Monday, April 9, 2007

Animalology By Farley Malorrus


Copyright, 2007, Farley Malorrus

By Farley Malorrus

Animalology stems from Native American beliefs that we all have animal spirits inside us, as part of our souls, and that few of us are purely only HUMAN. It is something I have done much research about and wish to explain. It is the theory, that we all have an "Earth Born" animal energy within us, besides being quite human.
There can be various reasons for this:
1. Some believe in Reincarnation and along those lines that we as beings have lived as all different kinds of animals in past lives (This is call Trans migration, when Human Souls can live as Animals)

2. Others believe a great race of Reptilian Beings lived on this planet (Dragons and others with Logic and Wisdom), stuff made of fairy tales, but it is said all myth has truth at it's foundation. This would include Elvin races, Orcs, Goblins, Faeiries, Unicorns, Pegasus, hobbits, dwarfs, and all kinds of magical, mystical races of beings that have lived on Earth in the last 500,000,000 years . (That's 500 Million Years)

3. Still others believe that life has been flagrant throughout the galaxy throughout time, and hence why looking at 100 different people could seem like looking at a Star Wars Bar considering some of their souls have been "Extra terrestrial" in nature.

I believe that you can look at a person, and besides seeing if that person is human, you can look 'deeper,' and see what animal, Reptilian, or ET is the best reflection of their appearance and nature. My father for example is a typical Bull Dog, and my Mom reflects a gazelle, and perhaps the fox. I myself embrace the Polar Bear energy.
Frankly, as this science is more developed (by me, hopefully), then we will be able to see, accept, embrace, and understand better why people are the way they are. THIS WAY WE WILL NOT JUDGE THEM, or try to CHANGE them to all be like cheetahs or gazelles. It might be quite natural for someone to be small, large, tall, or have distinct markings on their face. This is a way for us to embace individuality, uniqueness, and abolish predjudice!

Native Americans do this all the time! IT's second nature for many of them (Apache) to see the animal spirit or alien spirits inside a human being.

If you were a  Gazelle, would you want marry a Bull Dog, a Tiger, or perhaps a Wolverine?
AS a Polar Bear, I'm fairly confident with my energy that I can relate to most beings, as there is also a major amount of Reptilian in my soul (Ancient Red Dragon from 100's of millions of years gone past), to almost embrace most any animal or ET nature in an individual.

I hate to say it, but when someone has chimpanzee, ape, or any other primate as their animal spirit, they tend to be quite funny.

The Dog spirits are quite feisty, loving, and rifled when upset. Then there are those Cat spirit people who love to cuddle, make love, tease, nurture, and mystify! On a given day, I tend to embrace everyone I meet or see by trying to identify the Animal or Alien Spirit inside them. My sister comes across more like a Penguin, and a fawn, whereas my nephew Scott is definitely a cheetah, with some wolf. My niece Tracy comes across as total Tiger and my friend Tiny would be another Bear, maybe Black or Grizzly.

I have seen really big people who come across as Elephant, Hippo, Rhinoceros, or even Sperm Whale, and see it as very natural they they are so large! Shaquille O'Neil from the Miami Heat would be totally Reptilian in nature as I get almost a T-REX energy from him, along with a bunny to calm his spirit. Amazing stuff we are talking about, here, and I just want you to open your minds.

President Bush is the classic Mule/FOX who won't budge and who you really can't read at all. His wife would be a deer. Dick Cheney is the Weasel (obvious?), and Al Gore would be a llama, or a Giraffe.

I love the Bill Clinton animal energy as it is totally LION in almost all ways (he being a Leo also), with some Jaguar. Hillary is the LIONESS with Leopard and Tiger in her. She can be a formidable foe, and someone you don't want to mess with.  Brad Pitt is a cheetah/fox, and Angelie Jolie is a Black Panther/Siamese Cat.

Now, I'm thinking you must be thinking either I'm crazy, or that this all makes sense. Suffice it to say that in the presence of eternity with unlimited possibilities, I prefer to embrace all things as being possible. I totally relate to the Bear/Lion/Dragon vibration inside of me and my soul and it strengthens me to embrace this.

Think about it, and maybe you can see the Animalology that you are? I would LOVE TO SEE COMMENTS as to what some of my readers think their spirit animals are, if they can figure it out, for heavens sake, make me smile and post it!

Now, this is a different kind of topic! Book to Follow!

Thank you for reading my journal! If you like it, please pass it on to your address book! Thanks.
Farley Malorrus

POSSIBLITIES: (when considering Animal spirit you embrace)

Squirrel, Skunk, Rat, Spider Monkey, Brontasaurus, Tricertops, Grey Alien, Xeno Alien, Chipmunk, Prairie Dog,Mountain Lion, Rattlesnake, Owl, Eagle, Hawk, Dove, Parrot, Parakeet, Finch, Duck, Goose, Horse, Queen Bee, Hornet, Wasp, Tarantula, along with 1.7 million other Earthly species alone!

Lots of variety when it comes to Animal spirit in People.....That's why I think we may all be so very different in so very many ways..

Mars Goes into Pisces, as the World Turns By Farley Malorrus

After 2 Long years, Mars returns to Pisces, and the World Shall never be the Same again.
By Farley Malorrus,

Mars finally went into Pisces last week and I am expecting some HUGE changes in the World in the next 60 days. During this transit of Mars, it will have an ECLIPSE with URANUS, locked in Pisces for years, and go into a right angle square first with the largest planet, Jupiter, then with the farthest out 'planet,' Pluto...

There's an old saying, "Welcome to the New World Order!" (1st President Elder Bush)

Is his son following suit with this new order? If the war is going to expand, and if we are going to invade Iran or some other God knows where place, the next 60 days will tell the tale. Frankly, this isn't a great period for Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Gemini as Stress runs high, and adaptation critical. For some, it will be a piece of cake as they have done their homework and brace for change and adjustment. For others, it may be pure shock, panic, havoc, and chaos depending on how they take it.
I figure 3 to 5 critical EARTH SHAKING, WORLD CHANGING, possible 911 type events could occur with Mars in Pisces. Why? Simply because of the confusion, lack of decision, lack of focus, avoiding the issues, sidestepping the will of the people, and just plain foolishness. A lot of this has to do with brain washing, propaganda, and mind control, as the "Haves" Decide what will happen to the "Have Nots," as they say.

A quote from the movie the "SHOOTER," with Mark Wahlberg, says it all. "There are no Democrats, there are no Republicans, there are no Shiites, there are no Sunni's; there are just the HAVES, and the HAVE NOTS!"

I think that is one of the most brilliant quotes I have ever heard! Great film, and I love Mark Wahlberg a lot, so well done Mark.

Still, With Mars playing games with Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto the next 60 days, CHANGE is in the air. Some thoughts:

1. Will there be an attempt on Bush' Life?
2. Will there be another attempt on Cheney's Life?
3. Will the stock market hold?

4. Will Real Estate Crash?

5. Will Unemployment go off the scales?

6. Will we invade Iran, Syria, and/or Korea?

7. Will World War III begin?

8. IS there a pandemic hiding in wait?

9. Will the Detroit Pistons win the NBA TITLE, or will the Phoenix Suns? (I go for the underdog Pistons...but we shall see)

Some further optimistic thoughts, and wishful thinking:

1. Will Bush respond to the American people and Congress and pull out of Iraq to avoid total chaos and failure? (Not likely)

2. Will Bush sign the Environmental Treaty? (Hardly possible)

3. Can the economy and real estate recover from what is going on?

4. Can the unemployment level sustain or get better?

5. Will they ever pull the wool over our eyes and tell us the truth, THAT IT IS NOT ABOUT TERRORISM, but it's about MAKING BILLIONS OF DOLLARS?

6. Will the American people remain blind to what is going on around them?

7. Can the World fall into an Armageddon, tribulation type scenario during this aspect?

Pisces is a funny sign, as even though it can be extremely spiritual, it plays riddles on us, usually has a veil that covers the truth,later to reveal the truth to us, in shock and awe. With Mars there, going to eclipse Uranus, the TRUTH has a funny way of rearing it's head and biting you in the nose. My take on the next 60 days, besides Global Warming, weather changes (Upon us now), people stressing out, and going crazy over basic needs, is that something will happen, and I say about 4 things that will come out, that no one knew before, that may make FOOLS out of certain World Leaders, and possibly change the course of history. The other possibility because Unanus is involved, is like a lightning bolt effect, that over night changes everything as we know it, similar to Kennedy's assassination, and 911.
On the brighter side, NOTHING MAY HAPPEN, (yeah right!), Peace on Earth, Good will towards Man, Jesus returns, the Rapture happens, and film at 11!

I just like to let my readers know when planets make big changes (Like Mars in Pisces), and what we can expect from it.

On the good side, it's a wonderful time to detox, fast, pray, meditate, visualize good, exercise, work on your health, stress, attitude, and goals, and do what you can to implicate long needed positive change on this planet.
God Bless you all, and thanks for reading my journal!