Monday, May 7, 2007

IF you are Feeing Weird, it's not YOU, By Farley Malorrus

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Feeling Funny lately? Weird? Out of sorts? It's not You....Venus, Mars, and Pluto....Jupiter and Uranus, Saturn and Neptune all in stress aspect! Fancy that!

By Farley Malorrus

I love this time of year...Ahh, Spring....all day long I've been reciting this Christian Childrens prayer:
"Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray to God my Soul to keep, and if I die before I wake, I pray to God my soul to take.."
Oh well, I'm thinking, what's up with you Farley? Why are you freaking out?
My charts on fire, that's why. My Uranus and Venus are being torn apart by Venus, Mars, and Pluto. That's like saying my Karma ran over my Dogma, and I'm having a heck of a CATastrophe.

Yeah, Venus in Cancer, was just exactly opposite Pluto in Gemini yesterday, not my best day, and Now, with Mars going into Aries, in Stress to Pluto AND Venus, most people are just scurrying around to make ends meet.
I got my bills forwarded to me 'late' yesterday by my trusted postal service, about 3 weeks late! I guess with Pluto opposite my Uranus (Pluto at 29 Sag, my Uranus at 29 Gemini), it could drive anyone crazy, but if you knew how much money I paid out in bills today you would faint, dead to rights.

I became an Astrologer to try and understand the chaos, havoc, break ups, emotions, ups & downs, cycles, people, life in general. Trust me, I wouldn't be here today without the knowledge of this gigantic magnetic system we live in. Even though you may be Farley Malorrus and have a HUGE edge on the World knowing what is going on, sometimes thinking you can FEEL Everyone in the World and their pain, it isn't always a blessing. Yesterday I was surrounded by Angels, and it wasn't a mistake, because they knew what kind of HELL Today was going to be.

So, in the last 40 days, I survive Dad almost dying (miracle recovery), Molar Root Canal, bills lost, then paid finally, ridiculous people trying to get into my life, that I have nothing in common with (a huge drain), and the politics of dancing to boot (what's that Farley?) Well, at least I have God to lean on, when dealing with the triviality and delusion of existence and existentialism on top of it. When you get right down with it, life is really over, we are in heaven, and this is a recording we need to watch to evolve and not get bored. The Stars, Sun, Moon, Planets, and Galaxies are like a huge hard drive, (Notice they all go in circular motion just like a record or a hard drive) that keeps spinning off ad infinitum trying to make sense of all of it for us.

So, who's idea was it to make us 8 strand DNA humans instead of 12 strand which is normal? Why is it our consciousness is limited as is our brain capacity? WHy must it be a huge game of us trying to figure everything out, make the right choices, hope we don't get cursed to eternal hell, or end up in a God awful job or marriage? Why does it sometimes seem like it is a huge game, and that we are just puppets.
Imagine, human beings with only an average of like 12% brain capacity. If we had 30%, we could call God up on our cell phones, but no, 12% maybe 16% if you are Einstein, and still you have people out there fighting and killing each other over who's version of God or Allah is correct. Yeah, right, God's over there in the corner on the floor laughing so hard, he can barely breathe and we are killing ourselves trying to figure it all out.
Then along comes a month like I've had where the maintenance of life and the mechanics of living and survival are at issue, and I find myself taking it personal.

Now, you understand that Prayer I made? Just trying to get some perspective. Well, if you are having a hard time this week, feeling lonely, depressed, out of sorts, out of synchronization, or just batty, trust me, a lot of people are like that now. A continuous dose of computers, Internet, TV, movies, books, newspaper, magazines and everything you are addicted to has it's way of making you feel like you are behind and missing something like some new technology that just came out that made everything else that came out last month, obsolete?
Who's in charge here anyways?

Well, I don't want to bore you with all this, but suffice it to say that Venus, Mars, and Pluto are going berserk, along with Jupiter and Uranus, and also Saturn and Neptune which makes this week a perfect week to go into suspended animation or hibernation for about 2 years, wake up to a new world (if it's still here) a new President, and very different planetary placements. I'm hoping you are getting a grin or two out of this post listening to me ramble in total clarity and sobriety about feeling disconnected from just about everything. I'll be fine! Don't worry about me! I'm ok! Just fine thanks.

Be at Peace.
Your bud.


The Truth About Angels By Farley Malorrus

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The Truth About Angels, or What I believe to be true.
By Farley Malorrus,

I can see my Angels; not like you see people, but I can feel their presence and love around me all day, every day, all my life...It is an amazing thing to sense such power and love from God and his Angels, because they are there.
They are all around me, everyday. Good people are surrounded by Angels. Even some people who are not that great, but who have hope, have Angels, no matter what religion if any. That's what I believe. Faith, hope, and Love attracts them...Negative energy repels them.
You can feel them, almost see them, maybe touch them, and feel their embrace.
God's Angels are here as our guardians to protect us and guide us, advise us, aid us, help heal us, give us sound advice, and serve as communion with the Lord.
If everyone was aware, that just by being a good person, you could have wonderful loving mythical type beings around you as support for trials and tribulations, then life on Earth would be a much more peaceful place.
When you pray, your Angels come to you, listen to you and transmit your prayers to God.
When you have problems are in danger, sick, or maybe even dying, I firmly believe that if you are good, decent person, and tried to live the best life you could, and help others as best as you could, then your Angels will be there for you, to lead you into the light.
We live in a multi verse that has many parrallel dimensions fully occupied by beings like us of a higher vibration, that we cannot see, really unless we accept the fact that "They are there."
I believe that we can evolve to an Angelic state by serving as Earth Angel while here.
Don't feel down, and don't be sad, or depressed. Just embrace the Lord with all your heart and soul, with a conviction that is by far and above the best you can give, and the Angels of God, whom are many, will be there for you.
Sometimes the Love you can get from God and His Angels can be so overwhelming, that it can bring you to tears, which is often my case.
I thank God that I am so very blessed...Only you know ifyou are blessed, and only you can see and feel your own Angels, or at least acknowledge them to protect and guide you.
There's more to life than meets the eye. In the infinite possilibities of this Universe, all things are possible, you just need to believe.
Be at peace, and have a great week.
Your Bud.
Farley Malorrus