Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Molecular Structure of the 3rd Dimension, a HUGE HOLOGRAM

Please Note! This topic is reserved for people of a "Higher Consciousness" nature, who are on the Path to God Consciousness, or Christ Consciousness. You may need to read this over several times to digest it, nor do I expect 'everyone' to understand it, but if you are ONE of those who can read it and understand it, then that would mean that you are on the path of awareness evolution, and that your mind qualifies you to understand Astological concepts which are reserved for elite open minded peopel not affected by dogma or fundamentalism, including high  IQ, and extended brain capacity. Thank you.

Molecules as God Particles and Our Role in this 3rd Dimension.

Greetings all from the Great White North, (Toronto). The 3rd dimension is made up of 2 things, vacuum of space, and molecules. Molecules are made up of neutrons, electrons, and protons in what is called 'perpetual motion,' meaning that matter can never be destroyed but only change in shape. So, what we live in here in this dimension is basically full of atomic particles that basically have no substance, that are in eternal motion. I call this Realm, "God's Projector," or "God's Hologram." Every night when we go to sleep our soul's leave the hologram, and go back into a heavenly state to recharge, when we awaken, we come back into our body, kind of like a hand puppet and begin anew. The molecules that make up this realm are what I refer to as "God Particles," as they are eternal and in perpetual motion, which is the miracle of God Consciousness that permeates everywhere in every realm. WE as human souls are able to participate in this "Grand Illusion," like actors on  a huge magnificent wide screen TV acting out our debts, challenges, missions, karma, and protocol necessary for soul growth and closer alignment with God. People take life so seriously, and they should because this realm, the 3rd dimension,made up of God Particles, is sacred. All beings that live in this realm are sacred and that is why any disruption to the realm itself (Exploding a nuclear bomb for example), or disruption to the occupants of this realm creates ripples we now understand to be karma. All of us are charged in these holographic bodies we occupy for a lifetime and this charge occurs the moment we are born into this realm, "or warp in at birth or shortly after birth," and the babies body itself is a reflection of the entire dimension at the moment of birth. The reason why the Astrological birth chart is so vital to understanding the makings of a human being, is because it is unique to the state of the Universe at the moment of birth. Because we are so far away from the galaxy, the moving lights in the sky from Earth's perspective are what is important in an Astrology Chart. These 'lights' are specifically, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto; also the Eastern Horizon at the moment of birth is called the rising sign. So, all humans and living beings in this dimension participate in a huge magnetic occurrence, the hologram that we live in made up of the God Particles or molecules, and character, identity,environment, personality, and karma are designed by where the planets, sun, moon, and rising are placed at the moment of birth (time of birth), in order to understand the babies vibration, potential, areas of study, areas of growth, magnetism, karma, cause and effect on the rest of the realm, and finite reflection of the oneness we all share with the Universe. We are all one and we are all the same, but the illusion of separation and uniqueness is defined once we choose to incarnate into this realm take on a body, and receive a magnetic charge to the babies body once it takes it's first breath. This is our vehicle and the reason why Astrologers study charts to understand people, their life path, karma, and growth patterns. It is an amazing science, totally based on astronomical, geometric, physics, algebra, calculus, and logarithm's that very brilliant individuals can master in order to understand life on Earth in this dimension and the human experience connected to it.

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Farley Malorrus,