighbors and co workers.

2. People in restaurants, movie theatres, air planes, trains, and buses.

3. Sick pets.

4. Your neighbors in apartment buildings or next door.

5. If you are a health worker you may be drained on going by sick patients, or if you are a doctor same thing.

6. Someone you love, and are very close to is sick and may be dying.


It is a natural course, for an evolved, spiritual, loving being connected to God and God Consciousness to be drained of their life force (called Chi) just by loving, caring, or even living around someone who is sick or dying. Energy Vamipirsm is quite common, and even if you use the utmost protection, (Ongoing silver, gold, and mirror Auric Visualization for example,) still, if you live in a city, you may be being drained by someone you love who is empty, or someone you work with or live around.

Many people are going through hard times right now, and it's a tough time for Luminaries all over the World as these are very dark times. I mean look at President Bush and how drained he looks, or Dick Cheney, or what happened to Ana Nicole and her son.

People of Love & Light must know how to go into seclusion, meditate, absorb the elemental energies, and the prana from God to recharge this vital chi, or else the result could be ill health and or even death (My opinion, as I have seen it).

Recently, my father was sick with kidney failure, and I flew to L.A. to perform a sacred prayer with my Mom invoking the HolySpirit and Jesus into his hospital room. The doctors had already given him (us) a death sentence for my dad. What occurred was wondrous  and miraculous as my dad is very sick, but I am selfish and not ready to let go of him yet. Still, I had to give him a great deal of my life force, Prana, and chi to invoke this prayer. Afterwards, my Mother took me into the hall and told me what a good son I was.

From that point on, Dad started to recover to this day, he is OFF THE DIALYSIS, and back to a normal lifestyle at 91. The doctors were literally shocked at his recovery, and could not believe his kidneys regained function. On the other hand, I got very sick, and had to go back to my seclusion in South Carolina to get a root canal, and because my immunity system was taxed from the 'healing' I gave to my dad, I was in tremendous pain for 3 weeks.

This happens every day on Planet Earth when our loved ones need us, we go to them and give them Love & Light to heal them. That is the Power of God that we all bestow within us to heal with Love. The price to do this can be very heavy, and the very reason why some very good people get sick and die after they lose a loved one, because they have depleted themselves in the process.
I had a friend once who did "healing" for a living. His name was Charles, and I warned him to 'recharge' often, as it was risky giving up so much of his chi to everyone. Charles died in his 30's very premature, and he was an extremely evolved being, but he depleted his chi and once your chi is gone, you die.

I am typing and channeling this report today because Kenneth encouraged me to explain to to people in the hopes that it might help others balance their energy and not deplete themselves so much in every day situations, where they live, or if someone they love, a pet or family gets sick, and/or even dies.

That is why I have a house by the lake in the middle of no where in South Carolina, so I can meditate, pray ,and absorb the pranic elements from the Universe in abundance in the lake, the forest, from the Sun, the Moon, God, and the fresh air.

It is because I love My dad, and people so much, that I can be easily depleted and therefore make myself ill from it.

If everyone were a LUMINARY, a being of LIGHT, of higher consciousness, and if everyone meditated, and if there wasn't so much poison, salt, sugar, white flour and hydrogenated oils in our food, we all might live 50 to 100 years longer, and we would all be trained in how to absorb chi and contain it for total health.

It is too bad, that people don't understand the "God within," themselves, that God Loves us all, and that we can access God's Love any time we want to refurbish the vital life force that allows our souls to live in these bodies.
Our bodies are quite magical, but they are batteries and require a recharge. If you don't know this, and you don't teach it to those that are sick or in need of light, then they may burn out, as well as you.

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