Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The 'X' Zone Radio Show

Farley Malorrus will be on http://www.xzone-radio.com/  at 10pm to 11pm, PST, or 1am to 2am tonight. The topic is on "End Times," Demons and the World Trade Center....Hope you can join us.


My life has been quite magical the whole way from birth to now. I was always 'spirit driven,' and even when a child felt I was guided and protected by  'invisible friends.' As I got older and found out I had magical powers like automatic writing, healing, channeling, interdimensional vivid dream awareness, numerology, Astrology, being able to read auras, sensing evil, restoring good, comunion with God, and in 1976 a miracle with Jesus/God, I chose to embrace these powers for the common good.  People that know me and love me have always sensed something special in me, and I try to be quite humble with what I know or can do. When I was doing radio shows in 1983, 7 years after my miracle, which I compare to 'the burning bush,' I was made aware by my first spirit guide, the one who had been with me at birth that my soul was made up of a major amount of Cerokaua Apache, Atlantean, Pleidian, German royalty, French, Dutch, Greek, Norse, Egyptian and tons of others including other worldy and interdimensional beings, from the Dragon Realm known as the Reptilians a race of highly evolved, extremly loving beings. My spirit guide revealed himself to me in the summer of 1983. I knew he was always there, but was made aware of his name, "Tatunkas." (Tatoonkus) I never knew what this name meant until years later I saw a Kevin Costner movie, "Dances With Wolves," and became aware it meant Buffaloe. Tantunkas is the first Buffaloe Spirit or the White Buffalo and is the holiest of holies amongst Native American Entities. I was informed by Tatunkas that I would be doing radio and television for 15 years, and that I would have to do 'nothing' to prepare for the shows, as he and an Astrologer from Atlantis who was with me during all these shows, "Helen," were with me along with my teacher who had passed after she trained me in 1976, Carol Morgan. From 1984 to 1999, I did radio and TV Shows in Los Angeles on KROQ, my own show on KFOX, 93.5, and KNTF, then the Astrologer for the morning news on KABC7, Channel 7 Los Angeles, from 1997 to 1999 (400 morning shows). That period of my life was quite magical and incredible as I was blessed, nurtured, and cared for by these guides the whole time. I was always protected and received advise from a board of 12 ascended American Indians including Chief Crazy Horse, Geronimo, and Sitting Bull. I went up to Little Big Horn for the 4th of July in 2004, in Montana, to experience Custer's Last Stand, and the energy of this sacred Indian Ground. I was in trance the whole time and visited constantly by 1,000's of American Indian Spirits. It was one of the most magical and incredible times of my life. Although I was born in Missouri, the "show me state," and quite the natural doubter, I could never doubt the magic and excitement of my 'spirit driven' life since I was 2, when I was aware that I had these special talents. I have dedicated my life to assist the human race in any way I can by offerring the knowledge and the wisdom that was passed down and given to me, so I can interpret the best way I can to you. As I type, right now, as always, spirit driven, I never have to think about what I am going to say, as I type 60-90wpm, and I watch the information come out my fingertips, like magic. I know that there will be those that doubt this, but I'm not one to lie, and truth is my base of love, so I do the best I can to serve as a channel for my Higher Self (the Osiris Entity), and my many spirit guides.

I thought I would share this with those that read my journal and those that find this journal in the hopes you can gain some information from my journal or my 127 channeled topics from the website, www.radioastrology.com .

Thanks again for reading my journal, and as John Lennon once said, "Love is all you need!"

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com , Off to the Great White North!


Astrology was something I knew nothing about until 1976 when I took a class and got a chart finished. It explained "everything" to me.

1. My dad is a Cancer with Sagittarius rising and has been 'yelling' at everyone his whole life, water sign with fire rising, makes sense. My Mom is a workaholic, always worrying, and a fanatic with balance in her life. She has Mars in Libra in the 6th house (like Virgo), and my Dad has Mars in Taurus in the 6th house. I was raised by 2 people with Mars in the 6th. My childhood was like the Marines! Astrology finally explained that.

2. My ex wife was gay and had Mars in Virgo (typical Lesbian aspect), with Venus in Gemini (also typical) and a Leo Rising, kind of bossy.

3. I have always been oversensitive, when I found out I had Venus in Cancer with a Scorpio Moon, that explained it.

4. Timing situations, when to buy, when to not, when to start something, when to stop; watching the moon cycles, knowing when planets seem to go backward or retrograde in the sky, Moon wobbles, Square and Opposition geometrical aspects to planets in the sky. Since I got my timing down, almost everything goes smooth in my life since the 70's! Can you imagine that?

5. Dating and relationships karma; by analyzing a man's moon, venus, rising, and a woman's mars, venus rising you can pretty much tell what state of karma their love energy is, and whether or not you are compatible to them. IT works every time, and may be the #1 reason why I never remarried, (No body is perfect!)

6. Understanding World Leaders, celebrities, political, disasters, catastrophes; I have always been a stickler for figuring out why someone is famous, or why they are elected President, or when a certain earthquake or catastrophe will happen, and it's easy to find out all that when you know what to look for. The planet Uranus usually rules 'fame' in our birth chart and also earthquakes in the moving transit chart. It has helped me understand human nature quite a bit!

7. Health Situations, surgeries, accidents, premature death and dying; I find that some people are in the hospital quite a bit (like My Mom and Dad with Mars in the health house, the 6th, Dad has had tons of applications, Mom also, and they see a doctor every week or 2); others never seem to need a hospital surgery or even see a doctor.The Astrology birth chart lays out for you your health karma, debt to the body, and lessons you go through with your health. It never seems to amaze me how people have more health karma with planets in the 6th house or in Virgo. Thank God I have no planets in the 6th or in Virgo, knock on wood, for good health!

8. I have used Astrology since the 70's to read people better, understand their energies, their karma, where they are coming from, where they are going to, what their intent is, what their agenda is, honesty factors, loyalty factors, honorable factors, and just about everything. I have to tell you when trying to relate to co workers, bosses, clients, family, friends, or even someone I'm on a first date with, Astrology has saved me a lot of time and heartache because it always defines someone's uniqueness. Nothing is really wrong with everyone; as everyone is just different, and the Astrology chart is like a signature for the soul. I love it!

9. It's great to check when the best time is to travel, or fly, or take a train, and making sure the planets in your horoscope are not in an accident stress aspect when you are traveling.

10. Career changes, goals, and areas of study best suited for you are designed by your Astrology Chart.

11. Spiritual, religious, and connection to God are also easily readable in the chart.

12. Enemies, self undoing, dreams, evolution, metamorphosis, and you life path are all readily available by understanding Astrology.

So, ever since my divorce in the 70's (Bad choices), I feel I have had a great edge by learning and mastering Astrology, and that is why I chose to teach and share all I have learned with whomever wishes to learn it. On my server, www.radioastrology.com  there are complete courses in Astrology on audio, that are FREE BY DONATION, that allow you to hear me channel the easy path to understanding Astrology and mastering it's techniques, energies, and applications. It's not as difficult as you think, if it is something you are meant to know, it will be a natural for you. It's just Planets in Signs, and geometrical aspects between them. That's all it is. Simple locations and math is what it is all about. Try to drop by my server and give a listen, especially during the day with headphones while you work. It's commercial free!

Have a great day everyone, and a great week. I'm off to Canada tomorrow, and listen to me tonight on XZONE RADIO, with Rob McConnell, www.xzone-radio.com  at 10pm PST, or 1am EST...

Farley Malorrus, www.radioastrology.com