Thursday, January 18, 2007

DoomsDay Clock....Why are People so Mean to each other? By Farley Malorrus

Why are People so Mean to each other? Top of the Food Chain, the Human Race. Doomsday Clock....
By Farley Malorrus

In further analysis of the human race, I have come to the conclusion that man can be basically bad more than good. It is a sad truth when any species is on top of the food chain, whether it be a bear, a velociraptor, a T-Rex, a tiger, a lion, a shark, or Man. Still, the shuddering truth is that we certainly are on top of the food chain, and there is no comparison to the potential abuse and horror conducted by mankind. Wars to end all wars, slaughter houses lining the continents, children as slaves, massacres on a daily basis, rape, murder, and overall dominance and manipulation by the Alpha Males, Alpha females, and World Leaders who make up the group who is 'in charge.'

If I were an extraterrestrial looking down on lovely Planet Earth, I might see this planet as the planet of blood and death. Unfortunately so many of us are in denial as to the brutality of the human race, and among the bloodletting in the numerous wars that litter the planet, the dictatorships, or fanatical religious icons that make some of us think there might be a God over this brutal species, still, I would think twice about visiting Mother Earth and making it even known I was here.

What is it in our natures that allows us to make movies that rank the box office featuring such gore as is available? What about the pecking order in society, the class structure, the supposed dominance of men over women, and the family unit where there is no real freedom, only cooperation with the one in charge. Human beings have been forced to be survivors, so they hunt, kill, and fight their way through history destroying anything and everything in their path, and anyone who might question who is boss, or in charge for the moment.

Although, down deep we have a loving, caring, tender, gentle nature, like a sleeping dragon, when rifled or upset, human being are capable or more carnage then ever imagined combining all species of beings who ever inhabited this planet. Is it logical for such a barbaric, blood thirsty, out of control species to have weapons of mass destruction at all? I mean is it even necessary that ANY HUMAN BEING have the power to obliterate the entire planet given they have a bad day or a change of attitude.

In the midst of all this madness and dominance, so many of us wait for a savior or Messiah (Jesus), as when we remember last he was here the World chose to crucify him for his deeds, which should be expected by a species as blood thirsty as we. In human history, whatever, and whomever we don't understand, or don't care to understand, the answer has always been the same. Kill it, destroy, remove it, exterminate them, cleansing, and genocide make up a tremendous portion of Earth History. Is this something to be proud of as far as being part of the family of men and women who have produced such carnage. Does there really need to be a place other than this that we would label as Hell, or are we here now?

Perhaps we are the Demons and don't realize it, or are in denial as to our true natures. This murderous defense mechanism human beings have does come in handy when attacked, threatened or bombed (Pearl Harbor) in a reaction of like manner proving that any human is capable of laying waste to the World and it's people.
Where does it all end? Does it end in oblivion and obliteration? Is it our destiny to just get to a point of technology and blow it up leaving robots in our wake to pick up the pieces? Even a robot would have the logic and sense to respect and protect life more than most people have.

Still, we pray and we go to church, and temple, fast, and meditate, and in our moments of peace like to see ourselves as selfless, humble, loving creatures, that wouldn't mean harm to a fly.

I have a dream that one day the killing will stop, that one day LOVE will be the priority, and that even though we are a blood thirsty species on top of the food chain, that through evolution we will have the sense to put down our weapons of mass destruction, remove the myth of needing to absolve sins because we have so many, and actually band together as a family on this planet with a priority of love and respect.

Humans come from a barbaric, cloudy past, where fighting for survival has become our very nature, and something instinctively inside us in order for us to live.

I can understand the battle for dominance of this Planet, the land masses, the natural resources, and so many have died in the quest for such acquisitions. Still, in a time where we become threatened by the very ecological system of the Earth,and suddenly find ourselves with our own self created "Doomsday Clock," it is almost as if we know what a suicidal species we really are, and merely counting the moments when it is all gone.

I have hope for mankind. I have hope that one day some will rise up and people will listen to them. I'm not talking about the one's that are 'sold' to us by media and television. I am talking about wise men and women, visionaries with solutions, compromise, negotiations, and treaty's that will allow the human race to disarm, make peace, and not destroy themselves.

We live in volatile times and it reminds me when I was in high school during the Cuban Crisis, when I thought any day was going to be my last and that a nuclear war was eminent due to the missiles in Cuba. I even remember trying to build a make shift fall out shelter that would probably only survive a fire storm from the ensuing blast.

In a World where there is so much love, and so many loving people, we still need to embrace the fact that we live side by side with hawkish, blood thirsty people who think acts of violence, war, brutality, invasion, and domination is the answer for peace and democracy. Who is right in any war? Who wins a war where so many die? It is easy to make war when you don't have to sacrifice anyone you love or any of your family. Like a king sending pawns to their deaths, it is quite simple for all these war lords worldwide to wager war, and forget about the innocent victims of collateral damage. I don't forget these victims. I don't forget a single one of them, and all I know is by the laws of Karma, that as it says in the bible, 'he who lives by the sword shall surely die by the sword.'

When are they going to get it, or do they all have to die by their own choices? Once in a while I need to use this journal to air some thoughts I have about life on Earth, because sometimes I feel I am here as witness to what is going on, and I don't like what I see.

I guess I'd rather be human than any other species as there is a reason why we are top of the food chain. We are the smartest of the species and know how to survive. What about the cost of survival? Who pays the bill at the end. Here's hoping one day we have the sense to put down our weapons of war, come home, and make peace. God be with us.

Farley Malorrus,