Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Update on Virgo, with Taurus, Scorpio & Leo

Some Virgo person emailed me that people said she/he was a perfectionist and a know it all. SO, maybe my analysis of those folks is correct, but I REMIND ALL OF YOU, that I AM NOT SPEAKING ABOUT EVERY VIRGO in the World with Leo/Scorpio/Taurus in their charts. Believe it or not, many of these folks have faced their demons and conquered them by being open minded, negotiable, and nice.

This person ask me to 'delete' the post but we got 80 hits right after I wrote it, so someone must be reading it and liking it.

Still, I need to express my feelings, and try to teach people with my own life experiences, as life is basically one big experiment after all. I will not delete it, as I LIKE IT, and it works for me to explain to people why SOME PEOPLE ARE THE WAY THEY Are and a huge pain in the butt to the rest of us.
A clue to Virgo/Leo/Scorpio/Taurus types would be to relax, and take a look at yourself and ask yourself how people see you and whether they are authentic when they say they like you or are they just playing along because they have to work with you or deal with you in the family?
Just a thought.
Farley Malorrus,

Live Longer, be Healthy, Logic by Farley Malorrus

(This topic is the opinion of Farley Malorrus and although not verified by the AMA, FDA, or any medical association, I have found that IT WORKS For me to keep me in Great health, and feeling great!)

Here's some tips for you to avoid Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and Osteoporosis, by Farley Malorrus

(Maybe Copy and Paste the following, print it out, and MEMORIZE THIS PUPPY,eh?)

Life Tips By Farley Malorrus

Live Long and Prosper


1. Avoid Hydrogenated Oils, and Mono Diglyerides...! It's CRISCO. This stuff is in lots and LOTS Of packaged foods. THE BODY CANNOT DIGEST THIS STUFF! The corporations and fast food companies don't care if they kill you, as they want your money. This stuff clogs your arteries, destroys your pancreas, messes up your bones, and basically kills you!

2. IF you smoke, roll your own, natural tobacco no preservatives, smoke it in CELLULOSE from Brazil, not Paper...Live longer.

3. Avoid ASPARTAME, as rumor has it too much diet coke, and diet drinks with ASPARTAME may cause MS, that's right MS. Also, other terrible diseases that they don't warn us about. So far, what I hear about Splenda is ok, but HONEY is the best sweetener, and SUGAR is a drug, PERIOD.

4. Avoid Salt as it's in everything and causes high blood pressure and heart attack, also you don't need that much of it, just a tiny bit. Throw the salt shaker out, and check the sodium content of your foods.

5. Avoid white flour as it is a non food, makes you fat, clogs your intestines, and is just a negative in nutrition.

6. Avoid Aluminum foil, and Aluminum ingredients in antacid, in fact AVOID Antacid by finding some good DIGESTIVE ENZYMES and use them when you eat to avoid acid stomach, acid reflux, and heal your digestive system! I used enzymes to cure my acid reflux, GERD, and acid indigestion.

7. Avoid Aluminum in deodorants and feminine hygiene sprays as rumor has it the aluminum may cause breast cancer, lymphodal cancer, ovarian cancer, and prostrate cancer. Way too much metal in our diet from Fish, Aluminum foil, aluminum products, and canned goods. Avoid all metal packaged foods!

8. SODA IS NO GOOD FOR YOU, drink water, preferably DISTILLED, with a vitamin and mineral supplement, as I use ALIVE....

9. Take Pro Biotics, and/or Acidophilous everyday to flush your intestines, and keep a coat of positive bacteria in your colon, and reverse the negative affects of antibiotics that we take. Acidophilous is some of the best stuff you can take. I take them before each meal for excellent digestion.

10. Take a Multi Vitamin and Mineral supplement everyday, and make sure they have Calcium, Magnesium, and Manganese to make sure your body absorbs it. I take Liquid Calcium/Magnesium that is dairy free. VITAMIN C IS A CRITICAL VITAMIN. It clears your arteries, detoxes your body, and helps your cells mulitply. I take EMERGEN C, every day and I love it. Also eat as many Organic Fruits and Vegetables you can stand in your diet for awesome nutrition. IF you can stomach WHEAT GRASS JUICE, I hear some people have reversed cancer fasting on it, so drink a shot or two of that every chance you get!

11. If over 40 you can take Glucosmine/Chondrotin to reinforce your joints, bones, and cartilage.

12. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day to flush your system and keep it clear.

13. Rumor has it that caffeine in diet sodas, and coffee may add to stomach upset, ulcers, insomnia, and rapid heart beat. If you have an elevated heart beat and dump the Caffeine, it should go away. I have also read that if you have heart problem and drink occasional caffeine that it may give you a heart attack. Remember Caffeine, like Methamphetimine is a DRUG, and even though it is widely used, accepted, and legal it speeds up your body by telling your adrenal glands there is an emergency and that you need energy. Too much coffee can be a killer. I had two close friends Ray and Harold who lived on coffee and cigarettes, and one day they both dropped dead, not on the same day, but a day before Harold died he told me he need a 'whole pot of coffee,' to get going. The next day he was dead. I don't drink coffee or caffeinated drinks and find my energy to be sufficient. Those of you who drink one or two a day, as long as you recognize you are 'addicted,' I am happy. I recommend naturally decaffeinated if you are going to get off of it. (I'm not preaching here, as I LOVE Coffee, but it is a DRUG and can be harmful!)

14. Do a senseless act of kindness everyday.

15. Say HI to people everywhere you go.

16. Hug as many people as you can every day.

17. Tell as many people as you can that "YOU LOVE THEM."

18. Avoid micro waving foods with Plastic on them.

19. Avoid Microwave foods

20. Eat more WHOLE FOODS, and Irecommend WHOLE FOODS GROCERY if you have one, as they watch their food to make sure it is good for you.

21. Eat more Organic Fruits and vegetables, and meat products minus the hormones and antibiotics.

22. Drink Organic Milk if at all.

23. IF you eat Chocolate (I love it), I recommend the Dark as it's better for you. I also LOVE CAROB, and that's much better for you than Chocolate.

24. Get 8 hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation is NO GOOD, and can create health problems, bone aches and pains, muscle pains, CLOG YOUR ARTERIES, make you irritable, and shorten your life. Take Melatonin if you have trouble sleeping and I recommend Sub lingual, under the tongue. 8 hours of sleep is essential for a happy, healthy life.

25. If you are married or in a relationship, try to start the day by consummating your love, or at least at night before you are too tired. Consummating your relationship or marriage is the best way to tell someone you love them. If it is difficult to do this every day, I  recommend 3 times a week minimum, to release stress, balance Yin/Yang, and to get those hugs in. IF you don't like to consummate your relationship or marriage you probably are too old, or shouldn't be with that person or married, so why not do the right thing?

26. Meditate every day or at least 4 times a week, even if it's on the word OMmmmmmmmm, the Lords Prayer, 23rd Psalm, or make up your own Mantra (a meaningless word or phrase you repeat in your mind for 20 minutes in the morning before breakfast, and 20 minutes in the evening before dinner)

27. Pray to God everyday and at least at night and thank God for your health, blessings, happiness, and the health, blessings, and happiness of your loved one's.

28. Exercise as much as you can, but don't over do it! Primitive humans were very active even until old age and death, so get up off that chair and do something, as 21st Century lifestyles are very sedentary.

29. Play with your kids, teach them, or volunteer to help single parents, kids in sports, or teaching kids as much as you can. This is some of the best blessings or Dharma you can make.

30. Be alert, be careful, be defensive, be a soldier, a warrior, enthusiastic, confident, and exercise yourself esteem, confidence and enthusiasm as much as you can. It's a jungle out there, and human beings are top of the food chain, also considering they have only 10 to 16% brain capacity, that makes them even more dangerous in traffic, on the street at night, in clubs, bars, foreign countries, and just about anywhere. Many people also die from falls, so being alert, defensive, and careful in your life could save your life.

31. Learn to say you are sorry, to forgive others, to forgive yourself, to patch up old wounds with people as all of us are God's children, and we are in the same boat. If someone is willing to make a peace, then make it. Learn to admit you made a mistake (President Bush?), and apologize for it, then reverse your error and DO THE RIGHT THING. Sometimes, I'm thinking having a President that FLIP FLOPS would be better, as I mean it might stop a NUCLEAR WAR to FLIP FLOP, or correct a war in Iraq, by changing your mind and bringing the troops home. There is nothing more dangerous then a stubborn, immovable leader who refuses to admit faults, errors, mistakes, and reverse it. People die when leaders make mistakes in judgement. Lots of people; like 4,000 Americans, and almost 700,000 Iraqis....and for what? I don't get it. BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW. Who knows what the body count is on the 1,000's of dead Afghanis and Pakistanis...

32. Do something nice to the Earth someday, plant a tree, a garden, or pick up litter, hug a tree, or clean a lake or the Ocean!

33. Recycle the best you can.

34. Remember to make God and Spirit your priority in life and that way when you die, your spirit will soar to a heavenly Place. Also, don't be a hypocrate while you honor God as God will be watching. The Earth and all the living beings on the Earth are Sacred. God's Work should be honored and protected. Try to be kind to everything and everyone.

35. Don't eat meat everyday, and you may be saving an animals life. Yeah.

36. Be creative as you write, paint, draw, sculp, sing, dance, act, or entertain those around you and everyone on Earth. It is our God given ability to create, so why not?

37. If you have children, remember to hug them, talk to them, tell them you love them, assist them, if they are having financial problems and are worthy to receive support, give them some help, encourage them to succeed, enhancetheir abilities, support their goals and God given abilities.

38. Learn Martial Arts or boxing for self defense exercise.

39. Read More, it's good for you!

40. Write more, it exercises your brain.

41. Play more games, as it exercises your brain.

42. Avoid bathing in Chlorine too much (Too many showers can be toxic!), to avoid getting health problems from toxic chlorine. One shower a day should be great. You may also want to let your bath water set a bit, to allow the chlorine to evaporate out of it, (couple hours?) then add the hot water later.

43. Don't drink tap water, too much chlorine and Flouride is not good for the body.

44. If you notice you are being mean and nasty to people, try to carry a personal recorder with you and when you rag on people, yell at them, criticize them, or try to tell them how to run their lives, record it so you can hear what a jerk you sound like. (Especially on the phone) Kindness and gentleness can go a long way to make your life easier, happier, and create positive relationships. There are WAY too many jerks in this World, and I want nothing to do with them.

45. Be at Peace, meditate on "I am safe, I am Calm, I am Peace," while lying in bed at night to go to sleep. IT works for me every single night for 25 years now to make me drift off.

46. IF you drink or smoke too much, stop being in denial, as you are killing yourself. Please try to moderate, or stop those habits and preserve your body and vital organs, not destroy them. I'm not preaching, it's just logical

47. I'm not real confident about condoms, as the spermicide in them may be carcinogenic. I hear lots of people that use spermicidal condoms get ovarian, cervical, and prostate cancer. Is this an accident?  I also hear that the way some condoms are prepared is toxic form the latex used. So, why hasn't the FDA analyzed this stuff?  Also, some of the vaginal creams, and birth control creams, pills, sponges, and stuff used in Diaphragms may be toxic and carinogenic as I don't think anyone checks the sanitation or toxicity of this stuff. I would be careful and use them in moderation if at all. My higher self is not happy with all that junk. It's a good idea to dip your TOOTHBRUSH in Peroxide every day before you brush, or Listerine to sanitize it as hot water just won't do the trick and disease can fester on that tooth brush along with Candida. I also suggest Candida Clear if you find out you have candida, and anti parasite herbs from a health food store, if you eat too much raw fish and get stomach cramps. Santizing your hair brush once every week or two or your comb may be a good idea also.

48. I just channeled all of this, so it's what my higher self believes could help you have a longer, happier, healthier life. Also, avoid TOO MUCH SUN, as skin cancer is in Epidemic, and Sun Screen may be toxic and carcinogenic. Moderation is the key here I believe.

"Love is all you Need," John Lennon
Farley Malorrus,


Alive and Well in Canada & New York, Sort of, By Farley Malorrus

SO, here I am in Canada with 7 planets in water signs, 5 in Scorpio; Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter; and 2 in Pisces, Moon and Uranus. With the Scorpio transits bearing down on the Neptune Square, I have come to the conclusion that a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE ARE FREAKING OUT! Thanks God for my calm and serene manner as I can survive this aspect. Canada (Toronto) is a nice town with nice folks, who are working very hard to make their way in the World. One of the reasons I came up here was to escape the election, (IN case all Hell breaks Loose), and escape the aspects of Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury at a right angle to Neptune, what we call some major SCORPIO/AQUARIUS stress. I'm not saying this is an 'end of the World' aspect, but let's say some major 'closure' is coming down this week, along with Real Estate in America, perhaps the Stock Market, the Republican Congress, the Detroit Tigers (already happened), and hopefully we can avoid a major terrorist incident, or accident!

Thank goodness I'm not superstitious, eh; so, that's why I ended up in Canada. I also attempted to make a peace with the Wicked Witch of the North to no avail, but at least I tried. Some people are wicked to the core and it comes out in their mean, cantankerous nature. At least we can try to be at peace with people like this, but we are not always served. My Mom used to tell me and she still does, "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it!" Maybe someone should tell the Wicked Witch of the North about my Mom's wisdom.

The sad thing about Virgo energy, combined with Scorpio and Taurus in someone's chart, and add a drop of Leo is that they come from a "know it all" type energy, which usually means, "my way or the highway." I never liked Virgo combined with Scorpio, Taurus, and Leo as it makes for some pretty mean folks on this planet who will torture us with their guns, whips, or mouths. Still, part of absolving karma within ourselves we need to bless these people, and send them off in peace, even if that means they drink and smoke themselves to death, while they are nagging and picking at the rest of us.

At this point, you might say to yourself, why would anyone want to have contact with another person who was abusive in any way? Call it karmic destiny, or the hand we are dealt, but it is not an accident we attract such people in our lives, nor that we need to deal with them (Our parents sometimes) on a regular basis.

No one is perfect, and everyone has a cross to bear, but these overbearing folks with Virgo energy (critic), adding some Scorpio/Leo/Taurus (Perfectionist know it all), seem to think they are. Sadly, it's best we embrace our finer qualities in life, and thank God for our blessings without bashing those around us with their imperfections! During this period of "Too much Water in Space," we need to avoid emotionalism, avoid mental and emotional abuse, make a peace with those we can, give a hug, and avoid blow ups, arguments, and break ups. Once again I reiterate to make love, not war when the water is running, and babies being born this week may prove to be the most sensitive kids ever born!

I just have a Scorpio Moon with Venus in Cancer! These babies have Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter in Scorpio, with Moon and Uranus in Pisces. Holy Cow try not to upset them or make them mad! As far as the election goes, if a single Republican wins anything or anywhere (Save phony Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger), I will be one shocked Astrologer and it will prove that voting in America is rigged and that our Democracy is officially over! That's all folks!

Farley Malorrus , GO NOW!!!