Sunday, April 22, 2007

Raven By Farley Malorrus, Copyright, 4/22/07


BY Farley Malorrus, Copyright 4/22/07
The Moon riseth and the Sun sets.
A chill begins the air.
As darkness crept the maiden wept
as she sat upon her chair.
For now the night and time to feed as crows bark in the back.
The Raven lept beyond the ridge bracing for attack.
For flesh is love and desire beyond the craving that is sought.
A lover last, until the night as craven what she bought.
So misty morning madness creeps upon the very lake.
As Raven walks just into view, I know that she's not  fake.
She will not bite my virgin neck, as bonded as we are.
She knows I came here long ago from a distant star.
SO, off we walk into the distance, forest and so deep.
To buy the night unto the day nearby the castle keep.
For justice is our lesson
and Manner is our cry
to still the hearts of evil men
at least until they die.
Upon this very World we walk, aghast at what we see.
The mission is to help the weak and see that they are free.
For although I am able.
And although I may be King.
My horse is in the stable,
and I have my Magic Ring.
But Raven is the key to Peace forever and a bloom.
So beg your life and steal the night to avoid a bloody doom.

Farley Malorrus, now with podcasting....!