Friday, August 24, 2007

Sorry for my absence. Dealing with Family Business

To My loyal readers.
I am terribly sorry for my long absence. Since my Fathers passing in June, I have been swamped with legals, Taxes, attorneys, accountants, government and taking care of family business. We are in another Moon Wobble this last week will will end in 21 days or so. I wanted to stop by my journal and post a little something to let you know I am well, taking care of my 89 year old Mom, who is fine, and trying to catch up on her financials. Needless to say, when a parent dies, your life changes, and responsiblity sky rockets.
I haven't had much time to breathe lately, but at least I'm remaining calm, at peace, consistent, and have great friend and family support.
Please know that when I recover from all of this, hopefully soon, that I will be able to post more to my journal.
Life changes, things change, and life goes on.
God Bless you all, and thanks for reading my journal.
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Love you all

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