Friday, October 13, 2006


When People have the Spirit of God in their hearts, and their faith is strong, and they feel safe and protected, sometimes they can channel and access a higher part of their self which has incredible intuition, logic, and access to sacred knowledge. This happens when you sit down at a table or desk, pick up a pen, or a computer and start writing or TYPING, "Automatically," without thinking about content, structure, grammar, punctuation, or organization, and an incredible phenomena occurs. This phenomena has been used by Ancient Scholars and many very famous and rich people accessing this magical part of their souls for ages. Acting for example is another way of channeling the higher part of yourself. The human mind is only limited by itself. If the human mind opens itself up to possibilities by letting knowledge flow from the fingertips or the mouth, (Automatic talking), with information and knowledge it did not previously know, then the brain capacity of the channeling individual will be enhanced and expand to almost 20%, or more.

I wanted you to know about this so you can understand me better, and see why some people appear to have 'the edge.' It is because they are channeling a higher part of themselves in music, speech, writing, literature, poetry, and even love making. This is the beautiful part of the human being, because we can access multiple parts of our consciousness and access information you could never get from books or teachers. The most important part, to avoid channeling misinformation, or evil (like some of our World Leaders), is to have AUTHENTIC FAITH IN GOD and the GOD INSIDE YOU, plus know you have a shield of love around you eternally as God's protection. For that reason, it saddens me that some people channel such a hateful murderous energy (Demonic Possession), should their hearts not be pure, nor their intent.

When we become more spiritual, it will be easy to recognize the 'spiritual grade' in all people, the spiritual potential, the grace, the love, the God inside, and on the other hand, it will also be easy for ALL PEOPLE to identify those that lack the love of God, and the faith, are not pure of soul, and therefore channel evil or even evil beings. Human beings are always a receptacle of Spiritual Energy, and the choice is always about LOVE OR HATE. It is a simple choice, and a simple path in life we choose, to LOVE, or to Hate, use, manipulate, control, deceive, and destroy.

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Truth Be Known By Farley Malorrus

Truth be known, since I started this blog I have 'automatically' typed most of it. Whenever I talk subjects, spirit, ancient knowledge, spirit guides, life and death, Astrology, numerology, or any of the sacred knowledge, I am channeling it. I don't like to admit this too often, but I'm being told I must this evening, as I am channeling what you are reading. The phenomena is that I type about 60wpm and that I just let come out what comes out. Sometimes words are capped and my higher self believes they SHOULD be, so I abandon the rules of grammar and punctuation in favor of whatever the spirit dictates. I have been spirit driven all of my life, even when I was 4, and saw myself at this age, middle age, all the time, looking into the future of my adulthood, and never quite grasping what it was. I feel I am blessed and surrounded with visions, miracles, guides, God, Jesus, and sacred Angels, who support my dream and mission of World Peace, and Higher Awareness for human beings on this planet, so that the violence and killing will stop. I will continue to channel my higher self in this blog to promote all the topics I channeled on L.A. radio, that can be heard at no charge except by donation (reserved for what is known as generous folks, and those that know what TITHING is.) In this way, you can get a better grasp of the Ancient knowledge that I channeled and see it if aligns with certain logical insight your own higher self must embrace. This is THE TIME IN EARTH HISTORY, THIS Millennia and NEXT when the human race must choose between Death, Doom, and Apocalypse, or HIGHER BRAIN CAPACITY, of 50% or more, AUTHENTIC LOVE, FAMILY OF MAN, and GOD INSIDE US ALL.

It is my intent to help promote this energy, because I believe in LIFE, I believe in GOD, and I believe in PEOPLE, and want the world to be free of tyranny, terrorism, murder, WAR, and violence. I say NOW, that anyone that would wage war on his brother, or any other human, ANYONE THAT WOULD KILL FOR ANY REASON is committing the worst sin imaginable, as HUMAN LIFE IS SACRED!!! I Repeat HUMAN LIFE IS SACRED, and not one single drop of blood need be shed. Should the human race survive it's test in the next 20 years, then this time, this part of history, the last 9,000 years will be looked upon (including now, and especially now since World War II) as a BARBARIC, BLOODY, PREDATORY, LOW CONSCIOUSNESS, RETARDED, MIND RESTRICTED, and CONSCIOUSNESS RESTRICTED time. This period will be looked upon as a time we are subject to MIND CONTROL by the few, and the rest acting like SHEEP. When we are all ONE, all have GOD INSIDE US, and need not be controlled every by anyone, any country, or any leader!

Nuff Said. Osiris channeled by Farley Malorrus

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Thanks for reading My Blog, and and LOVE TO YOU ALL.
I have faith we can save this PLANET. Please open your mind.

OSIRIS ENERGY-Farley Malorrus Revealed

First, I'm delighted to say I used some "Magic" tonight to ignite the St. Louis Cardinals when they were down to the New York Mets 6-4 in the 8th and 9th innings to boost them to their 1st win in the NLCS. The Cards tied the game 6-6 in the 8th, and scored 3 runs in the 9th to beat the Mets, and even the series 1-1..The game was amazing, and the Mets fans were stunned. I used similar magic when the St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl in 2000, in the last few seconds.

Someone asked me where I got the topics that are posted on the website and listed below...I channeled an Astrologer named Helen (differently sounding on higher level), from Atlantis making my kind of AStrology, (Equal House), of Atlantean Ancient Knowledge. Also, most of the topics on Life and Death, Reincarnation, Metaphysics, and spirituality come directly from the Egyptian God of Death, Osiris; who was purportedly resurrected, much like Jesus Christ, and who gained fame in Ancient Egypt as such...supposedly having the power and knowledge of life and death. Osiris also supposedly had the knowledge to revive the dead using mouth to mouth resuscitation, and cardiac pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), which was a secret known only by Isis and Osiris. One other point, when Osiris was dead, he also was revived by this method supposedly channeled by Isis after he died.

FYI, Born a Jew, I was stricken by the Holy Spirit while attending Central Methodist University (the 2nd Jew to attend in 100 years.) I started channeling automatic writing since I was 19 years old. I channeled appoximately 15 documents explaining the evolution fo the soul, life and death, reincarnation, and the repitition of the Universe. After my miracle and vision of Jesus Christ in 1976, at a hotel in Hong Kong that lasted 30 minutes, and that delivered to me sacred ancient knowledge, I met my spirit guides, the 1st the Sacred Buffalo spirit, Tatunkas (Which I had no idea what it meant, Buffaloe), at which time I met Helen, and also was introduced to a board of 12 elders who have guided and protected me my whole life. These elders make up some of the most loving, caring, compassionate beings in the Universe, many of them being of Cerakaua Apache Origin. In 1983 when I started doing radio on Astrology and Spritual topics, I notice the topics were flowing out of me like 'water,' without trying. THAT IS THE MIRACLE of the website we designed. is an archive for free, (by donation), to offer 127 topics of what I did at 12 noon on KFOX, 93.5 L.A. radio from 1984 to 1996.

I just wanted you all to know that story.
Peace be with you.
I am too humble to admit to any past life I may know I have, but I can share some of the feelings and past life readings I have gotten that have confirmed what I have just told you.

Farley Malorrus,

"It's not an accident that you found me. It's not an accident that you respond to this information and knowledge. It is not an accident if you are experiencing awareness, and evolution. It is not an accident that you can now be free of your fears, and embrace the Light OF God's Love that lives active in your heart...."