Thursday, March 8, 2007

Faults and Flaws of the 12 Signs, So sorry, By Farley Malorrus

Faults and Flaws of the 12 Astrology Signs by Farley Malorrus

Sorry folks but here's the dope...Not true always, but it has been known to happen...

What's wrong with the 12 signs?
Aries: May be too self centered, act too much like a baby, be immature, unable to commit, too much energy, too pushy, and very aggressive. They tend to jump into things, wam bam, sex on a first date could be common, sort of like a freight train to hell at times, not always. Tend to day dream a lot. May be oversexed.

Taurus: Way to physical, in bed it's ok, but make a Taurus angry and they may punch you or worse. The jails are filled with bulls who lost their tempers. Too much focus on money, finance, way too stubborn, and immovable at times. Sometimes workaholic, if obsessed with money. Potential sex addict.

Gemini: They may Talk too much, think to much, act strange, have multiple personalities, flip flop, stretch the truth, act retarded, BE RETARDED, overly psychological, a bit flaky. Sometimes easy to get in bed.

Cancer: Way too sensitive to the boundaries of obnoxious. Pushy and acts tough, but isn't. Some have terrible tempers, or the need to control things emotionally. Too much focus on feelings. Tend to like food too much or overeat. Tough nut to crack romantically at times.

Leo: If they LIE, the biggest of all liars. Manipulative, charming, devilish, stubborn, a bit too rambunctious, controlling, over enthusiastic, and another big kid or baby. Tend to use recreational drugs or drink at times. Think they know it all, and think they are in control, also love to control. Sex addict.

Virgo: Way too picky, critical, detail oriented, and worrisome. Virgo worries more than all 12 signs put together. Too much the negative thinker, and power of the mind dictates why they get in trouble so much, they visualize it first. Digestive problems, never enough fiber or yogurt. Tend to be anal retentive, or constipated. Need to let loose more and experiment. Sometimes Workaholic. Sometimes too prudish or on the dark side, too kinky.

Libra: Often times pretty or handsome, and way to vain about it. Hard to count on for commitment. Too experimental with love, sex, and relationships. Can be promiscuous and prone to trouble in that area with pregnancy and STD's. May talk to much. Think they are a judge and jury. A charming liar when it comes to cheating or betrayal. May not be able to look you in the eyes if lying. Flaky. Sexually experimentative.

Scorpio: Very intense sign, and emotionally extreme. Can be totally happy or very depressed the next second. Need to control passion or sex addictions if they have one. Also sly, manipulative, and controlling in a very subtle manner. May have a rage outburst if pushed. Can be prone to violence if pushed too hard. Potential Nymphomania.

Sagittarius: Way too independent, and may not stay long wherever they go. The most nomadic of the signs, loves to travel, but most don't like it when they leave, without us. Can be very intense emotionally, and if looks could kill, they may have one. Tend to hold weight in hips, thighs, and buttocks. Need to watch alcohol intake, as sensitive liver. May be into flip flop or confusion at times. Potential sex addict.

Capricorn: If they drink, it may be pathetic, so hope they don't. Why do they settle for being over worked and under paid? I don't get it. The Martyr (Nixon and Elvis,) the victim, the bunt of jokes. They can be workaholics and career addicts. Do they really need friends? I hope so. Some are known to be hermits. Need to focus more on health, and have enough calcium for skin and bones. The most LUST of all signs is right here.

Aquarius: This is another sign that likes to talk, sometimes preach, and/or talk to much. They are smart, but may be a bit obnoxious with their wisdom. Another know it all, or control freak, who can be very subtle. Hot and cold emotionally, and sexually. All or nothing at times. Prone to break ups, accidents, unpredictable behavior, and bolting if upset. Hard to count on long term, but some last (Like my Mom). Flaky. The best and worst lover. You may need an appointment to make love to this one.

Pisces: Hopefully, they are not into drinking or taking drugs, or they may have a short life. Daydream more than any sign. Their own worst enemies. Known to get themselves in trouble without any help. May not think before they do things enough. Over emotional, prone to depression if no support, and may be obsessed with music, clubbing, and recreational drugs. Here today and gone tomorrow, the will of the wisp. Another potential Nymphomaniac.

Okay all, that's my take on the flaws and faults some of the 12 signs can offer.
No offense to anyone, and it WON'T BE TRUE IN ALL CASES,but when it is, you will be amazed!

Farley Malorrus,



Moon In Scorpio Adds Tension to ALL for 60 more hours.

By Farley Malorrus

The Scorpio Moon (The area of space the Moon is located for another day and half) is in stress aspect to Mars all night long (in Aquarius), then it will be in stress aspects to Mercury and Neptune in Aquarius, and Saturn in Leo mostly all day tomorrow and tomorrow night.
I pray nothing bad will happen, but with this aspect, and the end of the Moon Wobble, it could be troublesome. Hang on Stock Market! Beware Terrorists! When the Moon is in the dark sign of Scorpio, sometimes the pot boils over, and that which has been repressed bursts forth!

In truth, I won't be surprised if we get some major headlines today, (it's 4:30am in EST), meaning, anything from a new offensive, a bigger bomb going off, or the stock market freaking out.
Hopefully President Bush and Cheney won't get bashed too much today, but their poor horoscopes look just God Awful.
IF I were them, I'd stay in doors for 60 hours!

Well, I was born with this Moon, so I'm going to bed very late, and sleeping very late. Perhaps seeing "300" this weekend will be a good break for us all as we watch the Amazing Spartans hold off the Persian Hordes..
Now, that's another story.
NO, today is NOT a good day to get Married.
No, Today is NOT A GOOD day to buy a house.

No, Today is NOT a good day to propose marriage.
No, Today is not a good day to buy anything Huge..

No, today is not a good day to meet someone, unless you know them quite well already.
No, I wouldn't start any projects tomorrow unless you want them to explode in failure.

Today is a day to TAKE OFF.

Sleep Late, clean house, do laundry, clean clothes, avoid getting too inebriated, and the best thing to do today is meditate and pray!

I'm also hoping that someone major from Hollywood doesn't die today. So, let's just try to sail through the day with a minimum of problems, okay?
I'm not being negative, but the Moon in Scorpio tends to increase depression world wide by about 50% for the 72 hour pass. I am trying to show you guys how Astrology works. Just like I can predict a Champion, I can warn us all of a storm going on in the "Force," at the same time.
Fasten your seat belts!!!
Farley Malorrus,