Tuesday, December 4, 2007


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I'm A Bear, By Farley Malorrus,
 Copyright, 12/2007

The Flowers in the spring doth bloom, the fairies spinkle dust.
The dew of morning rocks the leaves, with the fresh smell of musk.
The animals awaken now, and I must go and quest.
I seek adventures old and new of which will be the test.

I know not what I find this day as wilderness comes near.
I stop and drink some water now, in time to see a deer.
The World doth turn and people work their skins to the bone.
While I roam free and gather musk for sins I must atone.
The wilderness is contagious as deeper through the woods I trek.
The sounds of creatures moving around, brings chills right up my neck.
It's peaceful in the forest, and here is where I feel.
That I am suited for the rest and comfort as I kneel.
I pray for peace and happiness, in a world gone wild with craze.
I pray that everyone find their goal and not live in some daze.
I see a squirrel come up to me seeking food that it might eat.
I give it nuts to squander as he looks so quaintly neat.
I love this guy as he nibbles his bite, and seems to smirk and smile.
He eats so fast, and looks around pondering his fate all the while.
A red tailed hawk comes settling down at a tree right next to us.
I'm thinking that this squirrel would take off like a turbo bus.
Instead the Hawk doth ponder, and set about to rest.
The Raven gathers close at hand, continuing the test.
And now the rabbits come so near, I wonder what is up.
Am I a human or nature boy, who feels just like a pup?
I hear buffalo approach with a moan that could be weird.
I'm surrounded by these animals with nothing to be feared.
I'm thinking, gee, I must be a mountain man this day.
First alone in the wilderness, and now all these animals today.

The sun shines through the trees just now, and all look up save me.
I glance in wonder at the group and notice how they are free.
I realize I'm part of them, and that is why they're there.
To comfort me and let me know that really I'm a bear.

All this time I thought I was human, mistaken how I am.
To think that I could fit in this World like a candied Yam.
So happy as I feel the love and light this day.
Surrounded by good weather and animals all to play.
Surrounded by the love of God who lets me know just now,
how blessed Iam to be just me instead of some lumbering cow.
So bear it is, and Polar if you think that my beard too white.
To hug and squeeze a deserving bunch, when morning turns to night.

The snow doth come and fall just now, tickling my nose.
I realize true happiness like flowers simply grows.
Whenever you want and think you know exactly what you need.
The simple facts remains your soul just needs be freed.
From the havoc and chaos of everyday work and strife.
From the World we live in and what we call a life.

SO, that is why I wander here in this forest everyday.
To find my self and freedom, and friends along the way.
Those that do not judge you, or wonder how you look.
Those that sit beside you near the babbling brook.
The innocent sweet animals that think I am amusing.
Follow me around when I rise and start my cruising.
They follow me just everywhere, I think I want to go.
They let me know that I'm the best, and that they think I glow.
I hear them when they're thinking, and speaking words to me.
I hear how nice and sweet they talk and know I have the key.
The key to understanding what life is all about.
As easy as asking a fish or a bird, why not try a trout?
That whether you fly or float along, drive real fast in cars.
Remember that you mind is vast and your brain is full of stars.

So, here I come when I am sad, or need a boost like fire.
Alone in nature surrounded by all those that I desire.
The animals and creatures, that follow me around.
Make me feel so special that I walk on solid ground.
I feel so much better and now really don't have a care.
I understand what it feels like to be a Polar Bear.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year 2008.