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Astral Projections, OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES, OOBS, A Chapter from My book, Twilight's First Gleaming

Astral Projection, Out of Body Experiences, OOBS, a chapter out of my book, Twilight's First Gleaming By Farley Malorrus

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Astral Projections

This topic, broadcast on August 3, 1987 describes how to leave your body, if you are spiritually qualified to do so.

This is a subject that is a how-to for you space invaders, or those who are curious to understand the relationship between the astral-body, the Soul and the physical body. It is a very mysterious and interesting subject, because not everybody has had conscious astral-projections. However, everyone does have astral-projections, nonetheless, every night when you go to sleep. The astral-body leaves the physical to charge up in the higher consciousness planes of existence in the pranic area, the God-force, during sleep. Every morning when you wake up, the Astral-body re-enters the physical. I've done some experimentation with this, and I'd like to say that you shouldn't do any experimenting with this without supervision.

This topic is the opinion of Farley Malorrus and no one else. I'm always interested in experiences and if you have experienced some astral-projection, then I'm interested in other techniques and the way you might have done it. Some people reading this might not believe in Astral-projection experiences. I do because I've been flying for many years now (without a plane) and it's fun to do Astral-projections. A couple of main things to be aware of in case you ever do attempt out of body experiences. You need protection, you need to protect yourself, actually your Soul, the higher part of yourself will really not allow you to Astral-project, unless your Soul or God-self (the higher part of yourself) feels that you are qualified. So if there is any fear at all in leaving your body or anything to be scared about, which might be out there, then you are not qualified to have an Astral-projection. That's why it's so hard if not difficult or impossible for the majority of the people you might meet to have conscious Astral-projection.

There are a few things you have to know, first; You are God, definitely an expression of the God-self or force. You are totally protected. All you are in essence is Love and Light and nothing can hurt or harm you especially beyond this dimension. So having Astral-projections or being qualified for out of body experiences is very interesting and fascinating considering that people just don't do it unless they are ready to, or qualify to, or unless they are highly evolved enough to have it.

Those of you who are into transcendental meditation and chanting would be more aware and familiar with Astral-projection, because it actually seems to be an automatic process that eventually comes as long as you look for it, and open yourself up to it. I'll give you an example; those of you into Zen Buddhism that would chant the Na-miyoho-renge-kyo or the Hari Krishna chant "Hari-Krishna, Hari-Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hari-Hari, Hari-Romma-Hari-Romma, Romma Romma, Hari, Hari." The transcendental meditation mantra, or perhaps other types of meditation mantra's, are able to center, ground, and relax the physical body to enable your chakra's to open. This allows for what we call the theater-state of consciousness, almost like a conscious dream state or sleep state, where you give yourself permission to have an Astral-projection in a limited fashion. People out there that can have regular, controlled Astral-projections are blessed powerful beings, and they should be respected, because frankly only the higher forms of human beings are qualified to have Astral-projections.

Of course we talk about Astrology as a powerful first step and opening of a spiritual awakening. It seems that once we are able to zero in on the astrological knowledge that lies in the intuitive mind, it gives us a door way or gateway to the Higher mind, which allows us to become more comfortable with our God-self, or Messianic-self, and the spiritual part of our nature. This allows us to become aware of certain powers that we have, such as the power of healing yourself and others, the power of grace, the ability to forgive ourselves and others. It is also the power of harmony with the ability to overcome Karma and obtain balance in your Soul. Powers like astral-projection, which isbasically flying, without planes, both in this dimension and beyond it. This is not a topic for beginner or for the squeamish, it is a good one to remember.

In Astral-projection, it is important to know about the different levels of the souls, the different activities and powers that we have as being part of God. There is no limitation of the God force as far as what we are capable of doing. In fact, the only limitations we have are what we have created in our minds. Anything in any dimension is a hallucination, except the God-force and Light which are synonymous. We tend to create this hallucination and the illusions that hold us back and tie us down. We walk around with an attitude of, ah! that's impossible, it could never happen! This is the type of dogmatic thinking that keeps you from reaching your highest potential, in God-consciousness and awareness. On the other hand, there are those of you who have an open mind. The Astrology Hour is dedicated to the open minded thinking and is really the basic reason why this show is here. We are not trying to shove anything down any ones' throat, we just throw out food for thought every day. As an open minded thinker I say that whatever you believe will come true and will in fact manifest. So if you visualize yourself flying through the ether and leaving your body, why, that has a lot to do with being able to do it. You have to make up your mind talk to yourself and convince yourself that it is possible to have astral flight, conscious projection away from the body. Also, you must give yourself permission.

In your meditation, or in your chanting, no matter what you chant, or meditate on, you must always include sayings like "I am one with God, I am one with the Universe and it is OK to leave my body"—just things like that. Of course you must absorb the aforementioned in order for your higher self and Spirit guides to assist you from the body spiritually to experience that Astral-projection. It may take longer than the 20 minutes that you meditate or chant, to have an Astral-projection. I often find that late at night during that heavy eyelid state, when it's hard to keep your eyes open, is when I love to meditate the most.

If you can meditate when you are your really tired or exhausted, then your body is already prepared for a casual state, a calm state, a stressless state, because it's trying to sleep and shut down, so your Astral-body and part of your Soul can leave and re-charge anyway. So when you feel yourself really tired, go into your TM state and before you say the mantras, use these phrases; I am protected by the light of God's love, I am one with God. I am one with the Universe, it is OK to leave my body. Then say your mantra, and every few minutes repeat that other phrase, to let your higher self and your Guides know that you are ready to leave, then you will be ready for what happens next. Of course people hear different kinds of stories such as the tunnel and the light at the end of the tunnel. It is possible for you to visualize that if this is what you believe you will see or manifest. For me, I just find myself, Boom! out of the body, before I know it I'm flying around the apartment, bursting through the roof. It's a funny feeling really, realizing that you are not breathing anymore when you leave your body, unless you are under the illusion that you are breathing, you are not really breathing in a physical sense. Then going through the roof, suddenly finding yourself out side without opening any doors is a lot of fun too.

You can go as far as the limitations of your mind can take you. When I saw the movie "Out on a Limb" where Shirley MacLane was actually projected (the experience of Astral-projection). She had to physically go up to Machu Picchu, take a hot bath up in one of the natural Jacuzzi baths, with candles lit in a meditative state. They then showed her having an astral-projection, but of course I don't have to go that far away. It is possible to manifest what you want depending on what you believe. If you believe it takes a trip to Picchu and a hot bath to have an Astro-projection, then that's what it might take. You might believe you can do it in the comfort of your own home, in the bedroom or a chair or what ever. It is usually important to lock the door and windows so you feel that your body is safe, when you do leave it. As you meditate you must give the self permission to project and remember that whatever is out there is good, positive wonderful and helpful to you. If you are a person who spends a significant amount of time seeing these trashy movies, like Friday the 13th, Poltergeist and movies likes Jason Lives or whatever, and you expect to find that on the other side then that might be one of the reasons that your Guides and you Higher self might not qualify or allow you to astro-project. They don't want you to scare yourself. There really is nothing out there that is evil unless you manifest it in my opinion, and that is why every time I have be blessed to have an Astral Projection.

What I have been confronted with has only been wonderful, positive and filled with Higher beings, extraterrestrials and people that I have known and loved who have gone into the light. Actually the Spirit of my ex-wife, my ex-mother-in-law and other wonderful things out there. I've flown all over Southern California, all over America, over the world actually. Astral-flight is the power of thought, power of the mind, so instead of going the speed of light, or speed of sound, you go at the speed of thought. That means you could find yourself on the Moon in seconds if you want, or on Mars. There is no limitation to the cord that connects you from your physical body to your astral-body.

There are only the limitations of your mind, that holds you down. Because once you are out there and you are projecting and you are flying and you start thinking of limitations, or you feel scared because you wonder if the cord is long enough then boom! you can find your self snapped back in the body. Because your Guides and your higher self will literally throw you back into the body, where they are protecting you. Sometimes they have to protect you from your own negative thoughts and manifestations. I got into all this stuff within one week of discovering Astrology and meditation. I was given the ability to Astro-project and experience visitation and greetings from some higher beings. That is why I've always looked back at astrology as a major focus, as a magical tool for spiritual re-birth. Within the same week that I got into knowing my natal chart, and understanding my planets, it was as if my Guides said well, this guy is qualified. He's at the level where he understands Astrology beyond Sun signs, let's go ahead and give him a trip for his money. That is why we talk about everything here, but we stress Astrology, spiritual awareness, metaphysics, absolution of the Soul, the Law of Karma, and such but because we are public supported, we depend on the people of Southern California to order our charts and services. Then we take those funds and pay for this show.

I think Astro-projection is fun and very healthy, it is wonderful because it helps you to overcome the illusion of separation and the feeling of loneliness, the feeling that you are kind of finite or sometimes people have the feeling of mortality. Many people who have died on the surgery table and then came back definitely experienced astro-projections and have shown that there is much more to life then the limitations that we sense.

In the book "The Science of Reincarnation" there is a chapter that discusses the birth process and it goes over how traumatic life in the womb is for the baby, being in that cramped space for 9 months. It's back all bent over in a bow and the gastric fire from the mothers' stomach, if she has an upset stomach, some women have a bacterial infection that could effect or hurt the baby. There is such a trauma in the womb that no wonder when we are born we are crying many times and sort of dumb founded. All that power and knowledge from past lives could be lost from the trauma of the birth process. I think Astro-Projection is a way to restore much of your eternal power.

As far as getting in touch with your reincarnational self, I've actually plugged into the Akashic stream when I've had some Astral-projections, regressed myself, and got in touch with some of my guides personally. I've discovered some tremendous knowledge in Astrology from meditation and astro-projection. Astro-projection is not the type of thing that I practice all the time or constantly. In fact, in my 38 years I've had about 25 total projections, although many mornings I wake up feeling I've just dove back into my body, and I recall the weight of the anchor that this body has. Because when you are Astro-projected you are weightless so you can fly and do a whole lot of things. You can visit people, but you can't do any unethical things because your higher-self prevents you from doing that.

Astro-Projection can be fun. I do advise you to pick up a couple of books on it, such as Projection of the Astro-Body at the Spectrum book shop. Just don't lay down and try it on your own because it does take a spiritually evolved and qualified being in order to have an Astro-projection. It can resolve many questions, certain problems, and make life seem sometimes trivial. When you get back from an Astro-projection you wonder why you let all this Earthly garbage gets you down. None of this stuff is that meaningful. All you need is love, all there is; is love, and we kind of complicate lives by creating all this illusion, the hallucination.

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Best Match and Worst Match in Astrology By Farley Malorrus

(Print out for reference)














Pisces: GEMINI, SAGITTARIUS, VIRGO is opposite.

Aries: CANCER, CAPRICORN, LIBRA is opposite.

Taurus: LEO, AQUARIUS, SCORPIO is opposite

Gemini: VIRGO, PISCES, SAG is opposite

Cancer: LIBRA, ARIES, CAPRICORN is opposite



Libra: CAPRICORN, CANCER, ARIES is opposite

Scorpio: LEO, AQUARIUS, TAURUS is opposite

Sagittarius: PISCES, VIRGO, GEMINI is opposite

Capricorn: ARIES, LIBRA, CANCER is opposite

Aquarius: TAURUS, SCORPIO, LEO is opposite

Rule #1 Opposites sometimes attract but not always

Rule #2 If you don't see a match then it is a neutral combination, and could go either way.

Rule #3 If there is LOVE, even signs that are not compatible could be happily married.

Rule #4 Nothing is written in stone when it comes to matters of the heart. This is just the basic chemistry of Astrology

Rule #5 Never do NOT marry or date someone just because I, or someone else says it is the worst sign for you, because some people NEED A CHALLENGE.

Rule #6 All kinds of combinations work together, and some do not. This is not only for Sun sign comparisons, but comparisons for ALL Planets in your chart.
Have fun with it! Happy Holidays from

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What Doesn't Kill us Only makes us Stronger By Farley Malorrus

Hope you are all having a nice weekend in this "Terrorist Elevated" time. Homeland security has decided to "up" the elevation to something I feel should be higher. Astrologically speaking the planets are not in a good space, and frankly, people are freaking out, getting the flu, breaking up, dealing with bad jobs, dying, losing pets, friends, moving, and not knowing what to do with the real estate they have, or when to sell or buy some new stuff.

A wise man once said, "This too shall pass," and I firmly agree with that. There is also a quote in the bible that says, "Be Still and know that I am God." I use that quite a bit when I'm freaking out and trying to make sense of the calamity and havoc around us. I don't think the terrorists need to do anything to freak us out, as from my point of view, people are pretty much losing it right now. There are so many single, lonely, frustrated, depressed people now, and how about all those in relationships and marriages who are also feeling lonely frustrated, and depressed. My goodness, it's Christmas and we should all be gathering together, hugging, and kissing each other laughing all the way, instead of playing 'bah hum bug,' and pretending we are clones of Ebonizer Scrooge!

I knew this was going to be a tough November, December and after the Cardinals won the World Series I battened down the hatches, paid my bills, took care of maintenance around the house, rig, car, with my pets, and tried like heck to do a fall cleaning. STILL, things started to hit the fan, one at a time, and the phone ringing off the hook. People who I thought were my friends disappeared and those who I didn't know were my friends showed up to bail me out. At this point, I'm happy to be healthy, happy, stable, content, and alone in  peace, and also, that my Dad is back to normal in his same old commander in chief mode!

All I want for Christmas is a few good friends, some laughs, some cheer, a few hugs, Peace on Earth, a visit from Santa, and that my friends, pets, and family be healthy for a while. I also pray that our troops be safe and returned home as soon as possible as there is no reason in my mind why we are over there, and I don't think our being there is going to change much at this time.

So, here's hoping you are surviving this wretched period of planetary tomfoolery, and that the ghost of Christmas past doesn't come knocking on your door for some advice. Here's also praying that people don't hugyou and love you to death, then kick you in your ass like some club from a Bi Polar Planet that forgot how to be loving and consistent. I'm not trying to be funny, but if you are chuckling it either means you've hit the Eggnog a bit too hard today, or that you relate to what it is like to live in a mental institution, even though you are not, right?

I've been feeling the need to be a hermit, but my neighbors and local friends feel the need to call and come over, which I do appreciate. I find when you try to hard to do things, some times they just don't work, and when you stop trying to do them, they just fall in to place, so I'm at the point where I've stopped trying to do things, and hoping they fall into place.
Let it be known that too many planets in one sign, Sagittarius, can be havoc for EVERYONE, and that we only have 5 days left for the current Moon Wobble, so if you experience setbacks, delays, disappointments, misfires, and balloons going 'pop,' you only have 5 more days to go, then Christmas and 2007 to deal with.

Have a great weekend for thought.
Farley Malorrus,