Thursday, October 5, 2006


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KARMA AND BODHISATVA, the ripples of Life By Farley Malorrus

I was pondering Karma again this afternoon for the millionth time,and realized once again with the standard epiphany that Karma does hurt. Anything you have on Earth beyond the spirit is Karma. It's kind of like calm water in a lake being jostled by a stone, or a fish coming to the surface to feed. The water is perfect, balanced, calm, untouched, then the fish strikes, and the ripples, the concentric circles of energy burst forth. Karma is much the same. The Universe is like one big calm sea, and we as humans form the ripples. It doesn't matter what you want in life, or have, or desire, or love, or create; it makes ripples. Always remember that whatever you have or gain, or desire in this world beyond the SPIRIT, is karmic; bears weight; has a price;and creates repercussions. You would think that Brad Pitt would be all happy and bustling with such a gorgeous woman in the world like Angelina Jolie, but trust me, he is playing in a Karmic Circus that many of us would never understand until Brad and Angie split one day, or seemingly live happily ever after. So what is the Karmic Price that George Bush must pay for his actions in Iraq, and Afghanistan? Don't ask Richard Nixon who resigned from office in disgrace, or John F. Kennedy who was assassinated, or Lyndon Baines Johnson who declared he would not accept or seek another term. Karma has a funny way of rearing it's ugly head and eventually charging you with the bill, the price of your desire, need, craving, or goal. Just because people appear to be happily married with a beautiful wife, and 6 kids, doesn't mean they are not paying the karmic price for all the ripples set forward. I've come to the conclusion that the life of a Bodhisatva, (Person void of Karma), who may be without relationship, children, stress, or typical problems with money, career, or family, doesn't really have it that bad. The reason here is the lack of desire, hunger, or the natural evolution of acquiring lots of things in life including, spouse and family.
ON the other hand, the person with all the toys, money, romance, and family sometimes go through hell maintaining it all, and hence all the ripples we set forth when we play the game of karma.


Hey all! Welcome to the blog...The Moon is going into Aries tonight for 2 and 1/2 days, which can mean big trouble for lots of people. Frankly, with the SUN, MARS, and VENUS in the opposite sign to ARIES, Which is LIBRA, that creates Bucu Stress for Aries and Libra People in General. WHy? Because the MOON ruling emotions, Sun ruling strength and Power, Mars life force and sex, and Venus ruling Love and money; then you put the MOON at the opposite to those 3, SUN, Mars, and VENUS, and KAPOW, you have tons of stress in Astrology called an Opposition. Ever have one of those fights with someone you love and you don't know why? IF you are CANCER, LIBRA, ARIES, OR CAPRICORN, get ready for the Lunar Roller Coaster the next 72 hours from this transit. Frankly, Many of you have planets in ARIES, LIBRA, CANCER, and Capricorn; which means the next 72 hours you may need a few beers after or during work if you know what I mean. I'm not advocating drinking, but I'm just stressing out that the world may seem like it's on fire with this aspect. I'm trying to teach you Pilgrims Astrology, so it's all about angles, geometry, aspects, and combinations of elements, some being good, and others being not so good. Of course, there is a complete course offerred for FREE right now, at , called ASTROLOGY I, ASTROLOGY II, ASTROLOGY III, and ASTROLOGY IV, that would give you a great idea as to what I'm talking about and how to follow these things your self. My gift to the World, knowledge. OF course, a nice donation to help run the site is always appreciated by those of you with a heart. If you have no heart, then no biggie.
Have a blessed day, and watch out for that ARIES MOON. There's a reason why ARIES RULES WAR, and If I were in IRAQ right now, I'd keep my head down, and away from all conflict.
Farley Malorrus,