Friday, October 13, 2006


When People have the Spirit of God in their hearts, and their faith is strong, and they feel safe and protected, sometimes they can channel and access a higher part of their self which has incredible intuition, logic, and access to sacred knowledge. This happens when you sit down at a table or desk, pick up a pen, or a computer and start writing or TYPING, "Automatically," without thinking about content, structure, grammar, punctuation, or organization, and an incredible phenomena occurs. This phenomena has been used by Ancient Scholars and many very famous and rich people accessing this magical part of their souls for ages. Acting for example is another way of channeling the higher part of yourself. The human mind is only limited by itself. If the human mind opens itself up to possibilities by letting knowledge flow from the fingertips or the mouth, (Automatic talking), with information and knowledge it did not previously know, then the brain capacity of the channeling individual will be enhanced and expand to almost 20%, or more.

I wanted you to know about this so you can understand me better, and see why some people appear to have 'the edge.' It is because they are channeling a higher part of themselves in music, speech, writing, literature, poetry, and even love making. This is the beautiful part of the human being, because we can access multiple parts of our consciousness and access information you could never get from books or teachers. The most important part, to avoid channeling misinformation, or evil (like some of our World Leaders), is to have AUTHENTIC FAITH IN GOD and the GOD INSIDE YOU, plus know you have a shield of love around you eternally as God's protection. For that reason, it saddens me that some people channel such a hateful murderous energy (Demonic Possession), should their hearts not be pure, nor their intent.

When we become more spiritual, it will be easy to recognize the 'spiritual grade' in all people, the spiritual potential, the grace, the love, the God inside, and on the other hand, it will also be easy for ALL PEOPLE to identify those that lack the love of God, and the faith, are not pure of soul, and therefore channel evil or even evil beings. Human beings are always a receptacle of Spiritual Energy, and the choice is always about LOVE OR HATE. It is a simple choice, and a simple path in life we choose, to LOVE, or to Hate, use, manipulate, control, deceive, and destroy.

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