Thursday, October 19, 2006

Miracle Cardinals Win National League Pennant. Wow.

Cards beat Mets, face Tigers in World Series, 2006

With a lot of luck, a lot of prayer, and a ton of Libra Planets, the St. Louis Cardinals once again overcame their "underdog status," as predicted, and beat the Mets in surprising fashion. Most of the Cardinals and historically, the team has lots of Libra In their charts including Tony La Russa. The good news was the eclipse (Conjunction), this last few weeks, of the Sun, Venus, and Mars all in Libra and in positive aspect to Uranus in Aquarius, which gave them the unexpected ability to beat the favored Padres, and now the heavily favored Mets to meet the incredibly heavily favored Detroit Tigers this Saturday in this years World Series. When Venus leaves Libra with the Sun and Mars, all going into Scorpio, the vibration of the series could change, but I'm still leaning towards the Cards to win yet again, as Venus won't go into Scorpio until next Wednesday. Of course, it would be a miracle, if they beat the Giant Tigers, with their awesome pitching, but earlier on in the blog, I mentioned I was using visualization and prayer to help propel them and it so far has worked!!!

I noticed LOTS Of Mets fans praying tonight, and I took a matter of fact type attitude, win or lose, it's been fun. Still, Yadier Molina, the lowest batting average on the team this year hit the game winning home run in the 9th inning, and scored Scott Rolen to give the Cards a 3 to 1 edge. The tension with bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th, and Adam Wainwright striking out the side, was like a movie. Truly, there is magic to baseball and all sports we watch, as people get so into it. I assume that whatever the Universal Mind wants, will be the outcome. I was born in St. Louis, so I've always been a Cards, Rams, Blues, Missouri Tigers, and even St. Louis Hawks fan when I was a boy. I don't care much for the Hawks, but the power of visualization has given the rest of the teams a fairly good year so far. No one knows what the Scorpio transits will do, but Uranus remains in Aquarius in complement to all the St. Louis Cardinals Libra clusters in their natal charts, so I'm expecting lots of surprises and maybe some upsets this year. Last year, I felt the way the Red Sox won, was unnatural, and didn't trust the outcome. Those guys all looked like they were "on something" every single game. The Red Sox looked too intense last year, too much energy,too tweaked, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were all juiced. "Win at all costs," was the cry from Boston.

I'm thinking this years playoffs with all the publicity about steroids is clean and fair, and that is why I'm thinking it will be fun to watch.

Thanks to all my spiritual friends who lent their Angels and Spirit Guides to the Cards win! It worked and I was not surprised. The Mets have a murderers row type lineup and it was a miracle they lost. That's the latest in Baseball and Astrology.

Farley M. Malorrus,