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By Farley Malorrus

My name is Farley Malorrus. After my divorce in 1976, I was diagnosed with a perforated duodenal ulcer. My doctor told me I did not have long to live as it would burst and I would die. In Hong Kong of that year, I had a miracle I felt was from God.

 I had been fasting for 3 days, as I don't like Hong Kong food, and I felt like I was dying, as it felt like I had a knife in my gut. I was desperate, but I had faith in God. I meditated and prayed that Jesus help me. I chanted the phrase, "Come in to me Jesus, Come to me Christ for about 20 minutes. Lo and Behold, I saw a light (with my eyes closed), and the light got bigger, until I could see the shape of a man. To all my knowledge and experience, it appeared to be Jesus Christ himself. I was sure I was in the presence of the Lord.  He looked me in the eyes, and kissed my lips. (I was later told by a Catholic Priest that this was an authentic vision, as the Lord normally kisses you like he is your father) He then stood behind me, placed his hands on my head, and the resulting experience was electrifying. I felt the Holy Spirit run through my body like a million volts of electricity, healing my ulcer and any other problems I had. At that moment, he did something else that was shocking to me. He revealed my future to me, my life, and also delivered onto me the sacred knowledge of the Ancients about the Origin of the Universe and the destiny of the human race. I felt blessed by God at that point, and ever since, most people comment that they can see a "Light," in my eyes, that most do not have. I knew at this point, that I would do radio, TV, write a book, and have this web site to document this miracle of God and Jesus.

The result of this 30 minute "Burning Bush," experience is the story of how my life is blessed, and has been blessed since that day. In 1984, I started going into a trance, "on air," and channeling with a higher part of myself, a radio show that was on in Los Angeles, at 12 Noon every weekday called, "Astrological  Metaphysical Radio." 12 Years later, and over 3,000 channeled shows later, I had enlightened 1,000's of people in Los Angeles Market.

My lifehas been totally blessed in almost all areas since my miracle. My friend Kenneth Hirst had an idea to archive the shows I had channeled. We decided to construct   is an archive that features 3 of my best topics at no charge to our visitors, and offers 128 topics by donation to support our server. This show was based on the ancient information, I received from an Angelic Being, who healed me in 1976 in Hong Kong, in my room at the Hong Kong Hilton. My whole life was shown to me, along with channeling this program, and that will promote it.

I have an incredible perception of people, God, life on Earth, and the after life. I live in the past, present, and future all at once.

I am sad that there is so much conflict in the world, where people fight and kill over their belief systems. History has always been like this. The Greeks fought over their Gods, as did the Egyptians, the Romans, and the Norse men.

Now, we remember the Greek Gods, the Egyptian Gods, the Roman Gods, and the Norse Gods as Myth, with few believing in them. It is HUMAN NATURE to embrace religion, that sadly eventually passes into myth. This is history. So many races, cultures, societies and tribes of human beings believed in Gods, or Gods of the Sun, the Moon, and even Animals as Gods. Most all of those beliefs these 1,000's of years later are embraced now as myth.

To me, God is inside us all, and sadly, I believe that one day, those religious differences we have will pass into oblivion as so many other religions have. I believe that an ascended like Consciousness, a Christ CONSCIOUSNESS will sweep the globe with the survivors from any of these wars; that humans will embrace more brain capacity (than the 16% we have now, if that;) that people will learn to love each other, that there will be a family of man, that no one willever be an infidel or judged for his beliefs or killed because he is different. I believe that all religion will one day pass as myth (As History has shown us), and that this Christ Consciousness will sweep the Earth, allowing us to embrace God at a molecular level if we wish, and feel our Oneness with the Universe and all in it.

Ironic, that a man like Jesus, is symbolic of this Messianic type consciousness that will sweep the Earth. The Astrologers call this the Age of Aquarius, or the Great year, that lasts 1,000's of years evolving our minds into a God Consciousness. I feel Jesus has this consciousness and tried to explain that to a primitive people, as his coming was predicted in so many ways, but his mission misinterpreted. I feel Jesus wanted to be recognized as Son of God, but that he wanted us all to embrace ourselves as God's Children, capable of having the same God, Christlike consciousness that he has. He died for his advanced evolution, and died for us, but he showed us the way and his return although expected as a single man, coming back, will occur like a 'thief in the night,' and sweep the planet like a Tidal Wave.

I do not like to feel that we need an Apocalypse, Armageddon, or that millions need die, in order for us to embrace this Consciousness. I believe the God Consciousness, the Christ Consciousness is there for all of us, any of us who have the time and faith to embrace it, and have that kind of intimacy with God, the loving driving force of all energy, light, and creation in the Universe. This is my mission in life, to give people the 'choice,' as to whether they wish to be tied to limitation, or released to unlimited awareness of the Universe and all that is in it.  is dedicated to expansion of this consciousness on the Planet Earth in order to embrace World Peace, Secure the Family of Men and Women, stop the murder and killing, avoid an Apocalypse, and ease as many who make the choice into Higher Consciousness, Christ Consciousness concepts. It was always there for me to see, and I accessed this energy when my life was given back to me in that Hotel Room in Hong Kong in 1976.

I hope you are able to come to our server, listen to me channel in the sample topics, and make a donation by ordering the CD that has all 128 topics on it, or just listen, by donation to Astrological Metaphysical Radio, the phenomena of the 80's and 90's on KFOX 93.5 at 12 Noon, in Los Angeles from April 11, 1984 toApril 1996, when the station was sold. Thank you for reading my blog on this NEW WEB SITE, born today September 29, 2006

(Reprint of My first Entry to my Journal Sept, 2006) FYI...

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(The following is a joke, not intended to be taken as truth or reality. It is merely sarcasm used to make fun of Neil Warren and the dating site, I am in no way endorsing this site or impeaching Mr. Warren. I am just having fun with the entire idea of win or lose dating)

(I thought selective breeding was reserved for the Nazi's and Adolph Hitler...I guess Neil Warren believes in selective breeding, that's why he rejects millions to his online dating site)
E HARMONY DISCRIMINATES BIG TIME, so where's the Harmoney? Neil Warren's Bank Account.
By Farley Malorrus

How would you like to get rejected? Do you know the feeling? Have you ever been in love, then dumped by someone you trusted? Just log on to and take the test, then after 30 to 45 minutes hard work and revealing a part of yourself you'd only tell to the F.B.I. you get a friendly little tag at the end that basically says, "Sorry, but eharmony find 1 out of 5 unsuitable for love and committment," or something like that.
Imagine, a dating site that REJECTS YOU, before you even meet anyone? Talk about a broken heart. I have a question about why they reject gay people, maybe those who are too old, bald, who drink, smoke, tell white lies, lie about their age, or just act human! Who does Neil Warren think he is? Someone who thinks he is a Psychologist and that gives him a license to steal and reject those who he deems unfit for love?
This is a guy who is an evangelical Christian who pretends to Love Jesus on the one hand, but reject so many of God's children (us) on a daily basis.
So, I take the test about 10 to 15 times, and try answering the questions randomly, not even trying, then I try to answer it the best way I can to be a 'good boy,' so I can be accepted, but NO, I GOT REJECTED WITH 10 EMAIL ADDRESSES 10 times in a row. There is NO WAY I CAN GET INTO EHARMONY, and I Cannot even buy my way into it, or bribe my way into it. IF eharmony doesn't want you, no way you are getting in.
It's almost like applying for a job, you know you can't get.
What exactly do they want? Barbie and Ken dolls? DO they actually match your name to some world wide data base that shows you are a loser, a felon, a divorced person, that you are gay, or that you have mental or emotional illness? Who the heck do these Warren people think they are the 4th Reich? I'm not presuming they would reject us then kill us, but face it, if the World were like the Warrens, then those of us who failed would not be allowed to mate, and the rest of the World would be left to selective breeding.
I say NO TO EHARMONY, that is be illegal, and that Neil Warren and his wife be convicted of fraud, discrimination, gay bashing, and literally fascist behavior when it comes to finding love on the internet. Sorry, If I 'gag' when I see some of his 40 to 80 million dollars worth of commercials the last couple of years, used to bait the Christian Barbie and Ken dolls out of society onto their site, and dump on the rest of us.
Want to fall in lover, RUN AWAY from
It's a Joke, get it, a Joke!

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THE PLANET PLUTO....8th Planet from the Sun

Pluto has the most eccentric orbit of all the planets in the solar system. Its orbit takes it to 49.5 AU (7.4 billion kilometers) at its farthest point from the Sun. And its orbit takes it as close as 29 AU (4.34 billion kilomters) to the Sun.

That means that Pluto's orbit draws within the orbit of Neptune, as can be seen in this drawing, making Pluto the 8th planet rather than the 9th planet for roughly 20 years at a time. Pluto was the 8th planet from January 1979 to February 1999. Neptune is now the 9th planet for over 200 years!

It takes 248 years for Pluto to complete its orbit. This means that a single Pluto year is 248 earth years long.

In addition to its peculiar orbit, Pluto and its moon Charon are locked together as they orbit each other, so that the same side of each body always faces the other.

Above chart is July 4, 1776, 12 Noon, Wash. D.C. Pluto in Capricorn at about 27 degrees.

July 4, 1776, Pluto in Capricorn..
THE USA is having a PLUTO RETURN..
This should be interesting.

Soon, in the next year or so , Pluto will finally return to Capricorn, after being away since the hardest times of  U.S. History, the 1760's and the 1770's...
Remember what happened then?
It was called THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION...Now, after 270 some odd years, it returns to that area of space....
Only God knows what this will bring, as it will last almost 20 years, this Pluto Return, (Something only usually a country or a planet can have), and one thing is for sure it will not be boring.
Life no Earth may never be the same again, especially for humans, but it will not be boring.
Stay tuned for further analysis of this amazing upcoming phenomena, the return of Pluto to Capricorn, and a PLUTO RETURN for AMERICA...
Can't Wait!

Farley Malorrus

Food for Thought, Truth, Further Truth, and Lies...By Farley Malorrus

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Food For Thought
Have you ever.....?
By Farley Malorrus

Did you ever feel like you were connected to everyone and everything in the Universe, then freak out because you realized what that meant?????

Did you ever look at someone's face and know what they were thinking or knew about their health, good or bad?

Did you ever feel like you were alive before in another life, and that you had thoughts, experiences,and knee jerk responses that you did not think you got from this life?

Did you ever wonder why GOD let Reptiles dominate this planet for almost 100 million years, and when Mammals came around (US), they were as big as little dogs and cats?

Did you ever wonder if God was a Reptile or Dragon, and that the belief that we were created in God's Image may not be true? I mean Reptiles are the dominant species on this planet, and always have been.

Do you realize that Reptiles are the dominant life form on this planet, and that Insects are next? Did you ever think that Civilized Humans have only been around for many 10,000 years if that, when Reptiles have lived here since the beginning?
Do you really believe that God created the heavens and the Earth in 7 days, and that Man came around on the 8th?

Except for the mention of the Single Serpent who tempted Eve to eat the apple, have you ever wondered why there was NO MENTION of any reptiles in the first 5 chapters of the Old Testament, the Sacred early books, the 5 Books of Moses, that begins the widely accepted Bible...No mention of a dominant species of Reptiles that have been proven to have lived on this planet for over 100,000 million years, wiped out mostly by a meteor or asteroid that hit Earth. Do you believe it was really a meteor, or might it have been a "Weapon of Mass Destruction," Used to wipe out the dominant species so mammals, and humans could live here safely without fear of being eaten?
Have you ever thought about stuff like that? I do all the time....

Did you ever think that men and women wrote about their thoughts on God because they felt alone, were afraid, uncivilized, and that throughout history, all generations of humans have created their own idea on God or Gods, that eventually ALL HAVE BECOME MYTH, when at one time they were ALL CONSIDERED GOSPEL? Have you ever thought about that? Did you know most all religions had there own interpretation of an Armageddon, Apocalypse or Ragnarok, (end time), and that very few religions created by humans ever have any hope of living out our lives happily ever after? Why must it all end in a vision of doom? Who's idea was that anyway? You ever think about that?

Do you know what Blessed Oblivion is?

Have you ever dreamed of a modernized, half hollow mile high Huge Pyramid with 100's of floors, and beautiful porches on each floor with breathtaking views of miles around, and magnificent settings inside and out on a gorgeous happy, safe, planet, other than Earth?

Did you ever feel like you were from another planet?

Do you believe in UFO's or Extra Terrestrials, or do you think we are alone here on Earth?

Did you ever realize that 1,000's of people alive today on Earth truly believe they are not from this Earth, but that their souls come from the Pleides Star System?
Strange, eh? But true.

Did you know that creatures live at the very bottom of the Ocean, undocumented, and undiscovered that would make Alien Beings in Sci Fi Movies seem harmless? Did you ever wonder what it would be like if these huge undocumented creatures surfaced, what would happen, and where they would fit on the food chain? Do you have any idea how many 1,000s of life forms exist in the inner Earth and the Inner Ocean that would frighten any normal human being out of their wits? Some perhaps mythical in nature?

Did you ever know there were species of insects and animals with no eyes, but could see in the dark with radar?

Did you ever wonder why human beings are the only species of pack animals or herd animals, who need to exchange things or money to get things from other humans? Also, why every other pack or herd mammal or school of fish work together for a common good, security, food, family, and protection, without exchanging things, and humans do not?

Did you ever wonder why, like Praying Mantis, Black Widows, and other insects, why Humans are some of the only species that kills their own, frequently, and seemingly without any worry of retribution for it?

Do you think there is any real democracy in the World or is it all just a smoke screen? Was there ever a Real True elected President of the United States, or was it all just a cover up. Who runs the elections the population or Electoral College?
Who elects the voters in the Electoral College? What is the Electoral College? Whose idea was it to elect President with Electoral Votes and not Popular votes, and is that true democracy or not?

Do you believe that The War against Terrorism is necessary or a guise to something else?

Does it bother you that even one person die in a war by choice of it's leader according to National Agenda, or the leaders agenda? What about if 3,500 die, and 20,000 get maimed? Does that bother you? Or maybe that 750,000 Iraqis have been killed since the war began....Is anyone held accountable for that? IF someone can go to jail for murder, who is accountable for all the death and crippling in any war?

Just curious.....if any one out there ever has..please post your thoughts, thanks.

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Saturn in Virgo Creating Issues...By Farley Malorrus

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Saturn in Virgo, creates issues for so many....By Farley Malorrus

Saturn stays in Virgo now for 2.5 Years and all Virgos, Pisces, Gemini, and Sagittarius are feeling it...IT tests and challenges these Sun Signs, and if you have any planets or Rising/Moon in these signs, you may be squirming a bit...

Here are some of the options:

1. Intestinal problems, constipation

2. Circulation

3. Work related

4. Animal related (Pets)

5. Too many details.

6. Too much clutter, need to create closure.

Now, if you are turning 30, 60, or 90, and over 27, 57, or 87, you are having your Saturn Return, and if you are doing something wrong in your life, you are about to be bonked on the head. Also, this is a major time for KARMA to be absolved with health, work, pets, and details left undone in one's life. With Uranus in Pisces, now Saturn in Virgo, the mutable signs of Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Virgo have been tested enough, but frankly it proves havoc for relationships, because so many single people or those who have broken up and either just don't care to get involved, or can't find the key for balance are being hit by the Pluto in Sagittarius (for about 15 years now), Uranus in Pisces (For 5 years), and now Saturn in Virgo...These signs called "Mutables" Form a big Square in the Universe if you connect them. We call it a GRAND SQUARE. That is why when planets enter these signs (VIRGO, SAG, GEMINI, AND PISCES) it sets off the square and affects anyone and everyone who has any planets in those signs. Some of you may have 5 to 9 planets in those signs and wish you were retired, on vacation, feeling better, having more energy, and just away from it all.

SO, why not up the vitamins, up the exercise, dump the caffeine, sugar, canned goods, aluminum, mercury fish, hydrogenated oils, mono dyglycerides, aspartame, diet drinks, saccharin, white flour, baked goods, and go macro biotic with some whole foods, Acidophilus, Major Vitamin C, More B Vitamins, massage therapy, body work, acupressure, reflexology, and take care of your self before you get really sick and feel like you are falling apart.

I take 3 to 6 Acidophilus every day because if you don't evacuate the colon (VIRGO ENERGY), then you will feel exhausted and fatigued. Also, all the toxin in our bodies drains us and creates negative cell growth which could be a problem.
People are so much into a pell mell, hurry, work, stay busy, lifestyle, that they don't take enough time to just chill in Hawaii for a couple weeks, exercise, detox, and fill themselves with some nutrition.

Detoxing the liver with some Milk Thistle is not a bad idea, and controlling your sugar and caffeine intake could help too.
Remember, it's all in your mind, and you are what you believe so please try to meditate, pray, and think positive.

God Love you as Do I...

Farley Malorrus

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Why Doesn't Farley Talk MORE about ASTROLOGY? By Farley Malorrus

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Where's the Astrology?
By Farley Malorrus

I have worked SO HARD to make this journal and my website appropriate for ALL THOSE ASTROLOGY AFICIONADOS out there.
Frankly, there have only been about 10 people who have donated to OUR FREE ASTROLOGY SITE this last year....Only about 10....
Many of you know how many hours I have put into this journal discussing numerous Astrology topics, and gosh knows how many 1,000's of times it's been read, but still only 10 WONDERFUL PEOPLE have donated to our site...Not near enough to make it run for FREE.
I received an email wondering why I don't discuss Astrology topics MORE?
That is simple, it's because I am just not getting the support I need to run

I have a suggestion..


I mean we have offerred 220 Audio topics FREE, and tons of folks have been listening, but only 10 of those tons have donated...

Rather disappointing, and making me wonder if my teaching is doing anyone any good.

You all know my Father, Fred died this year in June, so it hasn't been a good time for me.
STILL, I would be more than happy to design MANY ASTROLOGY TOPICS for my journal and perhaps even some NEW CURRENT AUDIO TOPICS for the web site, IF WE COULD JUST GET MORE DONATIONS?

I don't wish to beg, so I won't, but many of you all know how much time and effort has been put into this journal, and our web site, with little public support.
Funny, because when I was on L.A. radio from 1983 to 1996, then ABC7 from 1997 to 1999, we got 100's of 1000's of people donating to Astrological Metaphysical radio which made it a phenomena...

Perhaps its time for some of you regular readers of the journal, and visitors to to make a toke to the 'dealer,' and break down with a donation to our server, to inspire my teachings, and create more Astrology information from the journal and the site.
No pressure, but that's the facts...
Love you all.

Genocide, It's what Humans DO, Over 1 Billion Killed by FARLEY MALORRUS

Genocide, It's what Humans do, for 10,000 years...1 Billion dead or more
By Farley Malorrus...(Just my take on Humans)
Here's something you don't read in the U.S. HIstory BOoks
(Pass it on)

(BEFORE AMERICA WAS DISCOVERED, there are NO RECORDS as to how many millions of Black Slaves and other Human Slaves were Killed, Raped, and impregnated throughout Earth History. I'm sure the numbers would be appalling. Here are some of my estimates on the establishment of the U.S. a "Free Country." At what Price Freedom? Is there really freedom in the U.S.A." Just food for thought, no offense to any Patriots. I am a true Patriot, hence this story.....)
in 350 Years of slavery, from 1492 to 1860, Blacks were treated worse than dogs or cattle. IF they didn't listen or just for sport, black men and women were slaughtered....Here are some ideas:

1. 12,000,000 Black Men & Women slaughtered by slave owners when no longer of use, or if they made a mistake...Price of buying a new slave $1 to $5...
Some Slaves were killed for "Sport."
That's Genocide, AMERICAN STYLE.
2. 50,000,000 black women raped and most impregnated with white men's babies when Black socializing was frowned upon. THe babies made slaves also, as a cheap way to generate the slaves....
3. 50,000,000 native American Indians exterminated to make room for white settlements moving West..

Some like to say the HOLOCAUST DIDN'T HAPPEN because it was Jews, Russians,Gays, Chinese, Filipinos, Gypsies, and Blacks (Over 50,000,000 Killed) (God Knows how many raped)
THE FACT IS HUMANS HAVE BEEN KILLING & RAPING  HUMANS, AS IN DARFUR, GENOCIDE as a common part of HISTORY all over the World, all during HUMAN HISTORY....What about the Inquisition? 40,000,000 exterminated. (How many Vietnamese women were impregnated with American Babies during the Viet Nam War? Ever think of that? 1,000's and 1'000's.....)

Human History is All about GENOCIDE and HOLOCAUST...IT's all about, War, fighting, killing, and raping each other....
IN breeding, mixed breeding, raping children, turning them into mercenaries.

IF you were an Alien from another planet, would you want to make 1st Contact with a species that exterminates & rapes it'sown? The fact is, War is all about KILLING and RAPING, innocents, and in breeding the cultures. When the Moors conquered Sicily, part of their 'conquering,' was to make sure that every single Sicilian woman was impregnated with a Moorish Baby.....and that is in the History books...

It's no wonder we have nuclear weapons. THE FINAL SOLUTION to wipe us all off the face of the Earth. OF course, a murderous species like MAN needs to have a DIETY, a SAVIOR, a GOD, that watches over the GOOD SIDE OF US, but the truth is we KILL and consume, and rape our own, always have, always will.
Welcome to Planet Earth. KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN, and remember, When they say THE HOLOCAUST DIDN'T EXIST, THEY MEAN, BECAUSE IT'S BEEN GOING ON ALL OVER THE WORLD THROUGHOUT WORLD HISTORY, TO ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE. THE HOLOCAUST IS what's in the history books, but over 1 BILLION KILLED Through GENOCIDE Througout history is WHAT IT'S ABOUT TO BE HUMAN. People pray, and they pray, and they pray, but human beings are a murderous, blood thirsty, sexually aggressive, and self exterminating species....We are worse than fire ants, or Soldier Ants who will kill and consume almost anything in it's path.The female Praying Mantis, and the female Black widow typically kill the males after breeding with them.
Are we really that far away from the Black Widow and the Praying Mantis, the way we kill and rape our own? You wonder where God is in the mix of all this genocide....When will it stop? When will killing each other become a thing of the past? When we are all dead?
Why do any nations even have nuclear weapons at all? Why do we have the ability to self exterminate at the press of a button?
It makes no sense to me...None at all....Why? I have no idea.

OH, You can't handle the truth...I forgot.