Friday, March 9, 2007

The Moon Wobble and FILING TAXES. By Farley Malorrus

The Moon Wobble and Filing Taxes

By Farley Malorrus

Here's a letter from our friend "Jeff," about the Moon Wobble and Income Taxes...

Hi Farley,

I enjoy reading your web site for your explanations and teachings on
astrology as well as your view of world happenings.  It is always very
enlightening.  I know lately you have been talking about the current moon
wobble and not to due anything major until it’s over but I have a question I
hope you can help answer for me.  Does the moon wobble affect filing a
persons tax returns? Should I hold off signing and sending them in until
Tuesday 3/13 or Wednesday 3/14?  Thank you so much and keep up the great


Jeff is absolutely RIGHT. Filing income taxes during Moon Wobble increases the chance of audits, mistakes, and contact from the Governments by 50% to 80%..I filed just before the Moon Wobble and highly suggest that everyone wait until after the current wobble is over, on March the 14, 2007.

You allow the Universe to make your tax return less obvious. The level of audits sky rocket during the Moon Wobble then settles down when it's over.

Our Cells have Miniature Universes in them, that define our Nature in the Astrology Chart,
By Farley Malorrus

Just to let you know, that EVERYTHING has a miniature Universe (Our Universe) in each of it's cells. All matter in this Universe is encoded with tiny Universes' in each atom. As yet undetected or discovered by our limited brain capacity, scientists are yet to unlock this "code." All Astrologers are quite familiar with the Cell Circuit that is encoded in all things when created. For example when a baby takes it's first breath of life in this realm apart from being in the womb, then it's cells all over it's body becomes encoded with the cell circuit of the Universe. That's how Astrology works. Our oneness is defined by the cell circuit we absorb at birth, our CHART. Each of us has billions of Universes in our bodies all our life. The distant Universe is basically too far to move from our point of view. What designs uniqueness is the immediate Universe or our Solar System. That is why Astrologers analyze the Sun, Moon, the Moons Node, and all the Planets in our system (including Pluto!), to understand our uniqueness, our chart, our karma, destiny, and separation from God as defined by the Natal Astrology Chart. It is never an accident that Astrologers can interpret this imprint on our cells and define our very natures. This wisdom has been passed down to us from the Ancients. Even the Ancient Jews knew about Astrology as defined in the Kaballah, and the 12 tribes of Israel each define a different sign in the Zodiac. All 12 tribes representing God. As One. We are One with God and one with the Universe. Our Natal Charts define our karma and separation from God giving us unique identities and Karma. That is why it is so powerful and embraced by the wisest and smartest people ever born! Only naive, ignorant folks would ignore the power of AStrology.
Heck, they thought the World was flat at one time, that man would never fly, and that we would never land on the Moon. One day the cell circuit will be defined too, but Astrologers know it is there. When you look up in the sky, you are looking at your self.

P.S. The 3 Wise Men were also Astrologers who charted the Star of Bethlehem configuration announcing the birth of the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ. It saddens me, that some Christians try to make Astrology of Satan, when it is an active part of the Jewish and Christian religion. In fact, the largest Astrology Library in the World is in Vatican City. God Bless!

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The Best Part of the 12 Signs..By Farley Malorrus

The Best Part of the 12 Signs...
By Farley Malorrus

We've seen the 'worst,' now it's time to look at the bright side to Astrology..

Aries: Full or energy, quite comedic, brutally honest, perhaps more honest than all signs, hard working, team player, loving, warm, affectionate and quite romantic! Team Player, wonderful at getting things done, and lighting a fire under the rest of us, childlike, funny, exciting, enthusiastic, confident.

Taurus: Some say the most romantic and passionate of all 12 signs, and if they love you, they would do 'anything,' for you. Dedicated, commitment oriented, old fashioned family standards, loyal to children and family, logical, trustworthy, good leader, and money manager. They can make you feel good just being around them as they exude confidence, love, and excitement with their thoughts and actions.

Gemini: This sign is the pure psychologist. If you need someone to talk to and can't afford a shrink, Gemini will put things in perspective for you. Excellent at debate, discussion, reading, acting, figuring things out, computers, brain storming, idea manifestation, and taking care of the bills, the mail, and any and all kinds of paper work. Sweet, loving, makes a good friend, and easy going.

Cancer: They will cook for you, clean for you, create gourmets, cry with you, give you a hug, a shoulder to cry on, a strong shoulder to lean on, and when it comes to family, father, mother, and the kids, the Crab is #1. Very protective and home oriented, they will take you under their wing, protect and support you in a time of need. Most of them can be the most nurturing, precious, sweet, and kindest of all the signs.

Leo: The organizer, take charge person, when all hell is breaking loose, pray you have a Leo around to serve as glue to hold everything together. Quite paternal, and family oriented, a comedian, into having a good time, hosting parties, being the life of the party, cheering us up when we are down, offering fatherly advice whenever we need it, wonderfully dedicated to love, romance, and quite knowledgeable when it comes to sex.

Virgo: Virgo means truth, honesty, loyalty, commitment, dedication, morality, sensible, logical, activator, who serves as a role model for all 12 signs as to what the decent, loving, compassionate act would be. If a Virgo loves you, they will serve you unlike any other sign, and will be there for you no matter what. They fight to the end, never give up, never quit, never surrender, unless all options are used up. Truly the best and most honest of all workers.

Libra: The natural attorney, judge, para legal, and person who is so balance oriented, that they won't let anything or anyone get too far out of hand. A vision for justice, and unable to stand injustice, as they will do anything to serve as hero for those unable to defend themselves or take care of themselves. They make great friends, wonderful lovers, outstanding mates, husbands, wives, and overall family people. Great with children, and a great role model overall. They tend to take care of themselves a bit more than most, and usually know 'what the right thing to do,' is.

Scorpio: Needless to say, if these guys love you, they would literally die for you. The incredible martyr, and most compassionate and loyal of all 12 signs. If a Scorpio is on the team, then the team is solidified. The intensity here has no end. Depending what you are involved the dedication by Scorpio knows no bounds. The loyalty is precise, the honor exact, and the commitment quite obvious. Either brutally honest, or obvious in their actions as far as what they want. Cooperation level is high here when there is love.

Sagittarius: Humor is a foundation for happiness, and this sign can be quite funny, and actually offer humorous anecdotes right at the time we all need them. Always willing to go on a voyage or bring us with them on their adventures. Great in sports, highly competitive, a win win attitude, philosophical, warm, affectionate, passionate, and a team player. Attitude is what it is all about and this sign has a confidence that is bar none.

Capricorn: This sign may be the most honest, the most dedicated, the most hard working, the most committed, the funniest, and the most easy going of all. Once again, Capricorn serves as the 'glue,' to hold us all together. Whatever project, mission, journey, voyage, plan, or situation may occur, Capricorn always seem to offer a logical route for completion. You always get more for your money when they work for you, and the most honest days work of all. They can make great friends, parents, and family members, and also have a deep love for life, people, and God that is quite rare.

Aquarius: Perhaps the best role model when it comes to teaching or sharing knowledge that helps us all, they also make a wonderful, exciting friend, as long as they stick around, and are quite inventive and scientifically oriented, in case that is what we need. Accomplishment is the key word for the water bearer, and if there is a project you wish to succeed with, I hope there is an Aquarius on it to get it done. They do well in show business, because for actors, they can memorize easier, for directors, they are smarter as far as what the public wants to see, for producers, very organized in getting thing together and ready. IF we need or want answers, this sign usually knows what we want.

Pisces: Perhaps the most loving, tender, caring, compassionate, supportive and entertaining of all 12 signs, the fish will sing for us, dance for us, dream with us, and give us all the hugs we need in any given day. Maybe the most entertaining of all 12 signs, there is never a dull moment, and they are full of surprises no matter what happens. Great with family, children, holidays, organizing events, concerts, plays, theatre, and parties. Wonderful comedians, philosophers, full of wisdom, advice, and logic when it comes to needing such things.

That's my take on the bright side of all 12 Signs, for those of you too depressed after reading about the faults.

Farley Malorrus,